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The Star-Ledger LLC , brings The Star-Ledger for iPad with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. The Star-Ledger for iPad app has been update to version 2.5 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPad owner,you now can download The Star-Ledger for iPad for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 2.9 MB to download. The new The Star-Ledger for iPad app version 2.5 has been updated on 2014-11-02. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
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The Star-Ledger is the largest newspaper serving NJ and ranks among the top newspapers nationwide. With the largest newsroom in the state, it is distinguished for its outstanding coverage of the Statehouse, sports, politics, business ...
The first version of the app also had lots of problems and at times this is no better You fired most of the live staff you should have the money to invest in a decent digital program         the 2nd lousy app they used disgruntled customer 2
What happened I am a digital subscriber Today the app on my iPad stopped working Tried everything I could think of Please help     Cannot get paper on iPad Cxxopi
This is the worst app I have ever used It never ever works I have called customer service at least 12 times at the Star Ledger and they can t help Just useless I would not even give this App 1 Star but the system made me     Worst App Ever Mary KK
I was discontinued from auto renewal after once month of success No explanation Told to call star ledger They told me to call iTunes Clearly something is not working and star ledger doesn t have a clue Too bad I would like to see paper survive     Payment does not work Saluterinobis
This latest upgrade is a disaster Sporadically accepts sign in but usually shows invalid username password message Have called Support five times and they are helpless After a month of this today I was told they are having difficulty with Apple devices but it will be fixed soon Maybe another week Maybe someone should write a newspaper article about how badly this was launched UPDATE After 4 months of screwing around with intermittent downloading and a hapless service department I am cancelling The new message today is that there is no internet connection when in fact there is No great loss I suppose since most days over half of every issue is public notices     Worst Ever STILL Alfio52
I have been reading the Star Ledger on my iPad whenever the physical paper doesn t show up It wasn t slick but worked fine My paper didn t arrive in time this morning so I opened the app and discovered the new super slow inaccessible version Doesn t recognize my long time log in credentials The buttons don t even behave like buttons The button labels are selectable text so when I tap iOS gives me the option to copy the text instead of triggering the action Please give me back the PDF in an app version     Horrible saut
I ve edited my review since after persistent calls and a long wait on hold I got a supervisor who reset my account and gave me a password After deleting and reinstalling the app it works So adding one star but it s still low due to unbelievably poor customer service If you still want to use this app you ll have to have the patience to get someone to help you         Terrible Edward :) Blood
Constantly asking me to save my registration Most often accepts a let s me in Sometimes it says it will and then it won t I ve seen some bad apps from other publications so I can t say it is the worst ever but it is not reliable When it works it is maybe 3 5 stars         Sometimes it works NJAv8Er
what does it take to get this app working I use an iPad and have no access in Safari I have to use Firefox Even in Firefox the screen is jumpy and goes back to the beginning of an article as I scroll down I ve made repeated calls and the reps are as frustrated as I am The Star Ledger is losing subscribers to the hard copy which rarely comes on time and now this fiasco     Absolute DISASTER Randolph nj
7 28 update worked fine for a few days last week and then went right back to not loading the digital edition I did figure out a workaround First you load the digital edition it usually doesn t load When that happens you close the app and double click on the home button and swipe the app away Then you click on the app again when it loads you click on the digital edition and it loads How long I am going to put up with this I don t know but at least for now I can read the paper Come on Star Ledger get this fixed It s not like this should be rocket science The new app is much worse than the original app It is spotty as to which pages it will download on any given day and the digital edition doesn t always focus when you zoom in to read an article When it does focus it takes forever It s not my iPad because I have the lasted and fastest version I have had to delete and reload the app 4 times since its release to get it to work When is the leadership of the Ledger really going to move into the 21st century and stop introducing these amateur newspaper apps I subscribe to the WSJ and their app works every day and provides a relaxing reading experience If this isn t fixed soon I am going to cancel my subscription and get my news from NJ com and NJ1015 com     New app is way worse than the original app Update 7 28 Roholla
I am wasting my money I can t access the paper Digital access subscriber only For an industry struggling for revenues you are pushing a lot of loyal buyers away     What the hell jjfurb
Tell me why anyone loads an app that they never fully tested This app is HORRIBLE One day it works and then nothing but error messages Customer service continues to give you the line that it is being worked on and should be fixed in a week Now 4 weeks have passed and it s still garbage How embarrassing for them I wish they had as much difficulty charging me for this crap wish I also could give it zero stars and has anyone notice anything in their newspaper about this disaster     Worse app ever NFL010
Very disappointed I read the Star Ledger cover to cover for many years with the former app Now I log in each day but have not been able to read more than a handful of articles since the change I fear SL has any future if they cannot fix this     Useless app bring back the firmer app InvisibleChezburger
I have been a subscriber to the paper for a long time The app was always glitchy but since Sunday I can t get on I have been talking to Apple and to The Star Ledger They ve been trying to help but no one can I finally am unsubscribing I am mad I hope they fix the app     Horrible Jamie216
App for iPad should be rated ZERO Update was a flop Why is it taking so long to fix     Doesn t work Puttergirl
We are longtime subscribers and switched to the digital version about 6 months ago Except for getting locked out 2 other times due to changes on their end we were pleased Today we were unable to log in to our account I called Customer Service and was told they changed the app and that I would need to re register He told me their system was down but he would send me a link to re register Never got the email so we didn t get our digital paper today We like to be loyal customers but whoever is in charge of this digital version should be fired It looks like they now want us to subscribe through ITunes Don t understand     Star Ledger digital subscription no longer works Leslie susan
This update is horrendous Please don t roll out an update unless you know that it actually works You are going to lose customers including this one Why do I have to log in every day Then when I try I only can access the digital version when the app decides to open So frustrating     Awful update Sue0813
If zero stars was available this app would be it Also why try to force a purchase via iTunes when I already pay via credit card You really want to lose a subscriber don t you     Horrid 12LoyalReader5
Contacted Bamboozled about this app since it didn t work with in app purchase They found the right person finally who called me to say as of last update this app no longer works with in app purchase and you must sign on with user ID and password and payment from circulation department DO NOT ENABLE IN APP PURCHASE OF MONTHLY AUTO RENEWING SUBSCRIPTION     STOP DO NOT DOWNLOAD sysengr
You are unable to get the paper delivered to my home early enough for me to read before going to work In desperation I finally succumb and use my iPad the old version was borderline torture You update to this new improved version which is pure garbage I really have to log in each and every day Then there are those days like today where I am unable to log in at all Shame on any and all responsible for this debacle hey it s 8 30 maybe the paper version has finally been delivered     Agreed this is the worst app ever frustrated with your service
It just won t work Constantly loads and gets nowhere for 11 00 a month Another day still nothing done to fix the app and no paper Been two weeks Time to ask for some money back     Same as others mrllnfn
Like many others I m a digital only subscriber and a long term 30 year subscriber of the Star Ledger You are disenfranchising a loyal customer base The app works a random 3 out of 14 days since launch When it does work there are frequently pages missing This is clearly a wide spread issue yet there has been no acknowledgment of the issue no proactive communication on what s being done to address this when it will be resolved how you plan to make good etc Ironically the automatic billing system that processes monthly subscription payments works just fine Come on Star Ledger You can do better than that     What are you thinking S L Vjsviking
Today I deleted the app and reloaded it and it still doesn t work The old app worked just fine for years I am actually tempted to just stop my subscription altogether     Not Working Pattydoc17
I have a paid subscription to the Ledger but this update ignores that and won t let me in I will call tomorrow to cancel my sub This change is a POS     Awful update KMK1069
Can you imagine if this fiasco was done by a government agency It would be on the front page and editorial lead Still doesn t work no communication from Ledger and a link today reminding you to sign up     Still doesn t work no word from Ledger B306
I have beed a long time digital only subscriber and had no problems with the Olive digital edition on the PC and later with the app when I got my first iPad As with everyone else the new app doesn t recognize my user ID I called customer service last Sunday and was told the new app had an unexpected glitch and I was given instructions as to how to view the paper with Safari which I had figured out already and which is awkward The most frustrating part of all this is the daily email from the Star Ledger telling me to view the paper in the wonderful new app It would be much more appropriate to be sending us emails apologizing for the issue and advising a time frame for correcting the problem     New Version Doesnt Work Mshumeyk
Similar to other users am still unable to login to the app since the new update currently using a workaround of logging into the website and downloading the pdf version to iBooks     Update still not allowing logins Nosty68
This new app is terrible and I haven t been able to log on for a week Says my password is incorrect It s not Fix this now or I need to cancel     I agree Annieinnj
I ve used the electronic version of the Star Ledger since it was released Now this version will not recognize my username and password which renders it totally useless Please fix this quickly I want to support a local paper but won t if I can t access it through this app     Rubbish SRNJ
Terrible app It simply does not work     Gus Gus Milano
Locked out new app is terrible I can at least get in using internet no luck with this crappy app     Crap MrNak23
I have been a digital subscriber for quite a while Ever since the you rolled out the new App it is so horrible CAN NOT ACCESS THE DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTION SORRY YOU LEFT ME NO CHOICE BUT TO CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION     Poor Roll Out Disney345
Ditto other comments Day 1 of update no access Email came a day later and no info in actual paper Now day 3 and digital edition is showing only selected pages not including Page 1 No paper in driveway so again I m stuck Why do I have to sign in every day why is it so slow and why don t I get to see the whole paper Old version actually worked I suggest trying that approach Update couldn t access 6 19 despite multiple login attempts Next day got in first try Today Back to square one can t get in again Why is this so hard Fix it     Fix this NOW Lost Face
Who in all hell authorized this rollout I ve never seen anything this poorly presented 4 days now we ve been trying to get this Awful     Terrible rollout Avanti man
Old app worked fine New app gives you boxes with old news Fix this thing     Doesn t work Mimi4benandjack
I realize that it was important to update the platform but this roll out has so many glitches Four days of trying to access paper with no success I have read Star Ledger online for years since we live in Florida but still follow New Jersey news Highly frustrating process with literally no response to email Fix it now or put it back the way it was     Totally Non Functional Gradycodey
Yep got it to work ONCE yesterday and now I cannot log in There isn t a good way to log off and start over either Missing the front page yesterday but at least I could get in Today can t log in I was able to speak to customer service pretty quickly and got the usual advice all of which I d already done After raising the rates the service went down instead of up We were customers for close to 40 years and gave up on delivery quite a few years ago because they couldn t keep a carrier who actually delivered the paper every day Their only hope to survive is the digital version and this isn t looking good     Bad roll out bad updated version wideviewfarm
iPad app doesnt work and customer service is unresponsive In addition now when you go on vacation and suspend delivery no credit is given They must be kidding I canceled my subscription going to the Asbury Park Press     Dont waste your time
After waiting a few years for the Star Ledger to finally get an iPad app can you believe we get this Microscopic text changing focus after each page turn etc etc etc Can SOMEONE at the Ledger PLEASE just take a quick look at the Wall Street Journal app Just read ONE newspaper Then go back to this mess of an app and tell me what you think PLEASE     Are you kidding
Dont waste your time getting this I also liked the app previously when it worked but all of a sudden it stopped working and asked that I sign in which I did but it would not accept my password When I called the Star ledger they didnt have a clue Another reason to drop buying this paper besides their very liberal and biased viewpoint If I have to pay more per month for this app no thanks     no answers from Star Ledger
I was shocked at just how bad a job they did with this dont even waste your time on this one For years we have gotten the actual paper this online version is junk     This is a waste
Im disgusted that a few issues I saved recently seem to have disappeared Once it decides the issue is no longer recent it is GONE even if you downloaded it No warning A number of things I had wanted saved are now gone Thanks for nothing Canceling I cant access any of my late October and very early November issues     Doesnt really save older downloaded issues
Paper is readable but Please fast track improvements              Good first step
I uploaded App for my IPad it was working fine then all of a sudden it asked me sign in When I tried to no avail I called the Ledger and they stated I had to pay them another 1099 a month to be registered with the Ledger The 1099 I was already paying monthly was for the privilege of using the app R they serious     They Have Got to Be Joking
works well for me trying to read the digital replica edition was almost impossible before on my ipad this app is really nice                 works well

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