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The Weather Channel Interactive , the publisher behind many iOS app (The Weather Channel Max for iPad ,The Weather Channel® Max ,From The Edge ,Puzzle Trek ,The Weather Channel® ,OutSider - Your running, jogging, walking, and cycling app for sport, exercise, health and fitness, and workout tracking powered by The Weather Channel Labs), brings The Weather Channel® Max with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. The Weather Channel® Max app has been update to version 4.2.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This is the most accurate weather app there is..
  • detailed weather service alerts..
  • The 10 day forecast is very useful..
  • as are the hour by hour predications and the severe alerts..
Overall Satisfactionclick me39
Besides that it is hands down the best weather app in the App Store.
Was the best weather app - now it won't even open.
Very accurate too and much better than the free version.
One of the best weather app out there works really accurate weather love it.
The free version of an app should NEVER look better than the paid version.
Usefulnessclick me45
This wonderful app tells me everything I need to know about the weather.
Awesome app use it everyday.
Keeps me informed and up to date.
I use it several times every day.
Social Aspectsclick me38
Simple concise with the ability to post on most social media.
get rid of the in your face social networking stuff.
Production Valuesclick me27
Well it's really great that the future animation finally works.
I love the updated interface.
Reliabilityclick me11
Ads not Intrusiveclick me47
Updates & Supportclick me25
I read the reviews comparing "paid" app to the free one.
The Max version seems to be the most accurate.


The Weather Channel® Max delivers the weather tools you need to plan your day, week or even the next hour. Using patented ultra-local TruPoint(sm) weather technology, The Weather Channel is the only weather provider to provide future radar, so you’ll know where the storm is heading, not just where it’s been. Combine this with detailed forecasts, beach conditions, premium video, traffic cams and a severe weather center and you have the most powerful weather application on
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple


New Features:
• Complete weather coverage in an Ad Free environment
• Exclusive TruPoint(sm) maps in motion show weather activity over the next 6 hours
• Beach conditions and tide information for coastal locations
• Unlimited saved locations with ‘at-a-glance’ weather snapshot
• Severe Weather Center includes local and national alerts, as well as national weather stories
• Video Center includes local and regional video forecasts, severe weather, top story, travel and international video forecasts
• Save any page as your start page

The Weather Channel® MaxThe Weather Channel® Max
Tags :   weather ,   video ,   center ,   severe


Additional Features:
• Hourly, 36-Hour and Ten Day Forecasts
• Plot neighborhood landmarks such as schools, lakes, parks, stadiums and golf courses
• Customizable map layers include radar, clouds, temperature, rainfall and snowfall
• Traffic Cams for select markets


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download The Weather Channel® Max for $3.99 from Apple Store. The application is available in multiple languages: English, French, Spanish. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new The Weather Channel® Max app version 4.2.0 has been updated on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about The Weather Channel® Max in The Weather Channel Interactive`s Official Website :
The Weather Channel® Max


A very handy weather tool. found in 2 reviews
Weather watcher. found in 2 reviews
Great for Travelers. found in 3 reviews
Avid Watcher. found in 2 reviews
Like the additional feature of wind speed & direction. found in 6 reviews
TV channel and depend on this app. found in 10 reviews
Still best quick reference weather app. found in 2 reviews
Keeps me informed and up to date. found in 4 reviews
It's been a long time coming. found in 3 reviews
I gave up on watching the
since I work outdoors. found in 6 reviews
I am a cross country truck driver. found in 6 reviews
Best Wx app in the Wx app category. found in 4 reviews
I like the beautiful new design. found in 4 reviews
First paid weather app. found in 9 reviews
accurate weather at your fingertips. found in 3 reviews
Shuts down twice before it opens and asks to send report. found in 6 reviews
you have radar and clouds checked then future radar doesn't work. found in 48 reviews
Going to the help function causes the app to crash. found in 21 reviews
I like it except there should be a color scheme setting. found in 10 reviews
Push notifications don't work thats three only rerrasion I bought this app. found in 14 reviews
The radar map doesn't update without an iPhone reboot. found in 18 reviews
Good app except for the badge issue which is really annoying. found in 10 reviews
better customer service would be good. found in 13 reviews
And the radar needs to be current and timely. found in 12 reviews
Other than the push alerts not working the weather info. found in 61 reviews
Very happy with it but had to get rid of it. found in 29 reviews
radar doesn't load App continually crashes. found in 48 reviews
Radar is horrible as well as severe weather alerts. found in 6 reviews
Stick with the free version until they update the paid version. found in 32 reviews
Please fix the radar and this would be a 5 star weather app. found in 17 reviews
Please fix the future radar and some conflicting forecasts. found in 160 reviews
with some regularity several of my favorites come up " Temporarily unavailable. found in 59 reviews
Would be 5 star if push notifications and severe weather alerts worked. found in 172 reviews
The weather map doesn't show their future predictions. found in 47 reviews
I'm uninstalling this version and re-installing the non- Max version. found in 45 reviews
3 severe weather warnings currently and NO push alerts. found in 61 reviews
Please remove the twitter button and functionality from this app. found in 49 reviews
The future radar doesn't work if you have the clouds/radar on. found in 48 reviews
and the 36 hour doesn't match the 10-day. found in 42 reviews
Issue with the Updated TWC App. found in 33 reviews
the current weather screen is dominated by a ridiculous "twitter" button. found in 57 reviews
radar maps or location anymore without much difficulty. found in 115 reviews
The future radar is really disappointing. found in 160 reviews
Now constantly shows " Temporarily Unavailable " for my location. found in 59 reviews
Can't load current location into favorites unless it's a big city. found in 35 reviews
Real disappointing for a PAID app compared to the free version. found in 49 reviews
my severe weather push notifications have stopped working completely. found in 142 reviews
App will not release location services hook after closing. found in 58 reviews
except that notifications for severe weather alerts never show up. found in 136 reviews
Absolutely wrong that TWC continues to sell this app and has no intention of updating Even WORSE that Apple promotes it as a popular app    Immoral
App crashes upon opening every time for last few weeks Unable to use Have rebooted phone and tried everything to fix Time to delete    Used to be great This version doesnt work
Absolutely grand Works much better that the free app even though the resolution is a bit low on the iPad So nice to have no ads and easier to access information                Wonderful
This app is no longer supported by The Weather Channel Dont waste your 399 for it Look when the last version update was done back in 2013 Oh and TWC will not refund the 399 They said oh well you should not have bought it I think Apple should revoke the apps rights to save others    No longer supported by Weather Channel
This app WAS amazing especially with the tropical update area It is now 2015 and it still has info from 2013 Come on guys we paid money for this The least you could do is do an upgrade to eliminate the old crud    Whyd you leave us
This app is basically obsolete Cant believe I paid for this in the past    Oh no
Why cant you update hurricane data You have info from the end of 2013 I paid extra for this app you dont update it You have data on a storm that ended two or three months ago Wake up    Needs Serious Work
Glitched out for some reason the other day and now it will crash every time I try to open it Tried rebooting the phone but no improvement    Crashes every time I try to open the app
This app offers nothing more than the free app It has multiple problems I must reinstall the app once a week because it wont load Dont waste your money TWC should be embarrassed    Worst app
This app does not work i installed it on my iphone 6 plus and it wont open it crashes as soon as the weather channel logo pops up    Does not work at all
Used to love this app but lately it crashes every time I open it    Crashing
Really wish that this app would have been updated Especially since I paid for it and have been using it thinking it was better than the basic free Weather Channel App    Update Needed
No Update in over 2 Years Started crashing when starting up the app today nothing fixed itStill 1 star for the company that is supposed to be number 1 in weather reporting    Train Wreak
This app has been forgotten about They no longer update it and the free version receives updates regularly Dont bother paying for it Find another weather app from a different provider Would be zero stars if I could    The forgotten app
I have to reload the app for my iPhone 6 frequently Not worth the small change to buy due to the hassle factor    Crashes all the time
Sad that we paid so much for this to enjoy without adds and the only version thats been updated is the app with adds This is wrong and should be fixed or you should refund our money Where is the update We paid for this       Robbery
Cant even open the app    Crashes immediately
The free version works better and has more features for less The app crashes regularly This is a great example of poor customer service and support Any smart developer knows that paying customers should be made the priority but yet no updates to this app in over 2 YEARS    Horrible
Once you start the app it crashes I dont know why it used to work and nothing has changed on my phone I have an iPhone 6 w64 Gb of memory and the latest software DONT BUY GHIS APP UNTIL THE HAVE FIXED IT    Always Crashes When Starting
Crashes all the time I would just use the free version but it uses way too much data    Crashes All The Time
App was great years ago Now not so much It works occasionally and then will not even open a lot of the time    Bugs
The free version worked better Wont update Crashes at launch Can I get a refund    Crappy
Been a loyal Weather channel subscriber since the early days During the past year I have had to delete and reinstall the app 4 times UghYes I dont have to pay again BUT I loose all my saved info and have to start over every time    Unhappy Very unhappy
This should be the same as the free version but without ads    No updates
Clearly this application has been abandoned by the development team Last update was in 2013 and we are halfway through 2015 Dont buy this app    Abandoned by Developer
Was a great reliable app until August Now it just crashes Hoping for a fix but after so many weeks Im ready to find another app    Crash
Great app with good graphic improvements when it works BUT it crashes too often       Graphic improvements
I paid for this app thinking it would give more accurate weather for my area I was so wrong Currently it is pouring at my location and this app says cloudy How can that be and its almost always wrong I want an app I can Trust I thought the name Weatherchannel was trustworthy Boy am I disappointed    Disappointed
Time to revisit and change my review This is my go to app still yet it also remains my ONLY app of almost 150 that I can rely on to completely crash and never start again until a delete and re download Initially loathed the refreshed look but got used to it Id five star this app if it wouldnt lock up and refuse to open but based on the pace of development Im not convinced anyone really cares what the loyal customers think       Favorite weather app but
The app ha been working well but began crashing on opening today IOS 84    App crashes today
Its sad that a paid app hasnt been updated since 2013 and the free app has been updated in the past few weeks    No updates
Why have an app that fails all the time Its been a month since I have been able to open it Thank God I have HIDEF radar that also shows a few days a head    Cant open app
I cant login which means I cant change my locations since Ive moved It messages me every 2 hours and says its going to rain even though there is no rain in the forecast Yesterday it said it was 90 degrees outside when in all actuality it was 78 I paid for this app and am extremely disappointed    Too many issues
Crashes frequently    Junk
Great forecasting and accurate                Review
This app was never awesome but it used to be decent There are inconsistencies between this app the iPad app and the website yet they are all weathercom Suddenly it started crashing immediately upon opening Tried closing the app and restarting the phone with no luck It has more crashes than a demolition derby Now its as useful as a corkscrew in a canoe Im running an iPhone 6 with the latest iOS 841    Used to be decent
It was a good app until it started crashing every time I used it In urgent need of a fix I have uninstalled the app and use other more stable apps instead    Stopped working Crashes every time
I can hear thunder outside the rain is most certainly coming down the radar is red overhead and TWC says zero chance of rain LOL This is a typical everyday occurrence I paid 5 for this stupid appwhat a waste    FAIL
It looks like theyve discontinued RD with the app since its been nearly 2 years since weve seen an update Do not buy    Discontinued
This paid for app is worse than many free ones out there The videos are old and there is no information about Hurricane Erika It is times like these when we need a good app for info alerts and updates and this is a total let down On a better note the iPad app seems to be ok    Terrible support and updates for Hurricane Erika
Lately this app wont even launch The radar has serious redraw issues that can only be solved by clearing the app from memory Push notifications only sometimes work Other than that this app is awesome Seriously WeatherBug is 100x better    Needs work
Great when it works but by far the most unreliable app Ive used    Keeps crashing when opened
This app does not work with the latest iOS release 841 The app launches and closes immediately    Does not work with iOS 841
I dont write reviews very often but I must say the app is slow at updating but mine always updates after no more than 10 seconds which isnt the end of the world to wait for Mind you I have 30 cities that I keep track of the weather for since I travel a lot have friends and family that live in various places and Im very interested in the weather for future places I might travel too Now I went to add another city as I just moved for the first time in 12 years at relocated my job Im trying to add the new city I work in and the Weather Channel Max app the one I paid for not the free one says that I have a max of 10 favorites even though I still have 30 and it says to delete one so that I may add another I deleted 5 cities bringing me down to 25 and them went to add my work city and it had the same message Is this what Max means now That is ridiculous I cannot add the city I work in unless I delete 16 more cities I keep track ofAnd as far as the person who wrote that some of the reviewers on here are part of the dumbing down of society let me say that its SOOOO obvious that this is a staffer who works for the people who put this app togetherUPDATE AS OF 08282015App crashes every time I open it Can no longer open it if this comment is still here Terrible    Used to Have More Than 30 Favorites Now only 10 Max
Me parece un ROBO que he pagado por esta app y la tienen desactualizada Apple debería sancionar este tipo de actividades ilícitas    Una app de pago que no la actualizan
This application used to be my goto for all things weather Between the bogus nicknames for storms and a radar that seems to update whenever it wants I no longer trust The Weather Channel for my needs I trust Accuweather now a much more professional application and company    The Cartoon Network of weather
Better off with the free version Still hasnt been updated since 2013 Free version was updated in 2015 Save your money       Needs Updated
This was my go to weather app Lately its been crashing and there hasnt been an update for a very long time Why did I pay for something thats just an afterthought for The Weather Channel now I guess theyre getting more money through ads on their free version Very disappointing because Im going to have to find another weather app I dont think I can take too much more of this shoddy application Save your money    Could be the best
Im happy to see that after year of being absent from iPhone this app is still available If you decide to update it all please do not change the layout I hate the layout of the free app I love the layout of this one It is perfect                Love it
Constantly crashing Uninstalled and reinstalled many times    Horrible


The Weather Channel Interactive
English, French, Spanish
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 4.2.0
iPhone iPad

iOS The Weather Channel® Max 4.2.0 Mobile

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