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Davka Corporation, the publisher behind many iOS app (iBless Torah ,Davka Hebrew Writer ,Jewish Coloring Blast ,Alef Bet Schoolhouse ,Talmud Keys ,iKaddish), brings Tanach Bible - the Hebrew/English Bible with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Tanach Bible - the Hebrew/English Bible app has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

Overall Satisfactionc90
Wonderful study tool.
My favorite part is the amazingly fast search.
I still love the app and use it in class.
THank you for another great app.

Very natural to read that way. found in 1 reviews
You can also narrow the search to a specific Sefer. found in 1 reviews
it did not take full advantage of the screen width in landscape. found in 1 reviews
The fonts are very clear. found in 1 reviews
Another home run. found in 1 reviews
make more apps for classic Jewish texts. found in 1 reviews
I use it everyday in class. found in 1 reviews
THIS APP IS SPLENDID. found in 1 reviews
and pretty to boot. found in 1 reviews
includes all 24 books of the hebrew bible in hebrew and english. found in 4 reviews
The price is more than reasonable for the value we are getting. found in 1 reviews
Happy to pay for the add -ons. found in 1 reviews
Perfect + Add English Rashi Translation. found in 1 reviews
Option for Rashi font would be the best. found in 2 reviews
See if you can make the Hebrew bigger. found in 1 reviews
wish they would say which Hebrew text this is. found in 2 reviews
there is no way to read more than the first few words. found in 1 reviews
A direct translation would be preferred. found in 1 reviews
Please add chapter numbers. found in 1 reviews
It's not a great translation. found in 1 reviews
I do not speak Hebrew. found in 1 reviews
If there is an English translation of the Tanakh. found in 11 reviews
The search features of this app were written beyond poor. found in 1 reviews
If it doesn't unfreeze soon I will be wanting my money back. found in 1 reviews
but it has two serious shortcomings that detract from it's usefulness. found in 1 reviews
I cannot search in English. found in 2 reviews
My app is frozen now. found in 1 reviews
unless they add Parshiot. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Tanach Bible - the Hebrew/English Bible for $0.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 12.6 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version has been released on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Tanach Bible - the Hebrew/English Bible check developer Davka Corporation`s website : http://www.davka.com/cgi-bin/product.cgi?product=511

Browse, search and study the Bible with Tanach Bible, the ideal study tool for the Hebrew and English Bible on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Tanach Bible features crisp Hebrew text with precise placement ...
I just started a program of learning a perek of Nach every day and this app is perfect for that The sidebyside display of the English translation and Rashi is very good and well done The price is more than reasonable for the value we are getting I literally cannot think of one thing I would change in this appPlease Davka make more apps for classic Jewish texts                 Amazing
Please update the app for the larger screen of the iPhone 5 Thank you so much Great app                 Please update the app
I need to start by saying that I was a Fan of Davkas software before this came out so I had high expectationsI must say I was not disappointedMy favorite part is the amazingly fast searchI needed a Dvar Torah based on a a name and was able to do it while on the train with no other access to a computer or Tanach etcyou are also able to do some copy and paste to send people Psukim in an emailsms etc this may be only because I am on an Israeli networkIf there is anything that I would like to improve it is that I would like to be able to multitouch and zoom in on some partsNice job                 Another home run
Absolutely amazing Only suggestion o have is that they should add in weekday aliot                 Wonderful
Very good app Font is nice and legible A few requestssuggestions When looking up texts by parashiot the chapter number is not indicated only the verses So if youre reading say parashat emor you dont really know where you are reading in Leviticus Please add chapter numbers Browsing for passages is a little awkward and not space efficient If you want to look up Psalm 150 you need to scroll down several screens until you reach the end of the list It would be better to have smaller boxes for selecting chapter numbers rather than a whole line for each Font size when switching to landscape mode is too large It would also be good to have more than only 3 font size options and separate settings for Hebrew and English font sizes To add my voice to a previous request Rashi in English would be great              Good app a few requests
Great app It would even better if you would Onkeles                 Teacher
As an English speaker who wants to carry the Tanach in my iPad I was disappointed with this app The translation is OK but it has two serious shortcomings that detract from its usefulness First you cannot search by parsha I dont know where in the chapters each parsha starts and ends so this is a biggie There are other Tanach apps that have this functionSecond I cannot search in English When I start to search I only get a Hebrew keyboardI asked the developer for a refund and they Told me that these two issues will be resolved in a forthcoming update Until then this will have to live on a back page and I will be using my other Tanach Ten bucks down the tube Too bad     No parsha
I bought this app a few months ago and have loved it The search engine works wonderfully and is interchangeable with Hebrew and English searches the vowel points actually line up in their proper place which most other Hebrew Bible apps fail at I can turn the vowels off if I want and lots more stuff like legitimate copy and paste What I like most is that these guys actually look at what their customers are writting about them in the review section and they do something about it When I first bought the app I did it as an impule buy and at first I regreted my decision because I hated the font used for Rashis commentary and the searching parameters and these guys addressed those concerns with great updates I am really happy with the product theyve put together and that they are so willing to help their customers out with what we want I highly recommend this app to anyoneOnly thing Id love to see now would be VGA support to a projector or monitor so I can use the app while Im teaching and presenting which Id think would be a great to show off the app to potential customers not so subtle hint If you really want to make this something special then you could add a dictionary and parsing capability so that by touching the word you see the definition hopefully from the BDB and see the word parsed                 Wonderful update but please add VGA suport now
The biggest compliment I can give this app is that it feels like it was written by Apple It is well crafted smooth quick including search and pretty to boot Thank you                 Very Impressive
So I really find this app helpful but for me to give it 5 stars it really needs rashis comments otherwise this app is great           Torah
This is a great app for studying TaNAKh The search is very good and the bookmarks are helpful It would really be nice to add the capability of making notes Ive tried doing it with bookmarksand while it accepts my full note as far as I can see there is no way to read more than the first few words I still love the app and use it in class              Wonderful study tool
Great Shavuot gift from you guys Request option for Rashi font on the Rashi commentary next version Many thanks                 A treasure
I learned the bible in Hebrew and the app enables me to communicate with people who knows the English version              Nice app
My app is frozen now Got it three days ago and now it is frozen and wont work If it doesnt unfreeze soon I will be wanting my money back     FROZEN
I just bought the app was disappointed in the lack of options features such as controlling the font size bookmarks history notes etc if anything at all I would like to have the option to control the font size an option for having a full screen of only the English translation to go along with the other formats              Just bought it
I purchased this app in advance hoping to support this effort and to request inclusion of the Rashi text in English Thanks in advance           Rashi text in English please
This is an excellent accessible Tanach You can find the chapters easily I like the fact that the hebrew and the english are side by sideso you can read a passage in Hebrew and instantly see the English translation Thanks for this app                 Tanach
For the most part this is a pretty good app The user interface getting from one Sefer to another could be more user friendly there are too many hierarchical menus to go back and forward with How about making the options of Sefer Perek etc selectable by rolling up and down like when choosing a date and time for an entry in iPhone iPad Calendar Also just because I choose to see text in Parshiot view instead of Chapter view why should I not be able to see the number of the Perek Im in in addition to the Pasuk           Good but not perfect
I can not think of a better book to have on my iPhone for those times that I am forced to wait without access to a magazine or newspaper To read the Tanach on your iPhone in English and in Hebrew is the best book anyone could have I can now read and study Torah the Neviim and the Ketubim at any time And the app has the capability of bookmarking verses and searching for words in English or in Hebrew I have already bookmarked all the footnotes I have written in the margins of my Tanach Now not only can I read and study independently if I ever am in a discussion of Torah with someone I have the entire Tanach and commentary in my pocket I can now pull out my phone and use my bookmarks to bring up relevant passages and search for words in English or in Hebrew No longer will my personal conversations on scripture be based on Trust me I have read it in the original Hebrew Now I can pull out my phone and show anyone who questions scripture the English translation and translate the Hebrew for themAny time I have a question away from home I do not have to wait to go home and get my Tanach to find out I can simply pull out my phone and find the chapter and verse in English and Hebrew for myself or othersI can not think of a more important book to have on my phone but the Torah Neviim and KetubimThe only problem is that I do not have a Hebrew dictionary if I find a verse I can not translate But perhaps there is an app for that too                 The Ultimate Book to read on your iPhone
It is an amazing app I started teaching my younger brother Tanach before I found this app I found this app installed it and now I am learning very well                 Excelent
I think its unbelievable to get so much life and infiniteness laid out for you so clearly FOR 2                 Love this
Does exactly what it says and does it well My only wish is for a dictionary lexicon tied into it to assist with reading              Great resource
Excellent app but it needs three more things to rate it 5 stars ability to highlight text not just bookmark it annotations Like many people I write notes in the margins Alternate word translations ideas interpretations have no place to goRashi text translation Option for Rashi font would be the bestThanks for a great app though One more version and it will be perfect              Needs three more features
This is a great app My Hebrew is not that good and I would appreciate an English translation of the Rashi commentary              English translation of Rashi please
פשוט ככה התנך באפליקציה ועוד תנך מפורש                 תודה
The search features of this app were written beyond poor Searching for a phrase leaves you with unwanted results     Search is unusable
Froze at first but now it works fine                 Update fine
This is nice but İ wish they would say which Hebrew text this is and what English translation theyre using Haggai 16 says there is no warm I hope there arent other errors              Nice
THank you for another great app Whether its looking for a dvar torah or just wanting to learn tanach THIS APP DOES IT ALL                 THIS APP IS SPLENDID
Great app but since the last update the search function has been stopped working if you search in the chapter and part sections Only in the book section the search works        Search function
Great resource and easy and convenient to use                 Great App
Its not a great translation It leaves out words when translating and sometime it will add an extra few words that arent in the pasuk A direct translation would be preferred        Ok
Use it to learn one perek Tanach dailyTakes only two years to finishThe app is amazingly goodThanks                 Worth ten times the price
I cannot ask for a better app but I hope you will integrate the English Rashi even as an inapp purchase Thank you                 Perfect Add English Rashi Translation
An awesomw app for all your Hebrew Bible needs I use it everyday in class and it saves me the trouble of carrying around a bulky paper copy But like the others said please add an English version of the Rashi commentary                 Great app
I want to go from Book to Book in the search mode At present the search options are too limited I do not speak Hebrew but I like that the Tanach is more complete and accurate than the KJV of the Bible           Need more options
Where are the Parshiot What good are Chapters There are other Torah apps out there where you look up by Parshiot Who expects one to know where Parshat Noach is in I guess I jumped the gun on this app Not worth the cost for now unless they add Parshiot     Whats all the wow
The title says it all If there is an English translation of the Tanakh then why no English Rashi Please bring this greatest of the commentators to English only speakers        No English Rashi
This app exceeded my expectations It is easy to use Being able to find parashiot easily is great The fonts are very clear The search function is awesome And it remembers where I was even if I close the app and come back later Kol hakavod Davka                 Perfect
This app was made solely with the user in mind It works very well Has translation on all of tanach for fraction of what they could charge My favorite part you can type any word and a massive search will come up containing any time the word is used in tanach You can also narrow the search to a specific Sefer I highly recommend this app especially to use for reference or finding a specific passuk                 Superb app
This app is totally worth it The best This just might be the perfect Tanakh app if only it had the option to display English onlyTo the previous review who wanted rashi font from the iPod settings menu you can access that option                 THANK YOU
Would really like the index to also be by Parsha Its very hard to find things only by perek              Great App
This week is Shavuot and I went to look up and prepare myself for a family reading of the ten commandments to my surprise the English translation of this version has taken on that of the King James Bible in that it uses the words thou shall not kill instead of the proper thou shall not murder These words have fundamentally different meanings and it leads me to wonder what other portions have been creatively edited to further degrade the Torah Thou shall not add nor subtract from the laws of GD        Disappointed
I like this app so far The thing I like so far is that I dont have to have internet to use it           I have just bought this app
A truly superb app What about adding other commentariestranslations Happy to pay for the addons Well done                 Great App
Like the English and Hebrew However was disappointed that the commentary was not in English Also cant search by weekly parsha or book or in English Need to elaborate on this app more and make it more powerful           Review
Works very well I like it best for saying my daily chitas If there was one thing I would add it would be the option to automatically go to the days portion                 Great App Very useful
Good clear and easy to use However it would be great if they enhanced the search to find a phrase or multiple words              Overall solid app
This app has served me very well now for the past 2 yrs and I could live with out it Very user friendly no nonsense                 Must have
The only items I would ask for in future updates are haftorah links and an English translation of the Rashi                 Fantastic

Tanach Bible - the Hebrew/English Bible ReferenceTanach Bible - the Hebrew/English Bible ReferenceTanach Bible - the Hebrew/English Bible ReferenceTanach Bible - the Hebrew/English Bible ReferenceTanach Bible - the Hebrew/English Bible ReferenceTanach Bible - the Hebrew/English Bible ReferenceTanach Bible - the Hebrew/English Bible ReferenceTanach Bible - the Hebrew/English Bible ReferenceTanach Bible - the Hebrew/English Bible ReferenceTanach Bible - the Hebrew/English Bible ReferenceTanach Bible - the Hebrew/English Bible ReferenceTanach Bible - the Hebrew/English Bible Reference

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