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Target , the publisher behind many iOS app (Target Healthful™ ,In a Snap ,Target Wish List ,REDperks by Target ,Target Meetings ,Target Driver), brings Target Registry – Wedding & Baby with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Target Registry – Wedding & Baby app has been update to version 1.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
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making it easy and fun for me to use.
There a simple solutions.
With these few simple updates though.
Very functional and easy to use app.

With these few simple updates though. found in 1 reviews
it is always kicking me out of my account. found in 1 reviews
There a simple solutions. found in 1 reviews
Love the simplicity of the app. found in 1 reviews
The app shuts down every time I click on the "my items" tab. found in 1 reviews
Please bring back the general gift list category. found in 1 reviews
The app freezes a lot. found in 1 reviews
You also are severely limited on the items you can add. found in 1 reviews
My problem with this app is that you cannot search for items. found in 4 reviews
Pretty terrible. found in 1 reviews
Uninstalling and reinstalling did not fix it. found in 1 reviews
But target's mobile website doesn't let you manage your registry that well either. found in 1 reviews
It doesn't have all the baby items. found in 2 reviews
I hope Target figures out what the problem is. found in 1 reviews
Target needs to take this app OUT of the App Store. found in 2 reviews
So you cannot add any bedding sites to your registry. found in 5 reviews
Very few items shown and no search option. found in 1 reviews
That's ridiculous. found in 2 reviews
Please integrate back into regular app. found in 1 reviews
No barcode to scan when you purchase items off the list. found in 3 reviews
There is no search feature. found in 3 reviews
Can't select wanted items. found in 1 reviews
Barcode scanner doesn't work. found in 1 reviews
You literally can't see anything. found in 3 reviews
website doesn't work at all so this is your only choice. found in 2 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Target Registry – Wedding & Baby for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, German. It weighs in at only 4.3 MB to download. The new Target Registry – Wedding & Baby app version 1.0.0 has been updated on 2014-11-04. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
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Create, manage and share your wedding registry or baby registry. From everyday essentials to the things you really love and want, we make it easy for you to find and add wedding or baby items ...
I really wish this app worked better In theory its a great way to create and manage a registry I use it for a baby registry BUT there are SO many glitches and bugs that its almost too frustrating to use Item details and reviews take forever to load it will say there are 250 items in a category but then only show you a fraction of that It freezes and boots you out randomly Ugh Annoying        Could be great BUT
The app made me relogin yesterday and my manage my registry option is gone it keeps saying I need to create a new registry     What happened to my registry
Great idea for an app but too glitchy Not dependable to work consistently Too many error messages     Glitchy
The app is not that good Good is that you can add an item at anytime Bad is that it will not update any of the purchased gifts It shows everything available but when you check the website it shows you all the purchased items And u cannot buy from the app You have to go to the website     Its ok
Serious waste of time Only lets me create a registry and not log into an existing one I tried to create another registry and it wont do anything after step 4 shipping info     App doesnt work at all
Just updated the app it said the my session has expired so I logged back in and when I did my registry is gone and non accessible I looked up my registry online and its still available for other people to see but I cant access it on my app anymore     What happened to my registry
This app is pointless to me because I cant use it to add things to my existing registry Please fix     Cant access existing registry
This app was perfect until I did the update Now I cant get to my registry and it keeps trying to get me to create a new one     Update messed this app up
This app is terrible It kept freezing and saying there was a problem on our end I had to delete it after trying it five or six times     Awful
This app is not useful at all Im logged out frequently I try to add to the cart from my registry and it never a add to the cart but it will prompt me to log in again and thats only s few seconds after logging in already It Takes a long time for the page to load and that can be very frustrating Please fix the bugs so that app would be more user friendly     Too many technical errors
Ive never once had issues with this awesome app until about three days ago It keeps saying issues on their end are occurring and it is not letting me add the things I want to add The fact that the prices are different when I add the item than when I see it in my registry is also frustrating A price jump of 60 Really           Ive never had a problem until
Constant error messages have to readd items limited ability to searchfilter        Glitchy and limited
I really need this app to be useful so to manage my baby registry but it crashes every time I open it     Awful
This app is very unreliable and crashes almost every time its used Not impressed        Always crashes
Horrible app works about 1 of the time Crashes and closes shows incorrect pricing and information and doesnt update when opened     Crashing incorrect prices not updated
The amount of subcategories to swift through is ridiculous I liked going into my checklist because that was the only way to see everything in one category Also the scanner DOESNT WORK I went to target and tried scanning multiple things and nothing was working So I stopped using it        Helpful but not really
This app is super slow It loads very slowly and tends to crash every time I use it Since it updated I have lost my entire registry Im not impressed and will be deleting this app     Not working
Their site is currently down so I decided to try the app and it is most helpful than the mobile version I usually dont leave reviews but I saw that this app doesnt have any yet Search works great and includes the checklist and my registry A                 Very Helpful
This app is a piece of crap It malfunctions constantly and I just dont have the patience for that The registry scanner in the store works on the same platform and is just as bad It really takes all the fun out of registering Target PLEASE improve this app asap        Please Improve
Im so frustrated with this app Im constantly getting error messages and it takes several minutes to load pages Also tells me I have the wrong password when I dont and locks me out of my account I hope this gets fixed because I love target Its the first place I registered at     Frustrating
Super slow app doesnt give you the same search engine results as the website        Better off modifying your registry on your phone browser
While I love Target this app has been more of a hassle then a help It is consistently slow I repeatedly have issues getting my registry items to load and I even have had issues where items dont appear on the list that have been added Scanning items in the store using the apps phone scanner is unreliable and the items that do scan often do not have a description or picture that actually match the product As of late when loading the app my registry will appear but I receive a message that my registry is empty and I need to select items to add to get started despite having an active and full registry for months Overall I am very disappointed especially since I love Target     Slow and unsteady
I did the new update and now it wont load the items I have on my registry It tells me I need to add items which I know is wrong because I can see it online           Needs to be fixed
The app definitely needs improvement All the clothes are so cute but it takes forever to add 1 thing Also when you are looking at an item and hit back it takes you back to the top and you have to scroll back down to where you were at Fix this please     Disappointed
This was a pretty handy app but with the new update Im not even able to get to my existing registry I log in and now instead of giving me a manage your registry option it wants me to create a new one despite already having one set up This surprised me so I quickly went through the web and my registry is definitely still up Also noticed in an earlier version of the app that items I could find on the web would not appear on the app At first I thought the items must not have been available anymore but then noticed I could add them to my registry directly through the web I was hoping that was a bug they would fix I guess I wont have the opportunity to find out     Bugs fix made app worse
Every time I try to create a baby registry either with app or actually on targets website it says something has gone wrong to try again later I have been trying for 2 weeks I rather use target but I guess might need to look into Walmart With my husband being military and us away from family this is the best way for them to see what we need but I guess it wont be through target Disappointed     Not working
The app constantly has problems on their end It wont let me delete items or update them It always closes by itself Needs a lot of bug fixes and improvements     Fail
Working 60 hours a week I have no time to open the computer and do my baby registry so I thought this would be a great app to have I was wrong Every single time I try to use it it never goes smoothly Either it closes out of the app randomly or will not add what I want to my registry popping up a message saying sorry there was a problem on our end Target come on     Horrible App
This app needs a serious overhaul Its more convenient to drive to the store and add items     Works 50 of never
This app has been horrible to register through First of all my non tech family members cant figure out how to use it I consider myself decent at using technology and most of the time I cant even get it to work We have 50 items we registered for sometimes it says 50 items sometimes it says we have 3 items and other times it says we need to start adding items to our registry because theres nothing on it Another big benefit of this app is that youre supposed to get a 15 off coupon plus 4 coupons for family to use for items on your registry I got an email for this but Ive never been able to open the coupon online The website that comes up says oops something went wrong Basically we ended up not getting very many items off our registry because people couldnt figure out how to use this faulty app Very disappointed I would give it 0 stars if I could     Doesnt work
I didnt terrible have issues until this most recent update August 2015 I can get to my registry summary page but I havent been able to get to the actual registry without it crashing I have my 15 coupon finally but between the website crashing and the app Im not sure how Ill ever use my registry completion coupons     Crashes Every Time
At first I really liked this app but since the update you cant tell what has been purchased without going into the item Unrelated to the app my registry is screwed up and my guests cant view my items in stores or online Target says my items are there but just arent visible but this does nothing for my wedding guests who are trying to purchase things They promise a fix in the next few weeks but my wedding is in four days All of my other registries have been wonderful I wouldnt recommend target or this app to anyone     Extremely inconvenient
This app and the target registry website has been acting up for days I havent been able to access my registry for 3 days on any platform These is a huge issue I would love to register at target but Im not sure its worth it at this point Please improve fast     Terrible
This app has the right layout but horrible functionality A when you open an item and then go back the app should take you to the exact last location you were at Instead it takes you back to the top of the search results This is app shopping 101 Targetcome on B there should be a preview item feature so you dont need to leave the search to review        Nice tool horrible functionality
It is nice to finally see a company target of all companies listen to technology complaints and then fix them I love the ability to add from anywhere Just wish I could see a comparable item or find the same item that Target sells                 Bugs Fixed
This app is really handy for managing and keeping track of your registry But it does have some bugs It logs you out frequently freezes and when you click on a specific item it often takes a long time to load the product description I like the main screen how it tells you the total number of items on your registry how many have been purchased and what has been purchased since you last used the app The latest update was not a good one though The previous version showed you what items and how many of them had been purchased both in the purchased section and the list view of the registry Now the only way you can see what has been purchased is by clicking on the purchased section and it no longer tells you how many have been purchased So frustrating and seems like such an odd step backwards for the app           Handy app but has some bugs
For a multimillion dollar company you think they would be able to hire someone that can make an app that actually works The idea of this app is great I love the set up its easy to understand etc But most of the time you cannot even use the app because it crashes all the time or wont load any of the items on my registry I know that I personally and Im sure a lot of other people too am constantly getting on my registry and adding new things or taking some things off Its almost impossible to do this when you cant get the app to load your items or the items the store offers The only reason I havent registered somewhere else is because the baby shower is less than a month away and we do not have time to go through a completely different store But I guarantee we will not be recommending this app to any of our other pregnant friends and family     Really
As other reviewers have said this app is superbuggy freezing up and crashing much more than it should Also going back after viewing an item and then having to scroll down to get back to where you were is not acceptable Nor is the fact that review texts get cut off on the right Having said that I will still use the app to track my baby registry but will rather adddelete items on the full website which has fewer of these issues        App needs work
Super slow and always crashes     Thumbs down
Its very handy to manage your registry straight from the app but its very frustrating when the app times out and freezes OFTEN        Get app concert but needs bugs corrected
I got this app because I was unable to delete items from my registry using targetcom on my phone only to find out that there isnt even an option to do anything on the app except create a new registry Target I love you but please stop making it so hard to get your stuff     Needs serious work
I have been using this for my baby registry and I like that you dont need to get the registry gun at the store You can add things online or with the app from your phone when in store Only reason I gave 4 stars is some items go out of stock quickly so if you really want something buy it or you may miss out              Great registry app
This app used to be super awesome The latest update makes it freeze and crash all the time Fix it please and then I will change my review     WAS amazing
This app is so inconvenient You can create a registry but you cant find anyones registries It just takes you to the website Why isnt this feature incorporated into this app It just doesnt make sense        Inconvenient
I dont normally write reviews but this app was so bad that I felt like I should This has got to be one of the slowest apps Ive ever used Horrible I deleted it 10 minutes after I downloaded it     So slooooow
This app is very hit and miss when it comes to functioning correctly Sometimes it gives an error message and doesnt let you add to our registry Today it wont even let me in to manage my registry It seems like it doesnt work more often than it does When it does work it is great and fun to use           Its okaywhen it works
This app keeps telling me There is some error yes thats what it really says when I try to create a wedding registry It would be nice if it said what the error was but it doesnt Ive checked and rechecked to make sure I entered everything correctly and I have This app just doesnt work     Unusable
I liked the app before You could see how much of an item you asked for and how much had been purchased without even clicking on the item Its extremely inconvenient now Please fix it     Update stinks
The app keeps crashing and takes forever to reload The back button does not take you to the beginning page not to the last item you were searching        App keeps crashing
This app continues to stall Items cant be viewed or added as there are continuous problems on Targets end Ive wasted more time waiting for it to work than actually using it     Hardly worth the time

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