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Condé Nast Digital , the publisher behind many iOS app (BRIDES Magazine ,Vanity Fair Magazine ,SELF Magazine ,GQ Magazine ,Goings On: The New Yorker ,WWD Milestones), brings The New Yorker Magazine with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. The New Yorker Magazine app has been update to version 4.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


Enjoy a complete issue of the acclaimed weekly on your
iPadtablet made by Apple
each Monday -- every story, every cartoon, everything in the print edition and more. The app comes with the current week’s table of contents and lets you buy new issues as they`re released. The New Yorker offers a signature mix of reporting and commentary on politics, international affairs, and the arts, along with fiction, poetry, humor, and cartoons. Founded in 1925, The New Yorker has received more National Magazine Awards than any other magazine. Notable work in recent years includes coverage of the war on terror by George Packer, Jane Mayer, Lawrence Wright, and Seymour M. Hersh; Malcolm Gladwell on "the tipping point"; Anthony Lane on movies; James Wood on books; Elizabeth Kolbert on the environment; Atul Gawande on health care; fiction by Jonathan Franzen, Edwidge Danticat, Zadie Smith, and Haruki Murakami; humor by David Sedaris and Andy Borowitz; and cartoons by Roz Chast.


You can store as many issues of The New Yorker as you like on the app and read them whenever and wherever you want, in portrait or landscape view.

Highlights from the October 4, 2010 issue:
A video guide to The New Yorker app featuring Jason Schwartzman
Cover by David Hockney, with an exclusive animation of its creation in Brushes
Malcolm Gladwell on why the revolution will not be tweeted
Cartoon slide show with bonus cartoons (a weekly iPad exclusive)
Evan Osnos on the Dalai Lama and China`s Tibet policy, with clips from a classic Chinese film
David Denby on the director David Fincher and the movie "The Social Network"
Paul Goldberger on the new Las Vegas, including an exclusive slide show of photographs by Robert Polidori
Nancy Franklin on the fall TV lineup
Jeffrey Toobin`s tale of Rachel Yould, scholar, beauty queen, and con artist
New fiction by Sam Lipsyte, with exclusive audio of the author reading his work

Coming soon: Stories from the archive, resizable type, sharing, favoriting, and more.

Please note that The New Yorker Magazine App is separate from the Web-based New Yorker Digital Edition and Archive.

The New Yorker MagazineThe New Yorker Magazine
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The The New Yorker Magazine is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iPad owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new The New Yorker Magazine app version 4.0 has been updated on 2014-11-20. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about The New Yorker Magazine check developer Condé Nast Digital`s website :
The New Yorker Magazine


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Ill raise the number of stars when the magazine finally gets around to creating a friendly version of the app for the iPhone 6 The version I have is for the much smaller iPhone 5 and its not fun to read with giant fonts Im not an octogenarian yet    Subscriber needs to pay an additional 250 for iPad issues
Possibly the worst app to read on Looks like garbage on the iPhone 6 No way to resize text Great content but this is so useless that I just stick to print    This app is disgracefully bad
It took forever just to sign in Ugh    Awful Annoying
As a subscribing customer I find this app leaves much to be desired No bookmarking capabilities no easy connection to article sharing options and the need to download each issue This needs some serious updates Half the time I just use my browser to access articles       Not functional
In yet another epic design failure by Conde Nast when I finished reading my 10 free articles a month through my Facebook account I was instructed to call on the phone a 1800 number to link my Facebook account to my New Yorker subscription When I called the one 800number the New Yorker people told me that I had to call Apple support to access New Yorker article through my Facebook feed When I called Apple they had no idea with the New Yorker people were talking about I have now been bouncing around Apple for 20 minutes Maybe wait on some of the more innovative design features until you are able to create an app that actually allows users to access your content    DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP
I love The New Yorker magazine and I love reading it on my phone On the other hand the process of getting the magazine on my iphone 4 running iOS 7 is often agonizing Every week the download stops 1mb before completion and I have to attempt to download it numerous other times for it to reach completion Please fix this bug          LoveHate
The New Yorker has some of the best writing in the world Too bad their iPad reader is such an embarrassment It is by far the worst reader that I have ever used Oh so painful frustrating It is what we in product development woild call a hack job    Worst reader
Im a current subscriber and have been so since 1962 The app suddenly quits working and will not allow me to download issues even ones Ive already received in the mail A very frustrating app    Terrible app
Utterly useless Will not recognize me as a print subscriber Impossible to use in any way Probably the worst app experience Ive ever had    They must be joking
One would think that the purpose of an iPhone app for the New Yorker would be to be able to read the New Yorkers content on mobile device And yet there is no way to search for content among the magazines archives nor does it recognize that I am a subscriber and give me access to individual issues It says I am signed in my account number has been registered for digital access and yet each issue still has only a button to buy issue Isnt the point of the app to give you mobile access to the magazine for which you dutifully subscribe This is such a basic concept its hard to see why the New Yorker wouldnt create an interface that is more like the online one Though that one is seriously flawed also Man make it simple    Am I missing something or is this useless
Although the app now works on my iPhone 6 Plus its pretty useless on my iPad Air 2 I cant even log into my print account and have no intention of buying a separate additional account through iTunes The low quality of Condé Nasts app really makes me feel like terminating my subscription    Doesnt Work
70 down the drain A terrible app from a company with sufficient resources to create and sell a great app    Essentially unusable
Great app for reading the New Yorker you dont have to carry all the issues that youre behind on anymore                Reading New Yorker on the go
I like The New Yorker on my FB page try to click and access individual articles from there I repeatedly get tossed to a screen saying Ive used up all my free articles for the week and I must subscribe or log in Ive been a subscriber to The New Yorker since my college days Called their customer service who walked me thru the steps to be sure I was registered right I was We repeated the access sequence more than four times to no avail Couldnt identify the problem was it Safaris fault The New Yorkers She simply couldnt help me and I simply couldnt remember which article I wanted to access at that point I will note that once the magazine appeared on my screen the same ad appeared on top of it only to dissolve to the no access obstacle every time A pox on the digital world       Pointless
Awful app for a great publication An app needs to make all parts of the magazine easily accessible Yours is like a 1000 piece puzzle I want to be reading Instead I am complaining    App Review
This app is almost useless Unless the point is to scroll through events and goingson you missed The listings are weeks and months out date theres no useful search features in fact there are very few actual features evident Perhaps a slight improvement over thumbing through a stack of outofdate magazines in your dentists waiting room With no chance of laughing gas    A disgrace to the magazine
I had used and enjoyed this app for about a year on my iPad and suddenly the app would not work I tried to redownload The app but then it would not even download anymore Hi completely rebooted my iPad and reinstalled everything But the app would not download All my other apps are working properly so I suspect this is not a problem with my iPad only I hope someday they are able to correct this problem But until then I canceled my subscription    App not working
This app crashes all the time making it impossible for me to read an issue of the magazine without it crashing and losing my place Once that happens I then have to scroll through the issue to find my place again and cross my fingers that I am not scrolling too quickly or the app will crash again Oh and if you need to get back to the top of an article and you are already past the halfway point you can also brace yourself for a crash This app is too unstable and too buggy to be at all effective Ill stick to reading the paper magazines until the developers can sort out this mess    Too unstable
And the chat and email help even more worthless I subscribe to the paper and have tried repeatedly to activate my digital account with no success Im told to download the app to the newsstand Since my iPad doesnt allow that Ive never been to step two a dilemma that customer support is of no use on It really is theatre of the absurd    I love the New Yorker but the app for iPad is worthless
The iOS apps From the Archives cartoons are a nice feature but they only show up embedded in the articles They used to be also visible in the iOS apps main Cartoon Gallery section    A cartoon inconsistency
Please please allow us to use a smaller font on our larger screens Thank you    Font too big on iPhone 6 plus
This is the second time Ive stumbled into iPhone ad limbo at the front of the magazine and had to delete the app and reinstall to escape Its the last time too Im going to let my subscription run out and use zinio thru my public library Ive been a subscriber for decades and the design of this app has been the last straw    iPhone ads
What a shame because it used to work with no incidents Not sure if Conde Nast has a tech team to fix these problems but they should make sure any new updates are fully tested Plus Im not seeing any really useful updates like a way to search and find a specific issue with 52 issues per year they should really have this    Keeps crashing on iPad mini
I downloaded this app almost 2 years ago I have been unable to get the magazine My credit card was just billed another 5999 I tried to stop it but still cant get the magazine or a credit Ive not had this issue with other magazine subscriptions I have the new iPad Air so it shouldnt be a technical issue Fortunately I have it on American Express so I can get a credit thorough AmEx    Do not purchase this app
This app does not work    Dont Bother
What a waste of time The app is useless    I cant even sign in
I just upgraded to the latest version of IOS 8 and the app no longer works correctly The menu on the header no longer shows up or does erratic things when it does Please fix    App no longer working
Even though I am a subscriber the only option I have to view issues or articles is to pay for them Logging off on deleting the app and reloading no of it worked Using my laptop is little better I can pull up articles embedded in entire issues but when I try to access them in Chrome I cannot turn the pages of the issue to get to the article in question Sigh Ive spent so much time trying to resolve this I feel like they should pay me to subscribe    Nope not missing anything useless
Unacceptable that New Yorker mag cant get their digital subscription access problems straightened out Been a subscriber since the Stone Age and recent renewal bill is for 99 bucks reallythis increase for digital access we do not have    Real help needed
A search feature was added whats the point of archival access if one cannot search by keyword and a highlighter feature was added very basic very useful Currently the app falls way too short of its potential and is thusly a disappointing experience       Would give a 5 star rating if
I almost didnt install this app after I read the dozens of wretched reviews I really like to read magazines on my iPad so I shrugged my shoulders and gave it a try So glad that I did It works flawlessly and offers a terrific interface very intuitive If you have an iPad dont be skeered                On my iPad mini this app works perfectly
I cant go back easily to previous issues It is a hidden stroke that is unknown to me or accessible    Cant go back to previous issues
I finally had to go to these reviews read them and write my own This app still isnt up to par with its magazine peers And I have a digital only subscription As others have said the content isnt being served properly with the clunky interface But more so since Ive gotten my iPhone 6 Plus my multiple downloads just disappear from my phone with the most recent USB syncs via iTunes and with anytime the phone thinks that Im losing my storage space or whatever Cant even finish one issue before it goes again Whats up with this If we are going to have an option to download and keep multiple issues then make sure they dont just disappearAs of Jan 11th now 22nd this is still happening Im not renewing anything until I know this is fixed          Ongoing losses with seeming randomness
I used to love this app it made reading old and new versions of the New Yorker a pleasure so easy and seamless Then in the last few weeks it has been unable to download new issues to my iPad and continually gives me an error message cannot update library even though Im a New Yorker subscriber and even though the app works on my iPhone 6 Ive wasted so much time trying to get the app to work properly that I could have finished one of those great long articles about wheat berry farming in the Crimea Alas    No longer works
Im sure The New Yorker continues to produce fantastic journalism commentary reviews and fiction Unfortunately this app on an iPhone 6 makes all of it impossible to read The type is so large its almost cartoonish and the text adjustment button only makes it bigger As they say in France le sigh    Unreadable
I love the New Yorker and have been trying for years to read it digitally Each version of the New Yorker app has been completely useless No amount of troubleshooting will get it to work Dont understand why Conde Nast cant get it together Its not complicated This is a black and white magazine    Useless
Subscription only gives you half each issue Somewhere in each issue the app decides you need to buy another subscription to continue reading Its not worth the bother    You have to relogin in every 15 minutes
Stick to browser this app is defective beyond reason Tech support also mindnumbingly inept    Never works
Doesnt recognize my subsçription on my iPad forcing me to read issues on my tiny iPhone screen I see others have had the same complaint for months Surprisingly poor performance for a media giant like Condé Nast do they even READ these posts    Horrendous App
to sign in to unsubscribe    so difficult
Everything was going well having the magazine available for iPad One could get started on the next issue before the printed copy arrived This new version has set us back years It is a disorganized mess       Cochlearius
I was taken aback by the negative reviews of this app I find it literally the best reader out of all the magazines I subscribe to Its easy to navigate and I actually prefer reading the magazine in the app over the hardcopy I highly recommend it                Great reader
Please update your app Im a really avid reader of newyorker    Cannot update library
Crashes hard to paginate with any stability does not link to latest news on website updates make matters worse lousy customer support If you try to link your account on safari it will give you page limit warning Safari viewing will not stay logged in no matter what you try They must not care about digital    Smart mag dumb app
Have had the iPad version for several years When I bought my new IPad had to sign in anew Kept getting authentication failed message Called The New Yorker support number as directed in email but was told they could not help because they had no record of my subscription because it was digital only and I had to contact Applesent them an email have yet to hear back that was several weeks agonot worth the hassle    Terrible Customer Support
How could such a sophisticated publication located in the largest and richest city in the world have such a clunky app Drops my cookie and when I try to log in again refuses to recognize me Now it insists on my visiting iTunes to set notifications and when I try to keeps popping up with the same instructions Fix it or lose me    Horrible App
Why not assign James B Stewart to find why this app doesnt work better       Investigative Report
The New Yorker is probably the best magazine currently being published and the iPad app does a nice job of delivering the content Im a print subscriber but the new issue is automatically downloaded every Monday for me 23 days before the postal service gets it to me The app is easy to use and nicely organized Id hate to be without it                Great content delivered well
Dont really support iPad 1 any more not iOS 7No search or broad access to archivesContinuous scrolling is awkward Such a high quality and wealthy mag should and could do better       Mediocre
I love being able to have the digital version of the issue for my daily commute Much less cumbersome than trying to whip out the magazine on the A train BUT Im really getting sick of opening the app to discover that Ive somehow lost the issue I just downloaded and have to occupy myself some other way on the train where theres no cell reception to redownload Does it have to become part of my morning routine 1 shower 2 dress 3 breakfast 4 make sure New Yorker hasnt disappeared from my phone inexplicably Argh       Should have to download an issue only once


Condé Nast Digital
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 4.0

iOS The New Yorker Magazine 4.0 Mobile

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