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The Weather Channel Interactive, the publisher behind many iOS app (OutSider - Your running, jogging, walking, and cycling app for sport, exercise, health and fitness, and workout tracking powered by The Weather Channel Labs ,The Weather Channel® ,From The Edge ,Puzzle Trek ,The Weather Channel® Max ,The Weather Channel Max for iPad), brings The Weather Channel® with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. The Weather Channel® app has been update to version 5.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • By far the best wether app available..
  • all in all it is definitely one of the best weather apps out there..
  • I really enjoy this application and the clear/ detailed information presented..
  • I'm turning into some kind of weather junkie..
  • I check it every morning as soon as I wake up..

Overall Satisfactionc37
This is the best weather app out there and it's free.
It WAS the best weather app out there until the latest update.
This is my favorite weather app for getting the upcoming forecast.
I enjoy referring to this app and love the new design.
It's very disappointing because I love the new design.
Fun & Engagingc52
Awesome weather app Used all the time for my farming operation.
This is an awesome weather app and very accurate.
and otherwise ruin what was an awesome weather app.
Very useful tool for complete up to date weather information.
The information isn't up to date for hurricanes.
The backgrounds are really beautiful & it's packed with useful information.
helps me plan for immediate and anticipate few days ahead.
Good weather app with accurate and up to date forecasts.
Tells me everything I need to know and warns me about inclement weather.
Best wheather app they have I use it almost every day.
Family Friendlyc79
I love knowing the weather here and where my family lives.
ANY time and checking the weather where family lives.
Repeat Valuec75
Tells me things I wouldn't even think about like pollen levels.
Love the alerts and warnings with storms or pollen levels.
I loved the pollen levels then today they disappeared.
Social Aspectsc13
Love the social weather component and ability to submit reports.
I especially like the social weather function.
Thank you for de-emphasizing the social media features.
the weather channel on the web and social media.
Production Valuesc31
loving the new graphics and swipe features.
and nice new graphics very impressed.
right before the precip radar animation screen.
quick radar animation.
Like the functionality and love the map animation.
Ease of Usec15
sweet layout & exciting features that go beyond a simple weather app.
This is the best semi- simple weather app that I've found.
Ads not Intrusivec13

Always accurate and love having the weather at my fingertips wherever I am. found in 24 reviews
Awesome keeps me informed of inclement weather n very accurate. found in 48 reviews
The weather app helps me know how to dress and what to expect. found in 71 reviews
helps me plan for immediate and anticipate few days ahead. found in 50 reviews
Today with "improvements" I can't delete saved locations. found in 145 reviews
They keep trying to fix something that wasn't broken. found in 66 reviews
Also I will add that I don't care for the new look/interface. found in 27 reviews
Now it's more difficult to navigate and not as easily read or understood. found in 32 reviews
I can't find the road cams feature on the latest update. found in 37 reviews
Radar doesn't work half the time and it takes forever to load. found in 231 reviews
Not a fan of the new layout of the TWC app. found in 51 reviews
but this has continually gotten worse with each update. found in 34 reviews
This app has WAY too many ads and runs choppy as a result. found in 68 reviews
Radar needs to be easier to access. found in 49 reviews
Works great but sometimes it says can't get weather data. found in 56 reviews
The "cannot get weather data " appears WAY too often. found in 525 reviews
and the map doesn't work when I push the play button. found in 64 reviews
I'm deleting and reinstalling the app to see if that works. found in 24 reviews
Ads now take up a large part of the radar image. found in 54 reviews
Please fix the radar animation and it would be a top weather app. found in 93 reviews
App frequently crashes and will not load weather data. found in 53 reviews
The app struggles to connect and load data often and quickly. found in 44 reviews
May 18 update - Thanks for bringing back the background ads. found in 35 reviews
Not worth putting up with the annoying ads. found in 81 reviews
"What happened to 'if it ain't broke don't fix it ". found in 167 reviews
removing pollen counts from inseason feature makes this app worthless. found in 176 reviews
it's just another weather app that lacks animated weather maps. found in 285 reviews
lately it has been crashing every-time I need to know the weather. found in 169 reviews
Please go back to the old version which was so much more informative. found in 397 reviews
Now I'm deleting it and am looking elsewhere for weather information. found in 1021 reviews
The social weather report doesn't give very many options. found in 429 reviews
The radar can't load fast enough to show a storm moving. found in 177 reviews
The deal breaker was hour by hour forecast disappearing in last version. found in 515 reviews
Missing 36 hour forecast and the old layout for 10 day. found in 690 reviews
Map function is gone probably going to uninstall for local weather app. found in 470 reviews
With every upgrade the radar maps have gotten worse. found in 937 reviews
Giving current location weather in very inaccurate as well. found in 369 reviews
Worst weather app out there weather kittie is better than this. found in 184 reviews
The radar doesn't work right and it crashes constantly. found in 231 reviews
Push notifications still needed for severe weather. found in 569 reviews
Location services WON'T turn off after closing this app. found in 369 reviews
Please keep social media out of the weather report. found in 272 reviews
The home screen only gives one piece of information. found in 224 reviews
Cannot get weather data the majority if the time. found in 525 reviews

The The Weather Channel® is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting different languages: English, Chinese, French, Spanish. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 5.0.1 has been released on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about The Weather Channel® check developer The Weather Channel Interactive`s website :

The Weather Channel takes your weather experience to the next level with full screen maps, extended forecasts, severe weather alerts, and more.Features: Full screen, full customizable radar maps Uses Google Mobile Maps for ...
It has much more information than you needAnd it updates forecast all the times for more accuracy5 star guarantee                 Awesome app
This Weather Channel app is the best Since I live in the desert Southwest USA I like to know when rain is coming here knowing about flash floods before they get to me is just plain survival for us We get a lot of lightening strikes in our area I like knowing before they start around There is so much information on this App I dont know why everyone doesnt have on their phone              Not Rained Out
More accurate than other weather apps User friendly My only complaint is the limit on the number of cities you can store 10 is not enough when you travel all over the country Other than that I love it              Accurate and Easy to use
Works great No issues                 Good weather app
Least dependable of any on line weather service Realize that the weather is constantly changing but when you indicate 0 chance of rain it pours something isnt correct Same for 100 predictions Ive said many times that if I was right in my line of work as often as your forecasters are right Id be out of a job     Weather Channel App
For as far along as technology is this app and website are pretty disappointing It locks up at least once a day and tells me it cant load weather data when I have 5 bars of 4g or I am on wifi and any other app works just fine My location services are on and the GPS arrow is lit but it cant find my location I searched for Santa Fe San Francisco New York and other major cities but the search windowalso worthless shows no results The radar part is especially faulty showing clear skies when there are Tstorms in the area I could also do without the stupid videos that arent even remotely close to weather I dont recommend this app or the weather channel website at all Accuweather or weatherbug both work much better than these crappy products I am permanently deleting this app but will continue to give it frequent bad reviews Id give it zero stars if I could     App and website are both worthless
Switching to NOA A for my goto weather app It looks better is more reliable tells me what the pressure is doing instead of just what it is and doesnt make me sigh with knowledge of what to expect in way of ads and map issues every time I open it Will probably only open this app for a 10day forecast instead of the others 5 Plus the ads here really creep me out when theyre for something I just watched a video of on another app I can get the videos in this one from other apps as well Most of them are just their takes on ones that have been popular on the Internet for a long time anyhow        Sad for an app from someone so large and popular
Love this app And its free                 My favorite app
Good app love the radar                 Good app
Weather is unpredictable so this app is as good as your gonna get It tells you the forecast which is usually pretty close to being accurate I get up early and knowing the temperature at 5am is important and this helps me to be prepared for my morning workouts I havent come across anything that can be as helpful or correct like this weather app I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good app to help with knowing what to where the next day              Does The Job
The first thing I check in the morning is the weather channel app on my phone                 My daily first port of call
App is requiring login no option to select to login on iPhone 6 Plus     Trouble
Very intuitive                 Accurate easy to use
My biggest complaint is that it takes forever to load my locations current weather but it will show for other areas kind of near me Other than that the app works great              When it works its great
This app does ok about 75 percent of the time My issues with it are that it freezes cities I have saved wont load and at times it crashes completely to where I have to delete and reinstall it Please fix these issues and it would be a great weather app           Just an OK App
Looks like some good features like weather info are not listing anymore Instead there seem to be videos Also the app loads really sssllllloooowwww        Taking away good features
This is a good app                 Happy
This app shows the same temperature for all the cities that I have on my iPhone There is something wrong Fix it or take it down     Bad app
App works great to schedule our days for lawn mowing and treatments as well as other daily task                 Great App
As useful and fun alerts Especially the one for lightning strikes in your area Ive noticed no bugs Its good app              Nice alerts
If you dont like the weather in Oklahoma stick around it will change The other day I left my window cracked in my car When I went to bed that night I woke up to a notification from this app telling me that it is about to rain I walked out to my car to roll the windows up and just as I was coming back into the house it started to rain Without this app my car would have been rained in My leather seats would have probably been damaged I really appreciate the accuracy of this app I recommend this app for anyone foolish enough to leave their windows down                 Right On Time
Very accurate and reliable                 Love the weather app
So far so good Im a Raisin Grower and a pool service Owner so I need to know weather              Better Liked Than PreLoaded Apple App
I am very pleased with this app I use it frequently to check local weather and also I use it to check on the extended forecast in areas I am traveling to I also like to keep informed on weather in states and countries where friends or family live Its a great weather reference tool Love it                 The Weather Channel Review
The alerts are to create paranoia A beach alert We are nowhere near a beach in Solon What next A sky is falling alert Oh waitnever mind it was only a vicious killers tornado that was filled with sharks snakes and tarantulas     Paranoia central
The Weather Channel app gives me information up to the minute which is what I need without all the other stuff                 Good info
Easy to do a quick glance at the weather but also has weather down to the hour future predictions radar maps pollen reports air quality even if the airports are running on time My favorite app                 Easy lots of information
Its pretty accurate           Pretty good
Love it                 Love it
Being the Weather Channel you would think it would be accurate Its not There could be a torrential downpour outside my house and the app will say its sunny with 0 chance of rain Come on weather channel get your sht together        Not accurate
I never leave home without my phone which has this app on it somewhere                 Weather
Nice Easy to read Nice extra videos                 Good app
I like the new versions visual presentation of data the quick learning curve and the alert optionspretty easy and useful It really is personalized weatherQuestion why is it so easy to inadvertently save duplicate locations and why cant I delete duplicates of HOMEWORK                 Very Useful beautiful Format
I like this app a lot but the only thing is on the radar feature the future weather doesnt work please fix Thank you              Weather App
Ok but knowing humidity percentage would make it way better That makes a big difference The rest is good              Wish it showed humidity
The app is good but I wish that I could search for different locations without having to add the new location              Good
No no no good never find location     No no no good
I love the Weather Channel                 TWH
I like it cause of the mplaces points you can earn but when I try to run alerts it will save them for awhile the they stopThe cities I set are on there but as I travel it adds my location then I can deleted it Not so clean and probably will be changing soon        Weather app
Live in the north Always check my forecast before I dress the family for the day                 To start my morning
Thanks love the app              Great
One of my favorite apps to plan my days while home or abroad Wish for more timely present future radar tracking                 Excellent
Muy buena esta app                 App
Excellent app And very dependable                 Grand Poobah
Love this app Use it everyday                 President McConkeyJohnston
I dont like how it does the temps it says the low for tomorrow is 53 but when I scroll through the hourly it says that it will get colder A day starts at midnight not after the sun comes up     Inaccurate temps
I really want to love this app the aesthetics are beautiful But half the time it says Cant get weather when I have full service or wifi and it doesnt keep me logged in at all           Wanna love it
The app itself seems to be pretty legit as far as coinciding with the weather conditionsHowever I added places this summer when we vacationed and now I have to swipe through them every time because there is no way to edit your main places once you check the weather in a location its on your app for the long haul Annoying           Cannot Edit list of places
This App is really great however there is too much info needed just to sign up Why do they need your BD and all that other info           Too much info
Best weather app in the App Store KEEP IT UP                 Awesome

The Weather Channel® Weather Full ScreenThe Weather Channel® Weather Full ScreenThe Weather Channel® Weather Full ScreenThe Weather Channel® Weather Full ScreenThe Weather Channel® Weather Full ScreenThe Weather Channel® Weather Full ScreenThe Weather Channel® Weather Full ScreenThe Weather Channel® Weather Full Screen

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