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The CW Network , the publisher behind many iOS app (Oh Sit! ,CW Seed ,The CW Network), brings The CW Network with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. The CW Network app has been update to version 1.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • can catch up with even old shows like GG & 90210..
  • Love being able to watch my shows anytime.
  • This app is great I can watch episodes I missed whenever I want :..
  • Great picture quality and large selection of shows to watch..
  • One of the best tv apps available with great content..
Overall Satisfactionclick me84
It makes it so much easier to watch my favorite shows anytime.
it's just become a terrible way to watch my favorite shows.
Love being able to watch my favorite shows when I miss an episode.
I love being able to catch up and watch my favorite shows.
One of the best tv apps available with great content.
this is a much worse experience than other network TV apps.
Thanks CW for making full episodes available.
Just love Hart of Dixie and The CWTV Ap lets me stay current.
It should have more episodes from previous seasons.
No more episodes.
CW soon is literally the best network app out there.
The app was my favorite TV network app until the update.
Fun & Engagingclick me51
Only downside is watching the same commercials over and over again.
It should have more episodes from previous seasons.
No more episodes.
The cw app is awesome cause I get to watch the vampire diaries.
Fantastic way to keep up with CW's awesome shows.
Usefulnessclick me74
I love that I can watch everything online.
I can watch everything through this app.
The old app let me watch everything without any problems.
Family Friendlyclick me68
the app works much better than the abc or abc family app.
It works 10 times better than the ABC Family app.
Nothing like the abc or abc family app.
Repeat Valueclick me52
Not nearly as many repetitive commercials as I thought.
left off a star because of repetitive commercials.
The constant repetitive commercials will drive you insane.
Cool App too many repetitive commercials.
Server problems and too many repetitive ads.
Ease of Useclick me51
This app makes it easy to watch whatever episode I missed.
The CW app makes it easy to watch your favorite TV show.
Easy navigation Newest/Most recent showsFREE.
I really like the easy navigation of the app.
Reliabilityclick me36
Ads not Intrusiveclick me46
I like being able to watch my shows it way too many commercials.
Only downside is watching the same commercials over and over again.
and crashes making you rewatch the repetitive ads.
Updates & Supportclick me10
I liked the old version much better.
I agree that the old version was better.


The all-new CW Network app is here! Get FREE full length episodes and connect instantly to the social world of your favorite CW shows and talent on iPhone, iPod Touch, and for the first time, available on iPad!


Watch your favorite CW Network shows like The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Hart of Dixie, 90210, America’s Next Top Model, Supernatural, One Tree Hill, The Secret Circle, Ringer, and more, whenever and wherever you want!

The CW NetworkThe CW Network
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App Features Include:


FULL EPISODES – Watch the latest full episodes of every prime time show on The CW


SOCIAL – Connect directly with CW shows and talent on Facebook & Twitter for even more exclusive scoops and content
The CW Network


CLIPS - See previews for upcoming episodes, cast interviews and behind the scenes coverage


PHOTOS – Browse robust photo galleries of all your favorite talent – on the set and off


SCHEDULE – See when the newest episodes will be on your TV - set reminders and watch previews for upcoming shows right from the app


NOTE: Please make sure your silent button is not set and that your volume is turned up to get sound.


Internet connection required. Show and episode availability subject to change. Your use is subject to Terms of Use, Mobile User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Please see links below.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download The CW Network for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 12.2 MB to download. The new The CW Network app version 1.3 has been updated on 2014-11-20. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about The CW Network in The CW Network`s Official Website : http://www.cwtv.com


I love waking up and watching the show I missed the night before. found in 14 reviews
I have very little time to actually watch my favorite programs. found in 25 reviews
Thank you CW for being such an awesome site. found in 7 reviews
My entire family has the CW ap on every device. found in 24 reviews
Interesting clips and behind the scenes info add to the experience. found in 19 reviews
Great sound and a clear picture on my Ipad. found in 18 reviews
I love that I have all my favorite shows at my fingertips. found in 11 reviews
This is awesome to stay caught up on your favorite shows. found in 32 reviews
CW TV is providing great entertainment for all age ranges. found in 10 reviews
But streaming to Apple TV has issues with the ads. found in 177 reviews
Eh gets you through the episode but the commercials are annoying. found in 44 reviews
having to sit through the same ads over and over is annoying. found in 149 reviews
It stinks that you can't skip the commercials any more. found in 90 reviews
There are way too many ads so I watch Netflix whenever possible. found in 73 reviews
Doesn't work well with air play when mirroring is off. found in 31 reviews
The only negative for me is that it sometimes freezes during commercials. found in 118 reviews
Wish there were more episodes to choose from. found in 165 reviews
you should download this to catch up on any missing episodes. found in 33 reviews
Playback freezes if you try to fast forward or skip to next section. found in 87 reviews
Lovvvveee the app but way too many commercials it's a little ridiculous. found in 1349 reviews
Shows are awesome but too many annoying commercials. found in 49 reviews
Trying to watch anything on Apple TV is a nightmare. found in 177 reviews
The commercial breaks play the same ads over and over and over. found in 149 reviews
Frequent crashes requiring you to restart and watch all the commercials again. found in 129 reviews
It keeps crashing or freezing and I cannot watch one episode properly. found in 223 reviews
Now it freezes during every commercial break and then crashes. found in 409 reviews
Why keep this app when it crashes every time I try to watch a show. found in 430 reviews
The app freezes and has way too many commercials in between clips. found in 1349 reviews
It keeps crashing everytime i try to resume an episode. found in 231 reviews
The app is so slow and constantly freezes during commercials. found in 118 reviews
It resets during commercial breaks requiring a restart. found in 604 reviews
Like the hd quality but hate having to watch the same commercials over and over again. found in 107 reviews
and I especially hate the fact that they play the same commercials. found in 326 reviews
First commercial break fails to resume the show you're intending to watch. found in 445 reviews
but be prepared to watch the same commercial so many times. found in 107 reviews
Why are there so many freaking ads just to watch one show. found in 154 reviews
I was forced to sit through the same commercials over and over again. found in 627 reviews
This app freezes every time I try to watch an episode of arrow. found in 303 reviews
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No complaints for free tv shows             Works well and no provider login
As above the apps fine But a bug doesnt allow you to play an episode with crashing Fix asap             Apps great but the bug will forever live on
keeps crashing every time I click on a show I want to watch i just updated it I love this app but whats happening             FIX THE CRASH
When I look under the list of shows and click on any show to view the episodes it crashes    Crashing
Love CW this is the best way to watch my shows It is so easy to use Thanks CW                Great app
Awesome                Great
It crashes every time I click on Significant Mother show    Crash
anytime I tap on a show I want to watch the app crashes Useless    terrible
Im just trying to catch up with ANTM but before I can do anything the app crashes It may have something to do with iOS9 or not being on WiFi but either way Im irritated       Crashes Horribly
I love that I can catch up and relive my favorite shows Supernatural rocks Arrow I love it I heard flash is a good show so may start watching it It is amazing that CW has better programming then all the the major networks Love you CW                Works great
Clear excellent and easy interface Excellent HD quality however needs live streaming CW shows That will really boost this app to 5 stars          Excellent HD needs live streaming CW shows
The app keeps crashing when I click on a show to watch since I upgraded to iOS 9       Keeps crashing
The app is great but ever since a week ago everytime i click onto a show it exits out the app and goes back to the home screen please fix                Overall great
The app crashes every time I use it    Crashing
PLEASE FIX my favorite showthe flash is coming on in a few weeks and when i try to go into the it clicks out usually when i scroll down to watch shows and click on the flash is when it happens This also happens on cw seed please hurry up and fix this          worked good until now
Any time I select any show it crashes    Crashes constantly
I love your app and use it all the time to watch my favorite shows but recently its been crashing every time I try to open it I am very frustrated and have tried deleting the app and redowloading loading it and turning my wifi off and on The CW SEED app is the same way I am very disappointed             Love it but not recently
everytime I click on an episode or a tv show the app crashes very irritating    crashes
Every time I click on a episode it crashes now I am not sure if it is the apps problem or iOS 9s problem please fix this    Keeps on crashing
Can this app please be updated for iOS 9 compatibility    App crashes out on iOS 9 on any device I try it on
I love the fact that you dont have to have a subscription or have to be with a TV provider but it would be great to not have 20 commercials on one 30 min show by just signing in if you DO have tv provider I understand why so many commercials especially not having that option though             Love the app But one suggestion
I love this app but in the past week whenever I try to click a show the app crashes                Great but
It crashes only after watching 5 different ads and its time for the actual episode Disappointed    Annoying
I have enjoyed this app in the past I agree with other reviewers that the amount of commercials is too much Now after the IOS 9 update the app crashes upon opening I cant even click on a videothe whole app just shuts down       App Doesnt Work With IOS 9
It was going well until I skipped a couple days without going on the app When I tried to return to finish watching a season of a show it began to crash every time I clicked on a episode Not happy with this inconvenience          Nice app but crashes constantly
I love this app because I can keep caught up on all my favorite shows I only dislike the fact that it freezes sometimes Also wish there werent so many commercials             Love
Love this app and use it all the time but it has been crashing recently every time I choose a show to watch I just wanna watch Americas next top model But before it started crashing it was super great             Love
Crashes when I try to play anything after watching 30 minutes of izombie    Good and then not good
I love the app has all my favorite shows and it worked great As of lately its been crashing Hopefully an update can fix this       Crash
Great app I am a fan of several of their shows I dont have a TV so I have to watch my favorite shows on this app So far I do not need to have a cable account I hope that stay the same Id hate to miss my shows Great app try it out             The CW
I can keep up with all my tv shows that Ive missed and seen I love the CW channel                Its amazing
I loved this app until it kept crashing every time I clicked on an episode or show to watch had to delete because it caused phone to lag will redownload when problem is fixed       CRASH AND BURN
The app is amazing however it has been crashing after I select the show I tried to delete and reinstall the crashing continues             App crash
Keeps crashing otherwise great             Crash on ios9
The commercials stop and start several times before you get through them                Beauty the Beast
The CW app keeps crashing on my iPad on iOS 9    CW app
Cant watch any shows Please fix    App crashes in iOS 9
I love this app so much its so helpful I just watch my shows and the clips every time theres a new one but for a very long time now when I press on a video to watch the app crashes and its always done that but now it happens EVERY SINGLE TIME I click on something so this really needs to be fixed before The Flash comes back on because I need to watch them Other than that great app                LOVE IT BUT
I really wanted to believe these reviews saying the update fixed the crashing problems however every time I try to use it it still crashes at least 10 to 15 times before I give up Every once in a blue moon Ill be able to watch 75 of an episode but what fun is that when to whole plot line comes together within the last 15 25 minutes of the show Ugh its been utterly frustrating I hope they get these kinks ironed out soon       Crashes all the time
iPhone app seems to work fine but iPad app is crashing at the touch of a button          iPad app crashing
Keeps crashing    Crashes
Doesnt seem to be compatible with the latest iOS closes the app       Compatibility
The app keeps crashing when I decide to press on a different Id like to watch All I want to watch are shows and your app is the only one where you dont need a network provider password to look at them Please fix it    UPDATE
Like it                Real cool
Like the resume playback when you have to leave the app             Good app
I like the App NICE to watchIt freezes up sometimes but all in all a very good app                W G
Love love love this app Im always working and this app has all of my favorite shows I can catch up on the latest episodes at my convenience                All my favorites
I would really like this app if the commercials wasnt to long That is the main reason i watch shows on my tablet or phone no commercials Should have all the seasons to each show not just one or two       Too long
This is a great app and I love being able to catch up on shows I cant see on tv cause of work Unfortunately since the iOS9 update the app shuts down when I try to watch anything off of it So if the stability could be tweaked a bit that would be fantastic                Awesome app


The CW Network
12.2 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.3
iPhone iPad

iOS The CW Network 1.3 Mobile

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