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Bulkypix , the publisher behind many iOS games (Crazy Piano! ,Crazy Escape ,Lightopus ,Save Yammi HD Lite ,RPM: Gymkhana Racing ,Another World - 20th Anniversary), brings The Sandbox with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. The Sandbox games has been update to version 1.04 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This game is a good time passer..
  • not sure about replay value..
  • I like the old school look to the game..
  • Fun keep it coming with the add ons..
  • this is a great and original game..

Overall Satisfactionc81
I would really like some more ways to earn free mana.
Needs more ways to get mana More elements.
Almost every update contains even more elements and campaigns.
No more elements.
This is an amazing game with endless possibilities and fun.
Amazing game but so sad.
I always play this game now it's one of my favorite games.
It crashes every time I open it was my favorite game.
just proves that genus can be found even on free games.
I recommend this game to the people that like minecraft.
In app purchases don't work I don't recommend this game.
Best game I've played since portal came out on steam.
This is a wonderful game that inspires creativity to me.
Fun & Engagingc81
It's an awesome game everyone must have it.
I would really like some more ways to earn free mana.
Needs more ways to get mana More elements.
Almost every update contains even more elements and campaigns.
No more elements.
A super fun creative game that is aptly named.
It's a really fun game that I came across while searching the app store.
Other than that it's a creative game and really fun.
Amazing pixel / physics / chemical simulation that is surprisingly fun and addicting.
Its a pretty fun little game to mess around with.
but not enough to actually use real money to unlock everything.
almost everything costs Mana and it is hard to obtain Mana.
I love this game I play it every day it's addicting.
Value for Moneyc46
and this certainly isn't a good enough game to spend money on.
Possible to pass the game without spending money though.
they each make you buy a new element.
Replay Valuec77
I want more levels and more space to play in.
I wish there were more levels.
There is no zoom tool on any of the new levels.
not sure about replay value.
I've had this app for awhile and it never gets old.
It's so fun and challenging at the same time.
Although I'm a little surprise how soon it gets repetitive.
but gets repetitive.
Production Valuesc90
I love the pixel graphics.
I like the pixel graphics.
Ease of Usec79
the gameplay is simple and fun and addicting.
Great game so simple and fun.
I love this game keep the updates coming.
My game keeps crashing before I can get into the title screen.
xD I am still eagerly waiting for it to be fixed.
There is a bug in this game that NEEDS to be fixed.
i redowload the app and it says verification failed.
Updates & Supportc37

Good pixel quality and graphics and very interesting game. found in 22 reviews
Lots of fun and allows for creativity on the go. found in 7 reviews
The Sandbox is a game that lives up to its name. found in 4 reviews
Sand box taught me so much now I can make glass. found in 107 reviews
Other than that it's a creative game and really fun. found in 63 reviews
This is a very entertaining game with endless possibilities. found in 17 reviews
It is a really great game for the creative people. found in 19 reviews
You can even make music or simple circuits with lights. found in 8 reviews
It is my favorite game on my iPod I play it everyday. found in 13 reviews
I even think its better than minecraft a little bit. found in 12 reviews
Though overall the game is awesome for all ages to play with. found in 10 reviews
The gamecenter achievements don't work and it's hard to get mana. found in 22 reviews
You're forced to spend money after the first few rounds. found in 98 reviews
Needs some more ways to earn mana and needs more animals. found in 207 reviews
Great game but I'm not getting the free mana every day. found in 15 reviews
This is a great game but it crashes way too much. found in 7 reviews
So please fix the daily mana glitch. found in 14 reviews
There's an error needed to be fixed. found in 43 reviews
It won't let me change the brush size. found in 72 reviews
Ive done all the challenges i can and still dont have enough. found in 14 reviews
Awesome game but it crashes occasionally and needs more ways to earn free mana. found in 228 reviews
I can't finish story mode because I can't buy elements. found in 14 reviews
This game crashes whenever I try to load one of the worlds I created. found in 25 reviews
I don't get daily mana and the reset purchases doesn't work :. found in 13 reviews
they build in place but don't move. found in 6 reviews
but after this update the brush sizes won't work at all. found in 107 reviews
I cant even get past level 13 because I still need more. found in 65 reviews
Another bug is when I click restore purchases it does nothing. found in 61 reviews
the next time I open the game I have to buy it again. found in 21 reviews
This is really irritating to me because I want to play the game. found in 32 reviews
When can you release a update to fix the black screen bug. found in 23 reviews
No way to get enough mana to play the game in story mode. found in 32 reviews
There is a bug in this game that NEEDS to be fixed. found in 43 reviews
you were almost forced to buy things with real money. found in 74 reviews
Whenever I try to load it up It wont work. found in 25 reviews
and this certainly isn't a good enough game to spend money on. found in 98 reviews
Why is it so shady about awarding the free daily mana. found in 47 reviews
Looks cool but it glitches out to much :. found in 41 reviews
but it's literally impossible to advance in this game without buying anything. found in 35 reviews
I'm having the cant make a name/ Internet connection problem. found in 67 reviews
Can't even finish the main game without having to spend money. found in 30 reviews
Some reason the accomplishments don't show up on my Game Center. found in 41 reviews
Great concept - but it's basically pay to play. found in 30 reviews
You cannot play this game without buying everything in game. found in 88 reviews
it just goes back to my home screen and doesn't play. found in 27 reviews
EVER since that alien update i cant restore purchases. found in 61 reviews
Impossible to buy all enviromental items without spending money. found in 34 reviews
Great game but kinda ridiculous to buy mana to progress further. found in 38 reviews
The game has problems with daily free mana. found in 31 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download The Sandbox for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 20.4 MB to download. The new The Sandbox app version 1.04 has been updated on 2014-11-29. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.1 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about The Sandbox check developer Bulkypix`s website :

The Sandbox is a unique powder game that provides you with your very own physics sandbox and gives you god-like powers, right on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad Imagine creating your own universe (complete ...
Just Wow                 Amazing
This is a awesome app you guy need to get it              Awesome
The skyscrapper is having some problems When I buy it it works fine but once you quit the game and then come back you must buy the skycrapper again Makes you waste mana Please fix              Nice but needs a fix
This is the best game                 Mine craft eat your heart out
I bought the campaigns and they were deleted booooooooooooo     The worst game ever
Please make it available for ipod 4g I loved this game I had it since it was released now its just unplayable Im really board     Cant play
This is cool it works my brain                 Cool game
Needs the following A new set of controllables and enemies with a set of levels Pixels and Dragons Knight can attack with sword block anything using shield and use a running attack with a horse Wizard shoots a fireball that burns an ice ball that freezes and an electro ball that electrifies Archer can shoot arrows Arrow ammunition for the archer Horse item for knight that gives it a running charge attack for one use Dragon a giant monster that can temporarily fly until needing to land to rest and shoot fire Dark knight an enemy of darkness Dark archer an archer of darkness Giant a giant monster that can punch and roar Some more heroes Shrink Man can shrink to two pixels tall and one pixel wide And able to control the avatar ninjas and brainiac together with the other controllables Another new set with levels called Adventures of Sandboxeus Sandboxeus A hero with strength and a sword Can slash with sword or use a shield to reflect lasers and projectiles Medusa A vile creature that turns living things into stone Cyclops Similar to the Giant but with a single angry eye Hoplite A Greek warrior with spear in hand Hydra A dragonlike beast with three heads Pegasus A controllable flying horse Catapult Can launch rocks that destroy castles                 Awesome but needs more
awesome enough said                 awesome
Do NOT get this game if you beat the game then it get really boring fast then you delete it and someday you will want it again and you have to restart Also the same thing happens when you get all elements you dont get it back     Terrible
Its a great game                
It was an amazing game I had been playing for over a year and unlocked so much Until IT DELETED ALL MY PROGRESS I HAD ALMOST EVERYTHING Piece of junk Do not play     If there was a zerostar rating I would put that
Overall this game blows my flippin mind but i recommended four new playable and non plable characters 1 Trex power to chomp through certain objects 2 Velociraptor power to jump high and far and climb walls 3 Pteranodon power two fly and pick up certain characters 4 Triceratops power to ram through certain objects Please review if you agree                 Dinosaur plz
This is great but it could use a few more things              Great
This game is amazing                 Wow just wow
Get this wannabe paytoplay outta my face Wouldnt recommend it if I was given the moon at my right the sun at my left and the entirety of existence as payment     A Summary of this Game
I would rate this ZERO stars if I could THIS STUPID THING RESET ALL MY DATA WHEN I UPDATED I HATE THIS AND WILL DELETE IF IT ISNT FIXED SOON I now hate this game I used to think it was awesome and cool but now its just stupid and annoying update was kind of fixed I still need about 500000 mana Also now NO NONE ZILCH daily challenges work There was a glitch and 3500 mana went away Nothing was bought It just left This is like impossible If my data wasnt reset TWICE I would be happier BUT NOW I only have the BASIC elements I still need about 300000 unused mana and about 400000 mana to buy stuff It also wont restore my purshases I had gotten a bunch of campaigns when they were free or 50 off and now I have to pay for ALL of them again     HORRIBLEDONT GET
The game deleted my campaigns that I bought and it wont let me restore it after update fix and I will be happy     Cant play shiiiitttt game
I love the mechanics of this game Occasionally a little buggy especially as a game builder but the elemental interactions are well done infinitely entertaining My fav iPhone game by far good job ps 1 change I would love to have the smog created by burning coal interact with other elements moved by wind or bond w water some way to clean it up                 clever world builder
Bring money                 Really fun
I was wrong This game is actually fantastic Love it already                 I was skeptical
Cant even play it without having to spend my money If I knew Id have to spend money before hand I wouldnt be complaining     Money Hungry
I started and it logged me of to home on iPod 4 touch     This is horrible
So cool                 Awesomeness
The elements that are free or discounted cant be bought most of the time and still come up full price           Freediscounted element never work
Mostly very fun but earning mana is made much too difficult A daily free task for mana would likely increase app consumption              Pretty good
Its a really good game I like it but I just wish I could use the old controls for movable characters like the ninjas and jones where you could have a joystick like dot not the new arrows              Bring back old controls
Like 2D minecraft creative mode Many elements creatures flora Currency mana is award in daily challenge Can create elaborate ecosystems scenes cities farms pixel art and machines There are campaigns available to buy with or mana There are frequent updates and it never gets old                 Absolutely Awesome
I had all of the elements now thats gone and glitches              Bugs
This is the best game ignore all other reviews it is amazing And no Internet except for when you look at others worlds but I have a suggestion a way to make bigger worlds this would help me out so much and I mean like x10 bigger please take this into consideration if you read this this would inspire a lot better builds and I think thats a good thing                 Best game
Very fun simple and imaginative                 Great game
I would have to say the sandbox is the best AppStore gamei would like to say that you people who say its a rip off game of danballs powder game are wrong ITS NOTHING LIKE THIS But this game is growing and growingso Keep growing no matter what haters sayI have had many data problems with this but it aint gonna stop me from pixle arting and level building So I give 5 stars PS Please never make this with limited recourses on elements Please                 Best AppStore game
This game is so fun This game should make more updates though because after you unlocked everything it just get boring You should be able to play more campaigns overtime                 Amazing
I think this game is awesome but for some reason It crashes when I try to use the truck elements GUI Please fix otherwise best game next to Minecraft                 Love it but problem
Cools                 Addicting
Awesome                 Great
Funnn                 Funnn
Its a good game a lot of stuff but they should make it so u have more room to make stuff           Ehhhhhh
It has been at least 5 updates now and its still not compatible for the IPod touch I will delete this game from my device but I will download it again when it is fixed I loved this game when I first played it It gave me freedom to destroy and create whatever I want Though most things were overpriced it was worth it when I bought it I really do hope you guys can make it compatible with more devices Until then this app will not be on my device        Very disappointed
Its fun but the constant buy me this and that is no bueno     Money Hungry App
Its not really a sandbox if you have to pay in game currency to actually build things and the only way to get that in game currency efficiently is to pay real money to pay for a game made by money hungry developers Its a good game with really good details and physics But the only downer is the overpriced crap Also this app stole everything it ever new from powder game        Not a sandbox
I really like the new update but for me when I play it crashes a lot when I spam the meteor button with the new mutation                 Awesome new playable mutation
Its k                 Its a cool game
I know the title is kind of long so if you cant read it it says Element Creator or Animatronic powder for robots Those who havent heard of my use for an animatronic powder would be for Five Nights At Freddys maps If you at least havent heard of THAT Im amazed Its extremely popular For Element Creator I bet were all sick of waiting forever for what a new campaign with ONE new element We hate that Especially if you cant DO every campaign as much as you want to Also saving up all your mans for a new element that you dont even KNOW ITS FULL USE Im looking at you Mutagem I only know it can make humans into acid spitting thingies Ive experimented with EVERYTHING I HAVE THATS ALIVE So maybe just MAYBE we could create our OWN ELEMENTS Genius am I right Great game Pixowl Great game Please please PLEASE add this                 Element Creator or Animatronic powder for robots
Renncurneucherunc                 San d
Meep                 Mep
This game is amazing                 Awsome
This is a major RipOff of DanBalls Powder Game Viewer And I got evidence First off this game mocks off of Powder Game Viewer with its Pixel Creating ability And let me go ahead and say IVE SEEN NOTHING CLOSE TO POWDER GAME VIEWER EXCEPT THIS GAME Secondly the game also stole elements from the game Best way to prove is the Seed item You place it on Soil Big rip from the Powder in Powder Game Viewer and then it grows Same thing in Powder Game Viewer Now yell at me all you want on theres different items than Powder Game Viewer But without a doubt this game is a HUGE ripoff from Powder Game Viewer     This Game is a RipOff
Theres A bug on the update I cant ever play it againplease please please fix this it had every item in the game    

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