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FutureSoft, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Kingdom Connection App ,Truth & Life Dramatized Audio Bible™ - Mark ,The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas ,Ave Maria Radio (AMR) ,Public Reading of Scripture ,Biblia Católica), brings The Word of Promise® NKJV Audio Bible with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. The Word of Promise® NKJV Audio Bible app has been update to version 2.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

    Overall Satisfactionc78
    This is an amazing reading of the Bible.
    I highly highly recommend this Bible.
    One of the best audio bible out there.
    Wonderful work of art.

    I do hope they will continue to add more features and reading programs. found in 1 reviews
    I received a personal reply in less than 12 hours. found in 1 reviews
    Makes the Bible interesting and engaging. found in 1 reviews
    Latest Update Rocks. found in 1 reviews
    Thank you for making the Word of God come alive for me. found in 6 reviews
    You can make a video Bible verses and much more. found in 1 reviews
    We enjoyed it so much we purchased the rest of the bible. found in 1 reviews
    follow the lead of my other favorite bible app. found in 9 reviews
    The Best App Ever for long drives. found in 1 reviews
    Also it's much easier to learn. found in 1 reviews
    To God be the glory. found in 1 reviews
    Please bring back the old features. found in 1 reviews
    It's a step backwards. found in 1 reviews
    I do hope this problem is rectified in a future update. found in 1 reviews
    The only issue lately is that it is crashing on startup. found in 1 reviews
    I can't even open it without it crashing within 10sec. found in 1 reviews
    I see someone else on here has reported the same issue. found in 1 reviews
    Crashes most of the time before it even loads. found in 1 reviews
    but the app has become very unstable. found in 1 reviews
    Would love to give this 5 stars but it won't load right half the time. found in 1 reviews
    Celeb Nickel and Dime. found in 1 reviews
    and it refuses to go back to landscape view. found in 1 reviews
    It makes the app feel broken. found in 1 reviews
    Great but needs improvement. found in 1 reviews
    Has been crashing upon startup ever since. found in 1 reviews
    please add highlight option will be so much nicer option. found in 2 reviews
    It's so infuriating and I feel like I've wasted my time and money. found in 1 reviews
    It will not open unless you give them more money. found in 1 reviews
    Something needs to be done. found in 1 reviews
    App doesn't work in iOS 8. found in 1 reviews
    I am seeking a refund. found in 1 reviews
    Continuous play has failed. found in 2 reviews
    I would give it half a star bit it won't let me. found in 1 reviews
    but then I find out that you have to pay 19. found in 1 reviews
    The app worked great until I upgraded my phone. found in 1 reviews
    Then I can't find out how to use it. found in 1 reviews

    If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download The Word of Promise® NKJV Audio Bible for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10.4 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.1 has been released on 2014-11-24. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
    Bottom Line: For more information about The Word of Promise® NKJV Audio Bible check developer FutureSoft, Inc.`s website :

    FREE: The entire Gospel of John (2 hours, 14 minutes) featuring Lou Gossett, Jr. as John. At anytime you can purchase the complete Word of Promise Audio Bible Old & New Testament or you may ...
    They say it s a study bible They don t tell you it s a sample only I am going find another app because they lie     Miss leading app Rev Jude
    I d been searching for a NKJV audio Bible without a distracting voice and this one was the BEST by far The only thing that would be even more awesome would be if an audio version without the sound effects could be made available I d pay for it The effects often jolt me out of listening to the words I know others love them though Recently it stopped working it crashes or the screen goes black I m upgraded to iOS 11 so I m not sure what caused it After paying 20 for the New Testament I m pretty bummed hence the 4 stars Otherwise it d be 5 all the way                 Great while it worked Mek359
    Update for iPhone x             UPDATE FOR iPhone X please vladimirzgherea
    The best audio bible ever                     This is awesome Blue_7187
    I purchased this app already I had to do a reset on my phone and now I m unable to restore my purchase             Can t Restore my purchase Wilson7423
    This is hands down the best Bible app available I chose it beause I was looking for NKJV audio Bible which is largely unavailable for iOS I listened to the free Book of John and decided to take the plunge for the whole Bible Yikes 30 It is the best 30 I ever spent There is a less expensive option for just the New Testament if you don t wish to have the Old Testment as well but I am so glad I purchased the whole package                     Love it love it love it Gingflynn
    The audio Bible it s amazing Also I would like to be able the audio in Spanish too that will be awesome I hope in the future updates the Spanish audio will be able Praise to JESUSCHRIST                     Amazing Audio BIBLE Poli Aguilar
    I really love this app but it needs a new update to fix new bugs I believe I ve found There are several books missing audio like Jude and Revelation do not have audio for some reason When I press the play button the highlighted words skip to the next verse without any audio playing                 Love the app But it needs an update to fix a bug JustiTunesReviews
    Fantastic audio bible to listen to Worth every penny                     Yes there is a God only one Jesus Christ is Lord Teamparks218
    There is no god     No SuccLord
    The audio content is superb It s very easy to listen to God s Word Previously I have avoided dramatised versions and I have MP3 s which are not but I enjoy this so much it is always my goto for listening The app is pretty classy also My only gripe there s no speed option Sometimes I like to listen either faster or slower However the myriad of other features outweigh this minor oversight I have other study resources including the big name Bible programs that have been around a long time Since NKJV is my everyday translation this app is also becoming my daily reading app If you re in need of an audio bible this is certainly worth it and I highly recommend it                     Fantastic resource worth every penny dunedincofc
    It made my day I was able to login on FB on my iPhone to my full purchase The best audio bible in google play and the store                     Bought on android preciousmichelle26
    Love the narration music drama                     Great app Quicksilver717
    When I downloaded this app I had no idea it would ask for 20 50 to actually read it The cost depends on the version you choose Now the features are awesome But what you re downloading is actually a sample Unless you re looking to pay don t download BIBILE IS is an app that does practically the same thing It doesn t have as many features but you get the same audio features and dramatizations for free     NOT FREE Ross_thegreat
    I was about to purchase the audio book version but read that the app was better and indeed it is Now I can read hear several chapters more often especially when I m driving                     Word comes alive donosorx
    The best audio bible period Best app I have ever spent money on I would have spent 10 times the 30 or so dollars to access full functions of this incredible app if I knew how much it would become a part of each and every day This app and audio bible have changed my life by allowing me to have God s Word with me always And the performance is OUTSTANDING Best features Very inexpensive compared to top notch audio bibles and even the CD version of this product which is over 150 at LifeWay bookstores for example Unbelievably good performance true to content and holds your attention Jesus is the same actor from Passion of the Christ David is Gary Sinise who also reads all of David s Psalms Outstanding With the app you can go to specific chapter and verse with ease In that respect a huge step up from any audio bible you can get on say Audible Create custom playlist with individual versions whole sections and books Includes built in plans to read NT in 40 days and whole bible in a year Study bible available to augment your experience and study if you wish GREAT DEVELOPER I have never had to email them but they come out with FREQUENT updates That is a huge deal because they are continuing to tweak and make fixes and work on it Wow what a blessing that they are so excellent By the way this audio bible is also associated with the amazing Thomas Nelson publishing house My point This entire platform is not going anywhere And that s a good thing because I just about don t know now how I could live without this on my phone and iPad for the car airplane what have you This is the best audio bible on the market and I hope you will support this developer and excellent product but also hope and pray that you will let the Bible come into your every day life so that God may use it to bless you constantly God Bless                     Life changing Jess A. Fields
    Loved the app prior to the upgrade Now it won t open on my phone any more not sure if it is Apple s fault of the app     Malfunction plandku
    Love this bible app The movie like narration is unlike any other bible app out there makes you feel like you re right there in the moment The commentary is also great and very conveniently accessible Highly recommend                     Awesome AlexJ23
    You cannot Rate the Word of God but the way this is done laid out presented performed displayed and if you ever wanted to hear the Word of God brought to Life here it is Brothers and Sisters Love You All In Christ Dave                     Wow Am Nun Of Us
    This is wonderful with the passionate voices reading the word but the Lord prefers me to read KJV so it would be great to have this read in the KJV instead of NKJV They are not the same Some of those word changes change the entire meaning of a verse into vanity                 KJV Please KJGizzo
    After I purchased the app a while ago I started using it immediately The audio functioned perfectly Unfortunately I did not downloaded the audio completely I downloaded it chapter by chapter as I read along So it happened two days ago after the updated version the audio could not be downloaded anymore I have deleted and re installed the app several times and still could not work ie could not download the audio function I also tried to install the app on another ipad and it could not download the audio either Thus the app seems does not work on the new updated version and it is still not fixed yet Is it gonna be fixed soon     The audio is not working pattie!!!!!! :)
    I have always had trouble reading and retaining but God has grabbed my heart and I have found this app to be an amazing way to devour his word everyday I follow meditate in his word now all the time thanks to this amazing audio bible Thank you so much                     Amazing SergioRodDesigns
    This app was awesome for years Now it tells me I m logged in on to many devices Total devices logged in on 0 Until this issue is fixed I ve paid a fair amount of money on an unusable app     Unusable Nj41143
    I purchased this app on my iPad and because all of my devices are linked through iCloud I automatically have the app on my iPhone The app is not comparable at the time of this review with my iMac Hopefully it will be one day but bar none this is THE BEST dramatized version of the Bible that I have EVER listened to and I have listened to many It is WELL worth the cost of the app If you enjoy the New King James Version of God s Word you ll love this app                     For Those Who Love God s Word This Is An Awesome App crocsrock
    Incredible content Make sure to download the HD audio Could use some streamlining but I m very happy overall                     Incredible A must have Vulcan4770
    I purchased the full version on iPhone but apparently it s not the same app on iPad so I have to buy it again I m deleting app from iPad after I send this review     iPhone not compatible w iPad Gobstopper 1109
    I paid 40 to buy this app in iPhone though I have it in CD also However I am not able to use it since it always claims that I am logged in some other devices Terrible     Terrible license management PraiseJesus
    One of the best audio bible out there Jesus voice didnt like it that much but a great production overall The narrator voice is outstanding Could download the gospel of John only as the whole bible is not for free but would buy it once I get the money                 Awesome bible
    I love this app and it has helped me in my spiritual walk I was hesitant to spend this on this app but it is very engaging and professionally recorded Im very happy with this app                 Makes the Bible interesting and engaging
    Would love to give this 5 stars but it wont load right half the time              Chris T
    Love it I wish we could have notes and also highlights The best                 Great App
    Not only is the audio beautifully spoken The study aids are very handy This is my go to bible in church or anytime I need to find a verse fast Best app Ive ever bought                 Changed my life
    Got this because I wanted an audio version of the NKJ Bible got the enhanced audio and am satisfied with it Sometimes I wish they would have used a different voice for a specific biblical person but I can live with that They also often leave out the he said or she said in the audio reading depending on the different voices as a cue to who said what The only major problem so far is that the orientation on my iPad goes from landscape to portrait if I go to the resources tab their devotional page and it refuses to go back to landscape view The easy fix is dont touch the resource tab in the lower left corner              Excellent Bible app
    I have had this all for a while and liked it until it quit working after I updated to iOS 8 So beware and try to find an option that is functional And yes I paid 40 bucks for both the OT and NT downloads     App doesnt work in iOS 8
    If you read you Bible and now listen to your Bible it turns your Bible in to 3D a great tool to give you more inspiration Just Love It what a Blessing Thank You                 Best Bible I Have Ever Had
    Bought the complete package Absolutely excellent Definitely worth it Quality Bible tool                 Outstanding
    I love the bible but I cant highlight anything thats one of the things I like to do in service Can this feature be added                 Highlight
    Im looking at the reviews and you guys have problems downloading for the next people that are about to do the same thing this is how you do it you download A new version you do not delete the first one until you are done with the download of the new version you have to make sure you logged in the new version first then when youre finish with the new version you can delete the old version Note when just download the new version it doesnt let you sign in until the second day                 Nice
    I have never used an audio bible before but really wanted to try it because I wanted to spend more time with Scripture This app is wonderful And addictive I cannot get enough of it Thank you for making the Word of God come alive for me Just one thing add sharing options to Facebook and Pinterest                 Great app Makes the Bible come alive
    I updated app on my iPad but not on my iPhone On the new update it leaves out words from the Bible and in the Bible it states nothing should be added or taken out of it this is only in referencing to who said or who is saying etc I guess that is why the Bible puts these references in so we know who is saying or who said what Also in the new update I am not able to highlight scripture in yellow and the words in a different color blue and have it continue on as the narrator speaks like before I do not like the gray permanent highlighter It is harder to read the gray with the black letters On the study Bible I do love Jesuss words in red and all the new added reference features I listen and read this Bible every day also along with my husband Please bring back the old features The music artists and dramatization help me visualize bringand feel Gods word to life Thank you for doing this for gods people I highly highly recommend this Bible God bless you all              Great but needs improvement
    To God be the glory This is surely the best bible audio software I have encountered Praise be to the Lord May this bring many more to the saving knowledge of Jesus the Christ through its hearing God bless the project team                 mr
    I installed this app like six times it only worked once I loved what I did hear after that never open again I got it to open a second time it said I had to buy the audio hello its called audio bible        So not true
    This is great For when you promise yourself to read the bible Ive been reading when Ive been waiting for a haircut or the bus And when Ive just had some extra time Theres some well known actors in the audiobook too Cheers                 Great Bible app
    This has been a favorite app for many years The problem is the new app I was instructed to delete the old app that is no longer supported and install the new app I followed those instructions The new app is not allowing my to login Please fix the app soon     New App not allowing login
    Til you get new phone or want to add full program to other devices and it wont let u get FULL BOOKS then its iTunes fault or your fault so u paid for NOTHING Very very disappointed in it     Good
    To be honest I prefer the old version which automatically plays the next chapter Now it looks like Ive to pull out my phone and tap the button for the next chapter making it boring and unpleasant Its so infuriating and I feel like Ive wasted my time and money401950 on this very Bible app Please be mindfulmr Software developer and do something about it For God is watching Thank you     Something needs to be done
    I love the Word of Promise audio Bible I purchased this app about 2 years ago and listen to it every day Overall I give it 5 stars but I just updated from an iPhone 5 to an iPhone 6 and had to reload all the audio again I was very disappointed to discover that the background music now abruptly cuts off at the end of each chapter reading rather than making a smooth transition into the next chapter I see someone else on here has reported the same issue I do hope this problem is rectified in a future update The only reason Im rating it 3 stars is due to this glitch           No title
    i spent 1999 for the new testament and all i get is John when i try to find other books in the new testament it tells me I need to purchase content The app store shows John is free I paid for the new testament and want it but I am not paying 1999 for each book VERY disappointed Dont waste your your money Buy an audio bible that actually is the what you pay for I want a refund     rip off
    They only give you Louis Gossett Jr for St Johns gospel You will have to pay 3900 to hear the other 65 books in the Bible Unsound investment        Celeb Nickel and Dime
    I love the idea of this app but I strongly dislike audiobooks with background music This app needs a setting to play the text without the music     Could have been great
    This is an amazing reading of the Bible Celebrity voice acting movie sound effects and musical score make this Bible app stand out from the rest The reading is not rushed Jim Caviezels voice acting in John 17 and Revelation 22 are moving The commentary available on each Bible verse is great You can make a video Bible verses and much more 5 stars                 Outstanding Bible App
    This was my favorite bible app but all it does is crash on me I cant even open it without it crashing within 10sec Please fix this              Sad
    I just spent my funds on this Bible expecting to receive the whole Bible but I can only get one book The book of John They want me to spend more money for a few more books Im sorry I made the purchase I would like to have my money back What a ripoff     A ripoff
    I purchased the sister app To this one it updated and I lost everything when I went to reload I no longer owned it had to repurchase it if I wanted it again This one keeps saying it will send me a password and doesnt What gives You have my money but no help what kind of Christian organization are you        Have no response to help get in
    Does it have continuous play without having to push play for every chapter                 The Complete Word of Promise
    Wonderful work of art the audio acting is amazing A great app                 Amazing
    We have the audio CDs of this which we have thorough enjoyed They really make the Bible come to life Having different voices for each person helps in following along and keeps the listener engaged This is great for adults and even more appealing for use with children When just reading a passage yourself you may not be able to grasp how the writer felt Listening to the audio helps you for example feel the pain and sorrow of Jeremiah and makes you feel as if you are really on the sidelines watching David fight Goliath What I like even more about this App in comparison to the audio CDS is being able to follow along in the Bible as I am listening The App also bookmarks your place so you can stop and start again easier rather than trying to remember where you were on the CD It also allows you to jump around and listen to various verses which was not possible on the audio CDs The App also has reading programs such as reading the Bible through chronologically I do hope they will continue to add more features and reading programs Even though this App is costly it is well worth the money spent                 Awesome
    I have used the free version of John It is fantastic With various actors reading the parts it is as if I am there The narrator is an older Apostle John my perception author of this gospel The person cast to read this part does so with authority Jesus is wellplayed sounds like Jim Cavielzel I would highly recommend this am thinking of ordering the entire Bible app                 Helps the Bible Come Alive
    This app is wonderful It syncs with Bluetooth to allow me to listen to the Word while Im commuting The actors voices are interesting                 My favorite bible app
    this app is amazing can not believe some would think this much technology and quality would be free took a bit to find how to access the table of contents so happy beautifully read                 incredible
    I spent quite a bit of time downloading NT audio When I tried to access it all it would say is that I needed to purchase the content Why did I spend 1999 I would say it is quite buggy and my money wasted     Useless
    I was concerned about the version 400 and screen real estate on iPhone and then auto advance issues with 402 but 403 is now back to being AWESOME Wow This is an awesome rendition of the Bible The audio quality is amazing in HQ mode and the Bible comes alive and I feel like I am there witnessing the Word of God FutureSoft has done a great job of bring the Word of Promise Bible to the mobile devices I really like how the app highlights the exact verse that is being spoken so you can follow along with the text Another great feature is that you can go to an exact verse in 4 touches of the screen and start playing at that verse 3999 is a small price to pay for such a masterpiece Great job Thomas Nelson and FutureSoft                 Wow What a Masterpiece
    Love a lot of features this app has Guess my only suggestions would be to add the ability to define Margin width so the text doesnt run all the way to the edge of the screen Also that you can adjust spacing between the lines of text These make reading the text so much easier Other than these suggestions the app is great Thank you           Nice
    WONDERFUL Great Worth every dollar Use this app everyday                 Runtranch
    We enjoy listening to this audio Bible in the car and it even prompts the kids to ask great questions The production quality is superb We couldnt be happier with this app Thankyou so much for creating this masterpiece                 The best audio Bible
    Love listening to this every morning but the app has become very unstable Crashes most of the time before it even loads Very frustrating           Great content but
    I love this presentation of the scriptures Its fabulous And thank you Word for restoring the music Its beautiful and adds so much to the listening experience Please dont ever edit or shorten it again The original is perfect                 Thank you Love it
    I dont write reviews but this is such a major mislead I felt I had to You do NOT get what you think youre purchasing It will not open unless you give them more money Period I am seeking a refund Just because its the bible doesnt mean youre dealing with people on the up n up     Buyer Beware
    The app worked great until I upgraded my phone Now it wont display anything but the book of John It says I must make a purchase to access anything else No way will I give these guys money Ill find something else     A RipOff
    I was in the habit of listening to this audio bible omw to sleep while driving cleaning just doing other things and it used to play the entire bible continuously Then all of a sudden about a week ago the audio stops after each chapter Sent an email though and they said that there is a bug in the continuous play feature The update is already in the market waiting to be released I can appreciate that they responded immediately I hope this update is released as quickly Its really a bummer     Continuous play has failed
    since Im really not a reader Ive come to appreciate this audio Bible the latest update has eliminated the feature of continuos play I enjoyed starting the app it would play until I stopped it hope to get this feature back soon thank you RelentlessPersuit                 appreciated
    Great app worth every penny people spend 4000 dollars on all kinds of garbage why not invest in something that may help your spiritual growth                 Awsome
    Hate it when we have to purchase for CONTENT user to use the NoTE but thank you fore update highlight option              Highlight option need
    I really like this audio bible but I could do without the extra stuff like the devotionals sermon videos AD Trailer and audio sermons I really miss the Word of Promise parable app It was just an audio bible which I love and it was trying to do too much which I feel this app is Simple is better           Ok
    Latest update really is awesome Love the new Tree feature that allows you to get deeper into a verse Thanks for fixing those bugs so quickly Also love the sleep timer as I use it often when going to sleep at night What a blessing this app has been                 Latest Update Rocks
    The app is great but the bonus in the description is misleading It states that you get the complete NKJV Study Bible which is not true It only functions from the verse your reading in the bible and is still locked from the menu and requires an additional 1999 purchase to use I contacted the developer and the solution was to give them another 1999 on top of the 3999 They make it look like a package deal and call it a bonus when this is actually what you get with the regular purchase price of 3999     Misleading Bonus

    The Word of Promise® NKJV Audio Bible Books Audio BibleThe Word of Promise® NKJV Audio Bible Books Audio BibleThe Word of Promise® NKJV Audio Bible Books Audio BibleThe Word of Promise® NKJV Audio Bible Books Audio BibleThe Word of Promise® NKJV Audio Bible Books Audio BibleThe Word of Promise® NKJV Audio Bible Books Audio BibleThe Word of Promise® NKJV Audio Bible Books Audio BibleThe Word of Promise® NKJV Audio Bible Books Audio BibleThe Word of Promise® NKJV Audio Bible Books Audio BibleThe Word of Promise® NKJV Audio Bible Books Audio BibleThe Word of Promise® NKJV Audio Bible Books Audio BibleThe Word of Promise® NKJV Audio Bible Books Audio Bible

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