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hanitaro , the publisher behind many iOS app (Tide Chart USA ,Tide Chart USA Free), brings Tide Chart USA Free with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Tide Chart USA Free app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

Overall Satisfactionc48
thanks for the useful design.
It's a wonderful app on vacation.
Fun & Engagingc40
i made for fun fishing.
Very accurate and useful for fishing.
Super useful app.
accurate and helpful.
Everything I need in one graphical user interface.
Version is very helpful in avoiding reefs.
Ease of Usec93
It is easy to read and you can check tides anywhere.
but I think this one is way easier to read.
So much information given in such a simple graph.
Very easy to use and read great graphics.
Fast easy reference.
And convenient compared to all the others tried.

Discovered this when I was on vacation in Florida. found in 1 reviews
So glad to find this available after switching to iPhone. found in 1 reviews
incoming or outgoing tide. found in 1 reviews
Very accurate and useful for fishing. found in 1 reviews
because otherwise it's a great app with a nice interface. found in 1 reviews
App is very handy and tides are right on the nose. found in 2 reviews
tide chart usa is an application to display tidal information. found in 14 reviews
I was looking for this app last year. found in 1 reviews
Allows you to scroll forward to see future tides. found in 2 reviews
i made for fun fishing. found in 1 reviews
Version is very helpful in avoiding reefs. found in 1 reviews
My hoidy-toidy hubby splurged for a 99 cent tide clock app. found in 1 reviews
Best tide app on the market. found in 1 reviews
And convenient compared to all the others tried. found in 1 reviews
I only wish there were more location choices. found in 5 reviews
you can't use GPS to pick a location. found in 1 reviews
Needs sunrise and sunset please. found in 1 reviews
I would have given 5 stars if there was a way to ad my location. found in 1 reviews
It's disappointing. found in 1 reviews
Unfortunately this app won't switch to landscape mode. found in 1 reviews
Until more locations are added it will be 3 stars. found in 1 reviews
makes it worse. found in 1 reviews
No stations south of Tampa Bay until Ft Myers ugh. found in 2 reviews
needs one improvement. found in 1 reviews
App pretty much useless other on this side. found in 1 reviews
Severely lacking locations. found in 1 reviews
but they still think I'm an idiot. found in 1 reviews
Time problem. found in 1 reviews
Great app but it doesn't have any places near me. found in 1 reviews
But I suppose I'm niggling since I'm from Ohio. found in 1 reviews
I'd like to see the sunrise/ sunset times. found in 1 reviews
Locations are seriously lacking. found in 2 reviews
pretty but not accurate. found in 1 reviews
It is difficult to choose and exact location and is therefore. found in 2 reviews
The inability to search locations. found in 1 reviews
FL and can not get the tide data. found in 2 reviews

The Tide Chart USA Free is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 1.9 MB to download. The new Tide Chart USA Free app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-18. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Tide Chart USA Free in hanitaro`s Official Website : http://app.hanitaro.com/en/

"Tide Chart USA" is an application to display tidal information. I made for fun fishing. This program is not available for commercial purposes, and navigation. THERE IS NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND.
Great graphics for showing non coastal visitors who are not familiar with the tides concept Wish there were more locations but for free no complaints                     Wick and easy to use Capn Sand
I ve been using this app for over a year now for sailing in the bay area and find it works reliably I sail in Richardson Bay where it s incredibly shallow and having reasonably accurate tide prediction is crucial for planning a day sailing Great app                     Works great Bzolt
Should be spelled Daylight saving time not saveing                 Misspelling in Settings slotnumber8
Time is not adjusting to Daylight Savings even though I have Daylight saveing sic time selected in app     Daylight Savings Jon6890
Thanks                 Nice update DHBII
Seems pretty accurate if you have the right location set and the graphics are good for scrolling and watching the pattern or seeing what s happening But I wish it would show me data about the current condition where the red line is And it lets me touch and hold to put a red line up but again no info The calendar is nice for the moon but why not have an option to show high low tide levels And setting location is a bit tedious Do I have the closest one Maybe it could offer a list sorted by distance                 Pretty functional but could be better Touchy guy
Lots of info in a quick glance                     Elegant information design Adlumia
Very simple and clear Easy to use                 Great app Wireandy
Great free app use it all the time for oystering For some reason recently it fell behind 1 hour and shows the time 1 hour behind even with the DST option turned on                 Great tide app Zenmaxk
This is an easy app for someone that is a beachgoer There is a daylight savings setting that needs to be clicked on otherwise the tide times may be an hour or so off                 Daylight savings annashea7
Stations are found through a laborious list Tide Trac on the other hand is done visually from a map and is much easier I can also find stations with Tide Trac that I cannot with this app Kent Narrows MD for example         TideTrac is better Grouperhound
I use this app to plan my morning jog on the beach This app prevents me from arriving on a high tide blocked beach                 Beach jog TacticalSystem
This is a free app so you can t really complain too much The graphics are clear and easier to read than some other similar apps However I live in San Diego a maritime town and the app has been giving me incorrect times for the tides For example today it listed 5 45 a m as the low tide when the actual low was at 6 50 a m confirmed on the NOAH website Timing is important when you walk on the beach I hope this can be fixed with an update             Low Tide at Wrong Time Runegade
I can t recommend this app         USA only doesn t auto locate Matt The Ogre
Great way to find time of high low tide Red line totally lines up with my height of tide needs                     Very visual and useful Mikey b555
Hudson River NY I know it doesn t make all that much difference but I d like points up the river for the reposts Really easy to read display without my glasses is great                 More river points would be nice Mavricky
Can t figure out how to put in my location Done with it     Tide chart jedi2042
Location is difficult to change there should be a my current location option         Location zenmoto
This app needs to offer current location as an option It should also show current conditions i e weather temp wind speed Also Daylight Saving is misspelled App shows saveing             Needs improvement Mtn1956
Great for high low sunrise and sunsets                     Love this app Team carney
I m from Hawaii And there are BARELY any locations available in total So for one ENTIRE island there might be one or two locations at MOST Terrible     MINIMAL areas Karisssssaaaaa
This app lacks graduation markets between the zero and 8 foot tide levels so it is impossible to know what the tide actually is most of the time Also has poor instructional documentation Not sure what that mysterious horizontal line going through the tide chart means because they won t tell you I deleted this app and am using a different free one     Master of science Surfer scientist
Daylight savings             Spelling .......,,,,....,.,,
Nice simple app I really like the graph style display which makes it very simple to read A glance will tell me where the tide is and which way it is moving                 Nice simple easy to read rparker55
The new version has y axis gridlines with too little detail Now it is impossible to determine current tide within a few feet Plain text current tide below the high low text would be ideal         New version impossible to read current tide Sandiegosolanabeach
Good if you only need high low tides I need the old version with every 2ft tide level define to know what is happening at my beach Time to find a new app Totally disappointed     Liked the old version SBGal74
If you go fishing with the tides and moon phases by all means get this app                     A great fishing companion bum2ble
Ok app if you live in Alabama only I m in NH and I can t even make it manually use my location on the map I ll download it again if I happen to move to Alabama I guess     Location option Hhftyhlohhhh
Early version was great Now I don t like that the gradations for tide hight stretched out 0 to 8 ft where before it had 2 ft increments eg 0 2 4 6 etc                 Great but don t like new version TheTrainLuman
Starts quick and at a glance without my reading glasses I can see where tide is and where it s going One of the best graphic information screens I ve seen No small print information overload Like to see more locations up the Hudson but that s likely lack of sensors not the app I use for planning scuba diving operations Kept me safe so far                     Fast at a glance Mavricky
Like a good partner always right on time when needed                     On time Rutaazul
Ive had this app a while It use to work good but now in the past week the chart is not even close to what the actual tide is Tide has been super high 150and chart shows 110 or around that I went out Thursday night on suppose to be a niptide to the islands well thanks to your dope smoking or been drunk while makin the chart Im out of about 60 in fuel and about 300 in fish The island was completely underwater and actual tide was almost 2 feet high when it was suppose to be under a foot I will be finding another chart     Are u drunk or high
Nice app and easy to use but lacking in tide sites on the west coast of Florida near Fort Myers Tides there can vary by over an hour from passes to the back country           Easy to use but needs more tide sites
Compact condensed and easy to use seems to be pretty good so far Only because I havent had it long enough              Good so far
This is the best tide app Ive found I tend to use it more on my iPad because of the ease of reading on a bigger screen Unfortunately this app wont switch to landscape mode              needs one improvement
I like it but it could use a different font or a way to enlarge the font The screen has a lot of empty space and in the top left corner in tiny font is the tide chart           Pretty snazzy
Cant figure out how to add locations to tide chart Seems like locations are extremely limited Useless for me since I boat in the Beach Haven area of NJ     Locations
Ive had this app a long time Use it every year on spring break on Sanibel Island in FL This year Sanibel is not included Whats with that A lot of locations are gone        Few locations
This thing works great Tides are shown graphically in feet time and with a sine wave to compare day to day Very accurate                 Love this tide app
Great I use it for seashell collecting purposes Easy to read and understand if you are looking for something simple                 Great
I live in the Bronx right before going into Long Island there is absolutely no way are listed under New York thats with then maybe 30 miles of me Nothing anywhere listed in the Bronx Long Island City Island Manhattan Queens Throggs Neck So absolutely no way to see when to go fishing or to the beach near me anywhere There should be at least more breakdowns or and during a ZIP Code     Locations are horrible
Very accurate nice looking graphs I use it every time we go to the beach                 Perfect
Almost perfect No make that perfect                 Tide Chart USA
I dont know if this is just using a different time zone and is not adjustable or what but its about three hours off of protides so its worthless to me I liked it till I realized it had wrong info I wish it worked because its easy to use        Not accurate at all
The inability to search locations along with a very short list of locations to choose from make this a very poor app Dont download it You can post the NOAA page on your screen for free     Garbage
Obviously Simple Design Works Great and Love the Graph                 Awesome Best Tide App
As a professional fly fishing guide this is my preferred app for scheduling guided trips and for fun trips                 My Preferred Application For Tides
Spot on and easy to read                 Love this App
Works very well its fast its easy its simple and it helps you catch fish                 TIDES
I went on vacation for outer banks for drum fishing and its important to know the high and low tides This app showed me and was spot on its great                 Very accurate and useful for fishing
If you want to see how High the tide is then you can check the chart                 Tide Chart
I decided to become a beach bum this summer and needed to know when to avoid low tides This app is great for telling me when I need to avoid the water                 Very Good App
Love it                 Great app
Like the charts calendar and ease of bookmarking Despise the advertising at the bottom of the app Be sure to turn off the InApp Purchases in Settings General Restrictions           OK
You guys need to add in Cape Coral Sanibel Captiva and a few others in that area App pretty much useless other on this side           Needs update
Looks like it would be a nice app but no locations available near me        Not enough locations available
I really like this app Very accurate and easy to use                 Great app
Unable to select a tide that is at my location Cant enter my location useless app        Useless App
Not many locations     Very general
Works accurate But need more locations and information for escambia Bay Area              Decent
I use this daily I would have given 5 stars if there was a way to ad my location              Love this app
I planned my day around this information provided and I get to my boat and the tide is 3 hours off Any fisherman knows how important the tide is and this App just screwed my day     Incorrect tides
Love this easy to read tide chart app I need on shore locations because I pump oil wells inland The wells make more fluid at high tide I can set the timers on the pumps to come on during high tide saving electricity and wear and tear on oil pump jacks I have it set to the closest ocean location to me right now Thanks for the great app                 Love app
Easy to read fast simple I use it every day to get best times for running on the beach in Naples Fl Used it around the world always accurate Wish I could scroll backforward further and wish there were a paid upgrade Highly recommended                 Reliable and simple
Seems pretty good but not near enough locations        Tide Chart
Good graphics and data but not nearly enough locations        Not enough locations
I love this app I check it every time I head out for a beach walk I have never been caught stuck in high tide since I started using it It is easy to read and you can check tides anywhere I also appreciate the moonphase calendar                 dont plan a walk without this
Great display and functionality but not enough locations which you cannot check until you download the program There are NO locations for the entire south shore of Long Island but several on the north shore           Not enough locations
Bare bone tide chart prefect for fishing includes almost everything you need The only feature I would see is a moon riseset time display Great              Simple and works Feature request
Absolutely awesome Easy to use Great graphics And enough close locations to get useful tide information Thank you so much                 Absolutely Awesome
Works good if your area is in the preselected locations My area of interest was not           Decent App
Sisters Creek is a very popular boat ramp in the Jacksonville Florida area Can you add as a location The Jacksonville king fish tournament uses this boat ramp Thank you              Add location
A very necessary and useful tool Very accurate Use it all the time                 A Needed Tool
This app is easy to use mostly right and free So I have no complaints Other reviews ask for more locations and that would be great but I suspect this app just takes data from places where the tide is recorded and republishes the data To get more locations would require user input options and most people cant measure tides that would lead to inaccurate reports and make the whole thing less effective                 Not bad for recreational purposes
Love the graphics but West Falmouth is 2 hrs ahead of the forecast           pretty but not accurate
Awesome tide chart that has everything that we need at a glance                 Great simple informative tide chart
Ive used this app for years unfortunately Ive noticed that where there used to be many location near me the closet now is roughly an hour away It seems like whoever is loading data may not be focusing on it which is disappointing        Locations seem to be dwindling
This is a great little app Perfect for my applications                 Best tide app on the market
Clear and concise at a glance graphics for low tides which make it perfect for clamming and hunting longneck clams My only critique would be that it would be nice to have a legend somewhere to give a more clear indication of what the graph and various lines mean              Excellent
This is a great looking app however it does not have the entrance to the SteinhatcheeRiver location available so it is useless therefore it is getting deleted     No location for us
My favorite fishing app Thank you                 My favorite fishing app

Tide Chart USA Free Weather Tide Chart Free TideTide Chart USA Free Weather Tide Chart Free TideTide Chart USA Free Weather Tide Chart Free TideTide Chart USA Free Weather Tide Chart Free TideTide Chart USA Free Weather Tide Chart Free TideTide Chart USA Free Weather Tide Chart Free TideTide Chart USA Free Weather Tide Chart Free TideTide Chart USA Free Weather Tide Chart Free Tide

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