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Target , the publisher behind many iOS app (Target Wish List ,Target Healthful™ ,Target for iPad ,Target too ,Target Race 2014 ,REDperks by Target), brings Target with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Target app has been update to version 5.4.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Really recommend this app for target lovers like me..
  • It makes my shopping experience at target that much easier..
  • I love Target and this App is a great time saver..
  • I love the weekly ad and managing a wedding registry is so simple..
  • Love the list option and the ability to view the weekly ad..

Overall Satisfactionc73
I especially love the daily deals and the bar code scanner.
The daily deal rarely works properly with this app.
Really recommend this app for target lovers like me.
Love Target stores and this app Makes it even better.
This app is missing tons of products carried in Target stores.
It's very user friendly and one of the best shopping apps I came across.
target is one of my favorite stores and this makes everything so much easier.
So frustrating and disappointing from one of my favorite stores.
I love the weekly ad and managing a wedding registry is so simple.
The weekly ad feature completely disappeared during the last update.
I use this app for everything I love the lists feature.
Love the list option and the ability to view the weekly ad.
I don't like the new shopping list option either.
Fun & Engagingc77
The Target app is awesome straight forward and very helpful.
I shop at target all the time bc it's close & I have a baby.
K yes I agree that it's the same gifts over and over.
Target is a awesome store this app is great.
It's actually disappointing because target is such an awesome store.
Easy to use and very convenient for everyday shopping.
It's saves time and a phone call which is always nice.
I just find everything I need and can easy shop online.
Great App very useful and handy.
I love being able to have everything Target at my fingertips.
Ease of Usec89
The lists function makes shopping easy and efficient.
It makes shopping via app so frustrating.
Easy to use and very convenient for everyday shopping.
Super convenient seeing as how I have a shopping addiction.
Super easy to find what you are looking for with great filters.
I love this app it's convenient and easy navigation.
Everything is organized and easy to find clear to read.
This makes it so easy to find what I need and search specials.
Ads not Intrusivec37
This app is perfect to review before going to the store.
Now can they stop the pop up asking me to review it.
but I'm tired of it asking me to rate it everyday.
Getting tired of being asked to rate the app.
Security & Privacyc33
Wish it would remember password to link to personal target account.
Updates & Supportc17
She should train Lana in customer service.
Since updating to version 6.

I'll definitely be using this for my holiday shopping. found in 13 reviews
I like that it even tells you what isle to find the product. found in 8 reviews
Target mobile has been one of the best retailer app. found in 24 reviews
I Heart Target. found in 15 reviews
One of THE best retail apps ever developed. found in 34 reviews
It's very user friendly and one of the best shopping apps I came across. found in 161 reviews
This makes it so easy to find what I need and search specials. found in 10 reviews
My daily dose of save more pay less. found in 5 reviews
My shower was planned last minute & will be coming up soon. found in 11 reviews
Helpful as it even tells you what aisle products are in at any store. found in 18 reviews
Everything is organized and easy to find clear to read. found in 13 reviews
Will definitely recommend it to fellow Target shoppers. found in 224 reviews
Great App very useful and handy. found in 10 reviews
I agree that this is an awesome shopping tool. found in 7 reviews
Love that it shows what aisle it's in at my local store. found in 8 reviews
An excellent time and money saver. found in 8 reviews
Love having everything at my fingertips before heading to the store. found in 17 reviews
I love this app it's convenient and easy navigation. found in 14 reviews
Constantly see the "Could not complete request " page. found in 21 reviews
The weekly ad needs to be more front and center. found in 5 reviews
Lacking accurate and user friendly search engine and browsing options. found in 31 reviews
but annoying to be asked to rate everytime you open it. found in 60 reviews
Search needs improvement based on description database. found in 6 reviews
Trying to sign up but my phone does not accept text messages. found in 102 reviews
The barcode scanner doesn't show prices or photos either. found in 16 reviews
but every time I try to sign up for coupons the app just closes. found in 102 reviews
It's also sometimes quirky and doesn't move items to my cart. found in 52 reviews
but makes you open Safari to access your redcard account. found in 13 reviews
The app is convenient however the coupons don't work. found in 13 reviews
Having a bill pay feature would make this app better. found in 7 reviews
Wish there were a way to narrow down results but besides that. found in 28 reviews
The shopping cart won't open but everything else is fine. found in 111 reviews
the " add to list " feature doesn't appear to work right away. found in 40 reviews
there's an error which doesn't allow all the features to load. found in 7 reviews
The whole point of passbook is not using printed coupons anymore. found in 7 reviews
Target needs to work on their App for more convenience. found in 20 reviews
Please make Target Gift Cards work with Passbook. found in 8 reviews
wish the weekly ad was shown page by page instead if by category. found in 11 reviews
Why is there no way to change my store location. found in 45 reviews
Can't make red card payment - amount selector keeps resetting to zero. found in 114 reviews
I don't enjoy being asked to rate the ap over & over. found in 60 reviews
This app is missing tons of products carried in Target stores. found in 169 reviews
Unable to add products to cart when clicking on icon. found in 46 reviews
There is no apparent way to add this to Passbook. found in 78 reviews
it crashes every time I try to sign up for coupons to use in passbook. found in 102 reviews
it does NOT present a page to review tax & shipping charges. found in 61 reviews
Constantly jumps to the shopping cart with unpredictable swipes. found in 111 reviews
It crashes every time I try to sign up for coupons. found in 102 reviews
Have tried several times to sign up for mobile coupons to no avail. found in 335 reviews
but it also shows that it's out of stock. found in 58 reviews
I can't find a way to access my target lists anymore. found in 47 reviews
your app is horrible and so is your Customer Service. found in 56 reviews
Did not save items to my cart and made me log in continually. found in 52 reviews
Especially since Target let credit card info get stolen already. found in 62 reviews
Can't add anything to my registry only to a shopping cart. found in 51 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Target for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 5.4.1 has been released on 2014-11-04. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Target in Target`s Official Website :

Can we help you find something? The Target app gives you the tools to simplify and streamline your shopping experience at Target stores and on Whether you're looking for great savings, store hours or ...
New update crashes constantly Every time I go to view an item the app crashes Ive deleted and downloaded the app again still happening     Crashes constantly
Please fix now Cant add items to cart Cant sign in and out Worked fine before the update     Awful
This app crashes entirely when you click on an item to view more details from it Cant even use it     Annoying experience
I find it easy to use                 Like it I use it a lot
Needs updating Very upset that the lists feature was removed        Needs updating
This app used to crash on me pretty regularly now its every time It went from bad to worse So frustrating Trying to view my cart and it disappears Makes me want to shop elsewhere                 Terrible
There is no reason for this app to require location services 247 even when the app is not running in the background And now the app wont let you view the ad if location services are off     Location services
It should NOT stay on all the time even though it says Always Fed Ex and other apps do not The entire app needs a lot of work     Bad bad badFix Location Setting
Draining the battery Please make only when using an option like before Pain to use the app having to turn location on and off     Updated app location always on
Just downloaded the update and I can no longer add items to my cart        App No Longer Works
Crashes immediately     Crashes
I love Target and shop online and in store often but this app is terrible It force closes on my ALL THE TIME Ill open back up and it will close on my again Very frustrating     Force close issues
Theyre not competent when it comes to web sources Make cartwheel and the Target app one app It really clunky and inconvenient to have to move app to app to complete one action for the same store Equally frustrating is that the red card payment option in the app takes you to an external browser Optimize your system Make it convenient for customers Until this is done Amazon is still ahead of you guys     This is why Target cant compete
What is going on with the Target app I used to use it pretty regularly and it was sufficient Since the update its regularly crashing Not pleased        Update fail
I have been to more than 5 locations in central east west Florida and not only is it target that acts like Im paying with Monopoly money but the attached Starbucks Coffee treat me with the same disrespect even after I show them a list containing their locations They are aholes     Mislabeled locations with rude employees and management
The app only works about half the time and the inventory is never accurate causing many unnecessary trips to the store andor cancelled orders once placed Much happier with Amazon     Disappointed
Lol What a joke Target So you say you updated the app to fix a checkout problem for Red Card members Well you broke it even more You cant search for anything since there are unexpected errors occurring Retry Seriously Its even worse than before cause now you cant even browser Very sad Target app improvement team You fail     Made it worse
Every since the latest update to the app it constantly crashes I cant access my mobile coupons Please fixit     VERY DISAPPOINTED
This app save me from fighting through the crowds                 Very convenient
There is no reason for this app to always track my location Please add the option to track only while using the app     Fix location services
I love my Target app because its so easy to use but when it comes to looking at the product details theres no details on some of the products so its frustrating for me when I really like something and cant find dimensions etc that would be my only complain           No product details
I dont know what you people did but you could not possibly have tested this at all before releasing it It was supposed to FIX the crashing issue but made it worse Pro tip test test test BEFORE you release the update It crashes when I try to get into my cart if I cant get into my cart to checkout you dont get my money ESPECIALLY for the ubiquitous online only items     Crash crash crash
Why are you going backwards target I used to be able to log into my app put stuff in cart and checkout with my card on file Now it doesnt even save my card on file anymore no matter how many times I enter it in Its a hassle to have to dig it out of my purse to checkout Id rather end the app and shop at Amazon when this happens Plus the app now crashes so much I have to delete and reinstall many times to see if its gonna get better but it doesnt     Crashes all the time
Constantly crashing     App as good as their credit card security
We need to be able to use APPLE PAY in store too Especially since Target let credit card info get stolen already Other than cash APPLE PAY is the safest way to pay online AND IN STORES     We need to be able to use APPLE PAY in store too
App crashes at launch of the app     Crashes
App is completely worthless Its basically a series of links to the website It crashes regularly provides minimal functionality and is an all around terrible experience     Worthless
The app shuts down whenever I try to view a product image     Crashes constantly
The app crashes all the time wont allow me to log in or stay logged in and the refine option might as well not exist This app is laughable at best Even a one star rating is too high     Totally worthless
This app will continue to get one star reviews from me until you fix the feature that location services must either always be on or always off Many apps allow location services to be used only while using the app It drains my battery to use location services constantly and honestly target does not need to know where else I shop by tracking my locations constantly I keep this feature turned off but it irritates me that every time I go to use the app in a store and want to use the price check feature I have to go into location services enable the setting and then remember to turn it off when I leave     Location services setting unacceptable
The app crashes and the website is just as bad Doesnt matter what computer Im on they both are not useful I searched one item on the app after deleting and reinstalling the app and it crashed 3 times in a row Please fix both otherwise I will never shop online at target They are very frustrating to use     Not usable
The app would be great but I find an item to put it on my list and CRASH Every time Fix it target or its worthless     Crashes continually
Crashes when you go to look at a product Very frustrating     Keeps crashing
Recent update says it fixed problems with crashing I never had that problem before but now I do App actually opens in the background but when you access it it wont stay active so you can actually use it     App still crashes
Everytime I have used this app in the just the last 24 hours it crashes on me after 5 minutes of shopping     Crashes all the time
I love this app but now it always shut down when you open something     Fix it
We go to target all the time so it makes sense to get the app Very helpful                 Great
Why even have an app if all it does is crash Just keep the website and dont waste the time     Just keeps crashing
Location services do not always need to be on for this app It was never like this prior to the most recent update And when you turn it off you have to enter your zip code every time you search for something the app isnt even smart enough to remember the zip code Change the location services back to only while using the app Whoever was in charge of the update should be fired immediately     Location service always on battery drain
However it has crashed 3 times in a row Cant look for things or purchase     Used to love
Spent a long time picking items and multiple times submitting order that crashed multiple times Deleted     Deleted
Not sure what they updated lately because it still crashes after about a minute of searchingbrowsing Very annoying     Keeps crashing
I thought the app was great before the update on 090215 but now it crashes on startup     App now Crashes
It keeps crashing Crashing here crashing there This app used to be helpful but not anymore     Crash
I cannot use this app because it will not open I was using the shopping list with the apple watch rather successfully until the most recent update Now nothing     Crashes
For such an amazing company like Target youd think they would pay to have a great app developed This is probably one of the worst userexperiences in an app Ive witnessed in a long time Try to copypaste code from Amazons app and reskin Not only does Targets app send me to Safari to show my order status it also crashes several times per use If youre trying to compete with the current digital revolution get with the times and hire a new app developer     TERRIBLE
I cant open the app without it crashing     KEEPS CRASHING
This app looks great and has just great features However since most recent update when I click on cart which shows have have items in cart it tells me cart is empty and then it tries to load and then it crashes the app So far it only crashes when I click on the cart So I have to go back to my home screen for iPad and then clear it from recent apps opened and the try it again Does the same thing over and over Please fix Thank you              Great However
This app crashes every time I go to use it So frustrating     Stop crashing
Continues to crash It used to work now it crashes every time I search for something     Please fix

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