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Lazy Appz , the publisher behind many iOS app (Webr ,Snoring - How loud is my snoring ? ,Themeinator for iPad ,iWant For Christmas ,oooloo ,Tickl), brings Tickl with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Tickl app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Tickl for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10.1 MB to download. The new Tickl app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-09-05. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Tickl in Lazy Appz`s Official Website : http://tickl.today

Tickl; The world`s first app for rating your love making and keeping track of all aspects of your intimate time together. Whether you`re starting a new relationship, keeping a long term relationship alive, or even trying ...
This is such an interesting app youve hear about workout apps for running cycling swimming but a workout app for sex Thats such a new concept for me and my partner and I just find this app so fun letting us know how long we lasted and how much we worked out Might be doing more of these exercises daily                 Sexy Time Workout Tracker
They say that you exercise while making love Well this app helps you track how well you do at that and gives you a result at the end Key in a few details about yourself pop the phone under your pillow and let the magic work After that watch how much calories you burnt Really innovative idea for those curious to find out                 Great idea
I love love love this app It doesnt have too many bells and whistles Just gets to the point while youre getting down to business My boyfriend and I thought it would be cool to try out and it was The wavelength detection of bed movement was sensitive but spot on Even the grading system is hilarious A fun app to have on the phone for those special nights              Tickl me pink and red
Wow this is absolutely different Rating your love making are charting your sexual activities is embarrassing yet intriguing But any effort to improve ones relationship is a plus so I recommend this App                 Unhear of
This app gets five stars off the bat for originality A sex scorer for cryin out loud It has a beautiful bedroom appropriate color scheme and the mechanics are great See if youre better in bed than a dude in Sweden So unique Great stuff                 Very Original
I didnt believe it at first but its totally freee so I gave it a try the app turned out great doesnt require to create any acc what a lovely idea                 fun freee n creative
This app is very rare Great idea and fun in one package It cou t calories and other aspects Nice graphics with smooth performance 4 stars              interesting app
This app didnt even open when I tried     Crashed
This is a strangely entertaining app that scores your love making and tracks your performance The design of the app is very clean and easy to navigate through I like how it gives stats from all over the world its very interesting I have to wonder about the accuracy though and also some people dont use pillows when they have relations Quite a unique and interesting app              Different
This is a fun way to keep up with all your intimate momentsthat can even add spice to your life while using this app There is something about knowing that your time together is being tracked that just makes things a bit more interesting                 Creative Idea
This is such a funny app and can add more to you and your partners intimacy while keeping it light hearted Its simple to use and doesnt ask you a bunch of one easy question and is just the perfect app to have if youre looking to have a good time Its easy to use and one of the best apps Ive used                 Very funny
Very awesome app i download it and we used it with my girlfriend it is amazing                 Great app
This is a pretty fun app to use when youre having fun with your beloved The app has a nice user interface and its easy to use              Nice
The app concept is weird but I must say original           Quirky app
This is really good app App has amazing user interface App works really well I have recommended this app to my friends              Cool app
I downloaded this Months ago for fun but 1st of all its not the most convenientsince it has to be turned on placed under pillow or nearby right when your about to have sex The screen also stays lit up the large circular timer is Obviously timing youin other wordswhen I finally used it this weekI tried 2be inconspicuous so as not to ruin the moodalthough I told my bf about it months ago when I got itI wanted2set it then go over results with him Afterwards not make him feel pressured or uncomfortable First of allit was running for about 57mins B4 action started THEN he ends up with his hand under my pillow during foreplay says Your Ipod is in the bed puts it on the side table but he gave me a strange look as he saw the Obvious Big Purple Timer Fast forward 20minutes Im shutting it offthe time was inaccurate by 57minutes but based on our ages it rated us 96Not bad It showed some type of EKG looking graph I thought was monitoring movement or sound but it doesnt tell you anything once you stop itthe entire recorded graph which seemed to show highs lowsan aspect I was interested in seeing whether that was movement or sound I wanted to look over itbut it disappears into simply showing the first inch or so of datatime we werent even kissing yet It seems more for showing me how many people are using this App supposedly being intimate in each country Simply a number for each country but NO STATS like how our timing or performance rates compared to similar couplessimilar age I also dont understand why it even asks what type of sex you enjoy most has 45 choices when you enter your agesso whether you choose slow romantic or playful or trying to make a babyI dont know what the point of that is since it doesnt tell me or give any specific info At the endbasically I realized I couldve just used the timer in my Ipodany timereveryone has a free timer in their phone or a kitchen or appliance timer or alarm clock or I can look at the clock since turning this App on requires STOPPING any action to do sothe reason it took me months to even use it I was able 2use it this1time as I had been putting some music on b4 getting into bedknew what we were both planning2do Heres the thingIm in my prime years for romance my partner is 25yrs My seniorso Im sure we got a 96rating based on his age Thankfully he satisfies me several times a week most of the time even every day sometimesalthough I am realizing because of his age that doing so may affect him as far as maybe feeling more run down afterhe thinks that he loses vitamins nutrients when he gets offwhether thats true or notIve never been in a relationship with a guy who talks of conserving his vitaminswill go to bed early or not 2get so close2me if he knows he has hard work early next dayas I thought men in general feel relieved better satisfied Every time they clean out the pipesbut then again I was never with a man63 yrsold before never felt so sexual as I have in last6months as well as so perfectly matched as far as body to body AnywayI hoped this App had more features I thought it didbut sadly its just a waste of time space I have a Free sleep algorithm type App which you also place under your pillow turn on it records your sleep as well as movements sounds in graphs that look like EKG graphs just like this one appeared to haveOnly on that Free App you get to look over your entire graph it saves them all for a month in the free version the paid version offers more is unlimited but the best part of THAT APP made for sleep is how you can press on the graph when you see spikes in movement or sound LISTEN to the sound as it records any sounds it picks up which are out of the ordinary In other wordsmy first night using itit was so accurateI had my TV on when I fell asleep so it adjusted itself to know that noise was constant didnt record it but then there were spikes in movement sound around 4am it was eerie to hear myself suddenly breathing so loudlyforcefullymaybe during a bad dream as it sounded unnaturalthen when my son came downstairs called me I respondedit also recorded that The point isif the Free Sleep App can do that much moreas it included special sleep music which would adjust to your sleep patterns as well as an alarm which would progressively wake you up during the best time for your body based on your sleep pattern algorithm after a few nights of recording then entering info such as what is the latest time you can get up preferred time earliest time as it would try not to wake you during certain sleep cycles like REM so you woke up feeling well If an App can do all that FOR FREE then I find this App which looked similar said it uses an algorithm compares you to others in your demographicI just really expected more than it being a simple timer the graph which peaked higher lower during recording should be available to view if its actually recording ANYTHING which determines your scorepercentage then explain to me whybecause as it isit seems like a Fake graph was just moving up down during the recordingmaybe for couples trying to conceive so they Think its actually measuring SOMETHING also give me some data related to the subjecteven if it had an ebook type of set up related to stages of life what can be expected sexually for a woman my age a man his age what is bestin other wordsIm curious if more sex is better for his healthas I personally think romancelove sex that bond is ALWAYS GOODfor a woman like me it makes my PMS cramps much less if we do it as often as possible before my cycle startsit helps headaches stress insomnia moodiness it helps my overall pleasantness positive outlook on lifeI find myself smiling moreHappiersatisfiedtension released Im just a better person when we are intimate every day        Could Be So Much Better

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