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Description - Time Calculator (5 in 1)

Thomas Tsopanakis , the publisher behind many iOS app (Password Protector+Generator ,Pro Scientific Calculator ,Premium Tip Calculator ,Gaussian / Normal Distribution ,Business Timer+ ,Stopwatch+Timer+HeadsOrTails+RandomNumber), brings Time Calculator (5 in 1) with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Time Calculator (5 in 1) app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
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Overall Satisfactionc91
Thanks for developing this great app.
Thank you for your hard work.
I love how useful this app is.
Very interesting and useful app.
Very useful little confused.
Essential for Travelers.
Helpful and quick.
Helpful and efficient.
Calculates everything I need to calculate.
Ease of Usec96
Many simple time calculators.
Great& Simple App.
This is a very practical and easy to use app.
easy interface.

Go- To App for Calculations Regarding Dates & Times. found in 6 reviews
Flexible variety of tools and helpful. found in 1 reviews
Beautiful and useful. found in 1 reviews
This fit the bill perfectly. found in 1 reviews
Great app for teachers. found in 1 reviews
Thanks for developing this great app. found in 2 reviews
Helping me get to school on time since yesterday. found in 1 reviews
Great time saver. found in 3 reviews
It's simple and straightforward which makes it a pleasure to use. found in 1 reviews
instead of scrolling through all the cities. found in 1 reviews
age calculator simply shows your age years old months and days. found in 1 reviews
Best date/ time calculator out there. found in 9 reviews
Very Useful Education Tool for Teaching About Time. found in 1 reviews
Functional and simple design. found in 1 reviews
Cheap at Twice the Price. found in 1 reviews
Great Work By the Developer. found in 1 reviews
The problem is finding the 2nd time zone. found in 2 reviews
Please add the option to show time results in a variety of options. found in 1 reviews
just wish I could save and also email the results. found in 1 reviews
Natural language would be even better. found in 1 reviews
Needs search functionality. found in 1 reviews
There is no searching or any other help finding what you want. found in 2 reviews
Constantly asks to be rated. found in 1 reviews
Please add a button to add weeks -- not just days. found in 1 reviews
there is no search function to find the location. found in 1 reviews
Whoever designed the latest format doesnt know anything about design. found in 1 reviews
There is no way to specify the time units between two dates. found in 2 reviews
it asks to be rated now or later. found in 1 reviews
The option of how many days until. found in 1 reviews
If you need to know the time difference between two dates in weeks. found in 1 reviews
Honolulu does not show up under "America". found in 2 reviews
Example: If you look for Hawaii. found in 2 reviews
Uh huh. found in 1 reviews
Not helpful if you need exact calculations. found in 1 reviews
1 month to current date and nothing happens. found in 1 reviews

The Time Calculator (5 in 1) is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 1.3 MB to download. The new Time Calculator (5 in 1) app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-25. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Time Calculator (5 in 1) check developer Thomas Tsopanakis`s website : http://thomastsopanakis.wordpress.com/2012/06/16/time-calculator-5-in-1/

Time Calculator(5 in 1) is the perfect tool to work with time This application have been tested by professionals all over the world and is working to the 100%.No flaws and no additional in-app purchases like ...
This app is steak sauce A1                 Well done
This app is awesome I use it at work almost everyday                 Get this app
Nice basic time calculator                 Simple and easy
I cant even use it at work because its not made to break time down in the format I needed Still using paper awe           Fast fun NOT FOR WORK
I like to use this to calculate dates 25 34 etc days ahead for my job beats counting days on a calendar much faster                 Works well for calculating dates
I like it the Best App I recommend everybody to use this app                 I like it the Best App
THIS IS THE BEST                 For what I use it for
Ive been searching for an app like this I work in a pharmacy and was constantly having to count days on the calendar to make sure its ok to refill mess for customers This app does it for me              Very Helpful
This app is just great at what it does I can never figure out how much time is between two dates but I need to know this information pretty often This app does it wonderfully Its one of a few apps that I would never be without                 Essential
I travel a lot and like to know how far away I am with the time travel calculator This app is awesome                 Great product
Does exactly what I need it to do                 Great App
Awesome                 Awesome
Its simple and basic but thats all I need for now With some modifications and upgrades this will be a super awesome app The potential is strong with this app              Pretty Cool
Meets all my needs              Great app
Fabulous app no issues noted Fast easy              Date Time calculation app
I do time adjustments for service outages Before finding this app I would manually addsubtract hours This makes my job a ton easier                 Great App I use it daily
This app does all the calculations I need with time I am a forensic pathologist and I often need the time from injury to death and time from arrest until alcohol measurement This app is the answer                 Exceedingly Useful
Useful                 Great app
I appreciate the work that went into this app I suggest that the user be allowed to get time zone suggestions by using the keyboard instead of scrolling through an alphabetical list Solid and stable app                 Useful
Excellent App at least for me it is perfect                
Very nice app i got free from app gone free                 Vk
Quick 60 day check Remembers previous request so I just leave it open on subtract 60 days              Good for SpEd deadlines
Its OK Very useful And I dont know                 Cool app
I use this app on a daily basis during my day job and it is more than handy My only suggestion would be to add a done button to the keyboard to better trigger the result once the data is entered Overall I give this a 5                 What a great app
I use it to calculate time kids were in my daycare Works great                 Great app to do time cards and daycare
A little clunky but very useful for calculating hours of service for this truck driver              Works for me
I needed a simple app to calculate the difference in time between two distinct dates and this app proved to be just what I was looking for It does one thing and does it welldate calculations That is the signature of a welldesigned piece of software                 Exactly what I needed
I have to calculate days past due on invoices and work and least 100 times per month This app works great and is very easy to use Great job                 Great App
Good app for lawyers                 Good
This app is great It adds up minutes and breaks it down                 Great app
I love the simplicity of app Great for job use                 Flight attendant
Thanks a lot for this wonderful app                 Best
I use it all the time for work Its a great tool                 Great
Works well for me in calculating court deadlines                 Good app
Exactly what I needed and perfect for my needs Keep up the good work                 Perfect
Works good a couple of drops could use some cleanup overall 92100 Keep upgrading              Duffer1200
Great for contracts deal pipelines and milestone tracking                 Useful
Great App Very useful                 Happy
Has all the functions you can ask for and would recommend it                 Very Good
Seems like its a pretty good app for truck drivers especially when youre trying to figure out your ETA              Good
Very useful                 Very good app
Use it daily to calculate number of days between dates and minutes between times                 Simple though Works very well for me
Simple direct and always at hand              Just What I Wanted
For all the different ways I convert time this app is great                 Ive got the time
This app is fantastic for long term planning                 Great
Im a behavioral supervisor and I have to write reports 45 days before services end for my clients The day subtraction tool saves me a lot of time                 Helpful calculation
I had to download an app because Windows changed their calculator program Why Anyway this one works well but would rather use a calendar looking drop box than the scroll date and time wheels 45              It works and looks nice
Capable of calculating what I need it to do and a nice interface Additional features could be added improve the app              Capable but not complete
This app has very useful conversion tools and offers a clean attractive interface So glad I found it                 Great conversion tools
I was looking for a simple time calculator and this app worked perfectly It has a lot more to offer but I only needed one feature and that works well                 Exactly what I needed

Time Calculator (5 in 1) Business Time CalculatorTime Calculator (5 in 1) Business Time CalculatorTime Calculator (5 in 1) Business Time CalculatorTime Calculator (5 in 1) Business Time CalculatorTime Calculator (5 in 1) Business Time CalculatorTime Calculator (5 in 1) Business Time CalculatorTime Calculator (5 in 1) Business Time CalculatorTime Calculator (5 in 1) Business Time CalculatorTime Calculator (5 in 1) Business Time CalculatorTime Calculator (5 in 1) Business Time CalculatorTime Calculator (5 in 1) Business Time CalculatorTime Calculator (5 in 1) Business Time Calculator

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