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Gameloft , the publisher behind many iOS games (Iron Man 2 for iPad LITE ,Splinter Cell Convictionâ„¢ FREE ,Dungeon Hunter HD FREE ,Fishing Kings HD ,James Cameron`s Avatar ,Asphalt 5 HD), brings The Amazing Spider-Man with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. The Amazing Spider-Man games has been update to version 1.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This is the best superhero game for the iPod ever..
  • This game is so action packed and awesome..
  • The best action /adventure game in the world..
  • Best 3d game ever..

Overall Satisfactionc90
The amazing spider man it is amazing and the amazing people.
Probably one of the best games to ever hit the market.
You guys should make more missions after defeating the Lizard.
Probably one of the best iPhone games I have ever played.
Highly recommend this game to any one who likes fun.
I would love to recommend this game.
Amazing graphics are great free rom is awesome love it.
Best game I've ever played in my life and I have 48 games.
Fun & Engagingc91
This is an extremely awesome game it's worth every penny.
You guys should make more missions after defeating the Lizard.
Awesome graphics nice gameplay worth every penny.
This game is super fun and the web swinging is awesome.
This is a really fun game and has amazing graphics.
Web slinging is mediocre at best and combat gets boring fast.
This game is AMAZING I PLAY it all the time.
This is a very addictive game and worth the money.
everything about this game is flippin' awesome.
Love everything about this game ^_^.
Family Friendlyc89
Replay Valuec81
have MORE levels.
Web slinging is mediocre at best and combat gets boring fast.
and decent replay value.
Controls and camera are a little wacky and combat gets repetitive.
play the levels you earn.
Social Aspectsc96
Need multiplayer.
Plz add online multiplayer.
Production Valuesc86
Has great game play and missions I definitely recommend it.
Amazing graphics are great free rom is awesome love it.
Awesome graphics nice gameplay worth every penny.
The game is to much fun to stop playing.
It has responsive controls and gorgeous graphics.
Movement is almost impossible due to the lagging an unresponsive controls.
Updates & Supportc91
How about adding new enemies from the Xbox version.
just wanting the Xbox version more.
Almost exactly like the xBox or PS3 version.

Looks like the amazing spiderman just got more amazing. found in 563 reviews
This is an extremely awesome game it's worth every penny. found in 365 reviews
The amazing spider man it is amazing and the amazing people. found in 997 reviews
I really like the app but needs bug fixes. found in 5 reviews
This game doesn't optimize with iPad4 retina. found in 21 reviews
U say it supports ipad mini but it keeps crashing. found in 223 reviews
Really great game but crashes to much could use a new update. found in 39 reviews
It keeps crashing please fix it and I can't play it. found in 14 reviews
When I play the mission grounded it just crashes please fix :gd. found in 12 reviews
It's a good game but gets boring after a little while. found in 12 reviews
It crashes at the title menu of the game please fix. found in 17 reviews
Every time I try to do a mission it crashes it crashes to muck. found in 10 reviews
but needs to be compatible with iPod touch 3rd generation. found in 3 reviews
Good game but needs retina display support for iPad. found in 21 reviews
less annoying voice actor for the next game please. found in 4 reviews
This game has amazing graphics but please fix the crash bug. found in 11 reviews
So please make an update that fixes the crashing bug. found in 15 reviews
Awesome game except for frame rate and self closes randomly. found in 26 reviews
please optimize this game for the 3rd gen iPad. found in 4 reviews
dont buy this game or you were just scammed out of $5. found in 29 reviews
if it didn't crash before I try to start a new game. found in 65 reviews
Under "Requires" you have iPad mini listed as supported. found in 223 reviews
It worked before now this game keeps crashing every 15 seconds. found in 38 reviews
Crashes every time i open the app and hit new game. found in 190 reviews
It's very glitchy on iPod 5th gen ios7 please fix. found in 55 reviews
considering there is NO 16 GB 4TH GENERATION IPOD TOUCH MODEL. found in 50 reviews
The game crashes to much fix it. found in 39 reviews
It always force closes every time I start a new game. found in 28 reviews
I paid 7 bucks for this and cannot play it. found in 40 reviews
Crashes on iPod 5 won't even work. found in 66 reviews
It crashes when i start the game i have an ipad mini. found in 44 reviews
Every time i press new game it always force closes. found in 190 reviews
Please fix it asap cuz the game looks fun :/. found in 23 reviews
it crashes sending back to the iPad's home screen. found in 75 reviews
Not worth 7 dollars it keeps closing out of the app. found in 42 reviews
Every time I try to start the game it crashes and kicks me out. found in 80 reviews
the app crashes and brings me back to my home screen. found in 22 reviews

The The Amazing Spider-Man is now available for $0.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish. It is a whopper, weighing in at 694 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new The Amazing Spider-Man app version 1.0.0 has been updated on 2014-11-05. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iPad (3rd generation) and iPad Wi-Fi + 4G.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about The Amazing Spider-Man check developer Gameloft`s website :

Get ready for intense web-slinging action with the Amazing Spider-Man Join Spidey in the official game app of this highly anticipated 2012 blockbuster Play through the movie storyline as Spider-Man faces off against the Lizard ...
The game is pretty horrible and I hate how it crashes when I go into the shop     Game keeps crashing I want refund
Hello everyone I got this game a while back but it got deleted Excitedly I downloaded it again because I had liked the gameplay I pressed new game and it started crashing I tried getting it to work several times and it wouldnt work Now I dont know if it is just a problem for IPad 2 but I was pretty annoyed Overall the gameplay is great and it is worth buying if you are a SpiderMan fan I love just free roaming because you can go many places Well that pretty much sums it up Goodbye have a nice daynight and thank you for reading        It was fun then it started crashing
It needs more bosses pus the price is to high i had to do so much chores to do that So lower it and get more setting like at the sewer fighting the lizard so yeah AND MORE BOSSES                 Great but
Amazing                 Arcnido
The game is awesome A but the game is laggy and when you click on the map or the accept buttons it takes you out of the game sometimes Theres two suits the original vigilante suit and my personal favorite the black suit aka symboite suit cant wait to try the suit              Great game a couple problems
I have an iPad mini and whenever I press new game it doesnt work Please fix this bug                 Keeps crashing
The games is bad I get into the first few seconds in the games then it crashesplease game loft update this bug please        Bugs
One of my favorite games on iOS                 Fantastic
Cool game I think its awesome                 Best game ever
This is a great game and all the mini games are awesome                 SpiderMan
I cant play the game All I get is a loading screen and then the game crashes I mean what the heck     I cant play the game
Get this freaking game a update cause it will not let me play at all it crashes every time I get on the app so you need to get a update I have a iPad mini just so you know so do what ever you can to make it work so I can play get a update where it dont crash for iPad mini please     Crash
The app keeps crashing when its loading a the spider        Problem
This game is more than awesome its amazing                 The amazing review of the amazing SpiderMan
Every time I try to open it on my iPad mini it instantly closes Please fix it     Dont know whats going on
Ok so I would go ahead and give this game 5 stars but I just barley download it and when it tells me to tap on the map it always crashes and takes me home I hate it I cant play it at all please games oft fix it           I would love it but it crashes on me
Every Time I download this game and when I open and when I start the game it crashes me for a odd reason PLEASE FIX THIS BUG AND THEN I WILL GIVE YOU 5 STARS           Great Game But
This game is good and fun but good luck getting to the lizard There to much thug fighting then being a super hero Also graphics at not the best           Good but really hard
The game crashes after a short time of playing please fix this and im giving u a 5 stars rating           Crash
Love the game But when I save on the picture started over why fix this plz              Good but not
This game is really fun but every single time I try to go on a mission it crashes on me I wish these guys could make an update with bug fixes Other than that this is a good game        Good game but so laggy
I am shocked on how good it is who ever says its bad is wrong                 AWESOME
Love the game                 Love the game
First off I have an iPhone 6 so this game is amazing on this and second the graphics and the storyline on this are great worth the money if you ask me                 This is Awesome
I like web slinging                 spider cool
Cuando busco opciones la aplicación se cierra     Se bloquea
I beat this game in just 2 days playing nonstop the only thing that is annoying is the bug that causes u to not shoot a web constantly but besides that its a great game ive beat it at lvl 48 and the bug isnt too much of a deal just happens wont affect ur gamplay Im Wondering whether or not to buy the amazing spiderman 2 also i redownloaded this game bcuz the first time i played it i stopped after a while so i redownloaded the game to beat it and to not have made the money i spent on this game go to waste Oh and also i played this game on my ipod touch 4g                 Awesome game
It keeps logging me out I need help     Help
The game is awsome It looks great and so pretty but when you dont have internet it doesnt let you play but stell relly good You should get it And if not tell it to your friends I did Love it and I am a dragon pluse boy                 It is awsome
I love this game it is epic                 Jeremy
Its a ok game but it is very glitchy it would work for five minutes then turn off and it made it so no other app worked on my iPhone 6 can I please have my money back thats all I want I deleted it and tried it again and the same thing happened plz just give me my money back     Alright
Its a good game but every time I play it logs me out after a few minutes I love the graphics and the wide view of New York A few suggestions would be to take away all the glitches and bugs in the game and have an option of when you want to web shoot instead of waiting until there are bad guys around Overall I really love this game and if you would at yeast take away the bugs we could both agree that its the best 699 you could ever spend           Good game overall
I played the game on my phone already I love it and I would give it a five star rate but I deleted it a few months ago and now Im trying to download it and I keep saying not anough storage when I have 12 GB and I already paid for it what does that mean and if its a bug or something can you fix it so I can download it and play it but besides that I lovethe game           I cant download it
Can you please make challenges like when you finish I challenge you get a reward or a costume thank you for reading please do it              Please do it
This is a pretty good game just every time I do a mission or try to upgrade myself it freaking crashes heck sometimes it even crashes for no apparent reason its like tiny evil dust bunnies are inside my iPad and sabotaging only this one particular game in other words either this game really needs to be updated because the darn thing hasnt been updated since October 2012 or there really are tiny evil dust bunnies inside my iPad and soon there going to control my whole ipad        This would be an amazing game if it wouldnt crash
Very fun to go around the city of New York as SpiderMan The missions are very fun as much as the free roam is I would recommend that you get this game                 Amazing
The graphics are good but they dont look like the graphics in the pictures that i checked out i have an iphone 4 the graphics should look like the graphics in the in the future update make the graphics like the and i dont understand how you custimize spiderman                 Amazing but
Its the best game for iPad for what Im done with the game so I whant more missions and stuff and I actually am bored I bought the black suit and the human suit and what I wish is if this game had multiplayer it would be so much better if you guys can add that to the game it would probably be the top rated game of game loft pls can you work on adding a multiplayer                 Good game but
I spent 7 dollars on this game and it didnt even work it keep glitching I want my money back     Ripoff
Kinda hard sometimes to turn when swinging but overall is an amazing game for my phone                 Great game
I bought the game a long time ago and I couldnt play it because it crashes Ive been waiting for an update too see if the bug was fixed but it hasnt been fixed because it still crashes when loading     It crashes
I think this is an overall great game but there are some things that dont make sense In the game when Spiderman gets to a certain height there are no more buildings at that height but they are around him so he can still use his webs But when he is over the water and the bridge is right next to him he drops into the water                 Great Game
I play amazing spiderman 2 on my iPad wasnt impressed But this game is the definition of amazing Ill be honest though that this game is veeeeeerrrryyyy similar to spiderman web of shadows              Good
When I tried to play the game on my iPad mini but it kept crashing     Keeps crashing
Wonderfull great game                 Thx
I love this game I never played a game as good as this one on my phone PS one of my favorite games                 Great Game
I will not play this game not until you support the Moga controllers I have the Moga Ace Power but I am unable to use it on my itouch to play the amazing spider man and part 2 so please for the love of god please support Moga ace power and Moga Rebel     Needs Moga Controller support
I really like this gameAlmost beat the gameBut when I reach the end of the bosses MY IPAD CRASHES FIX THIS PLEASE           Good game BUT CRASHES
Good game graphics are not the best Besides that                 Love swinging around
Game so awesome Im mad that you cant fight the lizard right away                 Love it

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