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Pocket Gems, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS games (Campus Holiday ,Paradise Cove: Holiday Adventure ,Tap Petshop ,Tap Farm ,Secret Passages: Hidden Objects ,Tap Jungle), brings Tap Paradise Cove with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Tap Paradise Cove games has been update to version 2.8 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Good casual game to play every 8 hours..
  • A great time waster that that keeps you occupied..
  • Great game but when is sleeping beauty going to wake up..
  • A great time killer as well as long term enjoyment..
  • Alright should make it an actual adventure game though..
Overall Satisfactionclick me78
Love the game when it interacts with college campus.
Love the game but this problem is getting old quick.
Have been playing for a while and is one of my favorite games.
One of my favorite game but everytime I play.
Love the game just wish it wouldn't cost gems for certain quest.
MOST AMAZING GAME EVER every one should have it.
Wonderful game that is appropriate for a wide variety of players.
Over all I'm still playing and still recommend this game.
I don't recommend this game to anyone any more.
Otherwise I've been hooked on this game for almost a year.
Don't get hooked on this game.
This is the greatest game I've played on the iPhone.
It is the worst game I've played as far as dependability.
Fun & Engagingclick me81
Awesome game -addicting- enjoyed by adults and children.
it would be an awesome game.
Very addictive and better then I thought it would be.
A nice game to pass the time like clash of clans.
This game it a very fun game and create-full too.
A little slow moving and costs money to advance.
The game seems fun enough but it's super slow moving.
Super fun and love the pirates along with the mermaids.
games are supposed to be fun.
Fun little game to pass the time.
Usefulnessclick me51
Everything cost coins and rubies that aren't easily achievable.
The only downside is that everything takes too long to accomplish.
Need rewards for those of us who play every day.
Value for Moneyclick me41
Other than that and the need to spend real money the game is great.
It's possible to find entertainment without spending money.
if you want more of them you can always pay real money :.
Replay Valueclick me61
Prices should be made less expensive in the higher levels though.
Some improvements can be made for gems at higher levels.
Need more levels and a way to get more rubies.
I wish Pocket Gems would unlock more levels.
Needs more levels and more merchants without having to use rubies.
Great Fun and challenging to learn all the little secretsdermotmca.
Good addicting game overall fun and challenging to SOME PEOPLE.
Only it's too hard to get rubies.
It's too hard to get rubies.
Production Valuesclick me62
It has more of a storyline and the graphics are great.
Graphics are great and ultimately I enjoy the game.
but reasonable and the graphics are great.
A great variety of things to do and cute graphics.
Cute graphics and easy gameplay.
Ease of Useclick me59
This clever simple game gives you lots of choices and strategies.
I enjoy this simple game.
Reliabilityclick me37
Ads not Intrusiveclick me52
Updates & Supportclick me47
Customer service guys are awesome and answer questions in the forums.
Really great customer service and very reactive to feedback.


Build a thriving island settlement as you explore uncharted territory in Tap Paradise Cove!


"Tap Paradise Cove is Civilization meets Lost." -- GameZebo


"Pocket Gems breaks new ground with Tap Paradise Cove" -- Inside Mobile Apps

Tap Paradise CoveTap Paradise Cove
Tags :   paradise ,   islands ,   build ,   paradise cove


PLEASE NOTE: This game allows you to purchase items in the game for real money. Please disable in-app-purchases on your device if you don’t want this feature to be accessible.




- Explore undiscovered tropical islands!
- Build your very own colony full of unique characters!
- Be the admiral of a fleet of upgradeable ships!
- Send your ships on treasure-hunting voyages!
- Discover the secrets of mysterious jungle ruins!
Tap Paradise Cove


From Pocket Gems, makers of
App StoreAn app store (application store) is an online portal through which software programs are made available for procurement and download
hits Tap Zoo and Tap Pet Hotel, Tap Paradise Cove offers you the chance to start your own settlement on unexplored tropical islands. Build up from a single house into a thriving town full of memorable characters, all while exploring new islands and unlocking the secrets (and treasures!) of the mysterious ruins you encounter!


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Tap Paradise Cove for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 18.9 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.8 has been released on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Tap Paradise Cove in Pocket Gems, Inc.`s Official Website :


Can you PLEASE make this game more like " Sim City " was. found in 18 reviews
Super fun and love the pirates along with the mermaids. found in 138 reviews
Have been playing for months and haven't spent a dime on it. found in 15 reviews
Other than that's is a nice time passer. found in 37 reviews
Paradise Cove is a very enjoyable game to play. found in 72 reviews
Paradise cove is the most awesome game every created. found in 3513 reviews
Very fun and relaxing game for an old gal. found in 12 reviews
A nice game to pass the time like clash of clans. found in 311 reviews
Awesome game -addicting- enjoyed by adults and children. found in 801 reviews
Advancement is painfully slow unless you are willing to spend real money on rubies. found in 37 reviews
Good game but game freezes too much when chopping trees. found in 38 reviews
Just updated to new version and now the game won't open. found in 76 reviews
Game crashes when screen is full of activity. found in 180 reviews
but can't afford to buy all those rubies for the quests. found in 50 reviews
A way to waste time but quickly becoming a waste of time. found in 111 reviews
Game is fun but slow to build and collect coins. found in 148 reviews
I refuse to spend money on games that practically insist on it. found in 47 reviews
Not a bad game but not a great one ether. found in 75 reviews
Does have some fun features if you willing to spend $$$. found in 88 reviews
Good game except long load times long build times. found in 62 reviews
It loads so slow that it's not even fun anymore. found in 49 reviews
wont spend real money for gems or anything though. found in 424 reviews
This game crashes every time I play it--much too frustrating for me. found in 29 reviews
I don't mind spending a little here and spending a little there. found in 47 reviews
I stopped playing it for a while because of it. found in 38 reviews
Unless you spend money you have minimal energy and cannot do much. found in 126 reviews
Also no way to earn lots of buildings without buying gems. found in 1067 reviews
Makes game almost impossible to complete missions without spending real money. found in 82 reviews
it's getting a little boring because everything costs too much. found in 294 reviews
Can't stand the ads and rubies are too hard to come by. found in 241 reviews
Impossible to advance without spending money on rubies. found in 436 reviews
It requires you to spend real money if you want to advance. found in 1578 reviews
Can't complete quests because nearly impossible to get rubies quick enough. found in 210 reviews
Please consider offering a reasonable way to earn money and rubies. found in 1067 reviews
it is constantly bugging you to spend real cash for virtual junk. found in 424 reviews
A couple of clues on getting more land would be good. found in 184 reviews
Pocket Gems are greedy awful horrible customer service. found in 305 reviews
And the weekly challenges are impossible to complete without spending real money. found in 219 reviews
game would be lots more fun if it didn't take so long to build. found in 840 reviews
I deleted it before bc it takes too long to do anything to your town. found in 340 reviews
Can't finish quests because rubies cost to much. found in 599 reviews
but everything costs too much money and takes too much time. found in 294 reviews
At first everything is fun but then everything got way to expensive. found in 286 reviews
There is not many ways to earn rubies unless you purchase them. found in 1067 reviews
It's fun but takes way too long to get anywhere. found in 187 reviews
I updated and still can't get beyond level 60. found in 450 reviews
The only other problem is that things take too long to build. found in 840 reviews
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Icon 175x175 1
Love this game needs more ships that is less in rubies                Paradise Cove
Challenging thought provoking interesting evocative keeps you interested and you can play at no cost without extended delays Love the game                Great game
Addictive                Review
This is a great game                Great
Love playing cant seem to get the side games to completeNeed to ad more ruby collecting options                Pirates cove
Hard to stop playing                Terry
I love this game but didnt get the rubies I purchased          Review
I would give this app a definite 4 stars It is s bit addicting but I have to buy energy a lot using my rubies too much             Paradise Cove
Every since the new update this past week and the upgrade to IOS 9 traveling to Montezuma Atlantis and Asgard are near impossible When trying to get into those worlds it freezes the game up and kicks me out of the game How are we suppose to finish challenges in time when you cant even play the game at all       Issues with new update
Love to play                Ton of Fun
But lately glitches Examples the latest v Event you claimed I won keys black pearls etc but none show up Now the pyramid event I tap to create the pyramid and a tuna merchant showed up and it says I still need to create the pyramid but its now gone Really getting annoying Another event recently I was to get sea urchins or something gaffer building a building nothing ever Just said 1 hr 58 min and never changed Fix please From Norse12    Used to be 5 stars
I really like itbut like having to spend money on itit should be freeand land is so expensiveand buy things with rubies is expensive and you dont get a lot of rubies Other than that I like itplaying for years and still learning how to play it             Paradise cove
great game very addictive                paridise cove
Love the game but it kicks you out all the time and they dont seem to care Several have complained and it has been going on for at least 6 month       
Love the game but do not see the advantage of trading rubies at the ship in order to obtain stuff which is useless          Rubies
I would like more if there not some many game crashers I just lost Zebo    Paradise cove
Everything costs too much          Google game but
First I though that this will be a great game but the thing is I encountered Barnacle betty my firts pirate fight at the beggining of my lvl 3 i searched in the internet and everywhere said that this is the easy pirate in the game but it wasnt my first boat christ boat it is lvl 4 and i couldnt win agains Betty why it supposed to be the easy one i dont know the second thing is I registered in the forum to see if someone have the same problem as me and i found one so i reply in the forum to see if the mod in the game try to fix it but look what i found my reply didnt go throughs because the mod didnt let it I didnt said anything wrong just I have the same problem    Battle and forum
The mini adventure goals are fun to earn boats Doesnt seem like enough time is allow to earn ships I have the ios upgrade 9 and cannot get into the other 3 worlds it freezes             3rd time
I have been playing this game for close to two years now and it is never ending and it is an exciting game of all time You can get enough bonuses to purchase items with the bonuses that you get without buying gems Awesome game                Good game
Great game Making rubies easier to get is good but you also seemed to significantly increase the amount of rubies needed to complete quests I do appreciate the video for rubies and that rubies are now in some of the treasure boxes uncovered while clearing landDuring challenges the stupid reminder of the latest quest in port pops up just as a battle is about to occur STOP IT Also you dont get the dolphins back in the water soon enough after a challenge Still too many crashes Crashes crashesit shouldnt always cost the maximum for repairs to my ships nor should the time be at maximum every time Sometimes I just take one canon hit before knocking out the enemy Why does that cost the same in time and money as when I take four or five hitsthe foes ship can keep fighting after taking hits I want to be able to as well And when you do the guild team challenges no one on the team is strong enough to make 50 kills What is that The guild challenges are ridiculous People cant commit to three days of battlesyou give the opponent tens of thousands of def I dont have that do it takes 5 or 6 ships plus rubies to win Not right             Tap paradise cove
Great                TBear
Good                CRASHES
Great game need a way to extend time to complete quests Not enough time to finish quest             Gets expensive
When upgrading officers I lost my guild to another player Not happy Rungs are expensive love the game             Guild
Need more time to defeat pirates before the mini game expires Would also like to be warned when guild activities will expire                Lots of fun
I like playing the game but there needs to be a way to earn rubies without having to buy them             Paradise Cove
Now that Im on IOS I am enjoying the game much better but however I still cant hit the top prize on the mermaid ruby thing if its not meant to win take it off                Mr King Coon
I just love it I can play all parts of the game with out having to pay real money The game allows me to earn rubies instead of having purchase rubies Also it allows me to earn a new ship every week instead of having to use real money I dont get huge amounts of rubies but some is much better than none The game has many challenges and it is fast moving and fun fun fun                Great game I like the New no ruby challenges
This is my second time going through due to the fact I went to login on my Facebook and lost 2years of playing You need to be able to earn more rubies loosen your slots for Christ sakes Who needs more ships that cant ultimately beat the ones you throw at us on weekend challenges I really enjoy the game but getting very bored             Need more ways to earn rubies
I really like the game but the last challenge we didnt get the prizes that we were suppose to get Then they said we would get them on another day and it said we got them but I didnt Something is still wrong Because I didnt receive my prizes that I should of won It showed what we should of got but really didnt get them You dont get enough prizes for what we do in the first place All the work people do and dont get hardly anything We should receive more for what we do That not asking to much for as much time and money we spend on this game Thank you danakern7yahoo Com                Paradise cove
After the upgrade there are no more pictures when opening events       Paradise Cove
It drops all the time even after they claim to fix bugs As of sep 19 2015Just installed latest crashed in just a few minutesCant play for 2 minutes without it droppingDont waste your time with this oneThe developers dont care enough to fix it so why botherThis could be a great game    STOP THE CRASHES
While I enjoy playing this game it is way too expensive In order to finish any of the limited time quests you have to spend money constantly Wheres the fun in that I lose interest from waiting to earn the coins pearls or rubies to play the game I stop playing for awhile then come back to it eventually          Too Expensive
This game has gotten very boring I have zero land to expand or to put items I buy on I have mor ships then what I know what to do with And yet I dont have one ship that can really fight the ships you send out on weekend challenges The only things you give me for quest have to be bought with rubies So basically the game has become a money maker for you I dont see why you cant open up new areas since the items are already on the land I now play the game only long enough to do the daily challenge I have almost 500 ships I would rather win rubies I dont need any more ships    Paradise Cove
Its good could have a few more things added but I like it             Its good
Addictive I schedule around fighting Spend too much money I love it Loved the April Fool quest Only problem is too many quests going on at one time And how expensive it can be                Paradise cove
I like it its cool                Paradise Cove
Pros Guilds are great meet other players and get battle tips Earn better prizes than I can on my own Quests are fun to complete Watch videos to earn RubiesCons Real money spent to obtain rubies to complete quests or get high powered ships Limited Timed Quests over the holidays is not fair no ruby costs to return or second chance Montezuma was a big time and money waster Takes a long time to earn money to repair ships after a battle Purchasing land expensive World traveller does not pay out enough to warrant spending rubies Atlantis LTQ are only ruby questsMany ships now need black pearls to upgrade which are not easy to obtain             Fun to play
Finding the right guild is key to additional prizes you can earn as a team The individual events are entertaining as well             Guilds are key
I love this game The challenges are getting tougher and the land is getting so expensive that it takes a lot longer to place some of the buildings I am trying to purchase I guess just like the real world property values rise when a lot of property is bought up I like the fact that there are always so many areas that can be explored and so many options for how to earn rewards When you talk about how many rubies I have won it should be spelled ruby because I only win one at a time If I won two or more then it would be spelled rubies Please change the spelling As an English teacher the misspelling is annoying I like the way the challenges change every so oftenwhen will I be allowed to start clearing more rubble from Montezuma so I can expand there                Jlneiheisel
Lots of fun but increasingly frustrating because game crashes constantly and it is becoming tiresome to enjoy the game I have updated the game to correct bugs that would eliminate the problem but the crashing continues Fix it or I will not play the game until problem is correctedwhich is unfortunate Game crashes constantly and in as much I enjoy the game unable to play as often          Paradis cove
Good game but needs a way to convert earned dollars to rubiesAlso cost to repair a ship should in part be based on the percent of damage suffered             Dollars to Rubies Ship Repair
Great game but drives me crazy sometimes             Favorite Game But getting repetitive
Love everything about it except when it kicks me out Its been doing that for over a year You do so many tasks or battles and boom you are out             Review
Fun game                Paradise cove
AWESOME                celh4nn
one of the only free games where you can do almost everything without paying a penny I waste a ton of time on this game                love this game


Pocket Gems, Inc.
18.9 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.8
iPhone iPad

iOS Tap Paradise Cove 2.8 Mobile

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