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The Hollywood Reporter , the publisher behind many iOS app (Call Sheet: Casting & Agency Contacts by Back S... ,The Hollywood Reporter for iPad , Charts), brings The Hollywood Reporter for iPad with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. The Hollywood Reporter for iPad app has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPad owner,you now can download The Hollywood Reporter for iPad for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.1 has been released on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
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Your best source for entertainment news and celebrity news: The Hollywood Reporter iPad app delivers weekly issues of The Hollywood Reporter magazine and real-time web content. Download the app and follow prompts to buy the ...
Im a print subscriber app doesnt let me sign in I type the userpassword correctly hit the big red sign in button but nothing Lame     Sign In
I have had all of the problems as the other reviewers I cant open app even after purchasing subscription Today I bought a single magazine but I cannot scroll the contenti like the magazine but the app does not function so I keep wasting my money hoping it will get better FIX THE APP     Poorly functioning
This is a wonderful publication but this app is junk I cant load the app to look at my purchased magazines I get a black screen with the logo on it Worthless please fix ASAP     Junk
Great app              Hollywood
I am having the very same issue I cant login on the app because it wont recognize me as a subscriber Not a fan Get it fixedplease     Terrible
Its the premiere film periodical in all of planet 3 It reduces paper waste Gotta get it                 THR App is a must
Overall I love the content and design of the THR app BUT almost every week I am not able to download the new issue on Thursday The current issue will not become available in my library until days later despite troubleshooting Until this issue is fixed I have to give this app 2 starts        Some technical issues
Doesnt seem to work properly with IOS 8 Time to write some new codes     Uh oh
The section by section downloading is really freakin annoying     Stupid
I purchased THR print and digital all access That is not what I received Every time I log in on the iPad for the digital version the app does one of four things 1 It does not recognize that Ive paid 199 for all access and requires that I pay for each issue 599 ea if I care to view them 2 The app places me in an endless doloop where I get to sign in repeatedly 3 The app informs me there is an error and I must reload the store and 4 the app crashes So far I am very unimpressed with the digital version of this mag     Crash and burn
I love the THR app it adds so much more to my print subscription It works great                 THR
Go ahead and press the buy an issue button It stopped working weeks ago as of jan 2015 and dont bother checking updates theres none However the subscribe button is working perfectly Is this a weird marketing coup to force us into spending 1299 instead of 599 The app shuts down and least twice a year everytime apple updates the iOS Last time it took the magazine 2 months to resuscitate the app So yeah One star is already too much     The magazine that doesnt want to be purchased
Love the fact I can get I depth reporting on my ipad                 Great content
You will enjoy this app                 Interesting Fun to Read
If I could give a minus five stars rating I would I have been a subscriber of the print edition for the last five years In an effort to be more green I downloaded the app Unfortunately the app has not worked for over 18 months I cannot even sign in even though I use my correct email and password It is amazing that an entertainment company cannot get a simple app to work properly     Worthless app
Powerful app that works very well Every page is sharp text is easy to read and photos are beautiful even on iPad 2 and Mini Interactive features all work well Highly recommend this app Update Still very pleased with this app after using it for several months time                 Great App for Great Magazine
Once again the issues have vanished and will not restore Once again nothing will download Once again THR is clueless This is getting ver very old Everyone elses app works every time Get it together     Horrible App
Great app saves on paper              Cool
This app is very ambitious with lots of graphics and clickthrus but it crashes constantly Really the buggiest app Ive discovered among major news organizations and thats saying something        So buggy
Cant login Buttons not responsive     Print subscriber
This has usually been a reliable app Even the upgrades worked fine But as my fellow commenters this month said this is utterly ridiculous How doe THR afford all the ads on its relatively free paywall and the large format mag but cant get its act together for arguably the biggest iOS relaunch in years Its been a couple of weeks and months of time to prepare Upgrade or give refunds        Post iOS 8 disaster
I love the Hollywood Reporter But I can no longer access the issues on my iPad Wont allow a sign on with the credentials provided after attempting to log in with my print credentials     Same problem
So far one of the better publication apps I have encountered Keeps me tapped in when I am on the go and is easy to access Love the direction the magazine has been taking lately                 Solid Magazine App
If you read a news story there is no back button to get back to a previous article and no search button if you want to find it again If you click the main news icon it doesnt go to the main news page it just sticks to the page youre on and you have to go to the subscribe page then click on the news page Very buggy app This does not have the quality youd expect from THR     No back button
App is garbage cant sign in cant access any issues Its been terrible for awhile yet no fix in sight DONT DOWNLOAD UNTIL THEY FIX IT     Theft
Mostly great app Love the layout of the articles and ease of use The one major problem is the inability to download issues in the background while using other apps or while the ipad is in sleep mode The ipad naturally goes to sleep when Im waiting for a download and that stops the download Every other app I use has no problem running or downloading in the background and that functionality would make this app perfect           Really need to allow downloading in the background
The title of this review says it all Im a print subscriber and the chances of my successfully signing in are the same as having a smash hit movie Worse tech support is inept and slow to respond Not worth the trouble Too bad THR isnt willing to invest in this app to resolve the problems        Simply awful Crashes all the time
What a joke Does not update properly Zero stars     Horrible app
I wish it worked every time        Inconsistent
Previously excellent app and highly effective presentation of THR After iOS8 the app crashes and simply does not work Please fix and all buyerssubscribers should stay away until this is resolved           Fix the App
The app doesnt work with iOS 8 Issues wont download Please fix this or give me a refund please     Doesnt work
I purchased a digital subscription only to find that I couldnt download the copies I called the Hollywood Reporter and the only help I got was a referral number to Apple Fortunately the Apple folks offered to cancel my subscription and refund my money Do not buy this app     Beware this App
I have a subscription and yet the issues show up in my library 4 days after they are in the store I could pay for the issue but not get it as part of my sub emailed support at the Hollywood reporter and they blame apple apple blames Hollywood reporter dont subscribe until this is worked out     Issues in newsstand to purchase before downloadable
I am behind getting my issues in print so I thought I will catch up by using the app Not working It will not let me read any issues without trying to charge me What the heck THR I have some great developers I can suggest     Useless App
Love the content love the look and the fact that I can either purchase monthly or annually I do however agree with the person who complained about the section layout So not necessary How many table of contents do we need Again however I believe it will get better           It will get better
Does Apple only accept apps developed by brain injured squirrels Like the New Yorker app this one is absolutely worthless except as a way to make you frustrated and irritable I want to like digital newspapers and magazines but I have yet to find any on the Apple Store that actually work The Hollywood Reporter is just the most recent example of yet another app that promises so much and delivers nothing     Beware Do Not Purchase
Im trying to open the iPad edition of Hollywood Reporter and noticed others mentioned that it stopped working since downloading iOS 8 That was just last night           Stopped
This is a great app                 GREAT
required reading in my house always insightful worth the price of admission                 Beautiful magazine made more beautiful
Terrific magazine but terrible app Downloads often dont work lets not even get started on restoring a magazine once youve deleted it and now with OS8 it has stopped working all together FIX IT And in the meantime Ill be seriously considering canceling my subscription     App stopped working
same issue as everyone else the app crashes and also does not allow you to log in the submit button does not respond so you just get stuck on the login screen unable to view any content this needs to get fixed i am using the latest iOS for the iPad     app does not work on ipad crash and burn
This app doesnt work very well I havent been able to access any weekly issue since June 7 2013 The customer servicetechnical support is very slow I dont get return phone calls and the solutions they email me dont work When I email them they take several days to respond     Poor Performance
Love the look and feel of this app I have experienced the difficulties some of you have Works perfectly here Love the perk of getting my digital content for free for being a print subscriber                 Beautiful Content
Very frustrating app Love the magazine Pay for the content When it works its a great welldesigned app Since the iOS 8 update it doesnt work at all Cant download or open any issues Email to support went unanswered Its time for either a fast fix or a refund     Broken by iOS 8 silence from support
Cant get it to work Cant get it to respond Cant get it to send a password to the email on file Cant even open a new online account since my email address is already taken     Crash and burn
Great app Access to past issues is easy peezy Great job                 The Voice of Hollywood
I love your publication please fix this This is my third review I paid for a full year and every time a new issue comes out it wont download Ive reloaded the app repeatedly There must be someone you can hire to create an app that works This is ridiculous I guess digital subscribers arent that profitable yet so who cares if the app doesnt work Thanks     This is the worst app I own
It was unusually difficult to get this app to work with my print subscription information when I first got it I have updated it a couple of times since then it loses the subscription information even though I am still signed in I have to uninstall and reinstall a couple of times and then put in my subscription number to get it to activate and reconnect to my print subscription Very irritating     Updates trash print subscription very difficult to reactivate
If you read the other reviews obviously the App is broken What kills me is the dead silence from THR No one will answer an email and I cant even seem to put my subscription on hold until its usable again Pathetic     Broken App Zero Customer Service
Guys the guy from fast and the furious the one with hair his name is paul walker and he died it is so sad                 sad story

The Hollywood Reporter for iPad EntertainmentThe Hollywood Reporter for iPad EntertainmentThe Hollywood Reporter for iPad EntertainmentThe Hollywood Reporter for iPad EntertainmentThe Hollywood Reporter for iPad EntertainmentThe Hollywood Reporter for iPad EntertainmentThe Hollywood Reporter for iPad EntertainmentThe Hollywood Reporter for iPad Entertainment

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