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TinyCo, Inc., the publisher behind many iOS games (Tiny Zoo Friends ,VIP Poker ,Elf Ur Face Pro ,Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff ,Spellstorm ,VIP Poker HD), brings Tiny Castle with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Tiny Castle games has been update to version 1.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • it takes you to the home screen..
  • It's just like tiny monsters with a story line..
  • I really enjoy the game it is a great time waster..
  • Hello another addicting game for this girl lol..
  • Awesome game I just looooove it..

Overall Satisfactionc68
Love the game very addicting.
Love the game but it won't even load anymore.
Love tiny monsters and tiny castle.
but It's basically tiny monster with different names for everything.
This is my favorite game on my iPhone and Kindle.
This is no longer a favorite game.
I like it better than tiny monsters or Zombies.
To anyone who says "just buy more _____ if you need it.
And by the way this is an AMAZING game.
This is a wonderful game.
I love the characters and the landscapes are amazing.
Fun & Engagingc70
Awesome game I just looooove it.
Hello another addicting game for this girl lol.
From its super fun mechanics to its adorable art style.
Play it all the time to relax and refocus on work.
Everything costs too much to progress.
Before this update as you advance everything takes too long -long healing.
This is a great game and I play it every day.
Family Friendlyc81
Very good game for kids have been playing with daughter for a while.
A great game for kids and adults alike.
good family fun.
Value for Moneyc44
I see people complaining that they have to spend real money.
Easy enough to play without spending money.
And I don't pay real money to extortionists.
Replay Valuec53
Too easy to accidentally spend jewels.
Production Valuesc83
This app has some of the most beautiful graphics and music.
Cool graphics and creatures.
Ease of Usec50
Too easy to accidentally spend jewels.
Tiny Monsters makes you confirm so you don't accidentally spend them.
Game freeze.
Game freezes.
Updates & Supportc29

buy something or banish certain bad guys with a certain creature. found in 3 reviews
They need to lower the prices. found in 3 reviews
this game is really slow paced. found in 5 reviews
From its super fun mechanics to its adorable art style. found in 10 reviews
Fun with Lots of Action. found in 2 reviews
A great way to pass the time for all ages. found in 12 reviews
Cute game did good with this one guys Thanks. found in 45 reviews
This app has some of the most beautiful graphics and music. found in 7 reviews
I think tiny castle is awesome the animals are so cute. found in 4 reviews
This game is HIGHLY addicting and a great time killer. found in 4 reviews
Good game for passing time. found in 2 reviews
Very nice game. found in 3 reviews
My 4 yr old and I play all the time. found in 2 reviews
good family fun. found in 1 reviews
Very good game for kids have been playing with daughter for a while. found in 5 reviews
Amazing animations and a great storyline. found in 2 reviews
And by the way this is an AMAZING game. found in 10 reviews
But was disappointed when I maxed out my cash at $75. found in 16 reviews
Gaining experience points and advancing levels is absolutely ridiculously difficult. found in 3 reviews
my game crashes and my progress doesn't save. found in 29 reviews
Game becomes boring because of automatic limitations placed on dust. found in 4 reviews
clearing debris and fog are a bit overpriced. found in 3 reviews
I cannot progress in the game anymore beacuse of the restrictions. found in 7 reviews
Not fun anymore and not sure I will keep playing it. found in 13 reviews
Can't believe I can't upgrade my castle until level 20. found in 10 reviews
Absolutely amazing until around level 17 or so. found in 25 reviews
they will cost upwards of $50 in real money a piece. found in 66 reviews
Love this game but now it says cannot connect to the server. found in 7 reviews
I can't fit all my creature without more habitat. found in 7 reviews
I hate how the minions hit first. found in 10 reviews
After a while of not playing it it doesn't want to open anymore. found in 14 reviews
This latest update makes this game horrible. found in 1 reviews
Fun but time consuming if free. found in 3 reviews
Fighting is juvenile and the sound effects Gawd awful. found in 5 reviews
Like playing this game but limited on being able to advance. found in 19 reviews
All in all the game is a fun way to waste time. found in 12 reviews
I'd recommend this game except for the 200. found in 6 reviews
There are many creatures that are nearly impossible to breed. found in 55 reviews
Good game but not as good as other tinyco games. found in 28 reviews
I'm at level 17 and have absolutely nothing to do. found in 25 reviews
unless you have plenty of real money to throw at it. found in 66 reviews
This game crashed to much. found in 27 reviews
Basically rendering it impossible to progress. found in 19 reviews
Food amounts needed to grow are outrageously high. found in 31 reviews
I wouldn't recommend this game unless they lowered there prices significantly. found in 15 reviews
Wish it wasn't impossible to progress through the game without spending money. found in 19 reviews
needs more minions to fight. found in 17 reviews
I can't level up because there are no monsters to banish. found in 33 reviews
The quests don't seem to advance the story along. found in 19 reviews
you cannot move from there and you cant get new creatures. found in 40 reviews
The game crashes if you pick a blocky one to battle. found in 29 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Tiny Castle for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 21.5 MB to download. The new Tiny Castle app version 1.0.1 has been updated on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Tiny Castle check developer TinyCo, Inc.`s website : http://www.tinyco.com/support.php

Discover an enchanted world filled with magical creatures Feed them, raise themBuild your Kingdom, explore mysterious islands and banish the Evil Queen s minions&9733;&9733;&9733;&9733;&9733; Engaging story with heartwarming characters&9733;&9733;&9733;&9733;&9733; Great production values, very fun ...
Tiny Castle is very fun and possibly the best game from TinyCo I used to have this on my iPod but after taking the third island I got rid of the game I uploaded it a few months later and it crashes as soon as I open the app or it just will not load Luckily my phone lets me play it Anyway you should get this game              Tiny Castle
The game is very addicted and excellent but I think need a update how see the other kingdom of friend and can exchange egg with friend Need a update this is my opinion                 I love the game
At first the game was very fun Collecting creatures and clearing fog took patience and when you got going it was addicting Now however theres nothing to do Ive cleared all fog and all thats left is leveling up creatures and trying to breed a few impossible onesAfter MONTHS of not playing I logged back in and NOTHING HAS CHANGED No new challenges and the Facebook page basically caters to anything childish It appears the developers have stopped working on expanding the game altogether which is a massive letdown after all the time put in just for everything to stop        Fun at first then turned to crap
I see an older review from over a year ago stating gems are given often and easily yeah not anymore They give you one when you level up just one And maybe once in a blue moon a quest gives a gem but rarely Its clearly a ploy to make you buy them If they gave out gems more generously and if there were more than just three islands it would get a better rating But who wants to sink into a game that just abruptly stops They need to continuously update it add more islands and not be so stingy with gems if they want people to spend money in their game     Really stingy with gems only three islands
It appears that theres nothing new happening with this game they did add a couple of new creatures for Valentines Day but nothing since then No new quests for months now Really sadFor anyone who needs diamonds easy boring way to accumulate them Make sure all your storage units are full that you cant accumulate any more money Then take the Garden homes open one and click on the collect button Youll start getting treasure chests and will find gems money and food in them You can continue until you get everything else in the game you want if theyre not supporting it any more who cares           Over
This game is great I love battling the evil queens minions trying to breed and collect creatures and I think the characters in the game are great But I have a suggestion in the Creatures selection in the market can you show each creatures hatch time how long it takes for it to hatch I hope you are ok with that Bye                 Great game but I have a suggestion
I really like this game but when I open the game it tells me about push notifications and no matter what I press the game closes Pressing quickly like the support suggests doesnt work either Id like to rate it higher but I cant right now since I cant play it     Isnt working
My game completely stopped working It wont even load it just freezes on the loading screen     Stopped Working
I do truly love this game but all of a sudden it asks me for push notifications and I truly wouldntMind So I click great And the app crashes I click no and it crashes If you can fix this five stars because its a really good game but I cant use it and I may have to give up on it if this doesnt get fixed help              Id give five but
I love this game so much its so fun and addictingKeep making more games like tiny castle and tiny monsters                 I love this game sm
It is a great but it takes forever to play the game              So slow
I could tinker around with a game like this spending people money now and then but it JUST STOPS at like level 35 No more islands No more quests No warning Its really obnoxious I will NEVER invest in another TinyCo game     If TinyCo doesnt care about this game why should you
I love this game and it is super addicting but there is one problem that I would love for you guys to fix The problem is that a thing pops up that tells you to enable notifications but no matter what you press great or no it takes you to the home screen I have been trying to play the game for days but this problem keeps popping up PLEASE FIX IT                 Love it but at the same time hate it
I just downloaded this game and its already starting to crash Please Fix The Bugs to make it stop crashing        Fix the bugs
Loved this game but this is the second time that I have had issues with being able to get into the game When I open the game it will give me a pop up asking me to enable notifications even though I already have allowed notifications for the game If I click no the game crashes If I click yes the game crashes I have restarted my phone and everything Over a day since I have even been able to play the game because of this Very sad     Cant even get into the game
WAS a great game but there is no support or updates anymore Dont waste your time     Tiny Castle
Love this game Its the only game I have and I play it non stop                
I love this game but theres basically nothing to do after level 30 Im on level 34 now it takes infinitely long to reach the next level my islands are cleared and decorated and Ive only got a few more creatures to breed most of which are available only at certain times of the year 2 years of playing and I cant get the worker centaur frustrating There was one new quest lately about breeding different variations of a new creature but frankly I just want to save Wendy defeat the game and stop playing at this point It takes too long to get food while my gold and dust stores are always so full I havent been able to empty my magic well in over a year I wish the levels after 30 were as fantastic as the first ones were its like the developers have given up           Game goes downhill after level 30
Not only have they given up on updating the game but now Ive got some glitch that gives me 42 billion coins The game wont let me do anything with this issue I wrote to support about my issue and they gave me an automatic response of if it wasnt a money transaction we dont care     Frustrated
this was a good game but now boring Im on Level 30 for months and monthsWhy can I not see how much to next level that spoils the funHave you given up this game     Tiny Castle
There hasnt been an update in a long time and Ive reached a point where I have too much gold with nothing to spend it on not enough space for all of my creatures and free gems are a thing of the past Wherefore art thou Tinyco              I think theyve abandoned this game
This game is fun for awhile with quickly completing quests and breeding various monsters However after some time the fun stops leveling up becomes almost impossible and the game seems to have no end        Fun for a bit then tiresome
This was by far my favorite game on my phone for a while but lately Ive been growing more more disenchanted There havent been any story updates for months so Im just sort of faffing around with breeding new creatures but thats a bit boring More seriously though theres a bug that prompts me to receive notifications that pops up when I open the game but no matter what I choose it crashes the game instantly This obviously makes the game unplayable and its been happening with frustrating frequency              Good but not wo flaws
Dont waster your time with these scam artists They will take your money for in app purchases while not providing support or regular if any updates     Crooks
havent been able to play this game for a while to update it it has a pop up that lasts about notifications if you hit ignore or great it kicks you out of the game I really want to play this game can you fix it     love this game
This is my favorite game But its limited on how many foods and how many coins you can have I think you can only have like 75000 coins and like 1000 foods I love all the new creatures you can get              Okay needs improvement
After a while of not playing it it doesnt want to open anymoreI already uninstalled and installed back and turned off and on and even tried to delete other apps to free up space but nothing I have a first gen ipad but the game had worked fine up until now I dont know if there have been any changes in the app in the past few months but can it be fixed           Huh
I used to really like this game but I havent had a new creature in over a year If you want one you have to pay big for it Gathering coins is a joke because theres nothing you can do with them After awhile you run out of space to buy there are no more creatures to battle you just wait day after day hoping something new will appear Im here to tell you you will be waiting forever with this game Take my advice if you want a fun rpg game play Paradise Cove or Castleville just not this one Its a lesson in frustration     This game BITES
I so love this game The only things I would change is how much time it takes to save food I mean my gosh it takes forever to level up creatures so I cant fight certain monsters and the game just takes so long you think youll never gain a level Please make food more accessible I dont want to pay real money Oh and summoning new creatures also takes forever you try over and over and dont get the one you want Ive tried so many times to get the Imp creature that I lost count and gave up please fix these problems It also takes forever to build your money i want to get rid of bushes and add temples but have to save up so much just to get rid of one thing either way I love this game and still want to play but I wont play if there arent any new updates soon                 I love this game
When I open the app there is a notification saying to turn on notifications for this app Now I press okay and it takes me to my home screen I turn on notifications and try again but its still there I press cancel and it takes me back to my home screen I even tap outside of the notification and it still doesnt work please fix this I love this game     Cant open app
The main problem is crashing Every other month the game asks if I want push notifications and when I say no it crashes The only way to stop the crashing is to uninstall the game Getting very irritating     Not fun anymore
I love the app but could you please make the mythic creatures less gems or even make them access able through a quest or coins Thanks                 I love this game but
This game is really nice but it could be way better I love the creatures I absolutely adore mythology so the fact that you guys do your reasearch is very commendable The designor the creatures are also very well thought out and detailed I honestly want to get one of every single creature But thats kind of hard seeing how there is only one tree and summoninghatching take foreverAnother problem I have is with clearing debris and fog they are a bit overpriced especially fog Also getting dust just takes far too long they werent playing when they said the well was stingyBut the real kicker is that seeing how its alot like other farmcreature apps out there is not much to do beside get creatures battle and clear fog and debris It gets very boring very quickly and half the time isnt worth opening especially for whatever reason you can only play if there is wifi Nothing really stands out to make it different or more fun and desirable than other games and I cant remember the last time it had an update I really like this game but it really needs to stand out more if it wants to be more popular and make more money           Really like it but needs improvement
I wish I never got it it keeps saying dont miss out I hate it     A bad game
Never takes it by the revues                 Never played it before
I love this game soooo much and have had a lot of fun with it I do wish that you could get more courage keeps at a lower level but I can deal with that BUT there is a glitch where dont miss out try push notifications cancel great and every time I click either one it shuts down the app and I cant get it to go away Sometimes it goes away on its own              Love it but a glitch
Developers have just about abandoned the game The last update was Valentines Day The event for Valentines Day is still there They didnt give st Patricks day or Easter They will only provide customer service if you are having billing issuesSo they will only pay attention to you long enough to take your money Any other issues are ignored They will send you an email saying they no longer provide 1 on 1 support unless its billing     Sigh
I have 8 monsters on my island that I cannot battle Every time I try it just sits there saying its loading Then says it cannot start the battle and try again later Well no matter how much I try it does nothing I use to love this game but this is getting ridiculous     Game problems
I would love it if they had like weekly updates like mane even add some new creatures and have some new and more food that you dont haver to wait forever for but I love how they keep all there creatures organized and seperanded and how its so fun how they battle and have rewarded after its so fun                 I like this game
We have had no updates since February no new creatures we still have Cupid in stores I think they just gave up     Looks like theyve abandoned this game
Dont bother downloading this TinyCo has completely abandoned this game Its a shame The Creatures were so creative and cute and excellent voice acting It was fun while it lastedGoodbye Tiny CastleThanks a lot LazyCo     Abandoned Game Very Sad
I love this game however its been awhile since updates All Im doing is gathering food fighting Store houses r full cant increaseAnything new coming soon If not let us know so we can delete move on              Love the game but
It crashes everytime I try to open it It asks if I want notifications and no matter which button I push the app shuts down If this gets fixed Ill happily switch that 1 to a 5     Its fun but
I keep getting this popup notification asking if I want to enable notifications and no matter what option I tap great or no thanks the app automatically closes My device is up to date on Apple software updates and the app itself is also updated so why is this happening     BUG
I really like this game its really fun But its Soooo hard to collect food I mean seriously its soo stinking hard to collect food And my level 4 thing asks for more food than my level 6 Im so confused Otherwise I like the game XD             
I had a problem with my gems going missing after my game froze I am email them and told them the problem they fixed it for me Love this game              Game freeze
I dont think u should be asking for money if your not gonna update it        I guess no more updates
I cant get passed the DONT MISS OUT window this looks like a amazing game but I cant play it thats annoying PLEASE FIX     iPhone 5c
The game keeps shutting down with and error message about Invalid Wallet Data Please fix I love this game     Need a bug fix
Its would be a really fun app but the cost of feeding building and clearing are waaay too expensive for long term play and they make you explore for more dust which you have to pay for them wait to get it in small doses and bribe or cast out the bad guys for way too many apples or By the time you get your characters to adult youve spent all your gemstone food then you have to spend gems to heal them after the fight Argh        Too expensive to play for long

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