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Target , the publisher behind many iOS app (Target Race Events 2016 ,Target Connected ,Target Race 2014 ,Target ,Target Driver ,Target for iPad), brings Target for iPad with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Target for iPad app has been update to version 1.7 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Target for iPad is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iPad owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.7 has been released on 2014-11-30. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Target for iPad check developer Target`s website :

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I used to love this app Now it wont let me complete a sale It crashes a lot and after awhile it empties my cart while Im still shopping Its terrible     What happened
I REALLY dont like the new format They made it so unattractive that I hesitate to shop And I love to shop Target Hard to navigate and I dont like the layout of the item specs when you get there Please fix it        Why did they change it
Target a shop with such customer base should really think about improving their app It crashes     Love the store but not the app
Crashes will not let me log in etc Now Im trying to check out and it just keeps going back to my cart Target should hire better programmers     What now
I find things and add them to the cart When Im ready I review the cart or at least try The app crashes ever time I try to check out so I guess Im not buying things from Target     Cant buy anything
This Target app is a great and amazing reference app with the proper tools needed as to what you are trying to browse at the Target store Its simply a quick guide so that you dont get lost                 Great and amazing
App is garbage The utilization has improved over time but every time I try to make a purchase the app closes and dumps everything from my cart Ridiculously annoying given how long it takes to get through the product lists to find what you want to buy     Cant make a purchase
App keeps crashing when I am asked to sign in     Keeps crashing
I love this app It is amazing It makes me feel like I am shopping in the store THE END                 IN LOVE
The app crashes every time I try to go to the cart Sometimes I can search but it crashes then too Please fix it     MAJOR PROBLEMS
I am not at all pleased with the app It crashes frequently which does not lend itself to a feeling of shopping security something necessary when putting in credit car info and the search engine is way off For example I searched for Up and Up pullups and it came up with a bunch of push up bras I then tried to go to the safari browser and the app opened again     Not impressed
I was shopping for my daughter and I had at least 15 items in my cart and it glitches and gets out of the app And when I went back into it my cart was empty even when I signed back into it my cart was still empty I tried again and kept glitching Target should fix this bug     Glitches
On iPad Air 2 crashes every time when I am trying to check out with online purchase Pain in the asteroid     Crash Burn
Very easy to use Couple little problems that always get fixed quick                 Good App
I Trying to spend 300 for the past hour I really do want to spend my money guess Target doesnt want it bad enough Please fix the app     take my money please
I just downloaded this app I was so excited to order things from Target because Im stationed overseas and nothing here seems to fit me Every time I open the application it crashed Each and every time within the first ten seconds Please fix soon I miss knowing I can order clothing I love        Crashes
Clearly Targets CEO is not shopping for himself using this app Otherwise Im pretty sure he would dismantle the team that has created the most crash prone buggiest retail app out there The app crashes a few times during each shopping season on iPad Air latest iOS usually when I try to view the shopping cart Some of these crashes requires a sign in again and may even lead to an empty cart Today it even summed up the total charges incorrectly Horrible unacceptable quality     Wake up call for Targets CEO
The app crashes every time I try to check out my cart There is no way to report the bug     Crashes
Always crashes when trying to check out or locate stores     App crashes
This app has major flaws It keeps on closing automatically on me I added couple thinks I want to buy and next minute it was down and when I reopen this app the items I added just disappeared I guess Target just doesnt want my business Target needs to fix the app     Major flaws
it is very useful app I love it so good                 What a great tool
Please Fix your app Target It keeps crashing     App crashes
Absolutely infuriating Go ahead and put your items in the cart just dont bother trying to check out     Wont let me check out
I love Target I want to make purchases online but their app is totally unreliable and cant even make any purchases now App crashes EVERY time I try to sign in to check out So frustrating Please make you app more reliable please     Target is missing out on so many sales
This app constantly crashes and even when I can to the point where Im signed in added items to my cart and ready to check out it sends me to the website via my browser Needs lots of improvements     Love targethate the app
App crashes frequently and I lost the items in my cart twice It shouldnt be this hard     Impossible
It will not filter correctly I hit filter to store availability and it doesnt work If I search for a specific item then filter by anything then it says no results They fix the close out problem to replace it with another problem I would rather a simple working program rather than a crappy fancy program Update closes out when I try to sign into my account Please fix your current problems before trying to change the outlay of the app           A lot of bugs
PLEASE fix this app I have dealt with 10 crashes trying to make an online 600 purchase and finally gave up Its impossible to use This app     Love Target Hate this app
Service authentication problem Have not been able to sign in at all for weeks Furniture dimensions dont show up in the overview section of the app Must not want me to buy anything Oh well I wonder how much Target loses in online sales due to this poorly constructed limited flawed app     Use a browser skip this
I gave 3 stars because I like Target itself but they have got to do better with app I cant even complete a purchase because it continues to crash on me I even removed the app and reinstalled thinking that would help But once I read the reviews I see that its not just me I will be deleting and checking back later for a fix So long Target app           REALLY TARGET
While Im trying to check out the app just closes completely        Just closes out on my Ipad
I used to love browsing on the target app for iPad and I even made my entire baby registry on it last fall but now I cant even have it open for more than 3 minutes without it crashing Also every time I open the app it freezes my iPad for about 10 seconds and finally starts up after about 1520 seconds I love target and I need this app back in my life Please fix this app and I will immediately change my review back to 5 stars     TARGET PLEASE UPDATE YOUR APP
Crashes empties cart wont complete checkout I would REALLY expect more from Target So frustrating     Dont bother
Pretty with ok organization but unusable as it goes to black screen losing all cart contents or freezes never to return every 3 minutes Unfit for intended purpose     Crashes Constantly
I cant even use this Crashes constantly doesnt let me sign in to my account wont save anything to my cart Whats the point     Cant even use it
Every time I get my cart full and go to check out the app crashes and I have to start over And I have to buy online because the sale price online is better than the store     Crash Crap
By farthis would be my favorite app Always find everything I need I always love shopping online                 No complaints
The Target app used to be great Now it stinks It makes me sign in multiple times It loses my cart items and it kicks me off the web site It needs to be fixed and fast     Horrible
Send emails to me but links dont work Click on the icon on my iPad to shop and it wont open Havent made any purchases for over a month Fix it boys     Why dont they fix this app
Tried to check out crashed Restarted needed to log in crashed Restarted tried typing log in crashed I give up     Seriously needs to stop crashing
This app works for checking to see what items are sold in your local stores whether those items are in stock It also works for viewing the weekly ad It does NOT work for ordering After I sign in the app crashes within 30 seconds no matter what Im doing If they really want Target guests to make purchases with this app they have a lot of fixing to do           It does a couple things really well
Keeps crashing     Disappointing
Cant buy anything The app slows down tremendously during checkout process and then crashes So frustrating     Cant buy anything
The App crashes way too frequently and when it crashes after adding items to the cart the cart is empty upon relaunching     Needs bug fixes
App crashes more than a bumper car driven by a 3 year old Needs an option to shop for in store items only Needs to have shipping choices     No Bullseye Target
I thought I would give up my addiction to Amazon and try Target out Prices looked okay so I downloaded the App and signed in crash Restarted and I was signed in so did some shopping Added an item to the Shopping Cart crash Restarted and added another item crash Restarted and tried to adjust quantities in the cart crash Restarted crash Powered off the iPad and restarted the app tried to adjust quantities again crash Restarted crash You get the idea I give up will try the web site but Amazon Im coming back I am sure that Target spends millions on IT but just so you know you are not getting your moneys worth     What can I say Crash
The app keeps crashing whenever I search for anything It does not want to load any more products after the initial page of products The app also keeps crashing whenever I try to add something to my cart There also isnt a quick view option for items anymore     Bug problems
For some reason stability is crap on an iPad Air 2        Crashes on iPad
The app crashes and logs me out of my account every time I want to view my cart or checkout     Crashes too much
The app keeps emptying my cart very annoying And keeps telling me to sign in even though I have signed in Needs work           Needs improvement

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