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505 Games , the publisher behind many iOS games (Run Monkey Run ,Rocket Willie ,You Think You Know Me? Miley Cyrus Edition Trivia Quiz ,Naughty Bear ,Build-A-Bear Workshop: Bear Valley™ ,Build-A-Bear Workshop: Bear Valley™ FREE), brings Terraria with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Terraria games has been update to version 1.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I paused the game and put my ipod into sleep mode..
  • There should be multiplayer over Game Center and bigger worlds..
  • I have played the pc version longer than i can recall..
  • I like how you guys put in the new update..
  • I love the way this game was transitioned to touch controls..

Overall Satisfactionc85
I'm glad I finally have one of my favorite games with wherever I go.
Im getting annoyed cuz i cant play one of my favorite games ever.
It's an amazing game and it's totally worth the $5.
I've always loved this amazing game - until one day.
So much better than Minecraft Pocket Edition in my opinion.
stating how much Terraria is better than Minecraft.
This is one of the best games I've played on here to date.
I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes sandbox and RPG games.
That's it really I'll find bugs for the game.
I wouldn't recommend paying for the game until they add hard mode.
Best game on the App Store that has transferred son smoothly from a computer gsme.
Fun & Engagingc84
Awesome game bosses are hard to fight thought.
I beg the developers please patch the awesome game more stabilize.
But otherwise provides excellent gameplay and is super fun.
but without hard mode it gets boring quickly.
Other than that very fun game highly recommend it.
If you want the alternative multiplayer experience to this game.
They are not dedicated to this game don't waste your money.
Amazing game I play it all the time I get a chance.
you should add everything the pc version has.
Replay Valuec76
but without hard mode it gets boring quickly.
place it back down and realize I'd just lost hours of gameplay.
lots of fun for hours of gameplay.
Social Aspectsc80
just fix the mobs and animal spawning and add multiplayer.
I was thinking maybe we could add online multiplayer to the game.
I want to play with my friends and fight bosses together.
This flipping game crashes farrrr to much now.
Every time i load it up and press play it freezes completely.
t play the game please please fix.
I encountered a game breaking bug.
4 stars because bad bugs.
GREAT but it has one bad bug.
and the game now freezes when I press "Play" downgrade to 1 star.
Updates & Supportc75
I've logged over 400 hours on the Xbox 360 version alone.
Just as I completely finished everything this huge new update came out.
Make A New Update add more PC stuff.
I press play and then it freezes please make a new update quickly.
the pe version is great.

enjoyable experience for mobile devices. found in 8 reviews
it's basically a side scrolling minecraft with way more
content. found in 11 reviews
300 hours of Terraria between Steam and Xbox. found in 12 reviews
la la la. found in 3 reviews
OMG best game on the App Store. found in 5 reviews
Look REALLY closely at the new Valentine's day update picture. found in 7 reviews
I already have the best armor and the best sword. found in 11 reviews
PEACE OUT and keep up the good work. found in 9 reviews
Van Gogh was a post-impressionist painter whose work. found in 2 reviews
Best sandbox game out there other than minecraft. found in 25 reviews
Like the game but can't play anymore please fix the bugs. found in 34 reviews
My worlds are deleted by there self fix plz. found in 19 reviews
Please fix the crashing I can't even open the game without crashing. found in 20 reviews
The game keeps crashing and lagging at random times. found in 95 reviews
I open the piggy bank and NOTHING IS THERE. found in 159 reviews
This flipping game crashes farrrr to much now. found in 371 reviews
With new update the game crashes upon start up no matter what. found in 45 reviews
I can't talk to npc's can't buy stuff or spawn skeletron. found in 41 reviews
Great game but THEY NEED TO FIX THE CRASH BUG. found in 23 reviews
This game crashes after using the suspicious looking apple and exiting. found in 18 reviews
Downloaded the new update and now the app freezes when I press play. found in 25 reviews
This game freezes every time I hit play. found in 115 reviews
Then better review because i cant play right now. found in 72 reviews
This game crashes EVERY TIME I open it I have ios 5. found in 56 reviews
New update freezes game when you click play. found in 124 reviews
Whenever I open the game it closes instantly. found in 56 reviews
The game is good but the multiplayer doesn't work. found in 19 reviews
Keeps crashing on my ipod 4g. found in 141 reviews
This is a great game except for no hardmode. found in 21 reviews
When I tap play it freezes the games and I can't play. found in 109 reviews
Cant play after update freezes when i click pllay plz fix. found in 72 reviews
Every time i load it up and press play it freezes completely. found in 109 reviews
When you press play in the home screen nothing happens. found in 146 reviews
the cloud save crash every time. found in 77 reviews
it keeps crashing on my iPod 4th generation. found in 284 reviews
Crashes when I hit play teraria makers please fix. found in 115 reviews
So if you have an iPod 4G then don't get it. found in 141 reviews
Playing on ipad mini 2 and iphone 6 is impossible. found in 85 reviews
One star until it comes back out for ios 6. found in 116 reviews
The game keeps crashing and stops playing suddenly. found in 95 reviews
When I click play the game freezes then crashes. found in 124 reviews
This game crashes every time in try to join someone fix it. found in 56 reviews
DO NOT CREATE A NEW CHARACTER. found in 118 reviews
This new update doesn't work at all on my iPod Touch 4th gen. found in 174 reviews
Mine will not let me play the game it kicks me out of the game. found in 62 reviews
The new update broke my Terrai can't open the game. found in 56 reviews
I can't play anymore since the Easter update. found in 145 reviews
It keeps on crashing on my ipod touch 4th gen please help. found in 209 reviews

The Terraria is now available for $0.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish. It weighs in at only 37.4 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.0 has been released on 2014-11-30. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Terraria in 505 Games`s Official Website : http://www.terraria.org

DIG FIGHT EXPLORE BUILD The critically-acclaimed, best-selling indie sandbox adventure has finally arrived on iOS In Terraria, every world is unique -- from the floating islands in the sky to the deepest level of The Underworld. Adventure ...
Best game ever                 OPGSME
Can you guys add more cool bosses to make this ios Terraria awesome and coolLike add more bosses and blocks and wepons armors and more stuff like new events just to make Ios terraria more awesomeness DDD                 can you add moreD
i hay the same problem as someone bellow the world would erase completely including the chest and all of the items I hace restarted me world over and over again untill all of my local worlds aré full and mi afraid to delete any of them beca use i feas that my items aré still there I REALLY NEED THIS BUG FIXED AS SOON AS IT CAN BE SOLVED thank you for YOUR time              World erase glitch
Well This game is amazing everything about it except the fact that I cant have my friend join my game We both have the same devices same phone company same wifi connection same IOS version same terraria version and yet I still cant play multiplayer All I see is the spinning chakram appearing and disappearing forever Please fix this        Great game but there are a few bugs that need fixing
My friend told me about this game and i love it but can u pls pls pls make mounts on mobile Thxs For The Updates                 Perfect game
Ok so this is awesome without a doubt But there are two glitches I have found I can only use one kind of paint and the others dont appear The second one is that when it says A meteor has landed There is no meteor              BugsGlitches
This game is amazing and lots of fun But if you could make others file sharing enabled it would make it at least more similar to the pc with maps and things like that so please enable iTunes file sharing                 iTunes file share
My gosh its annoying the amount of people calling it 2D Minecraft or even Minecraft Ripoff If you even compare it to Minecraft youre being dumb OMG Minecraft has squares and so does ter NO This game is nothing like Minecraft Anyways the progression and replay value is always great So much to do Has a much better single player than most games because there is always something new to fight find or craft just after the next Most other sandbox games dont have forms of progression which is a great thing to see in this game Its just really glitchy                 ITS NOT FREAKIN MINECRAFT
I think that this is one of the best 2d games Ive ever played Mario may be good but terraria with over 4000 items to collect with tons of bosses and npcs stands above                 Best game Ive ever played
And an npc cop that sells jermen shepherd and other cop stuff please                 1 more npc
This is a great game hands down The one thing I would add would be on the iPhone 6 Plus a full inventory hot bar                 Read this
Make the map the same size on the Pc              Longer
The game is the best but I have beat all the bosses so add MOON LORD Golem to easy Plantera to easy so add mon lord plz                 Moon lord add IT
It is way better than minecraft it has way more stuff and has better items like the terrablade                 Awesome bossome
Im love this game but suddenly my save said it was on a newer version I had nothing I had just defeated the destroyer                 Love the game
When is the 124 update coming cant wait for ever thing in the update plz have the update soon                 124
We basically have every feature except the ones that came in 13 And I see an issue with this because when I go onto a wiki I see this really cool item I want just to find out it is a pic only item Then Soooo I would also love the extra flare to the game to relight the fire inside of me that motivates me to keep playing and to get that next item and now that I have basically every item that is in the game right now This is the reason that Im drifting away from terraria because its starting to get boring And if you are reading this and it doesnt make any sense to you then just deal with it because you most likely get the general idea of what this is about So good luck Also devs Please try to stay active and keep pumping out updates every month or two like you have been and if I sound rude by saying that I dont mean it that way I actually mean it in as a sincere as possible                 13 items PLEASE
It is an awesome gamebut my world glitches and deletes everything my loot my town or city and all the bosses I have killed It has happened 5 other times too So please fix it in the next update and I WANT MY STUFF BACK PLEASE           Alright
Everyone likes terraria 12 but were is terraria 13 on iOSim in hardmode I defeated most pre hardmode bosses and plz add how big to make the world so add new bossesadd new itemsadd new npcs and why did you add terraria 13 to pc I do not know why you didsome people defeaded all the bosses and all the items everyone will have to wait a very long time           Weres terraria 13 on iOS
Please do the 13 update for iOS and please and add duke wishron please add the 13 update plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz                 My comment
This game is awesome but it needs to add to where if you play pc of console you should be able to upload them to mobile           Did not want to say this
It is a cool game but there like very hard concepts and junk stuff though ill give it five stars                 Nice
This is a great game that I love to play all the time It has great mechanics and much more things to do than Minecraft However there is a major glitch that I have come across When I loaded my main world it turned into my friends world as a floating island I quit and joined back in Same thing I tried over and over and eventually just deleted the world I made a new world got all the hard mode NPCs and started playing today It turned into the tutorial world As you can see this is a major glitch that destroyed my main worlds Please ReLogic or 505 Games fix this glitch soon           Good game but
This game is the best                 Sweet
This game is almost flawless but a few bugs and glitches here and there Than thats ok but when the community is getting bored and no new content is coming out we are going to play minecraft pe or any other game and there is less content for minecraft than there is on terraria plz make an update soon                 Best game ever BUT WHERE IS 123 AND 124
I know that theres so many reviews for this game no one will ever read mine anyways but Im writing it anyway This is a great game But as of 13 you seem to be forgetting something Oh ya THERES AN I PAD VERSION You went to all the trouble to add giant evil pillars and the Moon Lord and everything BUT YOU DIDNT ADD IT TO THE I PAD When I first found out I was furious It only gets 5 stars until you add the Moon Lord and EVERYTHING else to the iPad              Wheres My Moon Lord
I was just playing terraria and went off for a second and when I got back on I had to make a new character and once I did I got on to my world I lost all my items and armor and I had tons of stuff like gold lots of good really good stuff and the things and all the things I Put in a chest were gone and some small creations gone Please send a update please or this is the worst game and I will never play it again        What the heck
Terraria is a good as Minecraft or maybe even better Pros list of many great things such as hard mode cheaper than minecraft and has much more mobs you can make videos more ores more armor and even more weapons Minecraft is amazing too but I believe both games are worth buying but I do like Terraria for the weapons I think you should get Terraria for the money it may be much to you but its worth it                 Amazing wonderful and worth it game
plz i would cry tears of frekin lava if you made 13 update i would be so happy so plz i beg you                 plz update it to 13
Terraria is fun and all but its boring now I have everything and in the forums it said a new version with the frost moon would come out but that was like 6 weeks ago and it said it would come out 2 days later but it didnt so if you could give me some information on this whole update thing that would be awesome computer got a new update so why didnt we Plz respond              Needs updating
How do you get into creative                 To
Hey if you would like to play with me contact me from game center by adding me as a friend and Ill accept contact me from game center using the user Ashbloodbyday and I will schedule some times for you and me to upgrade my hugely rich and master built world including Emerald and Amethyst staffs 2 big homes NPCs living with me HelperGuide Merchant Bombs Sales Man Nurse and Dryad SO SO SO MUCH GOLD EMERALD AMETHYST IRON TIN LEAD TUNGSTEN AND MONEY PLUS HUNDREDS MORE RARE VALUABLE WEAPONS ITEMS AND RICHES BY THE WAY BEST GAME BESIDES FROM MINECRAFT I WOULD STILL SAY ITS NOT AS GOOD AS MINECRAFT BUT ITS JUST 2 LESS THE AMOUNT OF HOW GOOD MINECRAFT I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND YOU BUY IT RIGHT ASAP CAUSE I SWARE THIS GAME WILL BLOW YOU MIND INTO A MILLION POSSIBLY A TRILLION ITTY BITTY PEICES HAAAAAAHHHH KABOOOOOOMMMMM PARDON MY YELLING I BOUGHT DRUGS FROM THE NURSE AND NOW IM HILUSINATING SANTA IS DAT U                 Join my world
This game as a Queen Bee and an Demond eye boss and a Skeletron and so much more and so much cool weapons and pets like a hamsterslimeworm and a honest and thats all I eve got well my sister got the hamster and its even multiplayer but you dont have to have people join if you dont want them to join I love it                 So much stuff
Its very buggy when I open a world itll delete everything and Ill fall     Johnnyblue
Great game mate                 I rate 88
Hi five star I love this game from the entire part of my heart But lately its getting old and Ive been checking time and time for the 13 update with the lunar invasion also please add the frost moon and lord fisheron and he traveling merchant other mounts all the drops from the bosses including slime gun slime mount beetle armorfossil armor all the stuff from pc and everything else keep of the good work                 What terraria needs
After updating it deleted my character     What the HECK
My chests are unable to be opened and its REALLY getting aggravating This is the third time this has happened and this time does it because I had 56 bars of chlorophyte and 11 platinum coins already and its all gone now And if I destroy the chests and place them again theyre empty Also theres a random cliff in the middle of my world where part of the world just disappeared So if theres anything that the developers of terraria can do to fix these that would be great Otherwise great game so keep up the good work              I CANT OPEN MY CHESTS
We need to have a yoyo in the game and make harpys drop big feathers more often so we can make wings and my chests have been bugged out and wont let me in them then I have to mine them to be able to get back into it so I lost eventing I had in the chests please help for a new update                 Big terraria update
Terraria is a real great game in my opinion but I dont play it that much cause I have beat all the bosses you can beat in iOS this would change if we had fishron and 13 I also have all the items this would also change with 13 also many bugs I wont list plz add a update                 When is the next update
Im not a fan of minecraft but that actually is what ruined the experience for me Im not sure what I was expecting Some friends recommended the game saying that it was very different from minecraft To me it was very similar It didnt draw me in I was disappointed from the get go Many people are into these types of games right now Im just not one of them        Disappointed
I have been playing this game religiously for e past few weeks and today I went on to find that my entire character had been wiped including all the items I had in my inventory I can still use my same world with everything I have in all my chests but my character with all my best items on it has been lost     MY STUFF WAS LOST
505 games You guys really did an awesome job on the Mobil version of terraria So much to do never gets dull and tons of stuff to do Ive recommended this game to all my friends Oh theres one thing when ever Im doing stuff like mining somtimes when I pause the game and turn off my phone for a quick sec and get back on the game Im at the title screen Not really a bad thing just a bit annoying Hah hah hah Anyway the games great If you havent played it yet you should really buy it and if youre ever stuck or dont know what to do just look up the games wiki very useful and I rate this game 5 stars all the way                 Great game 5 out of 5 stars guys
I love terraria but this glitch with the mythrill anvil is so annoying I cant make the stupid bosses              I hate this glitch
Seriously 505 gamesWhy did you make the pumpkin moon insanely hardjust why Not even the vampire knives life steal is strong enough for me to stay alive505 games if you are Reading thisMake the pumpkin moon easy PS please add the frost moon i want the chain Gun so badDont forget the fishing mechanic And duke fishronAlso the bettle armor              Pumpkin moon is stupidly hard
Terraria is no doubt the greatest game ever but there are so many issues with the game its hilarious There are so many bugs that it makes me really annoyed Please fix NOW           Needs to fix stuff
I been this for for 2 years now back when I was a noob I thought to destroyed a workbench with a axe but plz make so when I kill brain of chulue it doesnt crash and make me got to my menu app screen it makes me mad hes my fav boss                 Amazing game
This game is way worth it It is so awesome and cool                 READ THIS
I really want you to add luner event with the four pillers and all the items plus moon lord and all the drops and more pc items like duke fishron and expert mode and I dont mind taking or orcam out of the game and plz plz plz plz plz do it and if you could kept orcam in that would be great to have both bosses that would be great so please do it thank you for reading my message plz do it 505 games                 Luner Event
I went to my cloud save next thing you know its all gone now I have to restart ahhhhhhh     Why

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