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Electronic Arts , the publisher behind many iOS games (NBA Live by EA Sports FREE ,Surviving High School ,TETRIS® for iPad ,Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® BY EA SPORTSâ„¢ ,The Sims 3 Ambitions ,LITE-BRITE), brings THE GAME OF LIFE™ for iPad with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. THE GAME OF LIFE™ for iPad games has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


LIFE’S A PARTY ON iPAD™! Get family and friends together for PARTY PLAY – ONLY WITH iPAD – and make it a game night! Enjoy the all-time favorite board game in a whole new way with enhanced HD-quality graphics, plus new interactive and custom features. Live THE GAME OF LIFE to the fullest on iPad!


• Party Play with up to 6 players
• Customize classic characters
• Track your LIFE events with THE GAME OF LIFE Journal
• Zoom out to see the whole board on the bigger
iPadtablet made by Apple
• Enjoy the brighter, bolder visual quality you only get with iPad

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Get up to 6 players around the iPad game board in the ALL-NEW PARTY PLAY mode. Play the game you know and love with friends and family in a cool new way! You can also Pass ‘N Play with up to 6 players, and even go solo. Live it up!


Delightfully detailed interactive touches and amazing HD-quality graphics make LIFE more fun! Move the boat on the water. Chill out by making footprints in the snow. Or just ring the doorbell! Use enhanced visual controls to zoom out and see the whole game board. Get a different perspective of LIFE!


Make LIFE your own! Customize your character by entering a name of your choice. Win the game, and then check out THE GAME OF LIFE Journal to see the story of your amazing journey through LIFE – it’s an ALL-NEW feature only for iPad!
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The THE GAME OF LIFE™ for iPad is now available for $0.99 for iPad owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 13.8 MB to download. The new THE GAME OF LIFE™ for iPad app version has been updated on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about THE GAME OF LIFE™ for iPad check developer Electronic Arts`s website :


I was playing the game and we tied and they said the other person won So mad Never play this game    Angry
This app cost me 499 when I could have just bought the 099 version The iPad and nonipad versions seem the same to me and one is 4x as much To get the 099 version just look it up on the Internet    Terrible buy
Great game and very fun to play Unfortunately I havent been able to play it in awhile because it keeps crashing when I attempt to open it Every time it is loading it crashes and closes Ive attempted to uninstall and reinstall but to no avail This is very frustrating because Ive done every update possible as well It could easily rate 5 Stars if the problem was fixed and didnt keep happening          CRASHES
5 stars except it doesnt let us decide if we use a share the wealth card             Share the wealth cards
This is the best game it is even better on I pad air 1 and 2 I like the solo one                
When I sued a computerized person she used an exemption card No one said anything about her getting one When I got one no one gave me an option to use it          Okay but
This game is so fun I love it Amazing graphics just like the board game                Awesome game
This app is horrible My parents just bought it for 500 and every time I try to open it it crashes My parents are going to be so upset DONT PURCHASE THIS APP IT IS A RIPOFF    Horrible
I just paid money for this app and I get an error message every time I try to start it up I havent been able to play the game once Waste of money    App Wont Open
Outstanding fun game with great graphics                The Game of Life
Best game ever Love it Can not stop playing it It is worth buying it                Game of life
I dont have a problem with mine crashing because it never does But I have to admit u should be able to spin and see how much money u earn if u have twins or a kid like if u get married Also if you choose career u should be able to choose two jobs like 4 the college opportunity I used to do college then career and I was really upset when I got salesperson And u should not have to get fired But if u fix these Electronic Arts I would write again and it might have 5 stars instead of 4 Thx SP             Overall good
Game is so much fun Great for family and friends Graphics are not bad Some glitches not too many ENJOY                AWESOMENESS
I have had no problems with this app No freezes etc Its a fun game I have yet to loose Maybe could be a smidge harder                Good Game
This is a great game and doesnt take time to clean up and put away Same as the Life board game but easier for players Super cool graphics                Fun game
I love to play this game on the go or even at my house My friends and I love to play this when we want to pass the time It is not laggy at all and it is very well thoughtout                LOVE IT
This game doesnt save the games you previously played It would be nice if you watch the games you played before that would be a nice upgrade             Ok Game could be better
Its a great and I would recommend it over the board game but I dont really know if the price went up or down because when I first bought the game in like 2012 or 2013 it costed 499 but if the price went down I would definitely recommend it                Its great I guess
Although it is a good game on the cover it says 99 cents and you think to yourself and say thats a good price but the game really cost 499Feel ripped off                Do not buy
I loved this game growing up now I love it even more I love the solo games and the pass and play games Get a few friends over and you have the best fore the party game play I just love this game                Love this game
This app has all of the fun of the original board game with great modern additions My family and I have enjoyed playing it immensely                Super Fun Family or Solo
I buy the game for five bucks I play it Then I was playing with my sisters I shouldve won the game but my sisters kept playing the game and earning more money when I retired Whats up with that I lost because something happened to the stupid game The last game I played I won fair and square Can someone tell me whats wrong with my life game    What the heck happened
This is a great game Anyone who doesnt have it should get it No bugsglitchesor problems AMAZING                Amazing
Love it just wish I can play against my friends on their devices not just the computer             Life is Life
I bet you a hundred dollars that this is a great game My only problem is I CANT LOG ON TO IT My friends showed me it and I thought it was cool so I downloaded it for 499 Really Five bucks for a game I cant even log on to My friends got on like that I cant do that I tried deleting half of my apps to play this wonderful gamebut no If you can change this I will be the happiest person ALIVE    Wow Bet you its a good game But
This is a great game but I would like to know how do you become a grandparent with out having any children Thanx                Fun Family Game
Wow when Im on a plane I dont even need wifi to play this game Its a fun fun game My mom wants to kill me for how many times Ive asked her to play with me I hope you get this game for it is a boredom releaser                Life app 4eves
Love it                
I absolutely love this game but whenever I try to open the app it just crashes I would rate 5 stars if you fix it    PLEASE FIX CRASHING
It doesnt even open it just crashes and doesnt let me play Fix this    Crashes
love this app whenever u dont know a rule it knows it Im addicted I play like 20 games a day not exaggerating I play 247                best way to play life
It is great if you have a family member to play with But if you want to play by yourself the computer that plays with you is so slow you end up playing the game for an hour which wastes your battery So if you have someone to play with you you should totally get this otherwise dont waste your money             Pretty good
This game is complicated which only makes it even more fun to play I like when you see the journal that is at the end of the game when you win One great game of life                So awesome
sssssooooooo fun I love this game You dont know what is going to happen when you spin the wheel You might lose your job you could get married or have kids Get this game                Amazing
I love life because it has lots of detail                Potato
My BFF has 8 characters 1 M 2 As 1 R 1 S 1 H and 2 Ls PLZ allow at least 1 more character          Up to 7 characters REALLY
This app is so much fun my friends and I played this and I won U should get this game but it cost 499 its kinda a high price but u can still get it ask ur parents saycan I buy this app pretty pretty plzzzz and theyll say yes thats what I said to my mom and dad and it workes                 this app
Thi s game is vary good but I payed munny for Good is its liek thee reel gaim                A best but not relly
Great game Last time I played the electronic version was when I was in middle school Very happy this now available for iPad                ASP
This game ROCKS Get it its like the original game but on a screen definitely get this game I always beat my mom So if you want to beat your mom then get this game OMG I love this game LOL when I beat my mom                Love this game
The board is very confusing to follow things are not explained very well and its not worth the 499 price Its also a boring game to playNow unless its a totally different game just the name is the same thing I dont understand why this game is 499 in the AppleApp store and in Googles Play store its only 99 I feel that I got ripped off Again if it is indeed the same game    Dont Waste Your Money On This
This game is amazing I love it I can tell you on road trips this is all Ill be doing The only negative besides minimal lag is that on the phone this app is 099 but on the iPad its 499 Thats outrageous If youd fix that I think A TON more people would buy your app             I love it but
I absolutely love this game I have fun playing solo even more fun playing the Pass and Play with my son The one thing I wish they would change is that they should allow the player during Pass and Play mode to choose when they want to use their Exemption and Collect cards during the game the way they do during Solo mode I do not like that the game chooses when to use those cards Please change this feature in an update soon             LOVE THIS GAME
I did not like this app whatsoever I tried it out for a little bit and it was not what I thought You can only play the computer or actual friends with you The graphics are not very good and the game seems to favor the computer This was a complete waste of money for me       Not what I thought
This app is amazing I get bored of apps really quickly but this spin on a classic bored game is amazing All of my friends love it my family loves it and I love it You should definitely get this app You will totally love it                Greatest app ever
I love LIFE This game is like the board game but has a little twist to it Im all about original but this is sups fun Its totally worth the money You can play against the computer or with friends and family Enjoy                Just like board game but with a little modern twist
Please can you make it more like the newer version             Love it but would like a change
I love playing this in my spare time Not as detailed as the version on the PS3 but still worth the 5             Great Game When Youre Bored
Omg This game is amazing Even my family loves playing this                Best game Ive ever played
This game is PROPER                Proper


Electronic Arts
13.8 MB
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
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iOS THE GAME OF LIFE™ for iPad Mobile

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