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Samuel Vermette , the publisher behind many iOS app (iDaft 2 ,The Transit App ,Shows ~ live music companion), brings The Transit App with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. The Transit App app has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Transit has knocked Routesy off my home screen..
  • The Transit App displays nearby routes along with real time arrival information..
  • I am impressed the simplicity of UI design compared Google Maps..
  • Best app for Chicago transit I have ever used..
  • I've told anyone I know that uses NYC transit..
Overall Satisfactionclick me92
Best transit app I have found for vancouver area.
Transit App Constantly Crashes.
Hands down the best public transportation app in the App Store.
Lovely UI and far better than google maps for transit details.
Even better than google maps or any other transit app that I've used.
This is the best and most accurate transit app out there.
Best multi -system transit app for iPhone.
Fun & Engagingclick me85
It seems to be awesome.
Usefulnessclick me86
By far the most useful transit app ever.
Extremely helpful and easy to use.
then there's everything else.
Much more useful than Google.
helps me decide how/when to depart.
Production Valuesclick me100
Interface is amazing.
The animations look great and are very subtle.
and the new iOS 7 update is absolutely stunning.
Ease of Useclick me93
Extremely helpful and easy to use.
there's finally a transit app with a beautiful and intuitive interface.
Intuitive and accurate with multiple routes bases on your GPS locations.
relatively simple.
the new widget is incredibly convenient.
Great app with a easy interface.
Reliabilityclick me34
the widget still need some work for the iPhone 6.
Updates & Supportclick me100
and the customer service ha always been fast.
easily readable and quick customer service.
0 version makes it nearly perfect.
This new version makes it pretty.


Transit is your personal bus stop. (see list of supported cities below)


Wherever you are, just pull Transit out of your pocket and quickly see the next departure for all the public transit routes (bus, metro, train) near you, in order of proximity. Not sure where a route is heading? Check out its itinerary. Looking for tonight`s departures? Pull up the full schedule.

The Transit AppThe Transit App
Tags :   transit ,   routes ,   location ,   schedules


The free version of Transit features:
- Schedules and itineraries for the closest 3 transit routes near you
- Location offsetting to see transit routes at another location
- Smart direction save, that remembers your preferred direction depending on your location
- Always up-to-date data for all supported Transit agencies


Purchasing a Transit subscription gives you access to the following additional features:
- Schedules and itineraries for all transit routes in a 1.5km radius
- Offline access to schedules and itineraries
- Favorites, to keep the routes you frequently use at the top of the list
- Downloadable city bundles
The Transit App


Transit works with the following transit agencies
- Montreal (STM, STL, RTL, AMT, other CITs)
- Toronto (TTC, GO Transit, YRT/VIVA, Grand River Transit, Guelph Transit, Hamilton Street Railway)
- Quebec City (RTC)


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download The Transit App for free from Apple Store. The application is available in multiple languages: English, French. It weighs in at only 1.7 MB to download. The new The Transit App app version 1.1 has been updated on 2014-11-25. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about The Transit App check developer Samuel Vermette`s website :


Doesn't give fare information so you can't plan ahead. found in 4 reviews
Only giving 4 stars since its missing real time bus locations. found in 14 reviews
I just wish I could get my one year subscription money back. found in 5 reviews
Annoying that start address / location auto updates. found in 1 reviews
Widget still doesn't load properly. found in 2 reviews
Please bring back:
but the Notification Center widget doesn't work. found in 9 reviews
Nice app but need more real time tracking for Atlanta. found in 2 reviews
the new update keeps crashing on me. found in 3 reviews
Easily 5 stars if the widget worked. found in 2 reviews
Upgraded to iO7 and app crashes within seconds after opening. found in 3 reviews
the widget needs improvement. found in 4 reviews
If it switches to using tracking data. found in 2 reviews
Great app but after the current update it crashes every time I try to use it. found in 3 reviews
-Exact stop points. found in 2 reviews
However it is annoying there is no iPad native version. found in 1 reviews
but it's still missing Culver City Bus tables. found in 7 reviews
but this current update keeps crashing -_-. found in 5 reviews
I'm deducting two stars because the widget still doesn't work. found in 10 reviews
- Bus numbers :
It often shows inaccurate bus times. found in 5 reviews
the schedules are inaccurate and caused me to miss the bus several times. found in 6 reviews
Commuter rail is useless. found in 7 reviews
Three updates that claim to fix the widget still haven't. found in 10 reviews
Widget doesn't seem to work in notifications. found in 9 reviews
Almost unusable for SF Bay Area travel. found in 10 reviews
Chicago users: doesn't use live times for trains. found in 4 reviews
everyone doesn't live in New York. found in 5 reviews
The new update keeps crashing. found in 5 reviews
Says it's supported but I can't even use the Trip Planner. found in 18 reviews
but bus locations and arrival times are quite wrong. found in 14 reviews
You better fix this before iOS 6 comes out. found in 17 reviews
Maybe then it'll be worth the subscription fee. found in 6 reviews
but for multiple routes you have to pay. found in 9 reviews
iPhone 320x480 1
iPhone 320x480 2
iPhone 320x480 3
iPhone 320x480 4
Icon 175x175 1
Its hard for me to navigate It told me a train will be here in 4 minutes I ran 4 blocks to no train because there was no train running today Now Im going to be extremely to an important meeting Hate hate hate    Hate it
This app is just amazing                Rate transit
This app does not accurately list what train is coming next and the time This is especially frustrating when already dealing with the unreliable MTA    Not accurate
Not a review writer here but I rely on this app so much This app legit makes commuting a breeze I take NJ transit which if youve been to port authority know how the schedules always manage to be messed up so Transit app saved the day with my daily commute big time Plus the creators seem pretty awesome by the language in the updates Kudos you guys rock                Had to write this review
Great app honestly I almost never take the time to write app reviews but this app is deserving of one I use this app every single day it is by far the best option for any type of public transit And you can use it in different cities The only thing I wish it had was a way to save commonly used trips                Everything in one place
The app worked somewhat for a time but about a month ago it went from mediocre to unusable On the Apple Watch it could only show times to work or to home I never could figure out how to add other preset locations There is absolutely no support available so I just deleted it    No longer works at all
Because of this app the best routes to wherever I want to get in Denver is instantly at my fingertips Those days when I might have chosen to drive because of uncertainty about my day and timing will now tip in favor of taking public transportation And that gives me more time to do rave reviews                I will use public transportation more
If you want to get somewhere thats no where near where you want to go then this is an app for you    Great App Until You Try To Use It
One the best and most simple UI Ive ever seen Very easy to use and the best part is all the info is on same view still the UI is very clean and user friendly Great job                Best UI
it does what it says and well Here in SJC is great frustration stems from the inaccurate data from VTAOn 1st day wapp I was able to direct someone to the correct location to catch their bus                Great
Finally realtime scheduling for NYC MTA trains No more guesswork or trying to calculate based on the MTAs confusing train schedule file                So Grateful
This doesnt work at all it doesnt show me bus to subway routes when it will arrive at all    Bring back HOPsTOP
Makes my commute so much easier and I am able to plan my day better Thank you                Best Free App I have
It will tell you how to get where youre going via subway but doesnt update service changes which really is awful I miss Hopstop          Subway changes are not updated
None of the times for the subway are correct Completely inaccurate    Useless app
Save yourself the frustration    The worst app I have ever used
This is a great app the best transit app Ive every used However every time when I need to negate to home I need to type in my full address all the time which frustrate me Can you add a function that I can bookmark my home address so that I dont need to type in all the time Thanks             Would like to bookmark an address
Great app I use it all the time                Fantastic
Its a better app But it only works when it wants    Ugh
Bad interface and I cant set home in iOS    Doesnt sync with Apple watch
Its a good app                Its cool
Its the best important app Ive found yet but Im not sure if it was just acting up today but I needed to get my bus schedule and the app just repeatedly crashes non stop all day today it hasnt fixed itself I restarted my phone but still nothing so hopefully theres an update to fix that issue its important for me at this point                Love it
Ive tried them all and this is the best                Best transit app
This is the best app                Good job
Google Maps is usually a go to just because its already on my homescreen and is top of mind I had to replace it with Transit though because its SO GOOD especially for busses which no other app here seems to do as well                This app works great in NYC
The almost live bus location is a life saver No more coming 10 mins early to a bus stop just in case the bus is running early Thank you for making like simpler                Best app Ive bought in a while
Nobody cares about the thing youve designed unless you can get them past the beginningThis team knocked it out of the park Awesome user experience Thanks for getting it right                Simply beautiful
The only thing Im sorry about this app is that I didnt find it earlier It could have saved so much time that I wasted from my life guessing where to go or what to takeI use this app in New York in San Francisco or LA and also works well in Florida It helped me out in London and many other places Incomparably useful for a frequent traveler like myselfIts user friendly and extremely helpful I can plan my trip on the go hopping on and off buses commuter trains or subwaysPS Make it working in Sweden and Norway too                Its just perfect
About time they make an app like this Super clutch                Thank you
It does everything it says it does Well Its awesome Works great But it cant find my dog so theres that                Its awesome
This is so efficient and a curate I love it Thank you for making my life easier                What a wonderful app
Unforgivably bad usability and functionality    Total POS get Embark instead
As close as you can come to perfect                Awesome
The app is the stuff of awesomeness so it can just get better Please add a driving option Since we have the best public transportation in the US you have to drive to get to any transit spot in LA Some of the metro lines have parking and you could totally indicate that Obv this is a transit app not a googleesque map but I can already see it becoming ultimate favorite to us Angelenos                Addons for LA
Successful in all meansfor all us without a carobviouslythank you for helping to get aroundApp TransitTeam                Extremely frakin good
Pretty much a perfect app I drive make less now                Great app
Ive been using transit for close to 2 yrs The developer is quick to respond and the app works well for me in NYC Also used in southern California If you have a 4s and iOS 9 mapstransit isnt available This app does the trick                Especially for you iPhone 4s users
Update 9182015I have the iPhone 5s And Apple Watch I still have the issue where the Apple Watch can not gather Location data Please FixThis is why I am giving this app 1 star It has been broken for some time now I have moves over to using CityMapper which works great    Bug on Apple watch cant access Current Location
Seriously It is practically perfect I have no complaints Bus Subway Ferry even Citibike AND Uber if you have that app I mean COME ON Why would you NOT have this app                Best NYC Metro App EVER
The bus and train times are all accurate and this is perfect for getting around town                Just perfect
Havent really used this app yet just opening the app lets me see the trains and buses I want with times So far I have to give it 5                Waayy Up
We live in a city without public transportation This app gave me the comfort to venture out into a city for 2 days without the fear of getting lost or left in an area I didnt want to be in                Awesome app for out of towners
Overall this app is just fine but there are some issues with its accuracy The biggest one seems to be a disconnect between Amtrak rail times and reality The same thing can be said for some of the bus lines It tells you one bus number but when you ask the bus driver they correct you and tell you completely different and correct one I might add bus number       Its okay
It would be great to have the fare show up somewhere when youre viewing a particular line Great app thanks             Great app would like fare info
The view of the application has surround transit times and shows the current location of the bus which is nice However for bus times specifically the estimations are unreliable          Nice interface accuracy needs work
Only criticism keeping it from five stars is that the alarms for specific times havent been workingNext bus times here in LA have been very accurate             Great app
Departure times are more accurate than Google Gives you real time updates Would be nice to offer usersubmitted updates too Construction late etc                Better than google maps
I live in Chicago and therefore depend on public transportation to get around every day This app is essential to my daily life and works as intended                Use it all the time
This app is a great idea and I pull it out every so often at the bus stop to check the general timing of things The reason I dont use it consistently is because it is only close to correct about 13rd of the time Perhaps The area in which I live HarlemEast Harlem isnt well supported for this service If the app was more accurate I would use it for every trip          Great concept mediocre consistency


Samuel Vermette
English, French
1.7 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.1
iPhone iPad

iOS The Transit App 1.1 Mobile

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