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Outfit7 , the publisher behind many iOS app (Talking Gina the Giraffe ,Talking Lila the Fairy for iPad ,Talking Tom & Ben News for iPad ,Talking Harry the Hedgehog for iPad ,Firefly Hero HD Free ,Talking Bacteria John, John & John), brings Talking Santa for iPad HD with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Talking Santa for iPad HD app has been update to version 3.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Talking Santa for iPad HD is now available for $2.99 for iPad owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Talking Santa for iPad HD app version 3.0.1 has been updated on 2014-11-07. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
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Ho ho ho. Talking Santa is here and he brought gifts for everyone. You can tickle Santa and make him laugh. You can also poke or slap him but that may cause Santa not to give ...
Wow                 Talking santa
Dont get this app i like it but its inappropriate Santa would never pull down his pants and his underwear do NOT say merry Christmas it may be funny but I dont think younger kids should get the app     Its inappropriate
I dont believe in Santa                 Santa
Love it                 Santa
Great especially to share with others              Santa app
Ok this has t be the funniest games ever if you punch him in the balls hell go ohhhhh and then take present out of his bag stomp on it then kick it away and say yes                 Cracking me up
This is hilarious haha I love it                 Funnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
This is a two app in one game in a way but the santa costs free and the ginger is 299 It should be free too           Two games in one lie
This app is so cool                 Awesome santa
Very cool app My grandkids love it So do I I can send some really cute and original Christmas wishes Well worth the download                 Santa
Love the sack of toys I use in my speech therapy as a naming tool                 Fun app
Horrible I cant believe this is in the App Store Waste of money and time     DO NOT BUY
I love this app Sometimes he doesnt repeat you and you get mad You should get this app IT IS AMAZING Unlike the other talking games IT SNOWS Thanks for reading                 So cool
Christmas butts for Santa Claus getting ate up by a dinosaur Buthead cracking lol                 The Christmas that Santa ate up
You are wrong Jon0723 this is a good game and funny to                 Good game
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This game is bad and ruins the kids spirits     Bad game
This is a very funny app 5 stars                 So funny
I really dont care But does anyone                 Whatever
Its great                 Talking Santa
Waste of time I do not like this app It is so boring And the second app is a lie And Santa would never show his underwear You do nothing but let him repeat you You open gifts but it is not as fun as it sounds They just disappear You do not keep them Do not get this app I write reviews that say apps are a waste just so others will not waste a download     So boring
Havent tried it yet                 Like it
Kind of confused as to why Santa has to fall from the sky moon you and look and act creepy since this is an app made for young children I like a few aspects of it but overall its not meant for young children imo           Wow
Dont get it u can only send postcards and make him get run over by a snowballand he can only eat cookies Dont get it or u will regret it WorstGameEver I hope this helped uBy the waytalking Tom is good cuz u can help him grow upfead itmake him sleepand play games with itSo please get that gamenot this     Its not that fun or cool
These are literally so stupid and annoying     Why do they keep making these
Love this app and so do my grandchildren The graphics are vibrant and the many different toys and situations are a plus Would recommend this to anyone seeking to entertain young children                 Five Star Santa
So cool                 Taking Santa
This app is very cool If you want this app then download it now Because soon you will be sad without this app Good luck N                 Review
These apps are ok not bad I mean I dont get y they have so many but people like them so y should I care Good app 2 keep for a little but after a while i dont want it but good to keep u busy for a while I do love these apps                 Cool
People who think that Talking AngelaTomPierreand Santa are hacked are wrong because in Angelas eye its just the reflection of Paris and in Toms eye its just the reflection of his house and in Pierres eye its the same thing as Toms eye and in Santas eye theres nothing but in Gingers eye there is something go to talking Ginger and read my review Talking AngelaTomPierre and Santa are fine because I looked closely in there eyes so believe me and not the rumors Bye     READ THIS
OMG I totally love the game and I love my talking Angela and my talking ginger and my talking Tom I love to talk to Angela omg talking Angela is just OMG i love that game I would die for it                 Omg
Lame just lame and inappropriate Santa would never pull down his underwear and who would want to take a picture of it I just dont get it it shouldnt be for kids     Ugh
I think thise is sooooo funny we all love Santa oh but um pleas dont show his underware its nasty                 Got to love it
This thing is awesome                 Awesome
I luv writing you smell dis butt on his underwear and my brother laughs thx for making this xD                 Lol
Ples fit me munny Santa gives me munny     My Santa
My children will have nightmares about this Santa     Horrified
This is the best game ever                 Talking santa
Epic game get its good my kids                 Greet
This game is so So cool I play all day till night And day                 This game
My daughter loves the talking Tom app which can be annoying to listen to but its not crude This app is inappropriate for children The game is beating up Santa by smacking him rolling Boulder sized snowballs over him etc But when Santa pulled his pants down and revealed his underwear with the words Merry Christmas on his rear thats when I was DONE Terrible rude and in my opinion GARBAGE     Rude and crude
This is almost literally the worst app ever     Gross and creepy
Couldnt be a funnier app I love it              Cool and fun
The app is ok BUT why Santa just tell me why HAY dont listen to them the app is alright           Alright
Love it                 So fun
I love talking apps they are my fav                 This is a great app
Its a cool game                 Cool guy
Boring ok for 5 minutes then boring A little weird All you do is watch Do not get        No point
It is ok it could be better           What I think
All you do is tap on things and watch No fun You just type stupid cards and hit him make him laugh get presents and do nothing with them give cookies and milk just to watch him boringly eat it then pay three dollars for a worthless second app in it You basically have fun for five seconds and delete it Dont get this game It has no point whatsoever     A stupid five second app

Talking Santa for iPad HD Entertainment Talking SantaTalking Santa for iPad HD Entertainment Talking SantaTalking Santa for iPad HD Entertainment Talking SantaTalking Santa for iPad HD Entertainment Talking Santa

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