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BLACKSheep , the publisher behind many iOS app (Steward ,Mosaik ,Tiger Free ,Ferggies ,Wire Scanner 3GS. A Compass App ,MemorablePasswords), brings Tiger Free with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Tiger Free app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Tiger Free is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 0.1 MB to download. The new Tiger Free app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-01. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about Tiger Free in BLACKSheep`s Official Website : http://visit-the-blacksheep.blogspot.com/

=========== Tiger Free is FREE =========== Tiger Free protects you and your environment from dangerous and harmful tigers. How does it work? While working on another project, we noticed that there was no single tiger in sight. Further scientific investigation ...
This app is the awesomest app ive ever downloaded Ive been tiger free for over a year now I feel safe and I feel no need to fear for tigers as long as my tiger free app is on                 Wonderful app
On my trip to India we were separated from the tour guide in the middle of the jungle Suddenly tigers pounce out of nowhere I turned this app on and they blinked in a confused manner then walked off My life was saved Get this app                 Amazing
This app has revolutionized my social life No more having to stay home due to my fear of feral tigers This app is a god send                 Tigers no more
Today I was watching the hangover and looking at this app on my phone as soon as the tiger scene came on the movie shut off this app is amazing                 Hunterl52
At the zoo it didnt work too well but hey Im still never been attacked by a tiger THANK YOU TIGER FREE                 IT WORKS
Kept the tigers away since I put this on I dont have to worry about my dog getting dragged off now by tiggers Who made this app is a life and dog saver                 It works
While I was wrestling a lion in a desperate attempt for my life my handgun was knocked away Shortly after I fell into a tiger trap with a live tiger in it Fortunatly I had this app on so I was spared as I used my rope to get out Best app ever                 Saved my life
I fell into my zoos tiger pit last monthand when I was about to be killed the tiger flew away I then realised that this app was on and it saved my life                 Thank You
My freind invited me to her house and she saw this app and threw her plushie tiger at me the tiger plushie then fled the scene 3 I love this cute little app people who think HOW DOES IT WORK it doesnt its just a cute little joke but it cracks me up that everyone goes with the flow and its really ard to explain 55                 Muffins
my favorite part is how it keeps tigers away                 effective and economical
I have needed this for awhile                 Finally
I love this app Its one of the only ones I have kept on my Ipod from the first week of getting it Great subtle Simpsons reference                 Hasnt Failed Me Yet
Ok my lil bro was watching Winnie the pooh so I turned the sheiks on and it happened to be a tiger free episode It really works Thanks tiger free                 Winnie the pooh
I am allergic to tigers so I got this app So far its 100 effective I have not seen a single tiger since downloading this                 Have not seen a single tiger
This app has saved my life on numerous occasions and I couldnt live without it seriously or else I would be ripped apart by the numerous tigers as I brave my way through the ancient indian temples in search for the treasure                 Cant believe this is free
And the Tigers lost Great going now Im a social outcast           Used it at the World Series
Honestly i was so tired of all these tigers There not that great I finnally got this app and Ive been looking for one that actually works for a while I suggest this for anyone with a tiger problem Search no longer                 I am so happy
This is funny I wonder if Matt Groeing is aware of it                 What it says
I have been tiger free for 155 days                 Great and fun app
This app is my life 763 days and counting Its really cool just to have it running to look back at time that has passed But when I but on 3d glasses I can accually see the numbers Havnt seen any tigers Even when I went to the zoo they werent there                 Holy sh
Ever since I got this ap my tiger problems disappeared Thanks tiger free                 No more tiger problems
Since I got this app I havnt seen any tigers so it must work                 It works
Probrably the only app that does what it says On my way to 600 days of tiger free days This app is incredible                 Awesome
Im havent seen one tiger yet                 No tigers so far
My and my girlfriend were in the forest TH3N A tiger attacked my girlfriend and I run then I remember the app I activate the tiger free Now we are OKAY it does work                 NOO
If you bothered to read the rules more thoroughly you would have realized that the app has limited function in zoos Shot down                 Dear animepieman
This is so stupid I love tigers I dont see how the heck this works Please take it off the app store wen is a tiger going to attack u in the US     Stupiddddd
I survived My phone kicked back on seconds before the tiger devoured my arms My legs were not so lucky But Ill return to school within the week                 To Andy
Hmm what I R E A L L Y need is an app that would keep Tiger Woods and his lecherous exploits off the TV Really though this app works great We had a tiger that delivered the mail for a while when our usual postal worker went postal At first the tiger just seemed a bit confused mumbling something about a negative number times another negative number should not equal a positive number then just bit the head off the neighbors kid and left without even leaving the mail We saw the tiger one more time after that It was lifting its leg on the mailbox of the high school mathematics teacher that lives three doors down from us Before this great app we had little options as to how best go about containing all the tigers in the neighborhood The best advice we got before that was to tie the tiger to a poll But the only Polish people around left after their kid got his head bitten off by a tiger Hmm                 Tigeraway
I have no idea how this is supposed to work I have no idea why I am rating this 5                 Umm Idk
maybe I dont see any tigers because I live in NEW YORK duhhhhh     read this
As we high fived and proceeded to walk out of the zoo mocking the tiger eskimos iPhone battery diedAs well as himself because his app went out        for my friend Eskimo
I have not had a tiger problem since getting this app I would recommend it to everyone Tiger Free provides an effective way for anybody to enjoy their life while keeping tigers away It really works                 Shutup6787
Ive been tiger free for almost a year and I havent seen a single tiger                 It works
This app is soooooo retarted 0 stars     Stupid
I havent seen a tiger after I downloaded this app                 BEST APP EVER
This is a great app I have been plagued by tigers around my house since we bought it As soon as I downloaded this app BAM No more tigers Thank u for saving my life                 NO MORE TIGERS
Unfortunately this app does not work with iOS 8 Update after i rebooted the app it seems to work now I will be doing some testing on the range of effectiveness of the app           Not working on iOS 8
I was on vacation in australlia and I was sleeping in my cabin and I heard tigers and I quickly turned this app on and they looked at me and were rolling on the ground covering their ears Its a life saving app thanks                 Liontigersbears o my
Best App Ever                 What Comic Book Guy would say
HOO                 WOO
After using this app I stopped being a tiger and am now ephemeral dust and an iPod its great                 I am a tiger
I was in the zoo and a tiger was loose so I activated tiger free The zoo keeper turned it off and said I was horrasing teh animal So I got mah AK47 and a grenade and went to work killing that tiger Lets just say the zoo keeper had an accident after that                 Muahahahaha
This app is decent but most tigers actually have no problem with imaginary numbers What tigers really hate are dinner parties              Only works on some tigers
I have been protected from dangerous tigers for months Thanks TigerFree                 Simply Magical
I was a little unsure at first i mean real tiger protection that actually WORKS is hard to find but after reading the comments I feel like it does what it promises                 100 effective
In my entire life I have never been attacked by a tiger Within 16 minutes of installing this app I was attacked by a Bengal tiger which seemed to materialize from thin air He took my leg           Doesnt work
Ever since I downloaded this application I have not seen a tiger anywhere near me I used to be afraid but now I can live without the fear of being attacked by a tiger                 This app saved my life
This app is soo awsum                 Awsum app

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