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Time Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Sports Illustrated Football Rivals ,MyRecipes Daily Indulgence ,GOLF Magazine ,PEOPLE STYLEWATCH Magazine ,ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY Magazine ,SI Swimsuit 2011), brings TIME Magazine with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. TIME Magazine app has been update to version 6.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The TIME Magazine is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 6.2 has been released on 2014-11-28. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about TIME Magazine check developer Time Inc.`s website : http://app.time.com/ipad.php

Experience TIME magazine on the iPad. This app gives you the ability to purchase each week s digital issue through iTunes and to read and store as many digital issues as you d ...
Superb                 Superb
I am utterly surprised how bad this application is considering that it is backed by one of the most prominent media firm The app is slow unnecessarily big and not very functional But whats worse as a print and digital subscriber I almost always have problem with downloading This occurred again this morning For reasons that four ounces me I cannot download again This is frustrating        Surprisingly bad
I have read Time Magazine for more than 40 years I have simply never enjoyed it more than in the Digital edition I love the extra content on line I love all the links to background material including video I just wish the newspapers would get with it and take advantage of the digital age like Time does And lastly I so appreciate the ability to increase the size of the print Seventy year old eyes are not what they used to be Keep up the good inovative work                 Superior to the Hard Copy
I cant get my magazines to download after signing in useless online so sticking to print version Only app I have given up on and will be deleted        Very confusing
Great news app Consistent reporting excellent layout and audio options The best                 Big fan
This is a great app I really enjoy Time Magazine and this makes it really great and although a magazine is portable I usually have my iPad with me                 Excellent
I have a print subscription The app used to let me download digital issues as they became available Now it wants to charge me again for each issue after Ive already paid for the subscription What gives     Uh oh
Wont let me download issues anymore hard to rate what you cant get     Cant give a zero
Great app                 Useful and interactive
on overwhelming complaints by reviewers Time continues its almost sadistic refusal to reinstate landscape viewing If only they would provide the readers with the minimal courtesy of explaining their reasoning on this stubbornness We humans view in horizontal landscape as the natural order of things and by forcing to often pan through two pages we do not absorb the context of the photo as the photographer and presumably the photo editor intended        After almost three year
Ive been a print Time subscriber for years Three years ago I purchased the allaccess subscription so Id also be able to read Time on my iPad Sometimes the app works great but several times now Ive had a difficultly signing in to my digital subscription Ive deleted the app rebooted my iPad changed my password repeat repeat Contacted Time was told the print subscription is now separate from the digital subscription I have to pay 2999 for a years digital access So I did and I STILL cant access my digital Time on either my iPad although I can access it on my iPhone I think Ill cancel my subscriptions and switch to Newsweek Ugh     Customer Service is a Joke
Everything work fine Does what is suposed to do Its a magazine and the app has the perfect balance between magsubjects and multimedia I am a fan                 Very good App
Great magazine and app                 Review
I love the content the app is very faulty you cant reed on landscape mode and that makes impossible to see two page images complete Also the audio feature is really faulty once you start yo have to finish you better start it when you cant be interrupted Id love to have features to make notes and highlight some quotes maybe share them on social networks or use them for future reference Itd be great to see improvements soon     Ok but faulty
All in all the ap works fine I dont like that it doesnt allow you to turn the ipad n read           Not bad
6615 Update Bookmark management needs improving The app doesnt allow the user to delete older bookmarks that reference an issue that THE APP deleted earlier because it was old 31615 Update Swiping from page to page has slowed considerably since your last update Im pretty sure its the Time magazine app because others apps that swipe such as photos swipe normally 2715 Update Thanks for implementing some of my suggestions Heres another one Please add the complete article titles to the TOCs When the user is reading an issue and presses the table of contents button The TOC lists abbreviated titles so abbreviated that the user is unable to figure out which article is which 91214 Update The Most Recently Read link doesnt always work If you bookmark an article and then delete the magazine issue the bookmark remains and cant be deleted Item 4 below still not available This is perfect example of an implementation that fell in love with its technology platform and lost sight of its purpose namely enhance the readers viewing experience eg 1 All pictures require the reader to tap on a sign to see the pictures captions Personally Id prefer to see the caption with the picture and turn it off in the rare instance I wanted to see something behind it 2 If the user downloads a later issue the app loses track of where the reader was in the previous issue Te app should maintain an article history showing where the user was 3 The app overuses the pull tab for more info feature This isnt easy for disabled people 4 It would be nice to be able to highlight and search text bookmark articles and see definitions when you select a word However the biggest problem is How do you download the latest issue It turns out you go to the apps library and select the issue you want to download There should be an option to automatically download a new issue whenever your iPad is connected to the web           Getting Better But Still Needs Improving
Its ridiculous that you cant sync the subscription purchased on an iPad to newsstand on an iPhone I wasted an extra 5 or so because I thought I was downloading an issue since I already paid the annual subscription but the iPhone time app made me purchase the issue     Will not sync with iPad version
When you buy print ereading should be seamless Time led the way in user interface easy access pad and phone Navigation is intuitive However next they need to lead screen reading for when we cannot see the screen auto audio and non visual navigation              Leader in digital media
Why do I have to go through the process of signing in each week to get my magazine and half the time I get an error This is just not worth it FIX THIS CRAPPY APP Now these fools are telling me I only have a print account HUH STAY AWAY IM CANCELING MY SUBSCRIPTION YOU MORONS     GARBAGE TOO HARD TO ACCESS
Very readable They send me a paper copy which I rarely read in favor of the digital copy                 A pleasure to flip thru and read
I have been trying to resolve a digital content delivery problem with Time for almost two months now I used to be a print subscriber but decided to move over to a purely digital subscription due to vision problems that make reading the print version very difficult The whole subscription process is very smooth within the iPad app however things are very frustrating the first time you run into a content delivery problem Ive also been using The Economist That magazine really knows how to handle their audio edition Please add the ability to download the entire content of each issue as audio with a playlist that lets you skip between articles if you wish and remembers where you left off if you reopen the app My biggest complaint with this app is that it never remembers what page you were last reading so you either have to write down where you are in the issue or make sure you have time to read the entire issue from cover to cover If you dont wan to add downloadable audio for the full content within this app please consider publishing every issue to Audible Id switch to Audible in a heartbeat if it were ever an option I had a problem downloading the September 9 issue but no problem with any other issue before or after that date Try emailing customer support and they send back replies telling you how to delete and reinstall the app and how to restore purchases As someone that subscribes to a lot of digital magazines these are already things I tried before contacting customer support Several email exchanges later and Times customer support representatives are still suggesting the same things its as though some email robot is just taking blind guesses and sending back automated responses Try calling support to try to get someone on the right track in determining the source of the problem with this one magazine issue and youre told to call Apple When you call Apple they tell you what youd expect contact the publisher because they can only refund my subscription or help with reinstalling the app It has taken almost two months to get someone from Time to even attempt to download the September 9 issue and realize that they cant download it either The problem was fixed quickly once I actually got someone to try it themselves but it still leaves me feeling like an unappreciated subscriber You want to encourage people to tell their friends about your magazine and increase your number of subscribers but when you treat an existing customer like you dont care now that youve gotten their money it certainly doesnt encourage existing customers to renew their subscriptions once the current subscription ends If Time is going to provide a digital subscription they should be willing to support their product and not expect their customers to beg Apple for help As one of Times supervisors stated we dont get subscriber information from Apple you should have subscribed directly through us instead If youre not willing to support subscribers that sign up through your iPad app then dont offer the option to subscribe in the app at all The only reason I havent canceled my subscription yet is because Time has one of the better interfaces that is very friendly for customers with vision problems I am hopeful that Time will fix their customer support problems and start treating their digital subscribers like valued customers that could potentially bring in new paying customers as well Like others have stated Im also disturbed by Time removing every downloaded issue every time an update is posted This is extremely frustrating for customers that dont have reliable high speed internet connections           Lack of support for digital subscribers
Animation is cute but a little annoying Give me the option to turn the start up sound off        Dont like audio at start up
But the app confuses turning a page with clicking on an ad        Nice layout
Stellar presentation of interesting ideas and information                 Great
This app was great until this week when I was unable to download the current issue I contact Time and they say you now have to subscribe to view the magazine online I refuse to pay double to read both the print and Eedition Terrible Will be canceling print edition ASAP     No Free EEdition with Print Addition Anymore
I have a print subscription This digital app will not reliably let one use their print subscription credentials to access the digital content maybe it is an Apple issue not wanting to let one read anything on iPad they didnt pay for using iTunes I had the same issues with Newsweek a couple years ago and finally dropped them Ive been reading weekly news mags for nearly 50 years maybe it is time to let them all go News aggregators like Flipboard are much more reliable     not reliable
I have had Time for about 40 years At one point they had large print which I loved Unfortunately not enough subscribers With the app I have many choices Enlarge the font so I dont need to use glasses I can use the audio and click on additional information I very seldom use the paper edition                 Like the flexibility
I find it inconceivable that despite the fact that the app was last updated in February 2015 more than five months after the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were released the APP IS STILL NOT OPTIMIZED TO FIT THE SCREEN OF THE iPHONE 6 PLUS Because of that text and everything else including the clock is HUGE and space is very poorly used Its now August meaning that its been 11 months since the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus That is much more than enough time to fix the appversion of what is surely one of the most widely read magazines in the US and the fact that its not is completely unacceptable Additionally I found that when listening to an audio story there is no way to fastforward or rewind or pause and there is no indication of where you are in the story such as automatically turning the page highlighting each word as it said by the narrator or even just showing the amount of time elapsed and the amount of time remaining in the story Worst of all the AUDIO STOPS AS SOON AS YOUR PHONE GOES TO SLEEP so youll need to keep your phone awake and the screen turned on to listen Not only that but if you do let your phone go to sleep you cannot resume the audio where you left off instead youll have to start from the very beginning If you are anything like me you probably would be most likely to be listening to the audio version of the story if you arent able or interested in looking at it such as when exercising showering commuting cooking etc As of right now your only option is to go into setting to tell your phone to never go to sleep automatically Settings General AutoLock Never and just deal with the battery drain of having your screen turn on unnecessarily I was initially excited at the possibility to read Time Magazine on my phone but until those issues are addressed I think Ill just stick with the paper version        Unoptimized for iPhone 6 Plus and Terrible Audio Player
Its an ok app Its not terrible but I really hate the UI You cant smooth scroll The articles can go dozens of pages of text with no photos and nothing beautiful for the eye Apples news app looks nice from what theyve released I think this app needs modernization and new designers that understand beautiful user experience        Fine hate the UI
I used to be able to get digital issues as a bonus to my print subscription but now all I ever get is the buy issue button after Time sends me an email that a new issue is available Im logged in and Time has my credentials Ive checked the FAQs about this but nothing works The app is now completely useless to me     Print subscription but still wants payment for digital
Such a poorly functioning piece of crap I hate it Crashes forces to reinstall input subscriber info     Frustrating and horrible
I cant get the magazine and Im still getting charged for it     Terrible
Download to tablet has worked well for me Very pleased with App              Very Satisfied
I enjoy the magazine but what idiots redesigned the app without taking into account that people actually read the magazine on Ipads not just iPhones on trams     Really No Landscape
Needs to be resized for the iPhone 6 plus           Good app but needs iPhone 6 Plus support
It works offline without a wifi connection accesses issues all the way back to the 1920s and reads to me while Im driving Photos and charts are clear                 Works wonderfully
I dont deal with flash zing and bang All I want to read is the current edition of Time Mag online I get the hard copy delivered but at times no pun intended I like to read the latest issue in its full context online when I travel Thank you Time for making all your issues available to me Great Mag Keep up the good work                 Works for me
Maybe one star is unfair but it wont even load for me Just sits there showing three gray dots pulsating sequentially Then again if it cant do something as basic as loading then its crap     Doesnt even load
I have been a subscriber to Time for a while now and at first I was skeptical of reading the magazine on my iPad but now Im very happy that I tried it The app works great and the bonus content is often very interesting              Works well and has great bonus features
What a neat app I like how they designed each section how they linked one to another and how they read articles with nice voices Works perfect for me                 Simply like it
Why does this app still not format sub links to fit the screen or allow zooming and resizing on iPhones Please stop repeating the same stories in multiple sections        Hi
Not just portrait but landscape orientation too                 Should support landscape orientation
I have a print subscription which until just recently included the digital version at no additional cost I renewed my subscription earlier this year and suddenly as of this morning digital access no longer works I understand changing your fee structure but those of us with standing subscriptions should have legacy accounts and not lose our access I manage all subscriptions via Amazon and they currently have no way of addressing this matter In Style is part of the Time publishing group same issue           Great app when digital access works
PLUS I like being able to read Time on my phone Ive read it covertocover since I was about 10 so I love being able to carry it around with me for when all the doctor has is Austin Woman or some such rot MINUS about half the time the app doesnt recognize me as a subscriber and offers me the opportunity to purchase the latest issue Yes I can call customer service and wait in an interminable queue and they will eventually get me signed in but I subscribed for convenience not to spend the evening on the phone with their perfectly carving customer service agents           Pretty good and frustrating as all gitout
Despite a halfdozen attempts and as many fixes done by Time customer services my app wont allow access and has deleted my downloaded purchases We all scratched our heads Frustrating since its a very good app Mine is probably not the normal experience but argh        Struggle
Got the Time 1 year subscription via milesformags with my advantage card So happy to be able to have Time on my Ipad Couldnt imagine a better way to read the time magazine                 Very good
It rarely works properly customer service doesnt help much either if you ever to call to ask for assistance     App is a disater
I recently subscribed to a slew of magazines published by Time and have had no problem accessing any of the apps except for this one Every time I try to register or do forgot my password it takes me to a page where my only choice is to renew my subscription despite the fact that my current one does not expire until next summer What a bait switch     This is the most frustrating app ever
Ive been having major issues with downloading the last three editions of the digital magazine What use is a monthly subscription if we cannot download the bleedin thing I any other users facing the same issue would genuinely appreciate you taking the time and fixing the problem Or at least tell us how we can get our money back     Download issues
Unlike the iPad format this one is tiny But it still packs a punch Very well done              Tiny format but still a good one

TIME Magazine News Time Magazine Digital IssueTIME Magazine News Time Magazine Digital IssueTIME Magazine News Time Magazine Digital IssueTIME Magazine News Time Magazine Digital IssueTIME Magazine News Time Magazine Digital IssueTIME Magazine News Time Magazine Digital IssueTIME Magazine News Time Magazine Digital IssueTIME Magazine News Time Magazine Digital IssueTIME Magazine News Time Magazine Digital Issue

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