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Pinger, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Pinger EX: Text Free + 1 Hour Free Calls ,Free Style Messenger – Text with colors, GIFs, smiley emoticons, stickers and fonts ,Textfree for iPad ,Tappit Instagram Messenger: Browse, Share and Chat about Instagram Photos ,Doodle Buddy Premium - Paint, Draw, Scribble, Sketch - It`s Addictive! ,Klick - Photo & Video Chat with Friends), brings Textfree is now Pinger: Text Free + Call Free + Worldwide Messenger with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Textfree is now Pinger: Text Free + Call Free + Worldwide Messenger app has been update to version 1.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Video chat from Ipod/Iphone to Recievers Computer..
  • Great Texting Alternative..
  • I use it only to text and it's a money saver..
  • I love that I can text long distance to my bf..
  • An awesome way to stay in touch with anyone via text/calling..
Overall Satisfactionclick me85
Best Free Texting app that I have ever used.
Love the free text app and a loyal user.
I love Pinger it is absolutely awesome.
so much better than textfree although I still run both apps.
Its ok but way not better than text free.
My first number has been great because of them thanks pinger.
It has better call quality and looks better than textfree.
The call quality is a lot worse than the old version.
This is the best txting app IN THE WORLD.
If u r looking for a txting app keep looking.
The sound quality is better than my cell phone.
but the sound quality of VOIP calling could be much better.
This better app works a hell of a lot better than the old one.
Fun & Engagingclick me97
Pinger is awesome it's there when I need to call my girl.
This is a awesome texting app it's actually works :.
A lot of my children and grand kids text all the time.
Usefulnessclick me84
This app is seriously amazing everything is free.
I love how everything is free.
I love the layout and everything thanks for this app.
Family Friendlyclick me92
I use everyday to keep in touch with friends and family.
it is the only way I have to text my family and friends.
please fix it so I can text my family there.
Social Aspectsclick me87
Pinger is a inexpensive way to keep in touch with family and friends.
An awesome way to stay in touch with anyone via text/calling.
I expect it to stay deleted.
I amAble to communicate with friends without additional costs.
Super helpful to get in contact with friends and loved ones.
Production Valuesclick me75
Love the new interface.
better than the old textfree interface.
Reliabilityclick me77
Sometimes it crashes at random but it doesn't bother me much.
but it doesnt crash as much:.
Ads not Intrusiveclick me36
and we need an option to remove the advertising.
Security & Privacyclick me43
Pinger account is the best c:.
They also send email notifications for each text to textfree account.
I need to get my textfree account.
Won't let me sign in with my textfree account.
Updates & Supportclick me40
I love it and ditto for the courteous customer service.
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We just gave the USA’s #1 free texting and calling app a huge upgrade! Now it`s easier than ever to text or talk for free with pretty much anyone on the planet.


Keep your phone number, your calling minutes and get the new features you’ve been asking for.
• faster, more reliable, easier to use
• customized voicemail
• more than 100 new countries
• Facebook contact photo sync
• one view for texts, calls and voicemails

Textfree is now Pinger: Text Free + Call Free + Worldwide MessengerTextfree is now Pinger: Text Free + Call Free + Worldwide Messenger
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Stop opening multiple apps to find contacts, make calls or text. Pinger’s intuitive new photo-based interface organizes each contact`s messages--text, voice and even pictures--into a single screen. The app instantly finds your friend’s contact info then uses Facebook to easily add their photo.


With Pinger, you can now text and call for free to and from pretty much anywhere in the world. We’ve added over 100 countries! Best friends in Brazil? Call them all you want for free. Traveling in Tasmania? Text your peeps at home without paying a dime for that quality time.
Textfree is now Pinger: Text Free + Call Free + Worldwide Messenger


Pinger tells you exactly when your texts are read. No more waiting and wondering when you don`t get a reply. When they read it, you`ll know it.


Your friends want to hear your voice when they call, whether they get you or your voicemail. Now you can record a personalized voicemail greeting.


Pinger turns your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or
desktopa desktop is a computer
computer into a free phone with a working local phone number that delivers unlimited FREE texting and calling with no hidden costs! Whoever said nothing in life is free never tried Pinger!


You get your own real phone number which you can use to call and text other real phone numbers in the US. Texting is always unlimited. Incoming calls are always free. Earn free minutes for outbound calling. There’s an option to buy cheap minutes, too.


Because you should be free to ignore some people, whether they’re texting or calling you.


Access your account or get your message history on any device by logging in to your secure account. iPhone, iPod, iPad, your computer... wherever! Keep people off your account by logging off.


Offline for a bit? No problem. Pinger will let you know about any messages the moment you turn your phone back on.


Big news to share? Group addressing lets you tell the team all in one shot.


• send hi-res pics
• choose from zillions of ringtones and text tones
• connect via Bluetooth if you’re on an iPhone


• 911 calls are not supported
• people you talk to outside the US must download Pinger, too
• When roaming, additional carrier data charges may apply. Contact you carrier for details.




If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Textfree is now Pinger: Text Free + Call Free + Worldwide Messenger for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish. It weighs in at only 26.8 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.2 has been released on 2014-11-23. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Textfree is now Pinger: Text Free + Call Free + Worldwide Messenger check developer Pinger, Inc.`s website :


I use everyday to keep in touch with friends and family. found in 18 reviews
I love Pinger it is absolutely awesome. found in 265 reviews
I want to get rid of my registered number. found in 36 reviews
I wish you could choose your ringtones and text tones from my phone. found in 90 reviews
Good good although I can't figure out how to delete the messages. found in 8 reviews
especially annoying since I paid for no ads. found in 25 reviews
Hate the fact that i cant send pictures to canada. found in 263 reviews
And on my iPod push notifications are not working. found in 24 reviews
It gets really annoying and takes a lot of time. found in 9 reviews
Definitely add remove ads option and a tutorial or tour. found in 20 reviews
An option to remove ads Besides that the app is awesome. found in 63 reviews
However it also removes the ability to pay to remove ads. found in 63 reviews
I can't receive pictures so not happy about that please fix it. found in 225 reviews
I paid for no ads for a year in the previous app. found in 15 reviews
Text tone sounds doesn't work properly and forget about calling. found in 40 reviews
this app won't let me send emojis or receive emojis. found in 22 reviews
I'm unable to send or receive pictures through Pinger at anytime. found in 192 reviews
There should be an option to remove Ads. found in 63 reviews
i think pinger needs to make a group messaging option. found in 19 reviews
Sometimes this app doesn't notify me when I get a message. found in 42 reviews
It's also disappointing that I still can't receive picture messages. found in 59 reviews
My problem is that I cannot send picture messages to anyone. found in 163 reviews
When they came out with textfree with voice it severely went downhill. found in 65 reviews
This app doesnt have the option to remove ads. found in 63 reviews
No text tone comes through when i get a message. found in 90 reviews
but I don't need the home screen to be my contacts. found in 57 reviews
Won't let me send picture messages very frustration fix please. found in 263 reviews
Now me and my friends can't send or receive pictures. found in 192 reviews
doesn't notify when incoming calls /texts are received. found in 75 reviews
I already forked over the money to remove ads in Textfree. found in 63 reviews
It doesn't let me send or receive picture messages. found in 59 reviews
They even spam your old textfree app until you're forced to upgrade. found in 248 reviews
It doesn't seem like I am getting text messages as reliably. found in 104 reviews
App doesn't work to make phone calls or anything else. found in 71 reviews
there are NO new text tones to choose from. found in 79 reviews
Textfree would let u text or call to mobile phones and landlines. found in 82 reviews
Can't send and receive pictures from regular phones. found in 91 reviews
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Icon 175x175 1
Its like I have a real phone number from the carrier Except FREE I have no idea why the Verizons and tmobiles of the world are even in business with apps like this Literally Best App Ever Download It Now Seriously stop reading reviews Its gold                This messaging app sweeeet
Super helpful app I use it all the time to text my friends Group messaging is awesome                Great app
Alternative for other free texting apps This app is gone too far with ads No unlimited calling and neither texting is good since ads keep popping while texting       ADS magnet
My pictures do not send to another personI also wish that the videos my friends send me I would be able to watch       Pictures not sending
free picture messaging support nice                app getting better support MMS now
Use to be good But now literally everytime I try to make a call I lose audio after the first ring if someone calls me it cuts out after 1 minute It hardly ever notifies anymore for calls or texts I have to actually go to the app and open it Tf    hella awful
Nice update to my favorite texting app Love the clean UI and new Friends view Go Pinger                Love the new interface
I can send pics                Fun
Ive used this app over two years now and am now rating it one star At times it says no internet when the phone is connected to wifi and when taken off wifi continues to claim no internet Ive deletedreloaded the app and continues to tell me the same thing without letting me log in VERY FRUSTRATING when it happened in the middle of an important conversationFIX THE GLITCH Theres internet    Disappointed
Your 17 Sep update is very flawed The app freezes then crashes every couple minutes Please fix or return to the previous version ASAP       Recent update a bust
Ever since this new upgrade this app is barely usable It doesnt matter if its an ingoing call or outgoing call the call with fail and kick you out of the app This also happens when you are typing a message or even when youre just on the app The only solution Ive found to the texting part is typing the message in my notes copying the message and rushing to paste it and send it before I get kicked out again I havent found a solution to even talk to someone on the phone for more than 5 seconds Ive had this app for a long time and I absolutely want to keep using it if it was even possible    Barely able to work with
Used to be a very good app but recently it has a very low image resolution Please fix it Thank you          Poor image resolution
Love this app                Best app
La aplicacion es increible me a salvado del saldo en urgencias los mensajes y las llamadas son de excelente calidad gracias textfree próximamente comprare minutos                The best
The pictures I send dont go thru to the other person and when people send me pictures I dont get them          Pictures not sending
Omg I love love loveeeee this app Its totally amazing I am able to call whomever I wish 3 getting this app was the best electronic decision Ive made yet                Amazballs
After the current update I am still unable to hear the app ringing when I call someone or the other person talking but they can hear me    No sound
You guys should make this app available in México too    México
It is a great alternative to having a Celluar Plan with a Cell Phone Carrier Its a lot cheaper all you need is a decent Wi Fi connection and your good Also it is great when you want to make a Private Call without using your main number Try it Out                I Love It
I send pictures with words on it it totally blurs out the words Fix Please          Camera
The big problem with Pinger is the confusing overlapping names of their apps and the Pinger apps vs the TextFree apps They come and go and customer service is useless If they answer they dont read your question and ask what your problem is I say this from 4 years of experience with many of their apps on different devicesTheir apps are unique and offer the ability to text any phone capable of receiving a text without the recipient needing a Pinger app It works fine with nonsmart phones but will not work unless the number includes a 10 digit format Forget signing up for free offers from companies that use 45 or 6 digits Your banks wont work either Pinger will not accept texts from those numbers eitherOne fraudulent claim is that you can text any phone including landlines Really Id like to see that claim provenIncoming calls are supposed to be free mine have been deducted When trying to get free minutes by watching videos I never get the minutes Same goes for their holiday promotions Those minutes never get applied either    Pinger apps come and go
My friend texted me stop and it said to stop messages from pinger please hit stop like it was going to block me I dont want people knowing I use pinger and we were having a basic conversation please fix that    PISSEDOFFHUMANBEINF
The thing is if someone calls me the call is perfectly fine but if I try to call out I dont ever hear anything but the person can hear me Please fix this Not worth it to spend money on something if its not going to work on my end    Idk really
Enough said Talkray is so much better for everything All there is to it youre welcome    Talkray
My friend in Ohio is not reviving my pinger messages However my other friend is receiving them I dont understand why my Ohio friend isnt receiving my message someone please help    this is getting ridiculous
I love this app just needs a little work with the talking When you talk to someone they here a echo and when you talk you can hear yourself echo as well Other then that its awesome             Need some work
I love pinger I have an iPod so I can text people that dont have iPhones My problem is that I live in Alaska so I cant call them They can call me though and that only if they want to             I really love it but I have one problem
With last update Usually I dont mind some ads with free apps until they are too big At least make them disappear after a couple of seconds I wouldnt update until you need to       Ads became annoying
Idk why but with the new updates my pictures send blurry I hope they fix that but other than that its a pretty good app       Few bug errors
Keeps saying I need connection to Internet Pingercom doesnt work even though I have Internet App just stopped working 05 if I could    App doesnt work
I am about to get this app I need I calling app too and texting too so I hope this app works well very well wish me luck okay so I hope it works thank u company for making this app                I love this app
Just recently every time I send a picture it turns blurry Also Ive noticed that some of my pictures send out from my pinger number but others send through my email on the account depending on who its sent to It would be awesome for my pictures to send clearly and also through my Pinger number at all times Other than that I love this app             Picture messages
The latest iteration crashed constantly And the data issue has still not been resolved Specifically using this app for texting only yet it uses more data than Netflix for streaming video Very poorly written software From my earlier reviewCan you spell data hog This app alone accounts for 75 of my data usage Version 741 is slightly faster to load still crashes frequently and lags for several seconds between different messages Nothing changed since prior versions When displaying new text outside of app contact phone number displays not the contact namePoorly done software    crashing data hog
Can we get an iOS worthy UI update The app looks ugly       UI
I love pinger because u can call and text in it and its free And u can switch your number if u do not like it                I LOVE pinger so much
I makes slot of nuisance calls The call button is in a bad place to accidentally touch it and there is no way I have found to force call confirmation or disable the button    Nuisance calling
Ever since the update it just crashes non stop Thanks for making something that did work not work Good job       New Sept 17 update is horrible
It was okay for a while but then it sent me a email saying I needed to send a text to someone or else my number would be deleted and give it to someone else so I sent a text to someone and they got the text but it still deleted my account       Dumb app
never had a single problem with this app so maybe some ppl have issues with their carrierthis is by far the best free texting app thoughcall quality is always Good for me and this is one of the few that let you select a local area code and give you choices for a phone number and easy to earn minutes                not sure about crashes
When a picture is sent from pinger it is sloppy and blurry    Bad pictures
It crashesCONSTANTLY It freezes CONSTANTLY It crashes and freezes so much that WHILE IT CRASHES IT FREEZES AND IT TAKES A LONG TIME TO CLOSE SO I CAN RESTART ITPlease fix your app pinger I regret the update SO MUCH I regret it    Constant freezing torture
This app isnt bad at all It lets you text numbers Its great for you if you have no phone The only problems there are is 1 So much ads2 Its slow at loading3 Random calls come In from random businesses 4 When you try to call people the whole layout thing is just unusual 5 When you try to put someone on speaker it fails to workBut other than those the app is fine          Its an OK app
A disaster since the last updateCrashes And very slow Stickers with inappropriate language What kinda of crowd are they targeting    A disaster since the last update
When I try to send a picture message to my mother it dont go thru and when i try to make calls to any contact I cant hear them yet they say they can hear me And a couple more things My brother has had an issue with this app reseting itself One day he tryed to text me and he saw that he had to pick a new phone numer and everything Then the ads Gotta hate the ads When i am texting someone the ads grow bigger and smaller and it looks like i have recived a message that i have been waiting for Please use IMessage    I speak truth
I cannot even get to the keyboard because ads continuously pop up and completely overlap it    Ads problem
And tangy                Tart
Love to text on this cause its not possible to text on on iPod without this app                Ashley
Best app ever Been using it for years                Love
Good app but would be the best if responses and not just alerts pushed through the watch       Needs Apple watch support


Pinger, Inc.
English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
26.8 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.2
iPhone iPad

iOS Textfree is now Pinger: Text Free + Call Free + Worldwide Messenger 1.2 Mobile

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