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GOGII , the publisher behind many iOS app (groupText - powered by textPlus ,textPlus GOLD Free Text + Group Texting ,textPlus SILVER Free Text + Group Texting ,textPlus FREE Calls ,textPlus Free Text + Group Texting), brings textPlus SILVER Free Text + Group Texting with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. textPlus SILVER Free Text + Group Texting app has been update to version 4.9.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
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Overall Satisfactionc85
I think that this app is one of the best texting apps out there.
is the only reason I bother with texting apps.
this is way better than txt free best txting app.
You need to stop reading reviews and download this app now.
and to make it even better than textfree.
Join my community for people who love the band 'The Fray'.
Join my amazing community when almost any one is welcom.
Thanks for reading.
Fun & Engagingc95
this is an awesome community that everyone should join.
Please join JD3TurkeySportsfans We are the best community ever TextPlus is awesome.
Join the guysandgirls13through17 community free super fun.
TextPlus helps me stay connected with my friends all the time.
Love the app join NEWBES for some fun.
Just created a great community to come to when ur bored.
the comma are soo fun.
Gogaga4eva is a texting group where we talk about everything gaga.
Talk about everything about computers and computer building.
Download this app I use it everyday best app ever.
Family Friendlyc89
I recommend this app for kids of all ages.
little kids or even grown adults.
Hot and sexy girls come and have fun.
Come join sexCasUwannaB were the sexy ppl tlk about watever.
Social Aspectsc83
Also the communities feature is a GREAT way to meet new people.
Good place to meet new people and have fun.
Because it's a great way to keep in touch with friends and it's free.
says I need to connect to wifi.
I can chat with friends over the weekend and whenever I want.
Probably the best social network ever :O.
I'm deployed so I can still keep in touch with texts.
Ads not Intrusivec33
but video ads.
Security & Privacyc63
Updates & Supportc41
Great customer service - thanks text+ team.
and gold version setup is genius in my opinion.
The gold version is worth the extra.
even if it's free get the gold version.
Love the Silver version great texting App everyone should use it.
Delete it buy silver version and you get it free.

A great way to meet new people and still be safe. found in 170 reviews
Because it's a great way to keep in touch with friends and it's free. found in 14 reviews
It's a great way to meet new ppl that have the same interests. found in 277 reviews
Join the Harry potter and the deathly hollows community. found in 10 reviews
Also the communities feature is a GREAT way to meet new people. found in 264 reviews
Timbercreekhighschoolbitch it's awesome for all ages. found in 12 reviews
Nd people pls join my new group ii jus created viickiesecrets. found in 18 reviews
Check out my community
Just invite ur friends with iPods to join. found in 3 reviews
and funny community and convience others to join and promote my community. found in 9 reviews
It even has a cool community called DeadlyHeartbreaker. found in 13 reviews
Talk about the latest Star Wars news and things. found in 3 reviews
I can chat with friends over the weekend and whenever I want. found in 15 reviews
Dating site for single guys and girls need people to join. found in 11 reviews
Itz going to be a group in where you would really want to be in. found in 1 reviews
Manchester United fans join me in my group "ManchesterUnitedFC". found in 9 reviews
I'm here to talk to you about VIP4U created by me. found in 2 reviews
If you love Taylor Swift. found in 8 reviews
TWEENG for all tween girls and boys to talk about anything. found in 5 reviews
Join WINBEATOHGOSH for chance to win beats by dr dre headphomes. found in 11 reviews
Not-to-mention the video ads just randomly interrupt your conversations. found in 6 reviews
I love this app bt I hate tha I can't receive pictures. found in 77 reviews
I can't send or receive pictures with this app. found in 62 reviews
It's stupid that there are still ads on the paid version. found in 6 reviews
do not like this app bc you cant receive pictures. found in 58 reviews
Im just really sad that i cant recieve pictures. found in 6 reviews
Please fix the lag Then I will give 5 stars. found in 6 reviews
It's been crashing on me a few times lately. found in 7 reviews
Edit: community search is still not up and working. found in 9 reviews
It's a very nice program but crashes way too much for iPad. found in 9 reviews
prompting me to sign up for textplus calls. found in 44 reviews
Everyone else is saying their notifications don't work. found in 7 reviews
my only concern is that sometimes my keyboard doesn't show up. found in 7 reviews
It stopped sending my text and doesn't notify me. found in 5 reviews
Needs a way to delete texts please include in update. found in 6 reviews
please fix
Besides the sometimes annoying ads and glitches in the app. found in 5 reviews
Except sometimes it crashes and the adds get kinda annoying. found in 9 reviews
For someone to get and the picture sending doesn't work. found in 7 reviews
Good app but plz make the push notifications work. found in 58 reviews
then when you try to re -install it. found in 28 reviews
This app fails miserably on a critical feature: push notifications. found in 58 reviews
Really annoyed with the app asking me to sign up DAILY during conversations. found in 44 reviews
It doesn't tell you if you receive messages every time. found in 28 reviews
text messages getting deleted-why. found in 42 reviews
Now i cant send anything. found in 14 reviews
It does not send and receive reliably. found in 28 reviews
Please fix the issue with sending picture messages. found in 33 reviews
You cant search for communities because it doesnt match the query. found in 20 reviews
and it's impossible to reply to messages. found in 27 reviews
This app crashes every time I try to send a text. found in 18 reviews
i waz awesome until i couldnt send texts anymore. found in 20 reviews
It needs to stop asking me to sign up. found in 23 reviews
9. found in 34 reviews
kept crashing everytime I tried to send a message. found in 17 reviews
" Then will proceed to say " Internet connection required"

The textPlus SILVER Free Text + Group Texting is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 13.3 MB to download. The new textPlus SILVER Free Text + Group Texting app version 4.9.4 has been updated on 2014-11-20. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 3.1 or later
More Info: Find more info about textPlus SILVER Free Text + Group Texting in GOGII`s Official Website : http://www.textplus.com

Everytime I try change one of my profile settings and go back it freezes the screen and I have to exit and try again           BACK BUTTON BUG
The best ever                 Text Plus is Awesome
Join the best community ever CatsForeverAndEver                 Fluffs meow
Its like a free pizza thats been delivered to me with a blow jobwhat more could you want bro                 Loves it bro
I am having trouble editing my profile picture and description The application freezes up when loading at times and I am currently unable to addedit my description at all Also viewing others profiles show that their descriptions are also nonexistent 0        Problem detected
You guys really need to fix all these bugs especially where it wont send a text it gets so frustrating and its usually select ones it wont send I dont know whats up with that but it needs work after its fixed Ill give 5 star     Cmon
Overall this is a great app after making a comeback after two years But this app also has major bugs whenever I tap anything that concerns my profile or editing it the app freezes for twenty minutes and I have to get out of it click on it get out of it again just for it to load properly It also wont let me type on the horizontal of my iPad which is inconvenient Please fix thanks           Bugs
Working good I like it                 Roch
I love Textplus and I have used it for quite some time However it seems to not work when I have my wifi on I use an IPhone 5s Not sure if anyone else has these issues but its rather annoying Besides that I would recommend it to anyone D              Satisfied but
Half Life 3 will be out by the time this app gets updated           Needs an update to fix stuff
Great app Still love it as much as I used to but yalls servers have messed up at LEAST twice while Ive been on lately and I believe theyre being glitchy tonight even Itd be great if yall could fix the bugs and how slow it is to load everything Itd also be pretty awesome if you could load messages as far as you wanted Just a thought           Fix those bugs guys
Need to make use of emojis in one on one communications     VERY SAD
I was having trouble with an older and received lots of email help to solve the problem Thanks guys                 Great support
We all want that little button that was on the top left conner and it was a star i think But u pressed it aand it would pop up communities things and one of them was one that said Active i want that back        Problem
Bring back the ft communities and all the daily new chat rooms to join Thats what made the app enjoyable Do that and surely users will start rejoining And I would even pay a dollar if textplus were to bring that old feature back        Nice try
We need an easier waY to find active comms and categories to pick fromhave the newer comms pop up first and if the comms are inactive for like a week have em deleted           New updates needed asap
Please put the side tilt back I hate texting from my iPad with it on the vertical view My app doesnt recognize when I turn my iPad sideways anymore        Old version better
Well just downloaded this for some reasonI had the app textplus free text free call which I thought had comms but it didnt Then I get on ipad separate app says communities I had to resign up cuz it would let me use the sign name I used on the app other Now I cant even use the Communities app I hit icon shuts downTheres no directory which is odd I use to love appUntil they disabled commsThey must have found out they lost a lot of pplCuz now Comms are back I hope bug is fixed     Use to love the old app
Everything was great but after updating to ios8 I cant edit my profile and I cant join group PMS please fix this           ios8 screwed it up
Overall its an ok app but it freezes after I text and or when I want to return to my profile Please fix           BUGS
I love this Appkeep improving this awesome Appit works for me                 Great App
Join the most active Community on Textplus Thotsoftextplus2014 pm me for an invite Fucc12RipMikeBrown                 Thotsoftextplus2014
Very good app 2 years ago but now its buggy and almost dead But I still like using it so I give it 3 stars           Buggy and dead
Please fix this you cant edit anything in your own info           Glitches
Glitches too much     Glitchy
Im happy that there are communities again but the application is slow and sometimes it freezes And I believe that there should be the popular suggested communities again so I know where I can and should talk Its boring talking to inactive communities           Happy to see it
I couldnt wait until this came back to work again then I was disappointed by the bugs Like really whenever I get in for at most 2 minutes in the app it crashes           Bugs
I used to love Text Plus so much and I was totally devastated when they got rid of the communities Theyre backkkkk              So Happy
you guys should make a new feature where people can recover their username           Need a new feature
Looks fun and simple but needs to fix USERNAME for signup Everything is taken Even the most ridiculous names claimed to be taken Please Fix this problem        LOOKS ARE DECEIVING
برنامج جميل ومفيد                 ok
App freezes when u try to change something in ur profile     Dont bother
YO if u alive and want people to be on everyone joing oldtextplud yes it is spelled that way if we get 100 people in there who are still active it should be fun                 NEW COMMUNITY
Wonteven open     Junk
The old text plus is sooo much better change it back then five stars           Old textplus silver wanted
I have been coming across a bug when I try to go back after altering my profile It will freeze and then I have to exit and try again I also have a suggestion that there should be lists of communities that you can scroll through just to look at and find some I dont like having to search for a topic in particular Id rather look through the home page and find one that interests me Besides that this app seems to be wonderful              Bugs suggestion
I miss the old text plus The one where it had the top ten of each category We could meet new ppl and know the chat was active Thats all I want back and I think thats how u will get new users              Need the old text plus
When I got this app when it was called Text Plus Silver it was a great texting app but now it it terrible        This app is not good at all
Heyyy Join the community Thechillzone                 COMMUNITY
Please join RandomChats We talk about many things Join if you are bored and want an active community                 Join RandomChats
This app used to be really good Now I have like 500 texts from Text Plus support and they always say the same thing They say how someone called my number and I can call them back by getting such and such app All my conversations just disappeared I have to delete every one of my 500 messages to get to them Please fix this and I will rate 5 stars           Ehhh
As long as using SMS texting is free then 4 stars If they change it then I will drop this app which does have ads                 SMS is Free
Its back finally and its just as good as it was the only thing missing is the top 10 communities thing that it used to have if u add that back it will be perfect again I take one star away for not having top 10 thing but again thank you for bringing my favorite app back              THANK YOUUUUUU
Testplus silver was MUCH better I cant believe this doesnt even have landscape mode        Eh
Love this app related to the first one                 Apps
Talk about everything about computers and computer building                 Join BuildingComputers
I liked the app until they took my money I paid for text plus silver and gold and they took it down and not even refund my money     It a ok
Every time I try to look at a photo my iPad freezes and kicks me off     Why doe
It closes out but its good              Rate
I can chat about motorcycles                 Yay

textPlus SILVER Free Text + Group Texting LifestyletextPlus SILVER Free Text + Group Texting LifestyletextPlus SILVER Free Text + Group Texting LifestyletextPlus SILVER Free Text + Group Texting Lifestyle

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