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Peekaboo Studios LLC, the publisher behind many iOS games (Ultimate Trivia for Divergent ,Ultimate Trivia for Hunger Games ,Edamame Touch for Free ,Ultimate 3rd Grade Vocabulary Pro ,Little Lamb HD - Baby`s First Music Game ,Ultimate Trivia for if i stay), brings The DumDumb Exam HD with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. The DumDumb Exam HD games has been update to version 1.3 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iOS owner,you now can download The DumDumb Exam HD for $0.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 86.9 MB to download. The new The DumDumb Exam HD app version 1.3 has been updated on 2014-11-23.
More Info: Find more info about The DumDumb Exam HD in Peekaboo Studios LLC`s Official Website :

Are you a dumdumb?Over 200,000 users have tried The DumDumb ExamTest your smarts with hundreds of tricky challenges Beautiful photos from fantastic Flickr users illustrate each screen. Can you make it through in record time? ...
Fun game Need more challenges                 Dumdumb
Super fun Cant wait for more Easy yet really challenging I love it                 Love this
So much fun                 Love this game
Love this app Its addicting and a great time killer Bring on more levels                 Love
Fun fun not so dumb                 Not so dumb
RipoffGame freezes on level two and theres no way to continueWhat a disappointmentMyrtle2011     DumDumb Dumbest
I want more                 Love
Wish there spots that saved you from starting over              Challeni
Great appchallenging                 Dum Dum Exam
Love it                 Wolf
Great and educational game                 Fun app
Fun game that makes you think and laugh too              Brainy and fun challenge
Great game Played against my Granddaughter to see who could get the best time              Dum dum exam
Think fast but not toooo fast Some need a thought or two                 Fun
Good game super fun              Good
3 wordsBEST GAME EVER oh I almost forgot its extremely addicting to                 You are a dumb dumb if you dont get this game
Lots of fun and addicting                 Fun
It is addicting dumb fun makes you think back to the rhymes your mom read you                 Dumb Fun
Its fun for the whole family and friends Make more                 Great game
This is a cool game Its a great challenge and lots of fun                 Dumb Dumb games
Fun gameready for more challenges              Fun
Cant wait for the updates                 So much fun
Love this game it help me to remember thing                 Great game
This app is SO FUN I recommend it to anybody I know                 GET THIS APP
Love this app I want more stages                 Great
I love this game its so fun                 Awesome
This has been a great time We want MORE                 The cook
I thought it was great my granddaughter loved it                 Awesome fun with a liitle fact
At work and playing games                 Awesome
Keeps you thinking                 Good app
Great appkept me busy for many hoursgreat game to play with friends                 Bill T
Gets your mind to thinking Would love to see a lot more                 Love it
Mindless FUN                 Great 4 stress relief
This is lots of fun makes you think fast I have so far made it through 8levels and am enjoying it very much                 Lots of fun
Sometimes I am a dumdum and sometimes I am not but its always fun                 Dum dum
Fun Keeps the brain sharp                 Fun
Love it                 Love it
Its a great game need more levels                 Great game
What fun My 53 year old sister and I had a blast playing the DumDumb Exam while sharing a bottle of holiday Merlot Between the two of us were no DumDumb Thanks for the silliness we needed it                 DumDumb Exam
Super fun quiz I love the pictures Definitely worth the 99 price tag                 Fun Challenging
Love this A lot of fun                 My review
Fun to try and beat my husbands dumb dumb score                 Fun
Great mental exercise family friendly                 Way fun
I love games like this and this is a really Good one Im hoping there are more levels available                 Fun game
Awesome This is kittenlova123 again and I just L O V E it 3                 Great3
Love it                 Great game
Great fun Very addicting Fun to challenge friends and family                 Awesome fun
So cute Great for an early morning brain warm up                 Buy it
Cool game Fun but makes you think and keep your reflexes going                 Im NO dum dum
This is fantastic Only 5 levels BUT dont be fooled This will keep you laughing for some time Cant wait for more stages Well worth 99 cents                 Wow Totally fun

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