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Pocket Gems, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS games (Hidden Agendas: The Lionheart Mystery ,Tap Creepy Manor ,Tap Zoo: Summer Fun ,All Talk Free ,Holiday Hotel ,Tap Paradise Cove), brings Tap Campus Life with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Tap Campus Life games has been update to version 1.10 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Super fun such a blast couldn't live without campus life..
  • This game is a great time passer..
Overall Satisfactionclick me70
I love playing this game because of the things that u can do.
I enjoyed playing this game everyday up until this recent update.
This is one of my favorite games and I play it everyday.
Like i said this is one of my favorite games before the constant error.
Amazing game live the new update with the models.
I used to love this game I played it 24/7.
I would recommend this game to anyone in fact it was recommended to me.
I don't recommend this game to other.
Is was a wonderful game you should get it is awesome.
I LOVE this game except for some facts.
Best game in the world you get to interact with people cool.
It's the worst game in the world.
Fun & Engagingclick me85
Awesome game stuff is expensive though overall addicting.
But before it started crashing it was a awesome game.
Super fun such a blast couldn't live without campus life.
It's a really fun game that people my age would really enjoy.
Please fix it cause it's a really fun game.
I'm addicted to this game and love seeing all the improvements it has made.
I really can not see the point To this game.
its so fun i play it all the time and its great.
It's fun and entertaining while waiting on kids during practice.
It's a rip off but it's fun and entertaining.
I thing that this game campus life is awesome.
This game seems fun at first.
Usefulnessclick me55
I play this game everyday or whenever i have time and love it.
Can't play this game without spending a lot of money.
Everything costs so much money u should make it cheaper.
I love this game I play it every day you should really download this game.
Value for Moneyclick me44
Love dressy girl that I can play without spending real money.
So therefore I'm having to spend real money to do anything.
but everything cost money & limited in completing anything without spending real $$.
play golf or any of the things they make you buy.
Replay Valueclick me70
They also need more levels under crushes.
I want the crushes to have more levels.
But I can't since it said that " more levels coming soon.
Update: new recruits added for the players at higher levels.
get to higher levels.
Reliabilityclick me51
This game keeps me interested and entertained.
the game keeps crashing and it's really annoying.
Well there is glitches that I would like to be fixed.
Security & Privacyclick me32
Updates & Supportclick me34
and to contact customer service.
it says call customer service.
It says it lost my data and I gotta contact customer support.
And also to contact customer support or something like that.


Create the hottest new sorority on campus!


Throw parties with the best girls on campus as you build your own sorority house! At this college, the party never stops as you recruit star athletes, crazy partiers and the smartest girls around! Have a luau on the beach, host sorority formals, and live the campus life you always dreamed of!

Tap Campus LifeTap Campus Life


- DESIGN the best house on campus - just the way you want!
- MAKEOVER your hair and makeup to go from frumpy to FASHIONISTA!
- Buy FABULOUS clothes: from high fashion to cute workout wear!
- RECRUIT smart, pretty and popular girls to join your house and make new friends!
- Host AWESOME EVENTS - from beach parties to raves to black tie soirees... and many more!
- DECORATE your house with great stuff, from luxury spas to chocolate fountains!
- Run the best sorority on campus and you can WIN THE CAMPUS CUP!
- Play for free, yes FREE, forever!


Tap Campus Life is brought to you by Pocket Gems, the makers of Tap Paradise Cove, Tap Zoo, Tap Pet Hotel and many other fun free games!
Tap Campus Life


PLEASE NOTE: Tap Campus Life lets you purchase items within the game for real money. Please disable in-app purchases on your device if you do not want this feature to be accessible.


The Tap Campus Life is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 44.7 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.10 has been released on 2014-11-20. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Tap Campus Life in Pocket Gems, Inc.`s Official Website :


It's so fun and almost like a real college life experience. found in 47 reviews
Very nice game After the game was back is good. found in 17 reviews
Need to have different type of girls like the sims game. found in 13 reviews
campus life is a really cool/ interesting game. found in 27 reviews
Entertaining and super cute game perfect for the fashionistas. found in 110 reviews
Campus Life Is The Most Awesomest Game Ever. found in 15 reviews
It's a great experience and time killer. found in 22 reviews
this game keeps me occupied for hours. found in 14 reviews
It's so addicting to play and an amazing time waster. found in 20 reviews
Passes time fun great changes here and there. found in 14 reviews
I love dis game it's more addicting than Facebook. found in 32 reviews
Am not able to open the game since the update. found in 72 reviews
Ever since I did the update my game won't load. found in 149 reviews
Wish you could earn money faster but still great. found in 28 reviews
I can't play anymore bc the game won't load. found in 46 reviews
but loosing interest because every challenge now requires diamonds. found in 50 reviews
My game crashes continuously when I try to compete. found in 105 reviews
Some people don't have money to spend on dimonds. found in 32 reviews
I used to love this game but now it's gotten way too expensive. found in 214 reviews
Impossible to advance without spending a lot of money. found in 181 reviews
There is no way to earn diamonds except from an occasional girl. found in 1390 reviews
Also please start making more ways to earn diamonds by buying things with cash. found in 1390 reviews
but everything takes forever if you don't want to spend real cash. found in 278 reviews
I really like this game but these bugs need to be fixed ASAP. found in 136 reviews
I can not spend real money now or in the future. found in 238 reviews
Enjoyed the game except for the time we have to wait. found in 53 reviews
I love the game just hate how everything costs diamonds. found in 295 reviews
Seriously don't waste real money on this game. found in 912 reviews
Making everything cost so many diamonds is irritating. found in 254 reviews
I don't want to waste money on buying them either. found in 64 reviews
The game takes forever to load and sometimes doesn't even finish loading. found in 99 reviews
Let the wallpaper and floor cost diamonds but not the rest. found in 302 reviews
etc but there are always other ways to earn them. found in 1390 reviews
I used to love this game but now I can't play because it keeps crashing. found in 214 reviews
But this is typical for Pocket Gems games. found in 240 reviews
I'm not willing to spend real money for fake money. found in 238 reviews
It's almost impossible to make money on this game & it's expensive. found in 670 reviews
I recently deleted the app wanting to start over but I CANT. found in 463 reviews
Now you can't do anything because everything costs diamonds. found in 295 reviews
There needs to be a better way to earn diamonds. found in 1390 reviews
Like I'm going to spend real cash on something that's frustrating. found in 278 reviews
I don't want to recruit another girl then be disappointed. found in 659 reviews
It's horrid that it's so hard to earn money and diamonds. found in 193 reviews
Now it just seems ridiculous to buy diamonds for everything I want. found in 303 reviews
Or don't make things cost an outrages amount of them. found in 251 reviews
I love this game but it is really hard to earn diamonds. found in 1390 reviews
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iPhone 320x480 4
iPad 360x480 1
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Icon 175x175 1
I love this game but ever since I updated my operating system on my iPad yesterday this game wont download Very disappointing    Problem
The game wont even load    MAD
I love this game but I wish that u can still have crushes                Love it
Ive played spent a lot of money in this app and lately Ive been disappointed with some of the things going on Now I cant even enter my models because it says I need to update there is NO update for the app on my Ipad I have gone to the store in my update section and even push update in the box provided when I try enter my model and all it does is goes back to the game The other issue is the models that pop in and out where you select gifts stay around after the time has expired instead of going away I have paid for diamonds to enter this up coming contest in 2 days whats the point if I cant even get in Take my money but I cant play the game fully Not happy about this at all I really enjoyed this app but if I spend money I expect to use it not stollen from me    
The game is awesome but I really recommend fixing the loading bar at the beginning I used to love playing this game but now I really dont bother even opening the game because it takes to much time to enter the game Another complaint is that there are too many tasks that include diamonds I would like better tasks which can be played with money only Thanks for reading             Great but
Fun gamewish it didnt cost diamonds to get so many items Cant recruit when people come in unless you spend mega diamonds             Fun
Love this game but tired of the constant crashing       Fun game but aggravating still
I downloaded iOS 9 Now I am not able to access the game It will not load at all Please provide a new update that is compatible with iOS 9          Loved the game until
This game keeps freezing and crashing since I updated it Nothing is loading tons of and this is so frustrating Fix it    annoying
I thinks its awesome because its cool having partys and all of that other stuff                I think its awesome
Amazing game but it has a few glitches I still love it though                
Ok lets admit the only way to get pearls is buy them no one ever buys stuff at the boutique because people overprice their stuff can you pocket gems make a yacht update so people can win pearls like what you did with paradise cove when you added pearls in the mermaid option adventure and also diamonds are still hard to get even the one per ad thing because the chances of winning is so low at getting more diamonds making players buy more diamonds than they need Ill give it 4 stars 5 for the update for pearls if you do it          A yacht update
I loved this game but now a days it hangs a lot and u have to complete quests n buy most of the dresses with real money which makes me hate this game It hangs takes a lot of time in loading as well On the other hand paradise cove is very good it never hangs and there are a lot of chances to win diamonds and complete quests    Not good
So great                Love it
Great game to enjoy long term                Addicting and a lot of fun
Love the game but how do I finish Parents Weekend             Parents Weekend
This is the best game ever But their should be a easier way to get diamonds It is fun dressed up for competing for more cloths I just love it                Out of this world
Please fix the issues with the showdown It says I have been loading for 3 hours I really love the game but not being able to play due to all these issues is not fun especially if Im having to use more diamonds to add more girls in the showdown and only to find out all girls are loading             Bug issues
After downloading update game does not load Please fix    GAME NOT LOADINGPLS FIX
I love this game Not only can you build your home you can also dress girls as you like Then the showdowns have added more to the game I think you need to add more clothes an hair items Also allow people to get clothes that they see others have but I have never been offered But I do love Campus Life I play every day                Campus Life
ITS WAY BETTER THAN HOLIDAY CAMPUS I HAVE 68 girl reunited and 687millon dollars I love this game                I love IT
I have been playing this game for a long time And i have never been so frustrated as in past month In each fashion showdown i have won 4 sesonal keys and bes ides that i didnt win anu of the clothes Every single time I know that you cant give me 4 peaces of clothes for 4 keys but at least 2 would be enough not to make me furious and make me wish to deinstal game          Not fer
I re downloaded this app on my phone but with the same account and I wanted to start over but it kept loading the old one tht I did NOT want          Not happy
I still play this game quite a bit more than I should because of the amount of frustration Ive gone through with this game Ive wasted so much real money on this game and its diamonds to try and fulfill challenges because only maybe 1 out of 20 will let you use money and not diamonds which I will say is a step up but of course the really cool items are only available in the challenges that require a butt load of diamonds and then sometimes the reward is a stupid Crystal Safety Pin or a Fashion Button what the hell are those for You never do anything with them The game crashes a lot The competitionsfashion showdowns are cool Though dont know how you ever get on the leader board It may be free to download but they definitely get their money in ten fold with how often a person has to buy diamonds to get much of anything in the game          Frustrating Money Pityet weirdly I cant stop playing
The game is fun but whats NOT fun is the amount of crushes you cant finish voting 10 times before the game crushes besides of being super slow Sad why you guys keep popping up those stars to rate this game why not fix it instead I cant even put clothes on one model before it crashes    Pockets games poor support service
Love this game however it would be more fun if the beach house didnt cost 200 diamonds I would never get that close to those many diamondsand maybe if we can go to other sororities campus to see how their living lol overall this is a fun game been playing it for years             Plz fix
fun game                
I love this game but there are a few little thingsfirst give us diamonds everything cost diamonds like it really stinkssecond everything to the partys the classes everything takes forever FOREVERand lastly you give us to many goals that cause diamonds after I get up to five diamonds their goneI could go on more but so fare great job pocket gems keep up the good work             Campus life
Wants too much money    Greedy
This game would be a lot better if it was easier to earn diamonds and pearls Ways that dont take days and weeks to earn considering most of the eventschallenges must be completed using diamonds or pearls So without spending cash I cant go any further I refuse to have to spend cash to play a game Now I understand if I want to complete things faster or etc but to be able to play is point less Heather       Better the game
I love the game I just wish we could visit other homes and maybe do some challenges or goals there also when we hit the get it button on showdowns for clothing maybe it could show us whats available right then and there another thing I was thinking about is maybe a second level to the sorority house or maybe there is and I havent gotten that far all and all I really do like the game and I look forward to more updates                Awesome game
As with all games I wish there were more things to dobuy with money             Good game
My game will not load Ive contacted support and they told me to try several things and nothing worked Ive played this for a long time and spent a lot of real money Im very disappointed    Hasnt loaded in 3 days
I love it so much                I love it
The game wont lode correct and its so stupid    Wont load
I really enjoy this game I got it in the summer of 2013 and I got obsessed with itI stopped playing it because there wasnt much to do on it and it would crash I recently got it on my new iPhone and the same one that was on my old iPod was on this one and I was super excited to start playing it again but I got back on and the only thing that was new since that last time I played it 2014 was this new model thing and that kinda disappointed me get some new stuff to do it would be so much more fun Plus No one has 100 gems to finish the goals like I want the reward but you have to spend s billion gems on it so make stuff more money             Fun but
Love love love it Need I say more                Love
I cant enter the world event it appears loading not completing    
I have almost 30 girls and I earn a little more than 700000 from them when they all have money for me Making me a fullon MILLIONAIRE Ive never been in the hundred thousands for ages and I have more amazing clothes from the models girls I recruit Thank you so much pocket gems             Full on millionaire
I really enjoy playing this game the fashions are so creative and the competitions are quite fun The only issue is that about 75 of the game requires costly diamonds You can earn quite a bit of dollars in the game but often times they feel pointless because mostly every nice outfit furniture or activity costs way too many diamonds          Great game but too many diamonds
I updated the app and now all my furniture are tons of loading signs and seems nothing is working with it Please fix this as this is one of my favorite games for years Very disappointed    What is Going On
Do me a favor dont get the game this is not a good game chances are that it will crash on you and will think your done making your character and its not really interesting    HORRIBLE GAME
I just downloaded ios9 for my iPad and the game takes forever to open Please fix       iOS 9
I absolutely loved this game I play it religiously but there a couple of things that bug me and wish they were fixed 1 I havent been able to play this game since the last update It wont load anything at all I even try and let it load for 30 minuets but I havent been able to play in over 4 months Like why wont it load at all I have tried numerous times 2 I wish that pink diamonds were a lot easier to get I had they we have to pay all the time for them Ive played this for two years now and still dont have the beach front I have 72 sisters in my house so I am on here all the time I just wish it was either cheaper or easier to get diamonds Like on our rewards everyday its kinda up setting how the money goes up but the diamonds dont especially when youve played for 140 days strait and you have to wait to just get one 3 also I wish the challenges either took longer to complete or the items loading time was faster so we can complete them I hate starting a challenge then falling asleep at night and when I wake up the item is loaded but yet I didnt get the big prize I think we should still be able to get it 4 I wish there was another option like the watch the free adds so we can get diamonds Dont get me wrong I am addicted to this game I wish wish those things were easier to get          Campus life
Ive been playing this game for several years now and definitely think it needs some new stuff1 New options on rooms floor colors wall colors and sizes2 Visiting other players sorority houses3 Beach access4 Being able to do more fun things with the boyfriends and I also think they need to change how to level up the relationships with them I dont like how it is currently5 More ways to win diamonds6 More cash friendly quests instead of just diamond ones all the time7 More fun quests 8 More hair and face options          Needs some new stuff
You shouldnt have to keep paying for your closet use cause your buying from the Boutique Store Why does most of the quests require real Money Also you should have more of a Variety for Walls Floors the game tends to freeze up a lotI think you over price items clothingon this game as well       Campus Life Game App
SERIOUSLY I hate this every time I update my game it crashes I mean seriously none of my furniture loads none of my close I have put so much time into this game and all I get in return is nothing loading Pls do something about this I really love this game Ive been playing for almost 2 years And I seriously do love the game I just hate to see my game crash all the time after I put so much time into it agin pls pls pls fix it                Its not loading anything pagek
Fun game just wish you would balance out the buying of clothing with money and diamonds             Fun game
This is a really good game u should get it I have been addicted to this since I was 8 this is a really fun game because it is a fashion based came and I love it cause I love fashion                Love this game


Pocket Gems, Inc.
44.7 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.10
iPhone iPad

iOS Tap Campus Life 1.10 Mobile

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