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Resignation Media, LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (theBERRY ,theCHIVE Lite ,ChiveSpy ,The Chivery - The Official Store for Chive Gear and More ,CHIVE Pro ,Chive TV), brings theCHIVE Lite with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. theCHIVE Lite app has been update to version 1.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • and interesting facts this is the place to be..
  • The first thing i do when i wake up in the morning..
  • Lots of cool pics and videos to brighten your day..
  • Love the variety of photos and their sense of humor..
  • Perfect for passing time or mental getaway from the norm..
Overall Satisfactionclick me87
I love the chive and give it 5 stars.
Still love the Chive but App is just frustrating.
Best website in the world always brings me up when I'm feeling down.
How can the best website in the world have the worst app.
Probably the best site in the world produced probably the best app in the world.
best site in the world should be problem free wouldnt ya think.
Love theChive app especially now that it supports gifs.
I love theChive but this version still crashes a lot.
it's my favorite way to waste time when I should be working.
Love the content especially with the update to view GIF's.
I love the content but It is always crashing and freezing.
Thank you Chive for bringing my boyfriend and I closer.
The Chice IS the best site on the web for image and video entertainment.
Fun & Engagingclick me83
The Chive is awesome and is only getting better right now.
I would be happy because the Chive is awesome.
What an awesome site to laugh and enjoy life.
Favorites are the bored at work viewer submissions.
Very sad and bored at work over here.
Excellent app for killing time and just looking at awesome things.
Great app that is very addictive.
The cure for boredom and they key to happiness.
Usefulnessclick me97
Now that everything is back the app is now complete.
Makes my day everyday especially with the recent updates.
Awesome app which helps me get through the work week.
Makes me laugh every day and the babes are a bonus.
Family Friendlyclick me87
Do you like positive entertainment and sexy girls.
So pumped all the sexy girls are back on it too.
I loved the app until the sexy girls were locked out.
Nuttin better then sexy women with little clothing.
Fun app with lots of funny stuff and sexy women.
Repeat Valueclick me38
I've spent countless hours on here and it never gets old.
Been Chiving for years since 2009 and it never gets old.
Social Aspectsclick me72
The Chive is literally the greatest social media site out there.
I look at this more than any other social media site.
But as with all social media sites.
Reliabilityclick me60
The app may stall for me from time to time.
App repeatedly says " image failed to save " when attempting to save a photo.
Ads not Intrusiveclick me44
Updates & Supportclick me61
Just make a paid version and I'll buy it in a heartbeat.
I love the chive make a paid version without ads god damnit.
I would happily pay for an ad free chive app.
I'd pay for an ad free version that didn't always crash.
I love all the different categories and the new update is AWESOME.


theCHIVE is proud to announce they have sent their old iphone app to inner-space and have built a new and improved CHIVE iphone app. theCHIVE app is guaranteed to bring happiness, joy and a tingling sensation to your nether regions.
Check out the paid app for only $.99 which includes video and zero ads!


What`s new in Version 3.0
-Hourly updates!
-No more crashing!
-No more perpetual loading!
-High-res galleries actually work!
-Advertisement supported
-Pro version available with no ads and includes video for $.99

theCHIVE LitetheCHIVE Lite


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download theCHIVE Lite for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 7.7 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.3 has been released on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2.2 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about theCHIVE Lite check developer Resignation Media, LLC`s website :
theCHIVE Lite


Has been the beat app to upload this far. found in 14 reviews
and heart warming photos and videos on the Internet. found in 17 reviews
Probably the best site in the world produced probably the best app in the world. found in 1368 reviews
Excellent app for killing time and just looking at awesome things. found in 59 reviews
It's actually the greatest app ever invented. found in 18 reviews
Makes my day everyday and passes the time always with a smile. found in 20 reviews
Great app to kill time with lots of cool stuff to look threw. found in 14 reviews
KCCO with 5 stars for the best time waster around. found in 27 reviews
A truly life changing and inspiring organization. found in 36 reviews
Thank you for bringing back all the best categories. found in 26 reviews
Wake up every morning looking forward to the Chive. found in 66 reviews
Always makes for great entertainment Keep Calm and Chive On. found in 53 reviews
The CHIVE is the best web site in the world hands down. found in 37 reviews
Multiple ways to make you smile and brighten your day. found in 28 reviews
Funny pictures and videos Great app to pass time away. found in 309 reviews
Perfect way to kill a few minutes and get a great laugh. found in 15 reviews
Helps me get through the day with a smile on my face. found in 42 reviews
Highlight of my day most days and the attention focus of my boredom. found in 22 reviews
The chive is prolly the best app/ site out there. found in 14 reviews
Best website in the world always brings me up when I'm feeling down. found in 1672 reviews
- annoying ads. found in 57 reviews
Why won't you give us an option to pay to remove ads. found in 76 reviews
App overall is great but it still crashes from time to time. found in 97 reviews
Still a loyal chiver let's get these topics back. found in 168 reviews
one thing I miss is not being able to save pictures anymore. found in 33 reviews
A paid version with no ads and properly synced content would be nice. found in 32 reviews
The app crashes all the time and it's a pain to find certain albums. found in 46 reviews
- Crashes constantly
Work pretty well but it randomly crashes after a few sets. found in 14 reviews
Still gets me my Chive fix during the day though. found in 63 reviews
Now for some reason you can't save images to your phone. found in 69 reviews
- gifs don't work
Would definitely pay for no ads but otherwise it's a great app. found in 36 reviews
Great app with lots of amazing features but crashes way too much. found in 29 reviews
Need to get rid of the ads and news gif support. found in 156 reviews
like crash a lot and bombard me with video ads. found in 32 reviews
The app still crashes periodically but I KCCO. found in 39 reviews
Can't save photos like before & always kicks ya out lately. found in 51 reviews
Ads need some work and crashes can get frustrating. found in 24 reviews
The gifs don't play on my app. found in 68 reviews
It's a great app but crashes way too much to enjoy. found in 74 reviews
Constantly has pop ups for stupid games and crashes since ios7. found in 54 reviews
Stop making the app automatically open my App Store to download candy crush. found in 296 reviews
Just make a paid version and eliminate ads all together. found in 57 reviews
App now has random pop up adds and then crashes immediately after. found in 61 reviews
Needs gif support and an updated look. found in 71 reviews
Can't save pics anymore unless you take a screenshot. found in 53 reviews
I understand there are Internet ads and such to make money. found in 50 reviews
In order to see certain categories you're forced to login. found in 66 reviews
however more & more half naked girls are constantly on here. found in 76 reviews
I'm trying to KCCO buts this app certainly doesn't help. found in 267 reviews
For all u complaining about not being able to save photos. found in 51 reviews
I wanted to reinstall and deleted chive pro from phone. found in 78 reviews
You can't save images on iOS6 for the iPhone 5. found in 69 reviews
Can't save pics for some reason and the ads are annoying. found in 50 reviews
No flbp/ hump day /burn bra/minddagap. found in 836 reviews
iPhone 334x480 1
iPhone 334x480 2
iPhone 334x480 3
iPhone 334x480 4
iPad 360x480 1
iPad iphone 360x480 2
iPad 360x480 3
iPad 360x480 4
Icon 175x175 1
Please optimize for iPhone 6Plus          Almost there
It rocks                The Chive
So many beautiful women So many selfless acts This site is beautiful on so many levels KCCO                Love all the LOVE
Awesome                Awesome
Been reporting bug with iOS 9 compatibility Ive been beta testing iOS 9 and since beta came out Ive been reporting chive app crash after each album Crashing still not fixed       KCCO
Chive on                Awesomeness
Great                Chatty chitty bang bang
Not a huge fan of cats The first thing a cat does when you pet it is turn its butt to you and lift the tail Boom cat butt Other than that good app                Half point deducted
Heres the deal Chive Love the ap usage has gotten better loving just about everything But there are things that are deal breakers One such deal breaker is when Im checking out the DAR and an ad comes BLASTING through my phone speakers and I cant close out soon enough The ads HAVE to be muted or we need to be warned otherwise you are risking the jobs of thousands of Chivers Ive had 2 warnings So until this is changed the Chive will not be used Sorry but its you not me       Get rid of it or I delete the ap
Get to the end of the thread youre reading and you get a prize other threads that look interesting Dont click them though crashes the app every time iPhone 6 Plus    Its a crash crash crash
Great site very well done Lots of great pictures                Fantastic app
Like the idiot child Chive has once again implemented the ridiculous policy of blasting full volume advertisements while its loyal followers try to use its app They appeared to have learned their lesson a few months back but sadly Again I understand the need for ads and would be more than happy to silently SILENTLY watch an add every few hours but dont hijack my phone Thats a bad Chive bad This hurts me more than it hurts you One star    Update Again Heh
Love the appupdated iPad to iOS9 but now cannot transition to next category with the arrow After looking the say the DAR I get to the last one and it transitions to next page with the next category with the arrow I click on arrow and it closes appto see consecutive categories I need to close he category and go back to the listing to open next one                Chive App
Crashes on next gallery       iOS 9
Nothin better The best                KCCO
Pure AWESOMENESS                Review
Chive on                KCCO One word AWESOME
Love it The best app of all                ChezD
Title says it all The ads completely ruin this app and the chive in general Thumbs down    Ads are ridiculous
Content is good and shirts and stuff as well but they have sold out to malicious pop ups including the God of war game pop up which had no functioning close on it and makes you watch for 20 seconds using bandwidth on nearly every gallery Then it crashes the app    BC
New user Love it                Great
The Chive never fails to come through with some much needed entertainment                Always great
theChive made me a fan for life with all the amazing charity work they do Humor with a heart Angie                Humanity and Humor
KCCO                Best App on the Planet
No chive I dont want to download draft king But thanks for opening up draft king my App Store constantly    Garbidge
Good thing this app isnt a pilotTying to KCCO thoughFix the Chive app please And the Tapiture app too Whats going on over thereOk so I used to get on the Chive app to avoid work Now I get in the app to get stuff done How does that work you ask Simple after every picture chapter the app crashes Then I get sick of it and get back to work And forget about Tapiture as I had commented before Its just trying to sell crap now They even took out the Beautiful Women category but the Handsome Men category is still there Im gonna assume women took it over and turned it into crap    Crash
Best app ever Except in ios9 where it crashes at the end of every gallery when you try go to the next one or a similar one Please fix I must have my chive             Crashes like CRAZY in ios9
The major annoying thing about this app is that even when you have the sound off on your phone video ads will play very loudly This is a problem when Im at work so I basically end up not using itOther issues are that it is occasionally unresponsive and eats battery life like crazyThe content is excellent though          Great content better design needed
Great entertaining website Gives you the feel good feeling                Very entertaining website
Love The ChiveLove the app HATE THE AUTOPLAY VIDEO ADVERTISING WITH AUTO ON SOUND EVEN WHEN PHONE IS ON SILENT Please for the love of BFM and late night browsing get rid them of Please Then its right back to a 5 review    STOP THE AUTOPLAY FULL VOLUME ADS
Need I say more                Love it
Works great every time I use it KCCO                Awesome App
Too bad the ads ruin this app Its great fun but having an ad pop up full screen play sounds even in silent mode and not be able to turn it off is a deal breaker    Good fun annoying ads all the time
Next button crashes app on iOS 9 Please update and fix Workaround is to hit back button after every post to get back to main screen    Next button crashes app on iOS 9
John you guys and gals thechive are amazing Just wanted to give you a heads that I have iOS9 and the app is crashing like crazy Anyway keep doing great things and Chive On Maybe possibly most likely the best app on the planet                kcco
Just an FYI After the IOS download today The app is no longer available on iPad It wants to bring you to the old version          I pad 2 app not working
Really enjoy the different categories of subject material Great pics also                Entertaining App
Still some crashing but overall much much better Only small issue definitely not a problem just personal preference at the end of each post it says next post Really it is the previous post It would be nice if it really was the next post so you wouldt have to go back to the main page You could just keep going to the next post             Much better since update
Very pleased with this app                Awesomeness
Pllleeeeaaassseeeeee killlllll the GAME OF WAR OR WE IT IS ADVERT Seriously dudes you guys rock and I LOVE everything you do except when the DAR is late In fact I love you so much I DONT MIND THE AD YOU DO I get it The only thing that is utterly UNBEARABLE is that awful free game preview its a load draw plus a view timer and THEN you have the chance to close which hopefully doesnt crash the app I hope theyre paying like MAD to have you pop load it after a folder view because if they arent then its just horrendous I love you guys please stop assaulting my eyes with bad ads KCCOA Loyal Chiver of 4 years                CHIVE I LOVE YOU BUT
Dear chive please remove your stupid annoying intrusive advertisements Youve turned an awesome app to a sell out posi was a long time user I just deleted your app thanks    Ads
Update It crashes every time I open          Update for IOS9
I love the chive really do But with the latest iOS update it crashes on both my iPad and iPhone Good god its not like they didnt know about the update Not going to use it until the next app update    iOS 9 update
It is the BEST site I LOVE IT So does my wife                Amazing
Please fix and optimize the app so that it doesnt drain my battery and crash every time I click something Also the full screen noncloseable ads are driving me insane I love the site and everything behind it but this app is not a good representation of that    App crashes and kills battery
Much better than a game for when you are killing time on hold or have small gaps of time to kill                Great entertainment
Love chive so much But with the most recent updates it just seems to not work at all             Chive
Excellent app is always up to date with diversified content                Great app
Great app when it works They keep promising the app is fixed or improved but it just gets worse Now it wont even open just crashes    Just cant get it right
Why in silent mode will an ad pop up and play the loudest music ever       Ad issues


Resignation Media, LLC
7.7 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2.2 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.3
iPhone iPad

iOS theCHIVE Lite 1.3 Mobile

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