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Agile Tortoise , the publisher behind many iOS app (Tally 2 - Quick Counter ,BoxFinder ,Terminology 3 ,Interact - Do more with your Contacts! ,Drafts ,Drafts), brings Terminology 3 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Terminology 3 app has been update to version 3.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

    Overall Satisfactionc100
    terminology 3 is my go to dictionary app macstories.
    Amazing Language Browser.
    The amazing part is T-3's add-ons.
    Agile Tortoise makes the best apps.
    but this is a minor concern compared to everything this app offers.
    Very useful content.

    App on 1st screen. found in 2 reviews
    a must have dictionary and thesaurus app appstorm. found in 2 reviews
    This app looks fine. found in 1 reviews
    Amazing Language Browser. found in 1 reviews
    improve the ui. found in 2 reviews
    extensive support for url scheme integration via x callback url. found in 2 reviews
    Terminology-3 links- out to the people cited as examples including Giuseppe Garibaldi. found in 1 reviews
    customizable fonts and font size. found in 1 reviews
    Option to link to other sources on the web quickly for antonyms. found in 1 reviews
    visit our website for details. found in 1 reviews
    part dictionary thesaurus and part research tool. found in 3 reviews
    All writers need this app. found in 1 reviews
    Seamless integration to "define" menu. found in 1 reviews
    this app is a fascinating tool to explore word relations. found in 1 reviews
    Clean and Functional. found in 1 reviews
    terminology 3 is my go to dictionary app macstories. found in 5 reviews
    Often times tends to crash when first opened up. found in 1 reviews
    No IPA pronunciation. found in 1 reviews
    Great but keeps crashing. found in 1 reviews
    no usage examples /etymology etc. found in 2 reviews
    and limiting if you're a somehow serious reader. found in 1 reviews
    I don't feel like I'm using a full and proper dictionary. found in 1 reviews

    If you are iOS owner,you now can download Terminology 3 for $1.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 23.1 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.0.1 has been released on 2014-11-25.
    More Info: Find more info about Terminology 3 in Agile Tortoise`s Official Website : http://agiletortoise.com/terminology

    Terminology is a browser for the English language part dictionary/thesaurus and part research tool. Terminology is designed to make it easy to explore words and phrases, diving down to more and less specific terms ...
    Have to type the word you re looking for multiple times According to this app the word updated does not exist Really     Unresponsive SAV1003
    I purchased the pro version of Terminology a few updates back around their second version After the update features were revoked and I was seeing ads again The Pro option doesn t carry over This is very stupid     Will charge you twice if you update NateNordquist
    It helps my spelling                     Spelling correction Natelli
    I used to love this app until they went buck wild on the pop up ads         Pop up ads Rachel ended
    I love the simple layout of this app I like the alphabetical order of the listings Highly recommend this app                     Simplicity Iam1958
    I bought this app about 2 years ago However I haven t used it because of lacking free storage sadly my phone has small memory so I haven t noticed it has been changed to freemium I was pretty shocked and sent an inquiry mail to developer This developer always answers pretty fast and also the developer gave me full explanation I was touched little bit When I buy an app the sustainability of app is really important because some developers usually give up their app after few years I think this developer has big responsibility on this app Thanks developer and thanks for the great app I recommend you to use it                     Reliable developer Jayde J.
    I like the Oxford on macOS dictionary and all Terminology however is absolutely my favorite reference because of the way it doesn t only give you the definition you re looking for it actually helps you to know it s the right word you need and if not where to find it I had to add Terminology dictionary to my Mac also visit their web site to get it and see how Love this app Even though removing adverts from the free version isn t something I felt any urge to do I upgraded to the Pro version for no reason other than to support this developer as they are on the ball Upgrade to iOS 11 Yep there s a Terminology for that                     Bestest ever Pixietale
    I ve been using this app for a year or so It s replaced the lookup function on my devices The app offers more choices and better definitions on what you choose to lookup I recommend it to others It s also worth getting the in app purchase It s a small amount but I figure every little bet helps the developers                     Research at your fingertips mrapplegate
    I am satisfied so far                 So far a great help in reading and researching tg8035
    Thanks             Love this app fantomcheung
    I paid to remove them but now they are back     Ads pop up everywhere Calicharlieftw
    If you type in a word with a single suggestion it s no longer clear that it s a suggestion Another flaw is that you can t add words or if you can I wasn t able to discover how If it could show up in lookup that would be a great feature Also I don t like the large ads popping up which is annoying because I paid 2 already I would pay the additional 2 for the upgrade but given the two major flaws I m unwilling just yet Fix the flaws add flash card capability for hearted words and you ll get 5 stars from me This company has other cool products that are 5 star                     Good but not perfect Serendigital
    Don t fall for this trash     Paid for the app now it s filled with ads Sthrorrja
    Thank you great Developer You are really angel in App World I also purchase Draft App That is AWESOME GREAT FAST IDEA INBOX Really Happy to buy this Terminology App in pro and THE Draft Have a Nice day Big Thanks again                     5 Star Hope more function for pro AVATAMSAKA IN KOREA.S
    Do not waste your money on this app or this company unless you like paying to watch ads     Bad Business Practices R . D . L
    I paid for this app already Now they want to turn around and charge me again for an in app purchase Really And on top of this they want to keep on flashing ads and ad popups until I give them more money for the in app purchase Just a matter of time that they will change this to a subscription or another way to CHARGE YOU AGAIN If they had negative stars I would have selected that rating Do not download this app     Money hungry corkie777
    Somewhere along the way the user interface was cleaned up although I still refer the pre fixed sparse looking version At least it s less cluttered These guys do pay attention which is a good thing Adding back some stars and plunking down my coffee money for the Pro version because Agile Tortoises need to eat too Thanks guys                 Some interface refinements LMLee49
    I understand developers need to monetize their business However early supporters of the app should have been upgraded to at least an ad free version This approach was followed by countless others I hope they rectify the course or I will delete and forget Terminology     Early customers neglected by developers loslorenzos
    Why spoil a good thing Inserting ads sure is a way to make money but for those who had purchased your app before you changed your app business model even for them That s quite low Disappointing Deleted     Greed i-phony
    I hardly ever write reviews for apps I could count the number of reviews I ve written on one hand and still have fingers to spare I need to be really impressed by an app or app developer to get me to write a positive review This is one of those times Agile Tortoise listens to its customers I m talking Savage Inc developers of the art app Procreate the finest app on the App Store in my opinion levels of dedication and care I submitted very specific feedback on a very specific area of Terminology not even a week ago seriously it was Sunday I saw there was an update today for Terminology and I was floored to see my specific request fulfilled and mentioned in the change log So thank you Agile Tortoise You ve made my list of top tier developers and Terminology has made my list of never delete apps                     Developers That Listen stricken7
    I requested a feature and they implemented it Awesome devs and an invaluable app for all your searching needs                     Great App Great Devs Tennetic
    I bought this app as simple as it was and liked it Now because they did an update they want more money Sorry not going to happen I will not trust them with my money again How long until I have to pay them a subscription or more money to look up more than 2 words in a day Lost a customer     Thanks for buy but now it s free and has ads you have to pay to remove Therealironhulk
    I find myself researching words all the time now It s a way better experience than a website                     Love it timothybuck13
    Bought this app when it cost money and now they are asking for more The reason I purchased the app was to reward the developer for a pay model rather than a BS free app I needed to unlock Unfortunately what I am left with is a BS app I paid for that needs to be unlocked And just to be completely clear the app developer s business model or poor planning to recoup costs is NONE OF MY BUSINESS My business is the add free app I purchased for money So one star until it is resolved     Pay again for an app with insipid adds Funtime Ben
    UPDATED REVIEW IN RESPONSE TO DEVELOPER FEEDBACK The developers addressed my concerns about the ads particularly about whether the ad SDK is active if the ads are eliminated thru in app purchases Upping my review to 5 stars for the app and the helpful developer response and will buy the pro version I would still advise other users pay to get rid of the ads Ads are evil Really Cough up a couple bucks pay your developers give the finger to the creepy ad companies Original review Developers who integrate an ad platform usually don t have very direct specific knowledge about exactly how that ad SDK uses or abuses the app s permissions So Agile Tortoise probably didn t specifically intend this thing to send my location to the ad company so they can track me and deliver ads customized to the places I ve traveled in the past few weeks But it s happening So this app is dead to me I could pay to get rid of the ads but there s no guarantee that getting rid of the display of ads will keep the SDK from tracking me in the background anyway The location specific ad targeting creeped me the hell out I would have cheerfully purchased an app like this but the we re installing invasive adware but if you pay us then we won t show you the ads but for all you know the adware is still surveilling you model is not one I can get behind Nope nope and nope                     Ads worried me but developer response allayed my concerns A good app MousePolice
    Pay for it once and suddenly the features you had are locked behind a new paywall Just give us back our old full app please     Ransomware Saint Bee
    Purchased this app a few months ago now the new update displays ads and asks to upgrade I don t trust this publisher anymore     Should pay again babakf79
    I love this app and can t believe the amount of negative reviews on here You pay to remove the ads how hard is that to figure out And it s more than worth a few extra bucks I m constantly referring to this app throughout the day as I write And I love the new color scheme as well Great job and thanks for all your hard work putting it together                     Absolutely Essential Jim147
    Super useful app love the extensibility                 Simple and deep
    Agile Tortoise makes the best apps this and Drafts Terminology is the only dictionary app I need now because the action menu incorporates the others Try itits amazing                 Awesome
    Very minimal and definitely not worth any money No IPA pronunciation no etymology very limited definition text and it relies heavily upon 3rd party online dictionaries I dont feel like Im using a full and proper dictionary        Overrated
    Very nice app I wonder if you could integrate a collocation dictionary so that it would be much more effective for how to use certain words Thank you              Collocation dictionary
    Not as beautiful to look at as AED But it ties in with other apps and other sources really well And it works                 Great dictionary
    This app is awesome I use it for long time and its pity to see no review and no rating for this app I use it as thesaurus and its so helpful in my study and work Keep it up improve the ui please if possible                 App on 1st screen
    Love it                 Use this so much
    Newspeak Definitions For example the word Patriot includes Chauvinist Jingoist Jingo Huh Examples of Patriots are people I have never heard of Maybe this particular word is not representative but in this case it appears someone has deliberately redefined a word from common American useage The definition of words are important People with an agenda should stay far away from a dictionary     Strange Definitions
    Thanks                 Love this app
    Absolutely what I wanted in this sort if reference app Quick concise and to the point                 Clean and Functional
    Select a word Tap define Tap Terminology And youre in the rich informative dictionarythesaurus rather than iOSs sometimes lacking dictionary Very pleasant experience Very useful content                 Seamless integration to define menu
    This app deserves some design sense For starters how about losing the 60s clip art icon and creating one thatoh I dont knowmaybe bears some resemblance to the sleek new iOS 7 look The search tool icon looks like a ping pong paddle covered in chocolate At least I hope its chocolate And whats with the brown highlight in the toolbar Gak Four stars for functionality one lost on aesthetics The app is aching for a makeover Heres hoping the developer is listening              Solid Functionality in an Ugly Package
    Simple powerful and customizable would love a share extension the when highlighting a word in any app could automatically look it up and even save it to favorite words list                 great dictionary app
    The review with the title Essential stated it perfectly And the review by needs coffee proves that he does need coffee This app looks fine Its ok to have some personality even in the iOS 7 era Most importantly any wordsmith will find this to be functional and essential for improving their writing Thats what it is all about Another great app by Agile Tortoise                 All writers need this app
    This is simply the best dictionary and thesaurus Ive used I get results of more definitions and better word relations on average than anywhere else Also like the Drafts app the ability to dynamically change the text display size is also included so for those of us who have good vision we can maximize the use of our displays Its offline capabilities are also the necessity that many app dictionaries lack This means I can use it for my primary purpose perfectly A instant lookup and usage verification tool Many words dont mean what you think they do and this app has forever expanded my ability to communicate If you try and become accustomed to using this app I promise you the same Buy it This app is easily worth 20 or more I paid much less                 Simply the best
    The second word I looked up was not in this dictionary I like the interface but it could use some advanced vocabulary updates           So far good but not great
    The only things that really bother me about this app are the app icon and the weird lollipoplooking search symbol Visually it just seems a bit off Otherwise its perfect              Near perfect
    Option to link to other sources on the web quickly for antonyms etymology etc really sells this I wish antonyms were on the main definition page but everything else is fine                 Removes need for several other apps
    The basic app didnt have the first few words I searchedand the OED extension ie their site with a big ad wouldnt load When the word could be found in the app itself it came with minimal infono etymology Deleted           Three stars is generous
    Often times tends to crash when first opened up Latest iOS on iPhone 6 plus But otherwise a great app           Great but keeps crashing
    But the icon is atrocious Otherwise a must buy              Great
    Great word reference tool Im not a writer but I find myself drafting an email and wanting to use a word that Im not 100 on its meaning Enter Terminology It has great research tools that go beyond just looking up the definition And it plays nice with URL schemes Launch Center Pro FTW Recommended                 Indispensable
    Good              Good
    Couldnt live write without it                 I use this several times a day
    Although Apples built in dictionary is not horrible it is rather lacking in functionality something that this app abounds in With this app it is extremely easy to look up a word find synonyms and related words and do more with the action sheet functionality of the app I use it almost every day to increase my vocabulary and I highly recommend it                 Remarkable Dictionary App
    The builtin dictionary is pretty decent but what makes this app wonderful is the ability to run a multitude of scriptsactions with one click if the word is not adequately defined in the builtin Dict Ie You can look it up on wiktionary urban Dict m Webster and dozens of others customizable andor add it to your fav Words list in Evernote do a google search etc almost anything you can do with a string in Drafts another wonderapp by the same dev Updatessupport as usual topnotch Ps having usage examplesetymology in the dictionary would be great for offlinetimes when you cant look it up on alternate dictionaries but this is a minor concern compared to everything this app offers                 One dictionary to rule all
    My fast athand iOS dictionarythesaurus Great new look If youre a writer or language lover this app is a fascinating tool to explore word relations                 Amazing Language Browser
    I am an avid writer working on my 3rd book and while writing may be my passion I am equally as passionate towards researching and learning This app is not only a dictionary but a thesaurus and a place to make sure youre saying what you want in the best way Love love love this app                 Amazing research app
    That sums it up                 Essential
    Unintuitive cumbersome gimmicky crap     Define no
    Simple and fast                 My goto dictionary
    Aug312014 Language is not owned by the narrowminded And thank god or whatever is wheeling those stars around up there I used Terminology3 and looked up the word Patriot one detractor complained about and found the definition to be most accurate in Terminology3 In addition Terminology3 linksout to the people cited as examples including Giuseppe Garibaldi Again a perfect match The complainer wagged hisher finger obviously offering advice to others Advice heshe would be best to examine himself People with an agenda should stay far away from a dictionary Detractors aside I found Terminolody3 handy for first level look up and great for a bit of research down into the thesaurusistic yes I coined it BUTThe amazing part is T3s addons including Wordnik one of many great extensions deepen your research range For example the word decide everyone knows but for the fact of its etymology revealing its true meaning to cut off or kill as in infanticide homicide and insecticide Another great dictionary test is the word disaster A good lookup source should reveal its true meaning apart from ones star T3 does pass the tests Remember to click the icon in the extreme lower right hand corner for your addons T3 is a keeper Lastlythere is a flaw T3 lists amongst their extensions the Longman dictionary of contemporary English which is either a great innovation hidden under a cloak of badly designed user interface rendering it worthless Im not kidding orneurospastic jibberish Longman and the other timewasters should be cleaned out of T3 or fixed by someone who knows what theyre doing                 Language is not owned by the narrowminded
    Far superior to the built in iOS dictionary Being able to search in multiple resources is very useful                 Useful
    Best dictionary slash thesaurus app out there If you write or edit other peoples writing this app is a must                 Even better
    Helpful and useful Works mostly how my brain does              Great
    Thousands maybe millions of dictionary apps This one is the top of the pile It is clean fast complete and the extensibility makes this unbeatable Thank you                 Top of the dictionary heap
    I am a senior in high school and I can confidently say that this app helps tremendously to build up vocabulary for the SAT Whenever I encounter a word I dont know and would like to learn I just open Terminology and I am enlightened The extensibility and flexibility of the app is also lifesaving if you prefer different dictionary definitions over others Recent 91615 update wow the safari web view is amazing The app is now blazing fast and having the ability to choose the San Fransisco font is so great                 Best dictionary app on iOS Period

    Terminology 3 Reference Custom Actions Icloud SyncTerminology 3 Reference Custom Actions Icloud SyncTerminology 3 Reference Custom Actions Icloud SyncTerminology 3 Reference Custom Actions Icloud SyncTerminology 3 Reference Custom Actions Icloud SyncTerminology 3 Reference Custom Actions Icloud SyncTerminology 3 Reference Custom Actions Icloud SyncTerminology 3 Reference Custom Actions Icloud SyncTerminology 3 Reference Custom Actions Icloud SyncTerminology 3 Reference Custom Actions Icloud SyncTerminology 3 Reference Custom Actions Icloud SyncTerminology 3 Reference Custom Actions Icloud Sync

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