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Globe Newspaper Company, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (The Boston Globe Score ,The Boston Globe ePaper ,Texas Conference For Women ,Texas Conference for Women for iPad ,The Big Picture from ,Boston Deals), brings The Boston Globe ePaper with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. The Boston Globe ePaper app has been update to version 3.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Boston Globe ePaper is a full replica edition, including every article, and page as it appeared in print. Advertising inserts, and the Sunday Comics are not currently included.


• The ePaper is free for Boston Globe print or digital subscribers. Simply sign-in using your account.

The Boston Globe ePaperThe Boston Globe ePaper
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• Each new edition will be downloaded in the background by 5am every morning if your
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is turned on.


• Single issues can be purchased for $0.99 without a subscription.


• One-click in-app subscriptions are available for $14.99 a month.


• Read stories in the replica `Page View` or as text and photos in `SmartFlow` view.
The Boston Globe ePaper


• Web links and phone numbers are clickable in articles and advertisements.


• Share articles via email, Facebook or Twitter.


• Listen to individual stories, or the full paper via a text-to-speech option.


• Recent back issues are available for downloading.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download The Boston Globe ePaper for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 7.8 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.1 has been released on 2014-11-23. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about The Boston Globe ePaper in Globe Newspaper Company, Inc.`s Official Website :


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How is it that at least 50 of the time the paper does not download Customer service is non existent as they never respond to emails or when you call you get a most unhelpful person in Manila When the paper downloads it is a fine working and easy to use product    Not good
I got sick of the tabloidesque character of Bostoncom and needed better news coverage in the Boston area I subscribe to the Sunday Globe so I get this full daily online app version for free I love that i can see the actual printed version and the easier to read online version and toggle back and forth                So much better than Bostoncom
Since the update we have not been able to get the epaper Such a disappointment Open the app and it just spins put Using an ipad 4    Cant get it to work
As opposed to other commenters I actually like the new version It took me a bit to get used to tapping and holding to pull up the reading view of an article to get the whole thing I was used to treating it like a paper version using the links at the bottom of each article But those didnt work consistently so this is much less frustrating So why only two stars Heres why The Sunday download experience is horrible Consistently it takes 25 minutes I timed it to write this review and my download speed is more than 25 Mbs so its not me Their servers must not be able to handle Sunday traffic Please fix this       Works great except on Sunday
It is OK during the week although the latest version is nowhere near as good as the previous fullscreen app The paper takes two hours load on Sundays at best At least once a month there simply is no Sunday paper available They offer no technical support if you call them they simply hang up on you    There are no Sunday papers and no support
Lousy on all counts Icons terminology settings and non existent help menu Articles sometimes are missing or dont open when tapped Sometimes does not download as it should Please fix so we can enjoy a good paper    Globe app poor
They need to take a page from the New York Times app This is painfull    Not there yet
Only 10 hours for the Sunday edition to download today and thats an improvement from last week I have no problem with the weekday Globe it downloads in less than a minute    Sundays
Keeping it simple The new APP bites please return the former Thanks    Goofy
The previous app was clunky but at least it loaded This one is unbelievably slow to load and has clumsy navigation    This app is the worst theyve ever had
The new version is an improvement when it works It does not always open with todays paperyesterdays paper is on the screen and it takes clicking and scrolling and magic to get rid of it The older version always opened properly and was OK Globe needs to fix or go back to previous version    New version needs help
I love the Globe and saving trees by reading it on my iPad but this app really stinks You never know when it will work but I can tell you when it wont on weekends What is the problem other papers have great apps that work reliably 99 of the time AND they just raised the price       So buggy and the company seems indifferent
This app is an absolute disaster Once a month at least this app will crash The current paper wont load Or when loaded it crashes repeatedly and never stabilizes The only solution is to delete the app and reinstall Multiple attempts to provide feedback go unanswered Great content But a horrible UX You would think that a guy who can afford 20MM for a left fielder who cant actually field would spend a few bucks to get someone who can develop and debug a decent app    Absolutely horrible Crashes and burns at least once a month
Still is a lot of work to get it adjusted to read legibly as a newspaper on an iPad Long ago it was easier and quite fine Not sure why they cant make it better Or at least as good as it was back then    Still so much work to read
Is anyone at the Globe listening to all of us who are so fed up with this app Once again the sun paper will not download Im ready to cancel my subscription Why pay for this    Crap app
I find it is getting worse rather than better       Does not work more often than it does
Contrary to other comments the Globe Magazine is actually now available as a supplement Prior to that it was embedded at the end of the B section Why Who knows That is why this app is so ridiculous There are so many obvious upgrades that should have been thought about during the actual design The Globe Magazine availability is one The ability to jump from one end of a column to the continuation of the story is another Get with it Boston Globe For the privilege of paying an exorbitant subscription fee this is the best you can do       A long way to go
Its all been said Excruciatingly slow downloads huge chunks of the paper missing or too blurry to read customer service thats indifferent Folks this is a TERRIBLE app one of the worst if not THE worst app in the App StoreEvery week I complain and every week a soulless customer service rep simply shrugs and unhelpfully directs me to the web version of the paper which does me no good as I need something portableI honestly dont understand why there appears to be no shame or embarrassment about this wretched product Instead they have the gall to raise subscription rates For a paper we most of the time cannot even readIs anyone out there Is anyone even listening I think not    Its just awful and NO ONE cares
This is a downgrade from the previous app The multipage layout in landscape forces constant resizing and adjustment to be readable The previous version had links on the beginning and continuation of an article which allowed you to easily jump back and forth from beginning to end that has been removed in this version Give me back the old Epaper appUpdate 81815 Still no improvement and no difficulties with download periodically Still terrible    Terrible update
Frequently prompts me to purchase an issue instead of downloading what I already bought via my costly monthly subscription Why cant you be more like the NYT app    Not getting what I pay for
What a piece of trash If it works at all its horribly slow    Horrible
This app is a piece of crap Works intermittently if at all The support people know nothing and it always seems to fail on Sunday mornings Very frustrating Plus im getting charged twice one for the digital version and once for the paper Try talking to support about that The silence is sad    Incompetent
Easy to peruse the paper Can focus on specific articles Importantly does not need live wificellular After downloading it can be read on trains and planes                Globe app like it
Whos running this show I understand problems with technology but how about some communication The newest problem is once you read an issue you cant reopen it until it goes in your library the next day JH pick one business please Red Sox or Globe You obviously cant run both    Great idea Poor execution
I have not had one successful download of a single Sunday edition ever Download starts after a short wait and then quits Happens over and over again Todays update was useless Takes hours of constant attention to downloadOther problems No detailed index slow and sometimes no downloads during the week If it werent for the sports section I would have abandoned this paper long ago    Worst newspaper app Ive used
Down loads about 75 Percent Sunday takes forever Many times I cant read the whole paper because it disappeared I do like the paper    Terrible downloads
Nice navigation sharp graphics but frequently requires repeated logins freezes failed downloads that require forcequit Requires significant investment in quality          Great designwhen it works
Downloads fail it sometimes doesnt show todays paper for download Dont upgrade    Latest version is inconsistent
Before I could print the puzzles now not possible Before I could read the page easily on the screen now not possible Mousy upgrade Prefer the earlier version       Lousy
Every Sunday same thing 6am CST and I get the Saturday paper When Sunday finally is available it takes about 40 minutes to download This new version is awful Wish I could give zero stars    6am CST
Hardly a Sunday goes by when I try to download the Sunday Globe and it fails to do so If you are going to sell an epaper you should have an app that actually allows a quick download    Unreliable downloads particularly on Sunday
Constantly forgets I have subscriptionPrevious version much better    Not Good
Downloads are iffy Sometimes I have to log out then log back in Sometimes logging out doesnt work and I have to wait until the app is ready for download Very frustratingIt would be nice to be able to jump to the page to where the story continues then be able to jump backThese problems have been known issues since the new app came out Boston Globe seems not interested in fixes       Needs improvement
This app is so poor at delivering the paper that I go though a browser now Hopeless    Worst Newspaper App available
Most of the time I can download the paper but several Sundays it was nowhere to be found I find that I have to sign in at least once sometimes twice a week Whats that all about I like the advertising supplements because Im looking for sales like I do when I get the print edition Where are they I love to be able to read the Globe where ever I am All in all I like the app because I can read the paper any time and anywhere I want to But there are very strong weaknesses that will hopefully be improved over time God only knows that there are enough techies in the BostonCambridge area that could sit down and iron out the crimps in one sitting or so Please improve this app       Could be lots better
The paper wont download half of the time Im going to cancel my subscription if this isnt fixed soon If I cant read the paper then why bother paying Beware to others dont even bother trying until this is fixed    A waste
I find it slow to download When it does I like the format          Good app when it downloads
Monday to Friday down loads better Sunday is a mess Over an hour to download and no Globe Magazine    A little improvement then back to the old ways
Ive been an ereader of the Globe for about 2 years It was never a particularly good experience In a sea of magazines and other content that I read beautifully on my ipad I was amazed that the Boston Globe would use an app so bad to show the eedition to its readers Well it got worse when they replaced the old reader with this new version EVERY aspect of reading the paper is worse downloading zooming reading pages finding information sharing information EVERYTHING is worse And their support is a complete joke Its 2015 ereaders are commonplace It makes no sense that the Globe would use such a crappy app for its subscribers    This is a TERRIBLE app
Enjoy using my subscription Not easy to get Sunday but I get that on my doorstep Glad to have             Great on phone and iPad
Like Shane mentioned above great newspaper but a lousy and unreliable app I too have yet to get an automatic download Still waiting after 30 minutes for todays editionATTN John Henrytime to replace the clown crew in your IT DEPARTMENTUPDATE received an email that they are increasing the digital subscription to about a 100 a day from 50 cents I will continue to pay as it is my civic duty The BG is the only thing that keeps the Crooks on Beacon Hill from totally running amuck    UghhhhhStill lousy
This app is unusable if you want to read the Sunday paper forget it IF it downloads it can literally take an hour It pauses it waits it inches along if it ever downloads Then there are Sundays when the option to download it isnt even available It continually shows Saturdays yesterdays paper as the only option to download Worse yet after spending time trying unsuccessfully to get it to download when you call customer service which Ive done numerous times they only option they offer you is to reinstall the app Which doesnt work THEN they contact tech service who says they KNOW the paper isnt downloading This is further infuriating Instead of being proactive and customer service orientated and letting their customers know by email that the paper isnt available they put you through hell No wonder papers are declining There are all kinds of other glitches when you do get the paper The run over links work only sporadically when you do get it to run over there is annoying italic type in the middle of copy for no rhyme or reason many times the run over link brings you to a different story if youd like to delete a Sunday paper if you ever do get it to download from your library that doesnt work well either You tell it to delete and it wont Ironic you cant get it to download and then when you do you cant get rid of it Many similar reviews here this has been going on for months and nothing changes You would think The Globe would value its few remaining customers and at the very least let them know when the paper isnt available and that they are working on it Its called consideration It may be time to unsubscribe    Unusable half the time
Especially with the Sunday edition the paper often takes forever to download and frequently does download at all Recentlythe subscription price doubled Let us hope that some of this increased revenue goes toward fixing these software problems    Does not download
I like the idea of this app it just never seems to work right Downloads do not happen automatically and then take too long when you do it manually    Nice Idea
Its great to be able to download the Boston Globe to get my news fix                Still a great source for information
I dont think the app redesigners actually read newspapers    No
This news versions is the worst Today I am deleting the app And further will be putting a vacation stop on the paper edition I hadnt taken that step As I though I was getting some value by reading it online No longer Its beyond comprehension that you could put together such an inaccessible reading experience    Ms
The recent app looks nice and works well when it works The cost of the epaper just DOUBLED because of promised wonderful functionality That it often takes well over half an hour to download the Sunday edition is not acceptable and yet there is no remuneration or discount It was suggested by support that I get the paper earlier or later Does this mean they are selling more subscriptions than their server can handle I guess people dont read the reviews There is no replica edition at all this morning The epaper is unusable if an article goes across two pages I am monumentally unhappy    Great when it works
It seems that I cannot select a single word and use the builtin define function It is so inconvenient for a ESL person to reader    It would be nice if I can use builtin dictionary
Since the day the app was launch through today the app is the worst media app I have experienced Is no one at the globe paying attention or have they given up the sinking ship known as the newspaper Well having a totally sucky app will sink the ship faster well doneWhen you attempt to download your Sunday paper which presumably has their highest readership it will either not be available to download or it will be but will take 13 hours to download Worse every few minutes during the download it will pause and you will have to hit download againSeems like other papers have figured it out come on globe    Worst media app


Globe Newspaper Company, Inc.
7.8 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 3.1
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iOS The Boston Globe ePaper 3.1 Mobile

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