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Gameview Studios , the publisher behind many iOS games (Titans vs. Olympians ,Tap Ranch HD ,Farm Life ,Tap Fish Seasons ,Tap Fish 2 ,Snowy Farm), brings Tap Fish 2 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Tap Fish 2 games has been update to version 2.20 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Hours of mindless fun..
  • I love the variety of fish and all the different features..
  • Super fun full of great fish and skills..
  • Highly recommended for kids and adults..
  • The game that right when you wake up you wanna play..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Fantastic - better than a real tank when you work all hours.
I love TapFish 2 - 101Ronnie101.
Tapfish is one of my favorite games for iPhone.
I love breeding new fish without spending fish bucks.
All in all it's just an amazing game that's highly addictive.
its great love love it so much fun wonderful game.
My daughter loves feeding them and showing the love.
I recommend this game to players of all ages.
I do NOT recommend this game any longer.
Fun & Engagingc89
It's an awesome game and very fun entertainment.
This game is amazing and very addictive.
You can have fun playing this game without spending money.
There's no way you'll have fun playing this game with coins only.
Super fun full of great fish and skills.
I have been addicted to Tap Fish for just over a year.
Tap Fish 2 was a major disappointment compared to Tap Fish.
Tap fish 2 is a really fun game especially for me.
Myself and great nieces love this game hours of fun.
but if you don't want to waste your $ and your time.
I play this game everyday i check my fish more than facebook.
Do not let children play this game unsupervised.
Love this game play every day for months love love love it.
only downside is everything cost so many fish bucks.
I look forward to seeing my fish every day.
Family Friendlyc88
Lots of fun for the whole family plus it's cheaper than a real aquarium.
Got hooked on it from watching my kids play.
DO NOT let your kids play it unsupervised.
Highly recommended for kids and adults.
Value for Moneyc68
My good twin loves it when I earn Coins & Fish Bucks without spending money.
Impossible to play/make achievements without spending money.
Please bring back the option to get fish bucks without paying cash.
Being unable to earn fish bucks without paying really kills the game.
I really enjoy that they use real types of fish.
and I'm sure as heck isn't using real money to buy any.
Replay Valuec89
Myself and great nieces love this game hours of fun.
The XP required to achieve higher levels is too high.
It's too hard to get fish bucks with this one.
I get hours of entertainment for price of a Starbucks.
I play with this game every day and it never gets old.
I love to decorate the new tanks and reach new levels.
Production Valuesc89
Beautiful graphics and is fun to play with.
The beautiful graphics are so calming.
I love decorating the tanks Love the new graphics.
some new graphics and a game that actually works.
Ease of Usec78
It is addictive good simple fun.
Easy simple fun.
Updates & Supportc60
They have awesome customer service and been able to help me.
Awesome customer service and a really great game.
Update: no response from customer service.

Very disappointing that it can not support the new iPad. found in 10 reviews
The opening screen briefly shows " Connecting to Server " before the game crashes. found in 45 reviews
wish you could trade coins for fish bucks though. found in 17 reviews
can't earn fishbucks easily and fish die too quickly. found in 113 reviews
Hate I have to pay for fish bucks for everything. found in 36 reviews
Well thought out and a good way to waste time. found in 57 reviews
But I don't care to spend real money for fake money. found in 16 reviews
and there needs to be a way to earn free fish bucks. found in 3386 reviews
I just don't see spending so much money for fake fish. found in 40 reviews
No way to earn fish bucks except to buy them. found in 694 reviews
Takes too long to play the game unless you purchase fishbucks. found in 50 reviews
I don't know why but the game won't start up anymore. found in 32 reviews
I refuse to spend real money to purchase fish bucks. found in 144 reviews
It's great if you don't mind spending money on the fish bucks. found in 14 reviews
But need a way to earn fish bucks - maybe convert coins. found in 694 reviews
Have played since the start - fun but pricey. found in 6 reviews
We need an opportunity to earn free fish bucks like with ads. found in 382 reviews
Can't believe anyone would actually pay real money for fake fish. found in 26 reviews
7/21/11 STILL CAN'T BREED IN THE MYSTERY TANKS. found in 35 reviews
Ever since then the game won't load and crashes. found in 32 reviews
and I'm sure as heck isn't using real money to buy any. found in 36 reviews
this always results in dead fish & wasted "bucks" to revive. found in 95 reviews
save yourself the frustration and potential loss of real cash. found in 144 reviews
Tired of the app telling me I have no Internet connection. found in 36 reviews
Really mad that you can't earn free fishbucks in this version. found in 481 reviews
" Spin to Win " is a rip off of my expensive fish bucks. found in 190 reviews
I have attempted to re -install and restore my old game. found in 95 reviews
But it gets boring if you don't spend money on fish bucks. found in 36 reviews
and I am missing certain fish from before. found in 45 reviews
I really love this game but the fish die to fast. found in 113 reviews
Update: no response from customer service. found in 48 reviews
But I never got my fish back. found in 34 reviews
It just keeps saying connecting to server and the game won't load. found in 45 reviews
is getting frustrating - especially when you pay for Fish Bucks. found in 36 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Tap Fish 2 for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 20.1 MB to download. The new Tap Fish 2 app version 2.20 has been updated on 2014-11-20. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about Tap Fish 2 in Gameview Studios`s Official Website : http://www.gameviewstudios.com

Welcome to Tap Fish 2, the next generation of Tap Fish the 1 aquarium / fish app in the Appstore You are taps away from owning multiple aquariums, where you can decide what fish to ...
It was fun then every time I try and launch it it always fails Please fix this so I can continue playing this wonderful game thanks     It was fun
App will not start and requires installing Dream Fish which does not work on my old device Why not let the user decide if we WANT to upgrade not force us to     You have got to be kidding
Again Why is still want the new update Whats wrong with tap fish 2 Im not going play it no more if I got update to some other game F that I spent a lot of times on this game and its shame have give it up I think every body wants their old tap fish 2 game back     Tap fish 2
A very fun game you can feed the fish and give them food they are like real fish and the also do die              Fun game
I played this game a LONG time ago and since then just decided to download again but it is so awful now It was quite interesting to play when I used to have it over a year ago at least I guess the change of companies Thats what I keep reading everywhere Oh well on to another app     What happened
Dont get this app it says you need an app to play it and so I got it but it wont let me play anyway     I did
I cant play it keeps logging me out     Horrid
Used to be a great app years back but now a waste of time and money cause to play regular app it makes you buy another app not worth it    
I have been playing this game for several years have really enjoyed it Since the update a few months ago I cant say that any more I do not like the huge bubble tip popping out all the time It is very annoying On the events I liked it better when you picked the tank you wanted to put the event fish in Now they just show up in the tank with another huge bubble they stay that way Cant even move them to another tank Why do you have to mess something up that is working great Really wish things were back to normal My rating has dropped from a 5 to a 2 Ready to just delete the game entirely Reinstalled this game a few days ago Big mistake Got notice to update this morning Did Same old crap Loose everything you have built up Totally ridiculous Needless to say it is deleted once again Would rate zero but impossible     Big Bubble Events
Years ago you guys used to have a game called Tap Birds and that was the best game invented ever i really miss it though              Missing tap birds
I try to open up the app but I cant play this unless I download Dreamfish I mean come on I downloaded Dreamfish to play this and it still keeps saying install update Download Dreamfish to get all the new updates I cant play this no matter what I just decided to delete both apps     I just started this and now Im ending it
I started playing tap fish 2 a while ago and made a lot of progress but the up date causes me to lose my tanks my fish and everything I had created And everytime I try to go back to tap fish it says I need to up date the app and download dream fish which I have already done I could restart but that means doing everything over again and I dont want to play dream fish I want to play tap fish I dont know what is going on but it does not give good ratings from me This would be a five star game otherwise     What
Why is this app still here Its Dreamfish now This no longer works           Why
When I got the game it was fun at beginning and it made me download dream fish and I did and I went back and said Download dream fish download dream fish dumb game and I deleted it and I reinstalled it and all my fish were dead And thats why I hate this game sooooooo much     hateithateithateithateit
Its stupid     Its stupid
I had the original Tap Fish Game before they went to Tap Fish 2 I spent a ton of money in the game I was a bit obsessed When they changed games I was no longer able to play the old one it would direct me to Tap Fish 2 I lost a ton of money and my previous fish I dont know how good this game is as I refuse to play it Be warned that they might upgrade again and what happened to me might happen to you     Angry
This is really stupid at because I cant go on anymore because it asks every time I load the app I want to install Dream Fish     Stupid app
This is bull I cant even loa it And I just downloaded it Every time in click on the app it say install update of dream fish and I did I installed dream fish and its still not loading I havent even got to play the game bc like I said every time it load even after I installed dream fish and stuff it still pops up to install dream fish updates I am very disappointed     Load of crap
This is a really Nice app its like your actually taking care of your fish in real life too and if you dont they die very realistic I also think its a very good game for kids because it teaches them to be responsible with their fish                 Great
Was Tapfish Tapfish used to be my life and now my data was deleted and the game was DESTROYED Before all was good Events were fungot that new breed ect Got bored and deleted later on but I knew it would save my data Best game in the world Or at least it was No more Tapfish Tried TF 2 but didnt transfer data then changed and to me it was just a fragment of beloved even honored memory It still lives in my heart today This is review is in honor of The Original TapFish and all the fun it gave us     The Worlds best game
Makes you download another game in order to play tap fish After that you still cant play anyways CRAPTASTIC game     Cant even play it
I liked this game but then now its telling me to update it to dream fish So your telling me that I have to download a new app and ditch all the progress I had in this app Dont waste your time this app is just always updating into more worse versions     Wait what
This game is terrible I downloaded it and it said unless I got dream fish I couldnt open the app But then when I got dream fish I still couldnt open the app so I deleted and I suggest that no one buy this horrible app     Worst game ever
After you are finished downloading this game it will make you download a different game dream fish and not let you play this game tap fish Wth The graphics are horrible it is not what you see here It looks all blurry and like a kid paint shopped the fish out I have played tap fish before and they took the concept and name and messed it up 0 stars if I could Impostors     This is not the game you will get
I cant play tap fish2 it does not allow me and says that there is an update that I have to download dream fish to play it but whenever I download dream fish it does not let me play tap fish2     Cant even play
I only gave it one star because every time I tried to get in it said buy dream fish and I already had dream fish so I couldnt get in then and when it wasnt doing that it crashed while it was loading Not trying to be rude or meanso please fix that for me thx     PLEASE FIX
How do I delete this from my apple catalog     Hate it
Cant load neighbors Starter fish breeding takes 3 Days Too bad     Sad
This game wants us to buy dream fish and wont let me play it I loved this game until that happened                 Dont get
When u open u need to download another game and after u download that game u still cant play     Dont waist your time
downloading lots of data then nothing happen just waste of time     waste of time
Where did Tap Fish 2 go App was working last night after midnight eastern time I open the app at 10 am and it says in have to download Dream Fish to continue playing I do and its a whole new game from a fresh start Where are my fish Where are my tanks Where are my earned points Trophies Awards Friends     Why was Tap Fish 2 removed
Ive played and enjoyed this game on and off for over 2 years I had 40 tanks that I had meticulously decorated And I had collected so many rare fish Where have they all gone When I was asked to migrate to Dreamfish I believed my old tanks and fish would follow But its all gone I cant underscore what a terrible sense of loss I feel Im very very disappointed     Where are my Tap Fish 2 tanks
I dont like anymore it use to be fun but now its all crap The worst Its not the same anymore     Horrible
This app wont open     Tap fish
Tap fish two will not open it keeps saying to download or update tap fish I I have tap fish app which is up to date and works fine but tap fish two wont even open     Error
I dont like that it makes you get another app to play the first game     Complaint
If I could give less than one star I would I cant even play the game As soon as I opened it the new update thing popped up and I wasnt allowed to play I now remember why I deleted the game in the first place If youre not going to allow people to play the game then please just take it off of the App Store     Highly disappointed and angry
My tap fish 2 wont open it says you need to install the update when there is no updateVery dissaponting     Wont Open
So Ive been playing a lot and then it says install dream fish and I dont wAnt that game           What The Heck Tapfish
You have to download a different app in order to play this one Wont even let you start the game     This is stupid cant even play
Buyer BEWARE Tap Fish is no longer supported Instead of Tap Fish by Gameview Studios the game changed hands to Dream Fish by Dreamweaver Labs LLC a company that has drastically changed the game and totally ignores customers Dream Fish is now full of technical issues and bugs that have made it unstable and unplayable It has gotten steadily worse over the past several updates to the point the game freezes and crashes after 5 minutes Dreamweaver Labs LLC ignores customer issues and instead responds with more and more paid content Buyer BEWARE Tap Fish is no longer supported Instead you will be required to transfer your Tap Fish game to Dream Fish whereupon Tap Fish will be disabled and you may or may not lose all your Tap Fish data     Buyer BEWARE
I downloaded the game opened it and got a notification that I needed to download a different game     Wont work
I cant play tap fish because its says to update to dream fish I played dream fish and I think its not as good as the old tap fish 2                 Dream Fish
Game wouldnt open Instructed to download another game in order to play Didnt work Waste     Terrible
Its an ok game Have bought fish bucks a few timesas it is very hard to earn them or progress to next level and I wanted a specific fish for the tank but as far as paying for this app I dont think I would have I love fish Had a tank at home for years until I got ill and couldnt take care of it anymore so I do like the colorful scene Its ok just hard to earn and advance and has limits on the number of fish one tank can hold Guess thats how they try to get more money by wanting you to buy a new tank Also breeding is almost impossible with their guidelines           Tap fishdream fish
Now my fish are all DEAD because of the stupid dream fish I INSTALLED IN AND I CANT GET BACK ONFIX     Fail
This game will not let me play Saying that I have to install another game is BS I dont like it I shouldnt have to download another game to play and when I do It still wont work BS        Ya no
Havent been able to log in for over 3 days now Also the quests are impossible to even come close to winning without spending a ton of money so why bother     Cant log in

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