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Imangi Studios, LLC , the publisher behind many iOS games (Little Red Sled 3D - Lite ,Max Adventure ,Temple Run ,PhotoMarkr - Watermark Your Photos ,Little Red Sled - 3D Racing ,Imangi), brings Temple Run 2 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Temple Run 2 games has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This is a very fun and addicting game it's worth it to download..
  • Great stress reliever after a day at work..
  • This awesome game keeps me occupied for hours..
  • Please add more characters otherwise its the best free game..
  • Super fun game with decent graphics and variety..
Overall Satisfactionclick me74
This game is awesome it is so much better than the first one.
The game is great me and my family love to play this game.
Hoping you'll fix it shortly to play this game that sound awesome.
It's really cool one of my favorite games on iPhone and iPad.
Please fix this before I delete one of my favorite games.
Amazing game and really excited about the new obstacles.
it would be an amazing game if there were no problems.
Temple run 2 is way better than temple run and it is more cooler.
Highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys the thrill of the chase.
I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone if it still has this problem.
Amazing graphics and I really love that different lvl while running.
Fun & Engagingclick me82
This awesome game keeps me occupied for hours.
It's an awesome game but very annoying and glitchy.
This is a very fun and addicting game it's worth it to download.
I love this game it's so fun I play it every hour keep making more.
Super fun game with decent graphics and variety.
Super fun but very slow and crashes a lot.
It is my new favorite game and I play it all the time.
Very disappointed because I used to play it all the time.
This temple run 2 is AWESOME :DDDD Awesome graphics.
It's fun because its fast paced and a challenge.
it lags all the time and its now just starting to crash.
Usefulnessclick me87
I really like this game and I play it everyday.
I play it everyday I'm so addicted to it.
This is my new addiction I play it every day now.
This game is so fun I play it every day.
Value for Moneyclick me56
Real money for limited time character.
Usain Bolt is real money.
have to pay real money for lame nfl players.
Replay Valueclick me84
It's more challenging than the previous one.
It's more challenging and is way more fun.
You need to make more objectives and more levels.
Fun game to play with challenges and new levels to attain.
Would love to see more and more updates with new levels.
The game never gets old and keeps getting more challenging.
This game is great for passing time and never gets old.
Production Valuesclick me76
The new graphics are better than I expected I love it.
though it's nearly identical to the original except for new graphics.
Amazing graphics and I really love that different lvl while running.
I absolutely love the sound effects and music in the background.
Reliabilityclick me39
This awesome game keeps me occupied for hours.
Lags every time I try to play.
However I'm experiencing a lot of bugs that need to be fixed.
Its a great game but just has alot of bugs that need to be fixed.
Just a lot of bugs and glitches.
My coins reset about every 6 runs.
Updates & Supportclick me73
The second version is a great upgrade to the first version.
The second version is far more addicting than the first.
This is even better than the first version of temple run.
It Is Much Better Than The First Version Of Temple Run.


The sequel to the smash hit phenomenon that took the world by storm!


With over 170 million downloads, Temple Run redefined mobile gaming. Now get more of the exhilarating running, jumping, turning and sliding you love in Temple Run 2!

Temple Run 2Temple Run 2
Tags :   temple ,   temple run


Navigate perilous cliffs, zip lines, mines and forests as you try to escape with the cursed idol. How far can you run?!




★ Beautiful new graphics
★ Gorgeous new organic environments
★ New obstacles
★ More powerups
★ More achievements
★ Special powers for each character
★ Bigger monkey!!!
Temple Run 2


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The Temple Run 2 is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 45.7 MB to download. The new Temple Run 2 app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-19. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Temple Run 2 check developer Imangi Studios, LLC`s website :


or I won't get to play the best game in the world. found in 19 reviews
It is very nice game. found in 21 reviews
fast game play and challenging enough to keep me coming back for more. found in 15 reviews
Temple run 2 is way better than temple run and it is more cooler. found in 172 reviews
Temple run is an amazing game that the whole family loves. found in 8 reviews
Luv the game and its new graphics a new addiction. found in 11 reviews
Runs smooth and the game is great fun for all ages. found in 25 reviews
This is even better than the first version of temple run. found in 16 reviews
I really like this game and I play it everyday. found in 22 reviews
Can you make Temple Run Brave free too I really want it. found in 38 reviews
reallly reallly reallly fun wayyy better than the first temple run. found in 10 reviews
I love this game it's so fun I play it every hour keep making more. found in 192 reviews
I like the game because it's a great way to kill time. found in 87 reviews
Pretty addicting helps pass down time at work. found in 12 reviews
A great sequel to a simple yet addicting game. found in 139 reviews
great game with some great new things and beautiful graphics. found in 14 reviews
Love the game - very addictive - love the daily and weekly challenges. found in 11 reviews
Keeps you on your toes with the fast paced challenges and obstacles. found in 11 reviews
the long skinny logs with many twists and turns up ahead. found in 20 reviews
Great enjoyable game that is very Addicting. found in 11 reviews
The game needs improvement from the developers desperately. found in 70 reviews
but this game lags way too much and I think that should be fixed. found in 158 reviews
It still lags and crashes a lot on iPod Touch 4G. found in 63 reviews
Please fix the lagging and please add more characters. found in 101 reviews
Sometimes I can't even perform the first jump. found in 154 reviews
It's like every time I play it either crashes or freezes. found in 112 reviews
The game crashes before I even start playing. found in 116 reviews
It lags so much which causes me to die all the time. found in 157 reviews
Need to fix the lag but also make the controls easyer to use. found in 39 reviews
but it's still super glitchy from the last update. found in 46 reviews
Its cool but i lags alot it needs bug fixes. found in 52 reviews
but the performance is so horrible it's nearly impossible to play. found in 121 reviews
It lags a lot and glitches too please fix this. found in 246 reviews
Sometimes it doesn't register my tilt or finger swipe. found in 52 reviews
Great graphics but you can't enjoy them because it's impossible to play. found in 121 reviews
great variety monotone graphics horrible lag. found in 38 reviews
Really is a great game except for all the lagging. found in 44 reviews
I can't even get past the first practice jump because it keeps glitching. found in 65 reviews
I try to jump or turn and the character doesn't respond. found in 413 reviews
Needs fixing glitches a lot so is very frustrating. found in 94 reviews
Too much lag and crashes on the iPod 4th generation. found in 601 reviews
So laggy can't even get past the first zip line. found in 202 reviews
Crashes on ipod touch 4th gen fix it asap. found in 314 reviews
This is especially frustrating when I achieve a high score. found in 213 reviews
It lags and crashes way too much on the 4th gen iPod. found in 264 reviews
Please fix this problem for the iPod 4g running iOS 6. found in 258 reviews
I just got a new high score and it deleted it. found in 251 reviews
It always crashes before it gets to the home screen. found in 140 reviews
Hoping you'll fix it shortly to play this game that sound awesome. found in 234 reviews
It is really slow which causes me to die and crashes a lot. found in 157 reviews
I try to jump constantly and he still falls its annoying. found in 413 reviews
I can't even get past jump 1 lags way too much. found in 158 reviews
or the iPod Touch 4th generation are experiencing terrible lag on this game. found in 473 reviews
Not to mention it's just a rip-off of subway surfers. found in 126 reviews
Then you have the Daily Challenges resetting itself. found in 200 reviews
iPhone 4 lags a lot and doesn't respond. found in 246 reviews
Complete garbage in my eyes compared to the first game. found in 138 reviews
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Ive always liked temple run and its sequel So what thing here is they should make a third game that would be good                Starting a new game
This game is not perfect but it is SOOO addicting But the ads r annoying but u will get over it Others might not agree with me but this is just my opinion and whoever is upset with this Review plz right something to let me knowBMDL             Surewhy not
It is best game I wud play againI liek running and jumping it makes game really fun yay                Best game 1010
I just wanted to be the 8000 comment                Toco bag
Cant stop playing Love this game                Awesome game
This game is so much fun                Temple Run 2
It is great but glitches on free save mes it gets furstrating             Wonderful
This game is greatwhen it works Super glitchy Love this game more than the first but Im thinking of deleting the game Why take up space on my phone if I cant enjoy a game without glitching If you fixed this Id give this game 5 stars          Extremely Glitchy
It freezes way to much and it makes you die             Freezes too much
This game is awesome The graphics are great and so is the landscape and characters Theres hardly any glitches on my iPhone 5c which is great That said I have an idea for you folks at Imangi Studios My idea is that you should put new obstacles into the game Something like that skull rope from the first Temple Run or something we havent seen in the game If you would do this youll make this devoted temple runner very happy Thanks for your attention             Great game But I have an idea
I just won 5500 coins during my run and I was happy But then I went to go play my next game and I only had 2000 This has happened several times          Annoying
I think This is the best game on earth but when u get it dont be mad if it glich is or that might be my phone but once u get the hang of it its so much fun                Well
Temple run is a very good game I really love iti love getting gems and coins and espacilly new people when ever Im bored I go on my iPod and I play this game temple run is the bestand this game deserves 5 stars if I could I would put 10                Get ready get set go
Da best game ever                Temple run 2
Theres always a but I have over 10 million coins over 3500 gems so there is just one more item to accomplish which is near impossible Ive been waiting for further challenges new screens items to spend my 10 million coins on The Bolt characters new threads advertised as a limited time has been up forever In short without new screens to run the game is fast becoming boring I am just about done with this game Moving on to something new and challenging                Great game BUT
I love this game             Like game so much
What can I say its a game that never ends I mean like IT HAS NO ENDING and that is what makes it so addicting so I recommend this game to anyone and everyone so get the game ladies and gents because you will enjoy it just like me I dont even know how to end this comment this game is so good I mean omg this is sooooooo good get this game omg get this game u will tots take my offer for it ok noobs a end the comment now b4 GRAMMAR NAZI come for me ok like seriously Oma end it sooner or later Anytime now like 3 2 This game is so good this cant stop talking about likening get the the game uh oh GRAAMMARRR NAZIZIZIIZIZIZIZIZIZIZI runnnnnnnnnnnnnn                Game that never ends
temple run 3 is awesome But sometimes it lags up my iPad at the beginning The one other thing I dont like is that you never stop running You would think you would get to a safe place but you dont All in all I like it a lot I give it 4 stars             I love this
Shraw Mama                TR
The game takes forever to load and when it gets close it kicks me out When It does work though its glitchy and then I cant turn or jump so I die    Loading
I love this game but to be honest with you it is a bit slow I still love it though so like if any buddy wants a good fun adventures game get this ine                Good game but a bit glichey
Been playing this game for a few years now Upgraded my iPhone 6 Plus to ios9 The game is no longer smooth Very jerky more like time laps photo Impossible to playWill again give five stars after this bug is fixed Till then only one    Not good with ios9
Running 2000m without coins is definitely impossible and thus should be removed from the game I love everything about the game but this issue is a dealbreaker for me    Great game until I seen it was rigged
This game is very amazingly detailed I would give this game 25 stars if I could On my iPod touch there are no glitches I love it It is absolutely perfect                Love it
I Love This game More Than Any Game In The World                Beststststst Game Ever
I have a new suggestion for this If u play this game constantly you can get free gift cards and free paypal money everytime you play plzzzzz for more fun                NEW UPDATE SUGGESTION
Great graphics Less chance to collect coins over same ground covered More chances to die No resurrection wings so you must use precious gems which you must pick up along the trail No long runs to outdo your previous score This is designed to not make it easy to collect gems or coins so you will be dying sooner and forced to spend moneyGood graphics though Much busier than Temple Run 1 so you might like like that and think its worth the money Me I like the 1st one          Less coins
This game is so fun and addicting I literally stay up till two thirty and play this                SO AMAZEBALLS
I think this game is so fun but they need to make cooler girls most of them are so weird and my game doesnt glitch so if yours does it might just be your device Im not 100 sure on that but just a thought                Amazing game
Great                Good
So addictive this game is the best mobile game ever this is the only game I have no my phone and on my iPad I have temple run 1 and temple run brave                This is the best mobile game ever
I love it                I Love it
Great game             Good
Its fun and addicting but theres a flaw with the design The flames the shoot out horizontal give off a shadow and their a source of light so they dont have a shadow Its really irks me also when Im in the mine shaft it will make me fall off super easy whenever its on its side             Great game
Better than the first             Fun games
I love this game I agree with the other reviews Its so addicting But the thing I hate is that it pauses in the beginning a lot and then if u jump or slide it doesnt do it Another fact it pauses in the whole game but not as much in the middle and end Please take care of these bug fixes I really dont wont to delete this again Yes I deleted it once because of pauses Please get this fixed Temple Run 2             Love the game but
The game seems nice but it takes 5 minutes to get to the play part and then it goes back to my home screen fix it pleasse       Seems cool but
Me gusta el juego pero se friza y se sale mucho si arreglan eso les doy las 5 stars             Like
Every objective no matter whether its a daily or weekly doubles up immediate fix needed because it is almost annoying enough that Im considering deleting the app not only from my phone but from Game Center as well       Update ok but
I love game                
Its an AMAZING game I recommend this game to anyone who likes games that just go on forever                AMAZANG
I love game                That great
The monkey that chases you over and over again Im just getting tiered of it             People and monkeys
I like it             Enjoy
Temple Run 2 took my love of Temple Run to a whole new level Its colorful high quality provides more characters upgrades and includes artifacts and gems Theres nothing wrong with this game and I love the new area additions Way better than the original game                Better Than The First
I think there should be more character that can be unlocked with gems that are like Santa Claus maybe a 4th of July character like Uncle Sam or the Headless Horseman for Halloween or a bunny for Easter there needs to be more characters And if we could buy the characters that require real life money or the coin characters with a bunch of gems that would be cool             It is good but
This is a great game and all but Im a game modder and I decided to mod this game a bit and found it to be way to easy I can buy the gems and coins without buying them xD             Great game but
Basically it requires exponentially more game play to be able to upgrade the runner So the only way to upgrade after that is by paying money for coins You get what you pay for    it only wants your money
This game needs to be more easier on your first try playing I died right when I started it was very tragic Also I am a very good game or some yeah its not that good to me          Temple run 2 more like stupid run 2
This game is really greatIt doesnt glitch for me and its not that laggy too                Awesome


Imangi Studios, LLC
45.7 MB
Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.0
iPhone iPad

iOS Temple Run 2 1.0 Mobile

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