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Kno Inc. , brings Textbooks with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Textbooks app has been update to version 3.0.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


Kno delivers the best reading experience for textbooks and PDFs to the
iPadtablet made by Apple
with the world’s largest selection of over 70,000 titles at 30-50% off the list price. Get blown away by an amazing set of features that makes reading, organizing, and managing your textbooks and PDFs easier than ever before. What are you waiting for? Press the install button already, and give this puppy a test drive.




* Reader – the best textbook and PDF reader
* Course Manager - Organize your textbooks & PDFs by class and term
* One-touch highlighting with multi-color support
* Paging- the same page and chapter numbers clearly marked as a physical textbook
* High-fidelity pages with crystal clear text and pinch zoom capabilities
* Annotate using sticky notes
* Portrait and landscape reading modes
* Ask questions, post comments, or share your location with study buddies
* Preview the entire chapter and jump directly to any page

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If you are iPad owner,you now can download Textbooks for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 21.7 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.0.2 has been released on 2014-11-25. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Textbooks check developer Kno Inc.`s website :


This app is terrible It says my books are expired when they are not and always crashes    TERRIBLE ALWAYS CRASHES
The page that the above person complained about actually explains that you need to buy your books from their website THEN the book should sync and download on your iPad Make sure to read carefully before scaring others away                First reviewer is wrong
Original Kno app work This update is complete garbage and freezes the app on almost every page and I have a close and reopen it    Update is complete garbage
I loved this app I use it everyday for school I updates to iOS 9 this morning and I went to open the app and it crashes badly I need this app asap U guys need to fix this    CRASHES
It never loads my books its terrible    Horribel
I seriously cant get any work done with the app crashing sometimes as often as every 2 minutes This has been going on for months Can someone please look into this issue    please fix the constant crashing
Please fix this app Ur content is subpar and ur display is unsatisfactory Either fix the app or lose another client    Disappointed
Kno was great I loved it Never had a problem The newest version of this app now doesnt work It wont open and just instantly crashes I want the money back that I just spent on a textbook Do NOT buy from this company    great app no more
It is just ridiculous how much this app crashes when I use it Please fix this I use his app daily to study with and this app is the entire reason I bought this iPad for This is unacceptable    Wow
Its been very frustrating that during downloads attempting to organize the etextbooks or basically doing anything through the Kno Textbooks app I keep getting kicked off The program is constantly crashing I worry that this will not be conducive to studying Please fix this I rely heavily on this app for PT school    App keeps crashing cant study this way
At first it was too slow i dont know if it is just my connection or something about this app Kno but when im already there everything flow so smoothly Im starting to love it More power Kno team Thats my reviewed for this app Kno and for a chance to win the prize             Review and Chance to win the prize
If I could give this app no star I would This app is very slow and freezes and crashes all the time You cant do anything without it crashing    Very Slow iBooks is so much better
Whaa my advice dont buy this IT IS TRASH terrible app glitches out all the time search does not work Dont waste your time terrible If there was an option for no stars i would give it to them    Complete garbage
App doesnt work with new iOS 9 update If you use it for school like me avoid the update for dear life Im essential locked out of all my textbooks until Intel fixes the problem    Doesnt work
I have been a loyal user of Kno since my sophomore year in college up until right now In my postgraduate studies right after this disastrous upgrade I lost all my purchased textbooks and my recent collections So sad It took me years to organize my collection and now all of that is just gone    Must be an attempt to lose loyal users
Hard to use and frustrating    Unreliable
Since the update this App crashes and freezes a lot If its going to be like this I sure prefer a regular textbook I have to restart the app every time i skip a page and it hinders my learning couple of my classmates didnt updated it and it works like a charm is there a way i can undo the upgrade    Horrible since the update
This version wont even open correctly    Bring back old version
It fails to start on iOS9 Beware    Crashes on iOS9
Please restore the earlier version This app crashes every time I turn a page rendering purchased books unusable This is completely ridiculous The view of all pages in a chapter is a must for me Hope it comes back    Update has ruined Kno textbooks
it doesnt work properly and my friend couldnt sign into it at all not even make an account    This app is garbage
For most things made by intel they could have most reliable on the box and I would believe it for this app however they are far from the Intel standards I can not even open the app PLEASE FIX    CRASHING
This is the best app to ever exist                The Best App Ever
It takes forever to load new pages it freezes and crashes all the time I really hate that I have my textbook on here iBooks is a million times better    Horrible
You guys need to fix he app It keeps crashing Im glad I checked the app while Im on break I dont want to get to class fall quarter and my books dont work FIX THE CRASHING ISSUE    Needs to be fixed
Intermittently crashes without no apparent reason The app needs to be revamped and figure out a way to navigate through the book in a more efficient manner I liked the older version where you can flip the switch with your index finger and thumb and see a thumbnail of all the pages in a chapteryou need to bring that back If using the web reader the highlighting function needs to be tweaked because its extremely hard to underline text without having to repeatedly go over the words multiple times I enjoy the new added dictionary function so kudos to that       Crash Burn
I really want this app to work since my textbooks are available on this app I have yet to be able to view my own book for more than three seconds Please fix this glitch so that I can promote my books and your app    Constant crashes
Although the app is a great tool for education it has many problems First of all you cant even go to the bookstore on the app to download books When you click the bookstore button it takes you to a white screen To buy a book you have to go to the Intel website to purchase a book then you have to wait another ten to fifteen minutes to wait for it to appear on the app so you can click the download button Another major problem is its incompatibility with IOS 9 I updated to IOS 9 last night and the app didnt even launch It showed the startup window then it crashed So I had to reset my whole iPad so that I could go back to using IOS 814 to use the app for school Please fix this    Complaints
This app crashes every time i use it ever since updating to iOS 9 Sadly my textbooks are on this horrible app Everytime I want to use it it freezes PLEASE FIX I use this for school    Huge problem with iOS 9
It crashes too much It freezes and doesnt let you browse thru the pages and then when you browse too fast it crashes Now when you press to get a definition that doesnt work It needs to be fixed ASAP    Horrible
Plz update and fix the bugs of this new update          Cant buy books in this update
Everybody else in my Geometry class could download the book My teacher and I have been trying for days to get it to work Still nothing    Unable to Download Math Book
Since I update the app I can no longer search anything within my books    Search not working
Have you ever spent hours contemplating whether or not you should do your homework Well worry no more because this app will always crash making it impossible to access your libraryYou can now spend those hours trying to explain to your professor why your homework is late                Decision maker
When you click the bookstore tab to search for or purchase a textbook a page comes up talking about their money back guarantee AND THAT IS IT The home button doesnt work and there is absolutely no way with this version of the app to buy a textbook making this absolutely useless I loved this app when it was owned by Kno now it is complete garbage Its a shame because they are missing out on a lot of money students would be spending on their ebooks since theyre cheaper than buying the hard copies in the bookstore Hmm now IF ONLY THERE WAS A WAY TO VIEW TEXTBOOKS ON THIS TEXTBOOK VIEWING APP    YOU CANT EVEN BUY TEXTBOOKS
Maintain this app properly or remove it from store Students depend on this heavily Terrible development    Terrible
Older version was great Current version crashes constantly This is redonk    App constantly crashes
The library is a mess I lost all my pdf files and it really hard to keep all my books organized The old version was a little more stable but the lack of features makes it a nighmare I cant resize the text without zooming in the highlights doesnt work well and its a pain Not having the journal highlights on the same page I waste time clicking to highlight and disappear when I try to write something If you could do something like notability and change the design Then it would be nice    I lost my pdf files
Nothing worse than being in the middle of reading and the app crashes This is the only way I have my textbooks as I refuse to carry around multiple heavy nursing books Please fix this nuisance    
this update crashes way too much i hate the fact they took away the thumbnails in the books please bring back the old version    worst version
Crashes every other page The highlighting and zooming freezes Gets stuck on pages so I need to reboot the app Pretty horrible for people who are in school Limits concentration and is frustrating Please please fix this and make it more smooooth    Unreliable
when i downloaded ios 9 the app would crash and i couldnt LEARNI COULD NOT LEARN    iOS 9
If you dont have to upgrade then dont Its slow it crashes for no reason all the time and causes distraction while studyingPlease bring back the feature to view all the pages of a chapter on small tiles Its the best feature and I miss itIf my book was not on this app I wouldnt continue to use it I hate ebooks for this reason I gave it and try and next course will be returning back to a physical book    DO NOT UPGRADE
with ios 9 i cant open my app    intel app
It crashes with iOS 9    Crashes
App keeps Crashing ever since the latest update Not user friendly I have all my books in there from 3 years ago Every time I open a book in there within 30 seconds or less it crashes I had my books nicely organized by year in school The New update reformatted all the books and keeps crashing every time    Constant Crashing Every time
Hard to access and purchase books    Not very efficient
Cool update but need to get the view of where you can see all the pages in the chapter back       Bring it back
I thought it was ok at first then I find out it doesnt work with IOS 9 and a lot of students in my class also complain about book not downloading and just sitting at waiting Please fix soon    Broken worse than our society
The app does keep crashing randomly maybe It doesnt do it on the Air 2 The notes are good to have and the sync is great The only thing I would like to see improved instead of the constant crashing of the app is the textbook are read to you This would make studying much easier Otherwise good app             Good App


Kno Inc.
21.7 MB
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 3.0.2

iOS Textbooks 3.0.2 Mobile

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