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The McClatchy Company , the publisher behind many iOS app (Ledger-Enquirer E-Edition , ,The Fort Worth Star Telegram for iPad ,E Centre Daily Times for the iPad ,Capital Update for iPad ,KentuckySports – Your University of Kentucky sports news and recruiting source.), brings The Sacramento Bee with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. The Sacramento Bee app has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
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Great fast news app for Sacramento area readers. found in 1 reviews
I get up to the minute information about my community. found in 2 reviews
temp font too small. found in 1 reviews
I recommend it for everyone living in the greater Sacramento area. found in 3 reviews
Nice breaking news feature gives you updates during the day. found in 3 reviews
Send them a photo or video right from your phone. found in 1 reviews
Highly recommend - news is always up to date. found in 3 reviews
It's fast and concise. found in 1 reviews
and anybody interested in news from Northern California. found in 1 reviews
Minor annoyances - Loads a little slow. found in 1 reviews
breaking news alerts and real time updates. found in 1 reviews
Great app for news junkies. found in 2 reviews
I will gladly pay for an app without such obtrusive ads. found in 1 reviews
please update to include this function. found in 1 reviews
the ads are less intrusive than they used to be. found in 1 reviews
Great first attempt. found in 1 reviews
Since I already have a print subscription. found in 1 reviews
The content isn't good enough to bother. found in 1 reviews
Current version is blurry on iPad screens. found in 1 reviews
iPad support please. found in 1 reviews
You now have to log in to view content. found in 2 reviews
Also one can't change the order of the news topics. found in 1 reviews
Fix this and it'll get 5 stars. found in 1 reviews
but wouldn't it help to have twitter for iPhone as an option. found in 1 reviews
It's asking me to subscribe again. found in 1 reviews
What's with the Ads. found in 1 reviews
No more sac bee app. found in 13 reviews
There is nothing on this app worth paying to view. found in 8 reviews
and now they want you to pay for a subscription. found in 5 reviews
You could've charged a fee in iTunes but a subscription fee. found in 3 reviews
I will get news for free elsewhere. found in 3 reviews
the updated app crashes at startup under iOS 7. found in 8 reviews
This app was poor before it was no longer free. found in 5 reviews
Poor Tech Support. found in 2 reviews
Poor poor decision to start charging to read online. found in 2 reviews
I paid for a subscription specifically to read offline. found in 25 reviews
If you want to increase readership Sac Bee. found in 28 reviews
so sad sacramento bee. found in 8 reviews
Pay for substandard articles and poor news coverage. found in 2 reviews
Now they want to charge a subscription to use it. found in 8 reviews
App deleted & thinking about canceling my paper subscription. found in 3 reviews
Need a paid account I will get my news elsewhere. found in 9 reviews

The The Sacramento Bee is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version has been released on 2014-11-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about The Sacramento Bee check developer The McClatchy Company`s website :

The Sacramento Bee news: Put The Bee in your pocket for anytime, anywhere access to local and California news and information. Latest Sacramento news, weather, events, blogs and photos Up-to-the-minute updates on California politics and ...
Since I subscribe to the print version I frequently find a story I d like to share with someone who does not With the confusing top line of types of stories where you find duplicate entries galore and seldom any features beyond insipid sports writing not including Joe Davidson who is first class you have to look through all the headings under each banner to see if the article you want might be there I don t understand why the website wouldn t organize under more traditional headings Top Stories National News International News Local News Business Sports Opinion and then Features or special groups of features like Food Nor do I understand why there is no search function to use so you don t have to scroll through all the entries to see if your article can be found All the stories now are in digital form Pay some competent web designer to have the site do a far better job of mirroring the printed version Thanks for the opportunity to comment         Difficult and clumsy Tik Tok
This app is worthless     No e Edition Bilbothejust
This app could have stood out but removing the Print Addition was a terrible mistake For those that have and do read a Newspaper this app leaves one disturbed Why remove the only reason one would open the app in the first place The bee has had such a problem over the years with its beliefs and tactics to influence that now it s continuing to shut out its true customers SAD DAY FOR THE BEE yes Newspapers are failing and they are failing on there on accord Now I remove all of my adds A whole new group of inexperienced reporters and the Lose of Denny Walsh and Peter Hecht just to name a few have hurt the Bee Replacing them with young kids that are Cheap is one way to so some kind of profit You have the opportunity to do it write with the Finest Reporters but I have yet to see fair reporting Your down on the GOP but support Idiots that FLIP OF THE COUNTRY The bee is a Rag Now and has been for years Start telling the truth our News Reports will start soon and we are building a list of media outlets that twist Facts We will twist the outlet and Correct the truth New Day and your old rag did not keep up Too bad your people running this rag must have their heads in the sand     Bad App The Guy!!
I use multiple news apps and this by far is the worst Hard to search Hard to send links Hard to read If I want to find an article I ve read in the Bee I usually end up googling key words to find it after several minutes of frustration on this app     Review
Worse update ever Can t navigate anywhere Many ads yes I know you have to make money somehow I now pay almost 40 a month for crap I can t read Time to cancel the subscription I guess     No stars for you smaarty
Hard and complicated to navigate No where to submit letters to the editor Needs a lot of human factor engineering to make it easy to use     Terrible Cajy
Crashes after reading about at least four stories Always getting bumped off Might have to delete app and reinstall             Crashes Shoshorongo
Hey why did you feel compelled to update anything other than security issues with your previous app It is hard to navigate and the screens are inconsistent I often get lost trying to view the various sections of the paper The current version of the paper often will not download despite repeated attempts to access the current news with the recent file Additionally the pop up adds are annoying as hell     Poorly implemented Tod Bice
I loved opening the old app and looking at the newspaper just like the paper copy The new edition is confusing and difficult to use I dislike the font when you open an article difficult to read The ads are annoying and take time to close out I have recommended the e edition to my friends I will no longer do so     No no Roseville Reader
The internet version of the Bee is a joy to read                 Nice Rxck X
I just upgraded the app and now it won t open on my iPad     Won t open Tim and Sue
Where is the search function Why can t I access puzzles crossword sudoku which can be found easily via Google through an internet browser but are replaced by a subscribe now page halfway through solving the puzzle but there s no way to log in You need to rethink this right away With this crummy redesign coupled with your pink slipping of writers Marcus Crowder Chris Macias and Blair Anthony Robertson while keeping Marcos Breton employed I am thisclose to canceling my subscription     Horrible redesign Jackson Griffith
One star only because I couldn t rate it ZERO This is the worst improvement ever I want my newspaper back even if it is a liberal rag     Awful Larryismad
The new changes make it more difficult to see and find stories quickly I don t use this app as much anymore sadly because I like to read my local news first It s a pain The Old app was better BBC and Foxnews have much better formats use on an iPad         Changes Not great JJHistory
Liked the old version better     Don t like it Vwrod
A cluttered clunky disjointed app as if they tried to get too fancy     Bee online MW&
Very disappointing Without the Print Version it is no longer a news paper It is just a limited and bias source of news The navigation and news paper feeling is gone as will be your readers     Very Disappointing V Owens
They want you to pay for news crap crap crap     Crap
Cant search for the section I want Cant find local daily obits Cant read like a paper like NYT app Id rather stick to the New York Times I will probably cancel Bee when subscription expires     Poor
Even though its a mobile app it would be nice to have the option of seeing a virtual image of the real paper And the articles are pared down from the actual paper And where are the comics        You dont get any whole articles
Have closed and shut down the phone and the notification wont disappear Annoying as all get out Ready to uninstall the app     Cant get rid of notification
Why would the bee make a change to turn away customers This is an ad based service I used and now without warning you want to charge but keep all the ads No where do you explain this change or advise how to pay or what it would cost Id consider paying 12 what youre asking just to support the bee charitable donation really since the news is EVERYWHERE but then I read your paid subscribers cant get access either REALLY dumb move     Why why why
The Bee recently made an upgrade to this app so despite my being billed twenty cents a week for it I cant log in to get the news unless I allow third party and advertiser cookies into my phone which I dont want to do This app basically just recycled articles that are in The Bee newspaper but I used it for top breaking stories Now that I cant get in Ill probably get a CNN or other news app The Bee app also had an interesting Sac 911 feature that would have crime stories that dont fit into the pathetically thin hard copy and they removed that feature on a recent upgrade too I worked for The Bee for 13 years and it was nightmarish and hostile albeit with great benefits which is why I suffered the torture to a point so Im not gonna take a lot of BS from this app     This used to be a good app
Cant get rid of a notification medallion     Poor Tech Support
I purchased the online subscription so that I could read the content when offline on my iPad To my surprise I still cant access most articles in offline mode I update the latest edition data while connected to the internet before I leave the house but still cant access all articles 20 minutes later I paid for a subscription specifically to read offline The site is not very user friendly for navigating I will be canceling promptly Hey SacBee You should take some tips from the SF Chronicle They have it figured out and its much easier to navigate on their app     Zero Stars is a more appropriate rating
The iOS 7 design is an improvement the ads are less intrusive than they used to be and the push notification feature on breaking stories works Their team is clearly getting better Hope it keeps heading in this direction and at a fast pace           Getting better
Need a paid account I will get my news elsewhere     I would give zero stars if I could
This App has regressed since the earlier version It gets hungup too often     This App is not good
The print edition is horrible and now the app is useless Cant access the news which I guess isnt a total loss because its usually in error at the Bee regardless Where is a good alternative Sacramento online paper     It keeps getting worse
They want you to create an account now Its not worth it     Im not going to log in
If you open the app go to SettingsPrivacy PolicyDrop Down Menu You find what appears to be a beta redesign With all the news But dont press the back button itll kick you back I hope theres a fix in the mix Would be nice to hear from the news source about the issue        Isnt working But check this out
I have had this app since version 10 in 2010 The current version 541 is the worst EVER I called the Sacbee and spoke to their tech support and they told me they DONT have an iPhone app The more I argued the fact that they do he hung up on me When I called back I asked to speak to a supervisor they told me one would call me back shortlyit is now 3 days later and no call back nor will they reimburse me my weekly fee on this nonworkable app So now they make money on something they know dont work An app is only as good as the tech support behind it DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP     A piece of crap
This app has been out for quite awhile and its hard to believe its been this bad for so long The latest version frequently crashes Previous sections are now missing and you cant search Stay away     Ugh
I like the app but the last update removed or hid sharing           Great app if you could share articles
Cant view articles unless you sign into an account     Account required
This app was great to get news while traveling Now that you have to sign in and pay I will get my news elsewhere     Done
The app no longer works Wont load and soon crashes     Bad Update
It has major problems wait until bugs from the update are fixed before downloading     BeeApp
You now have to log in to view content I will NOT be doing that However Ive found that if you exit the app when youre asked to login and then you revisit a few minutes later than your content magically becomes available        Annoying
This used to be free and surprise Its not anymore I will my news elsewhere     What the heck
A lot of good info but the app blocks the articles and wants me to log Into a blog that I cant sign up for     Mechanical issues
The apps crashes all the time Ive asked help from their tech dept but they never respond     Very buggy
When asked to pay just delete the app and reinstall Works everytime           I have found
Asks for my password to access articles I log in and it says I dont have an active subscription even though my credit card bill states I am still paying them 695 a month     Im done
Go back to the old version of the app Sections are missing in the new version that were in the old version Latest stories will keep bringing up stories that was posted several hours before as if they were new How can your readers keep up on new news when you keep posting older stories Just go back to the version before this update     Poor update
Unable to do a search function Cannot find archived articles Would like to see whole pages like on the iPad or mini The iPhone 6 plus is a phablet and should support the same format as an iPad mini        Teacher
It will sometimes pull up the wrong article when you tap on the headline if voice over is enabled This is annoying for someone who is blind and is trying to read the articles the Merced Sun Star has the same problem since the company owns both applications I assume it is something within the code themselves     Bad update for accessibility
The SacBee has never been my first choice for news but I hung onto them for local stuff Theyve added a paywall and any of the relevant stories are stuck beyond it Its about 65 a year for digital access Not for me I will be uninstalling     Paywall
Really unhappy with this app and its support     Bad App
Where did the crime section go     Bad update
Considering how many free news outlets there are Im surprised they switched to a pay service Definitely not worth paying for     Terrible app that I now need to pay
Wont let me access the digital services Ive paid for Doesnt recognize my subscription Bummer     None
I am a digital subscriber Lately when I access on my iPhone I am required to enter my email and password every time I pull up an article Why cant the system remember by login Makes reading the Bee very annoying     So annoying
As with other reviews why change Death Notices and exclude local obituaries     Dont like new version
The notification function of this app need to be fixed they stay on forever        Problems
Id rather read the Bee on a browser     Latest upgrade kept me offline for weeks
I like this app for the news but you recently changed the death notices now only ppl that you think matter celebrities or wanna be celebrities are important enough for you to publish Im sure glad my uncle who just die doesnt warrant any notice insert sarcasm way to go Now I will be deleting this app     Obituary
Sacbees not worth paying for Good bye Id give it no stars but the review wont let me     Deleted
I got so fed up with the notification number not going away even after closing the app and shutting down the phone that I uninstalled the app and reinstalled itand its STILL there So annoying     Notification wont go away
I am forced to sign in each and every time I access articles Inconvenient     Signin
Primary source for my local news Could get better if photos match the headlines an Obituary that includes regular folks like the paper has and not just celebrities and leaders and an option to remove ads           Good app Few suggestions
Junk     Unstable and unusable
Doesnt work Used to read the Bee daily still a daily subscriber to the paper version Deleted the app from my phone iPad and am now considering canceling my actual home delivery because the online presence is so bad     Worthless App
Technologically lame The Bee covers one thing levees Otherwise its editorials are vapid the news very slanted to what cause the Bee is pushing Such as the inane corporate sports arena     Not a real newspaper
Before the update was a relatively ok app Not worth it     Deleted after lousy update
Worst app ever Horrible before even worse now Whos running the place     WiTF
This is a pos app Why does it always end after three or four days It only gets less than one star Why change the obit section     Pos

The Sacramento Bee NewsThe Sacramento Bee NewsThe Sacramento Bee NewsThe Sacramento Bee NewsThe Sacramento Bee NewsThe Sacramento Bee NewsThe Sacramento Bee NewsThe Sacramento Bee NewsThe Sacramento Bee NewsThe Sacramento Bee News

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