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Ticketmaster , the publisher behind many iOS app (Ticketmaster ,TM Ticker), brings Ticketmaster with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Ticketmaster app has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Makes purchasing tickets very easy especially for venues that use e-tickets..
  • Justin Bieber tickets..

Overall Satisfactionc34
High- quality content.
Thank You Based God.
Fun & Engagingc10
I use it every day and I'm very happy about it.
Ease of Usec63
Simple good app.
Great and very intuitive beats stubhub.
Security & Privacyc10

this program very reliable Works great and looks fantastic. found in 5 reviews
Like the reviewer before me I'm not sure what people are complaining about. found in 2 reviews
more intuitive that the web browser. found in 3 reviews
I'm very satisfied with this product. found in 5 reviews
it's great for browsing. found in 2 reviews
Best app for finding shows and getting tickets. found in 2 reviews
very cosy. found in 5 reviews
profitable app. found in 7 reviews
view set lists and listen to previews right in the app. found in 2 reviews
This exceptional price. found in 5 reviews
such a inteligent tool. found in 3 reviews
there are many good aspects. found in 5 reviews
at any suitable opportunity. found in 5 reviews
alerting you when shows are coming to town or going on sale. found in 3 reviews
Thank You Based God. found in 2 reviews
Unable to search outside my current location. found in 16 reviews
Slow app and messages never stay deleted. found in 3 reviews
Unable to reach to server error when purchasing tickets. found in 20 reviews
This app may be useful if you already know what you want. found in 1 reviews
cant even reset my password that i set up in the website. found in 6 reviews
I assumed since I needed to log in. found in 14 reviews
" there were problems completing your request at this time. found in 4 reviews
I can't buy tickets because the captcha for not work. found in 91 reviews
Hate that it adds EVERY single artist as a "favorite" automatically. found in 4 reviews
Click on event "buy tickets" wheel just spins and spins and spins. found in 5 reviews
and the security words are next to impossible to decipher. found in 26 reviews
Cannot choose specific pricing/sections. found in 1 reviews
you can't delete messages. found in 6 reviews
If you don't allow push notifications. found in 12 reviews
The problem is you still have to print out tickets for most venues. found in 26 reviews
This app has the potential to be great but it's just to unreliable. found in 3 reviews
Needs to open faster. found in 20 reviews
No passbook integration WHAT SO EVER. found in 11 reviews
But the results are for tickets outside your price range. found in 38 reviews
Bad take forever to load and crashes all the time. found in 18 reviews
And most of the security words are unreadable on the iPhone. found in 26 reviews
You have to enter ridiculous security codes for every search. found in 21 reviews
artist as your "favorite" - which makes the ticketmaster app just worthless. found in 23 reviews
otherwise you are gonna get errors every time when trying to get tickets. found in 21 reviews
Tried to change my current location and it wouldn't let me. found in 16 reviews
The app will not function unless " location services " are allowed. found in 17 reviews
Used the app to buy tickets and kept getting an error message. found in 117 reviews
I can't add my tickets to passbook fix it. found in 25 reviews
Keeps saying unable to connect to server. found in 20 reviews
the send to calendar function doesn't seem to work. found in 24 reviews
but the images they display in this app are nearly impossible to read. found in 22 reviews
It's impossible to do anything no searching or buying tickets. found in 18 reviews
Tried to open it 5 times and same problem every time. found in 20 reviews
It started to scan my music library without asking permission. found in 24 reviews

The Ticketmaster is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 8.7 MB to download. The new Ticketmaster app version 1.1 has been updated on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Ticketmaster check developer Ticketmaster`s website : http://www.ticketmaster.com/h/help.html?tm_link=tm_homeA_ql_4

Ticketmaster App for iPhone What are you doing tonight? Get the tickets you want on the go with the Ticketmaster app now available for iPhone and iPod touch The Ticketmaster App instantly connects you to nearby concerts ...
Ticketmaster your app is horrible I cant event get it to select the particular event so I can see what seats are available nor accept the cityzip I am looking for events Sure would love to buy something from you right NOW but I guess you have more important things than having a properly functioning app     Horrible
Every time I try and open it crashes     Keeps Crashing
I buy ALL my tickets from this app cause its THAT easy to use However it doesnt function right sometimes so I have to reinstall              LOVE IT
Poor implementation Keeps showing some weird regions     Weird regions
It doesnt work at all My friend transferred me tickets thru the app and the transfer didnt work even though I tried to accept them multiple times Dont use this app You will end up on a endless chase for your tickets to ticketmaster booth and box office     Dont use this app
Will use again for sure                 Very easy to use Love it
Ease of use Best ever                 TicketMaster
Easy and fun One advice know what you want and choose quick                 5Stars
Easy to use and convenient                 Great app
It works really well its easy to use and navigation is very straight forward I didnt give 5 stars as I would like to be able to select my seats from the seating map like I can do online              Smooth
This app is dope Runs smooth Great app found great tickets for a good price                 Perfection
Site was very easy to navigate Cant complain I was able to do what I needed to do in just a few minutes                 No complaints
It was so easy to use and very quick Recommend to anyone                 Awesome
I love ticketmaster more than any other ticket app                 Ticketmaster rocks
So easy convenient                 Awesome app
First time to use the Ticketmaster app and it was an awesome experience It was so easy to change seat locations or dates that it took very little time to search my options Great app                 First time app user
Not really sure why this app is rated so highly this app gives me the same notifications over and over I have over 400 notifications about the same concert When I try to delete I get an error Do yourself a favor and use stubhub instead     Worst app Ive ever downloaded
Easy to use and get the job done                 User friendly
Almost better than the website              Easy to use
Wanting to see various available locations and it kept giving me the same tickets Only had 3 tries then got blocked Tried calling and the same happened with the automated service on the phone Then tried 2 other devices iPhone iPad Same thing Not flexible AT ALL I will not use this again     Useless
The app is easy to use and extremely convenient                 Easy to use
Gotta love paying with Apple pay                 Easy to use
Easy to use Great App                 Easy
This App made me go to many concerts like ACDC Def Leppard Billy Idol KISS Foreigner Shania Twain Taylor Swift and many more artists I Love This App Next Im Gonna Go To A Joan Jett Concert in October TicketMaster is flawless no lag no crashing PERFECT                 AWSOME
Going to go see The Weeknd in Chicago in November 6 Cant wait FanSince2011                 Great Concerts
I love having this app I wouldnt go to shows if I didnt have this app making it so easy to purchase                 Easy and Convenient
This app works smoothly and Ive never had an issue with it Ive purchased tickets through Ticketmasters App many a time and Ill continue to do so Absolutely love it                 Clean Simple Easy
Worked great very convenient                 Great App
Using the app was easy I even changed my password and got the tickets I wanted                 Easy
The only time I need to use this app to get U2 tickets it refuses to log me in and I cant create a new account Way to go ticketmaster fantastic timing        Great until
GOt tickets right away and then put them to Passbook                 Sooo easy
I just bought a ticket for the Motorhead Anthrax show Ive never seen them before so Im pretty stoked The Ticketmaster app made it easy to find the right price Once I entered my information I just clicked buy and now Im on my way to an awesome show I highly recommend the Ticketmaster app Thank you                 Hell Yeah
Once logged in the process was easy and simple              Easy
Fast fun easy                 Awesome app
This app is so easy to use I love it                 App is great
Very easy to use Much easier than trying to navigate TM site using your mobile device                 Ticketmaster app
I like it                 Easy to use
Great app Super easy to navigate                 So Easy
Terrible serviceapp trying to select tickets on an aisle in the orchestra for my limitedmobility father is impossible using TMs app their phone center or their full site Ill either skip this event and take my thousand dollars somewhere else or go directly to the box office Get it together Ticketmaster     Pull it together really 0 stars
First time using ticketmaster App Very easyno stress                 Thank you
Allows me to buy tickets on timethis app is fast and convenientso I dont need to go to buy the tickets outside                 Great
Its a quicker way to tickets                 Nice
If this app were any easier it would read your mind order the tickets simply send you an email that youre going to a great venue I received presale email for concert had tkts bought in 10 minutes The app uses pictures to verify were not bots This saves a lot of time On full site they use the screwy characters I cant see                 Easier than FULL web site
Satisfied but feel there should be more options for more premium tickets              Satisfied
Got my KROQ presale tickets so fast                 So Fast
The app might be easy n convenient to use Although ticket master set the prices of ticket much higher than actual tickets I dont recommend to use this     Very disappointed
Cant print your tickets from this app Only gives you the option to sell your tickets Super helpful     F minus 0 stars
I am unable to even open the app It tries to pinpoint my location but is unable to So the app just stalls No use what so ever     Horrible
Is very good                 Ticket master
The app is so much easier to buy tickets then the website I highly recommend it                 Very Simple to use

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