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Hatch Labs, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Blush for Wine ,CrowdFail ,tinder ,BroDown ,Cardify ,Mob), brings tinder with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. tinder app has been update to version 1.03 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • So many beautiful women and is awesome for when you're traveling..
  • The app is very user friendly and easy to navigate..
  • It's nice to get matches and chat with people nearby..
  • Would like more search options and ability to send images..
  • Tinder is probably the best online dating service available right now..

Overall Satisfactionc51
Complaints: - Undo button in case I accidentally dislike someone's picture.
Needs an undo feature for those you might accidentally like or dislike.
Tinder is probably the best online dating service available right now.
This just went from the best online dating app to the worst.
Create an age filter in addition to the distance filter.
Great idea but really needs an age filter for searching.
I met the love of my life completely unexpectedly on Tinder.
I might be missing out on the love of my life here.
Met amazing people here and looking forward to meet more :.
Fun & Engagingc54
Great app when you're bored and need to pass time.
Great concept and just overall fun to mess around with.
But you had to mess it up by getting greedy.
then you eventually see the same people over and over again.
I've met some awesome people on Tinder while I travel the world.
Easy to use and fun when it works.
This app is fun to play around and to have a good laugh.
Love the concept though very fun and useful.
Very fun and useful app.
Family Friendlyc48
College kids new little black book.
especially for college kids.
Social Aspectsc54
Clearly the best way to meet new people in your area.
Simple and fun way to meet new people in your area.
The application doesn't give you all the available people in your area.
it's fun to talk to new people and see you thinks you're attractive.
good way to meet and talk to new people in the area.
Crashes before app even opens due to new update.
Interesting way to meet people within the social media environment.
First app of social media I have actually managed to enjoy.
Performs a lot better than other social networking apps I've used.
Tinder is probably one of the biggest social networking kickers.
You've ruined one of the greatest social networking platforms.
Ease of Usec55
Thanks for making such an amazing and simple app.
Simple app and a great way to meet new people.
It is slow with some bugs that need to be fixed.
Ads not Intrusivec41
There's your review not stop asking me to review GEEZ.
I've been meaning to review this app for awhile.
Writing a review so that it will stop asking me to rate this app.
I just wanted the app to stop asking me to rate it.
Please stop asking me to rate the app.
it should stop asking me to write this review and leave me alone.
Writing this so it stops asking me to write a review.
Security & Privacyc13
The app compiles a profile from your FB account.
Updates & Supportc29
Fun thing to mess around with when you're bored.
Couldn't respond to messages so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it.
And great customer service.

Lots of hot women in DC. found in 8 reviews
I met my girlfriend on there even though we just broke up. found in 18 reviews
Pretty dope fun for road trips. found in 13 reviews
It's aight. found in 32 reviews
Sooooo much better than Grindr. found in 12 reviews
Good entertainment and good for meeting people. found in 10 reviews
Great way to meet people and have interesting/ life changing conversations. found in 21 reviews
This is sooooo much better than okcupid. found in 11 reviews
Eh it's ok. found in 11 reviews
Good for some clean fun. found in 10 reviews
Now there are like 20 spam profiles to every real one. found in 32 reviews
Considering how many fake profiles are on okc and match. found in 413 reviews
Overall its a fun app but the bugs need to be fixed. found in 195 reviews
Wish I could add pictures to my profile without facebook. found in 45 reviews
Not terribly stoked you are forced to use Facebook to login. found in 485 reviews
Too many fake profiles with links to backpage. found in 151 reviews
But depressing when it tells you there's no one left around you. found in 97 reviews
But needs an age filter asap & my match convos never load. found in 136 reviews
Tinder won't let me add photos from Facebook please help. found in 82 reviews
There's too many fake accounts but besides that it's pretty good. found in 241 reviews
I tried deleting and reinstalling but nothing works. found in 36 reviews
Some problems with messaging failures and obvious spam accounts. found in 60 reviews
- Photo upload option to move/scale doesn't seem to work. found in 193 reviews
won't let me add more pictures or change my profile picture. found in 106 reviews
Also a lot of fake people with bad motivations. found in 42 reviews
but it suddenly stopped working and struggled to connect to Facebook. found in 365 reviews
There are spam bots preying on people in this app. found in 81 reviews
Wish there weren't so many spam bots on here though. found in 27 reviews
It won't let me upload pictures /change my profile picture. found in 111 reviews
It keeps taking me to facebook to login everytning time. found in 485 reviews
Tinder definitely ruined the app completely by trying to charge people $9. found in 137 reviews
Doesn't show anybody within a 100 miles of LA. found in 303 reviews
But I still get notifications about new matches and messages. found in 140 reviews
Too many fake accounts it's not even cool anymore. found in 241 reviews
The app freezes when it try's to re -authorize through Facebook. found in 134 reviews
my profile pictures were rearranged and some were deleted. found in 145 reviews
The app can't even connect to Facebook correctly on an iPhone 6plus. found in 365 reviews
Having to pay $10 a month for unlimited swipes is ridiculous. found in 119 reviews
There are so many fake profiles on here it's disgusting. found in 413 reviews
SMS verification issue and AWFUL customer support. found in 164 reviews
It barely can find people even within 100 mile radius garbage. found in 151 reviews
Don't want to use Facebook login and no other option. found in 137 reviews
Needs an undo button if you accidentally swipe left. found in 206 reviews
Apparently there isn't any one within 100 miles of me. found in 153 reviews
This needs to be fixed cause this is getting really annoying. found in 195 reviews
Great idea but really needs an age filter for searching. found in 136 reviews
Couldn't respond to messages so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. found in 171 reviews

The tinder is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 3.3 MB to download. The new tinder app version 1.03 has been updated on 2014-11-20. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about tinder check developer Hatch Labs, Inc.`s website : http://www.gotinder.com

Tinder is a mobile game that intelligently figures out when two people are interested in each other and then connects them. This way you don`t need to deal with constant rejection and hard work on ...
You can slide your finger all day long                 Excellent
Fun                 Tinder
Make a way you can use the app without Facebook     Seriously
Got me laid already 5 different times Good thing I got tinder plus I had fun experience so far but the spam problem is getting out of hand                 Amazing app Got me laid
It works good           Decent
Great App                 App is good
Riddled with spam     Waste of time
Spam spam spam spam Anyone with 3 pics is spam wanting credit card info Limited likes and 95 are spent on fake profiles     So many fake profiles
Fantastic way to meet new people all over the world              Nice
The bot problem is ridiculous You guys need to fix it     Fake Users
You guys need to get the spambots under control        Spam
Works well                
Wonderful for those who dont have the time to get out a lot but still want to search for the right one Gives plenty of choices and respects privacy IG zuskillz                 Great App
Addictive                 Enjoy the app
I thought Tinder would be majorly sketchy and there are always creepers but Ive met more great guys in the past 3 days than in the past 6mo online dating Its fun fast free and with a clear bio you an weed out the nonsense I put that Im a Christian looking for a serious relationship and Im so surprised that there are likeminded people around me Thanks Tinder              Im surprised
Not bad Simple app Shows a lot of matches that are on the other side of the states though                 Interesting
95 of all matches now are just spam Worthless     SPAM
Tindr used to be cool and useful for meeting new people now its just flooded with webcam girls and fake profiles I have yet to be Matched with a real person in over 5 matches now     too many fake webcamfake girls on here
I have used tinder on and off an embarrassingly numerous amount of times and when tinder was newish I would delete my account to either date someone or take a break More recently Ive had to delete my account after about 2 weeks because I stop getting matches Ive tried the continuous right swipe to see if its me but I still dont get matched After getting matched continuously the week before I feel like there are bugs to max out a users matches in order to make them pay to upgrade I also will right swipe one person and go to left swipe the next person and for some reason it will left swipe the previous person I had just right swiped which makes me feel like I could have missed out on meeting someone Boo Other than that I love tinder Its a great way to meet people just not sure how I feel about having to delete and sign back up after 2 weeks        From top to bottom in 2 weeks
Tinder is fast and a no brainier to use The frustrating part is that ones profile doesnt always get shows to others They have some weird algorithms that decide who to show to others and who not to              Worth it
Great                 Great
Tinder is a bit gamey But that makes it fun It is also very simple and minimalist Tinder understands that online dating is just about pictures and first impressions After you meet tinder has its job                 Fun
Tinder used to be an amazing way to meet even better peoplenowadays its flooded with spam bots which you use all of your limited left swipes to match with meaning youve wasted them all Still occasionally meet some cool people but the app is nearly worthless in my mind now     Garbage
A very uncomplicated app Does what it says it will do help you interact with people and make new connections How well it does that is up to you                 Free and easy
I met my wife on tinder said we met at the library tho                 Content
This app is good it blacks out some but in the end you still get to talk and you get to use the app fully so yea besides the fact you have to pay for unlimited access its good                 Good app
When we recently updated to iOS 9 it deleted ALL of the matches and data that was previously in tinder All of the previous updates have worked and saved data Please fix this        iOS update data
I found my wife on here We are now married and have three children Great app                 Tinder Review
Ads and bots now seem to be 90 of what I get The 10 of conversations that to get started barely seem to make it past hello Tinder used to be fun     Bots Bots everywhere
I got tinder as a joke but ended up in an awesome relationship from it Keep at it sometime sooner or later someone good comes along                 Actually awesome
I used to love this app It was great when it first started but now its really slacking The update was a terrible one Too many freezes when I found someone worth swiping right Now on top of that I keep getting matched with spam And I know its spam right away when I get matched with someone whos out of my discovery preference Like how can you match with someone when youre searching within 30 miles and their 4050 away That isnt right Fix the spam accounts too     Update
Yup                 Yes
In theory it should be great In reality its a total waste of time I have hundreds of matches but nobody chats It feels like a dead app And the new memories feature doesnt add any value Nobody uses it The app remains simple to use and nice looking at least But Ill be using the Moonit app from now on if I want to chat or meet someone new     Waste of timenobody is active Moonit is better for meeting people
Updates are always great and a good way to get in bug fixes and maybe try to get rid of the literal hundreds of fakecam site profiles that Ive run into since the last update when you said you were gonna fix that btw Seriously Ive unmatched and reported at least 50 fake profiles this month alone Saying that your new update is jam packed full of awesome stuff does nothing for me It only makes me assume that these awesome new features are for your tinder plus users and Im once again being alienated because I cant justify paying a ridiculous amount of money to merely simplify my dating life After a quick overview of the new update still as a user of the free service Ive only seen a slight difference and that is the exit arrow when viewing someones profile Perhaps later Ill notice more new features but I wouldnt have to try and figure these things out on my own if you guys just stated what you were doing when you were doing it     Explain the new update maybe
Nice app                 Nice
App wont load past login screen     No good
I receive about ten notifications a day about matches and their messages only to find that theyre clearly spam bots The app is also clearly killing my battery when its open While the interface is known for its swiping ease the rest is not the best for thumb navigation Id still use it if it wasnt for the overload of spam blowing up my phone     Too much spam Needs work
This app is terrible now Nothing loads nothing works and customer app support doesnt even email back or bother to help if you have an issue     Really went downhill fast
The like limit is annoying but whatever              Great for college
This app is great It really helps me connect with people without the awkward beginnings                 Tinder rocks
Whether youre looking for hookups or relationships this is the app to have Met so many cool people and only a few duds Even had some long term girlfriends met through tinder                 The best app
Completely filled with fakespam profiles I HIGHLY doubt that these 5 star reviews are legit Perhaps its the same spam program used to create the fake profiles Its surprising to me that the girls in these fake profiles havent sued the pants off you guys SHAME     Awful Awful Awful AWFUL
The app wont let me log in and when I attempt to contact support theres never a response Feels like development has been abandoned     Unusable and no app support
Nice                 Tinder
I like the idea of being able to have a chance to find the perfect girl in my area but me being new to this app and already having limitations on how much I can do is not okay I believe you guys can do better        Disappointed
Its fun great way to meet people                 Great to meet new people in your area plus college towns
What the hell happen to tinder use to be a hook up app all it is now is matchcom20 whats with all these women wanting a long lasting relationship go to Christianmlnglecom get a life losers     What the hell
No se puede crear una cuenta en Tinder necesitas Facebook o no podrás usar la app muy mal        No se puede usar sin una cuenta de Facebook
People dont know how to reply too many I repeat too many bots     Pointless App
I get needing to make money and find the ads interrupting my match occasionally just fine but the fact that they play sound when my phone is set to vibrate is inexcusable     Ads with sound

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