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Description - Tiny Defense

Picsoft Studio , the publisher behind many iOS games (Chubby Jump ,Tiny Defense - FREE ,Tiny Defense ,Guardian Sword), brings Tiny Defense with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Tiny Defense games has been update to version 1.2 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • One of the best free games I've played..
  • Awesome addictive better than ABs..
  • I've been playing this game non-stop ever since I've downloaded it..
  • Great little war game..
  • Excellent side scroller real time strategy..

Overall Satisfactionc95
I love tower defense games and this a great spin on them.
Definitely one of the best tower defense game apps I've played.
One of the best strategy /shooter games I've played.
Super fun highly addictive game need I say more.
Great amazing game fun and challenging.
I highly recommend this game for any age.
Me and my 2yr old love to play this game together.
My son loves this game and so do I.
Fun & Engagingc97
It's the most awesome game I ever downloaded.
This is a fun game to play when u are bored.
Very addictive and good combination of strategy and action.
Super fun highly addictive game need I say more.
It's a cool game to pass some time while waiting around.
A very fun game that keeps your attention throughout the battle.
Tiny defense is a fun and challenging game similar to plants vs zombies.
Best game ever I play It every day love it.
Play it every day.
play it everyday n it's feels good.
I practically play it everyday.
Family Friendlyc99
My son loves this game and so do I.
it's a fun game for kids and adults alike.
I use it to teach my kids strategy.
One of my family's favorite game.
Replay Valuec91
Super fun highly addictive game need I say more.
Tiny defense is a fun and challenging game similar to plants vs zombies.
You should make more levels and new robots with new update:.
please update this game for new levels and new mini bots and robots.
Haven't completed the game to see replay value yet.
Hours of entertainment trying to kill those enemies.
Very addicting and strategic game.
A little too easy to beat though.
It's simple yet challenging with some nice music.
Production Valuesc89
very addictive game and cute graphics.
beautiful graphics and challenging.
Ease of Usec94
Simple and fun strategic game.
This game is simple fun and quick.
A little too easy to beat though.
Very simple game that is still challenging despite ease of playability.
Got game free from appvent calendar and have been playing since.
I got the game free and it's fun.
The game freezes after you finish certain parts.

Blackmailed into 5 star for metal points. found in 4 reviews
Very interesting game of defense
It's the most awesome game I ever downloaded. found in 339 reviews
Great amazing game fun and challenging. found in 43 reviews
Loads of fun & there's just so many ways to beat the enemy. found in 21 reviews
A great strategy game that's fun for all ages. found in 9 reviews
simple td that's providing quite a good time sink. found in 5 reviews
Super fun highly addictive game need I say more. found in 59 reviews
A very fun game that keeps your attention throughout the battle. found in 53 reviews
You should make more levels and new robots with new update:. found in 13 reviews
Definitely great for many hours of enjoyment. found in 4 reviews
It is a fun easy to play game. found in 6 reviews
I like this funny game. found in 7 reviews
Love this game better than angry birds. found in 8 reviews
Fast pace addicting game that is always getting harder. found in 6 reviews
Tiny defense is a fun and challenging game similar to plants vs zombies. found in 47 reviews
I like this game. found in 5 reviews
My son loves this game and so do I. found in 10 reviews
Very addicting and strategic game. found in 7 reviews
it's a fun game for kids and adults alike. found in 8 reviews
Solid tower defense game with a cool story line. found in 8 reviews
Great game but wish you could upgrade units to be stronger. found in 2 reviews
Like it but a crash bug still avaible. found in 2 reviews
It's terribly boring and not challenging. found in 2 reviews
and a little bit larger map would be incredible. found in 2 reviews
It's fun in all but looks a lot like Mario Bros. found in 3 reviews
The game also does not nickel and dime you for upgrades. found in 2 reviews
Good but a little slow moving at times. found in 1 reviews
Solid game but no Sfx and can't listen to music. found in 3 reviews
But it gets old fast. found in 1 reviews
Ok but could be better. found in 1 reviews
Still flawed. found in 1 reviews
Not too fancy but still enjoyable. found in 3 reviews
Fun but kinda expensive. found in 1 reviews
but its a good way to waste time. found in 19 reviews
Fun game but needs bug fixes. found in 1 reviews
Remove bot issue- iOS 5. found in 3 reviews
Great game needs more levels. found in 55 reviews
but problems on iPad Mini. found in 3 reviews
Fun game but could be slightly more diverse. found in 2 reviews
Great but add ICloud please. found in 1 reviews
Crashes before it opens. found in 1 reviews
I have the new IOS5 Ipod touch and it crashes before it opens. found in 1 reviews
Won't open on iPad 1. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Tiny Defense for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 99.3 MB to download. The new Tiny Defense app version 1.2 has been updated on 2014-11-18. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
More Info: Find more info about Tiny Defense in Picsoft Studio`s Official Website : http://www.pic-soft.com

"Happy Appvent In collaboration with www.appventcalendar.com our game is FREE today" "FreeAppReport.com Featured App" Featured as New and Noteworthy and What s Hot in the US and others Top 10 Strategy Game in 8 countries Green Planet ...
This game is so cool but right now updates are moving too slow Do something big other than bug fixes and I ll keep rating this game 5 stars                     For everyone Bacon Escape Fan
Too addicting Perfect progressive game play from simple to challenging with many robots                     This is causing me to miss sleep Snowgumby
Sometimes it doesn t respond to well when i tap to pick up energy or tap to select a bot but its fun to play                     Fun game Quagmaya
Very addicting iOS game and this is coming from someone who doesn t like playing video games                     Addicting as h 11 Trithiumboy
I like it                     Good fun game Fcgcgxf
Not too busy Very fun                     Fun simple game jerswerve
Starts very easy but gets more challenging with time Addition of new capabilities makes it stay interesting                     Fun and simple but good gameplay growth EnMotion
Good time quick and easy                     Fun quick game PMDickey
Replay ability is high                     Fun Joboboo
Great game                     Awesome Guide9999
I love it great                     Very nice Abo turkii
It s a fun game It doesn t annoy you with tons of ads You don t need to buy stuff to complete stages Not too hard but not too easy either They should add support to sell towers That will be helpful                 Pretty good mknosens
Looks fun Thin back story Bare strategy Few animations Hats off to the elementary class comp sci project look and feel Uninstalled after first game     Not the droid you re looking for GameTraveler
It s a little hokey but a welcome change from mindless gore Well balanced and thought out A                     Very cute deecee1911
The fact that you can t sell a turret or gem maker is So annoying and leaves room for very little strategy             Can t sell delete turrets JVesely
Okay if I wanted to play plants vs zombies I would ve downloaded that     Listen Phang Vang
Love this game Lots of levels and fun to play                     Addictive Pr1nce11
This game is so fun to play all the time                     I love this game JipJoe
Kept me hooked for a few days Came back to play more later                 Fun Game Dutch4122
In the iPhone 7 it is impossible to click the pause button You have to use the apple button to switch out and back into the game to pause Items on the far left side are not clickable It s like it doesn t register because the game was designed for an older model Not really a pay wall but the game won t let you advance unless you have purchased certain items with bolts which can be a grind Of course it s easy to purchase bolts with real money Pop up advertisements at the beginning of the game even if you bought stuff Also the last mission on each level is annoying but that s my opinion         Has problems iOS 10 3 iPhone 7 Abel_II
I love this game                     Favorite game on iOS cheetah2013a
Super fun I keep coming back to this game and starting over like once a year just to beat it again                     Great game Bigjay516
Comparable to plants vs zombies A lot of fun                 Great game badger94
Love this game and I m so happy it came out on iPhone However the pause button doesn t work Anyone else have this problem                     Great Game SpycMizHaggis
I love this game so much that I m probably the biggest fan It has amazing graphics music and gameplay I would love to see a tiny defense 2 with new levels worlds minigames minirobots and machines I really hope you put a second game into consideration Jacob                     This game is amazing I'm_obsessed_with_this_game
Really like the game I think some adjustments to the playing cost of some of the cards would make it more enjoyable and a little bit larger map would be incredible I feel this game would warrant five stars with a larger playing field                 Pretty good Jackfetch
Addictive easy to multi task while playing great distraction                     5 stars Stef 92'
Fabulous Worth every penny And the time Patience pays off Nicely steep curve of new things Yet to bore me I m in Flow                     New Fave remeryrobinson
Good game and addictive                     Fun and not too nerve wracking hansendesigns.
Almost deleted in beginning because the game appeared simple and unchallenging However glad I stuck it out be cause I have enjoyed playing this entire train ride Not on the same realm as P vs Z as described but what game is Not at all including P vs Z 2 Would recommend to a TD nut like myself because like Eve I like to eat of EVERY fruit in the garden             Slow at start but develops to more fun GirlDr
Lit Game                     Fifjfggdghgfgh
The game is fun but on a level it always crashes and I don t know why         Crash Herobrine4576
Can t seem to get enough of this game It s great                     Love it Under15hours
I wish they would create new levels I have enjoyed this game for a long time                     Love this game Fishpipes
This game so fun best defense                     best defense game Haisjshqbjag
Not sure who s writing these reviews Pretty cheesy and boring         Pretty mediocre seriousken
Cool game                     Great Smurffieriffic
Like the upgrades and all the bots                     Lots of fun features Odd fanboy
This game is amazing                     Awsome 하예성준
The game itself is fun and I did find it enjoyable Why the 2 star rating I upgraded my iPad and nothing transfers over or saves I would not care so much about starting from scratch but the purchases I made that went into the account are lost and can t be recovered I contacted support and they told me that Apple made them take off the restore feature which I don t recall seeing because it is a consumable product I fail to see how permanent account upgrades is consumable and see other games seemingly have no problems with this So if you don t care about having to re buy items if you upgrade or have to wipe your device and don t mind restarting then it is a great game         Good But CPBailey74
It s a great strategy game that is perfect on road trips bathroom breaks or doctors offices If you find yourself constantly wanting something that s fun strategic and time consuming Choose this game                     Awesome Game SJPStudios
Kudosto the developers of this game Really fun Make sure you keep up the great work Tiny defense                     Yup MantasmagoricalMan
Great defense strategy game if that s what you like too play this is the game for you                 Pretty fun Bradleythecan
This game is fun for all if you aren t angered easily and it kept me coming back                     Sooo much fun Improvkingof4n6
Fun challenging and great play I enjoy building up and earning rewards Well worth it                     Addictive sassybug13
Easy to get hooked waste a LOT of time Went through the whole game now I ve downloaded it a second time on my new phone to play again Great game Gameplay is straightforward and much like PvZ Crisp graphics and smooth animation Never had any hang ups or freezes Note I m not aware of cloud storage options for saving progress i e deleting game starting over Previous phone iPhone 4s iOS kept up to date Current iPhone 6 iOS up to date                     Fun ChilliTrav
3 12 Stars Very much along the same vein as PvZ whereas the 1st few bots placed are energy givers like MarigoldsSun and the rest are various forms of defensive aggressive robots I gave the original PvZ 5 stars wo hesitation and the sequel earned 4 stars So if you love PvZ well you may like this but theres not much here that expands upon the genre except perhaps that gravity is a factor here so bots are separated into ground air troops that in general can only be placed on certain lanes Menu navigation was unclear rather clunky but I am a natural blonde so maybe it was just me However my hair color doesnt excuse this little frustration You cannot view the Encyclopedia descriptions of good bad robots until AFTER youve played and unlocked the first couple of areas some 20 levels into the game That kind of help is most needed when youre just starting out and you need to remind yourself what each item does Devs please lose the platinum plated Ditz who thought up that idea Oh and could we please get at least SOME energy back when selling bots By all means though give it a go if youre a fan of TD Im about halfway into the game and Im still playing it so it cant be that bad right Update 45ths into the game now and still playing More upgrades customization would be welcome but Ive yet to see everything unlocked The Devs also earn major brownie points from me for making the IAP totally optional as enough currency is earned just by playing through levels I cant tell you how much I appreciate that particularly in a paid app           Not bad but improvements needed
Love it                 Great game
Its really fun                 Me
Great simple and funny app recomended 100                 Great game
I usually delete a game soon after I get it I have to really really like it I love plants vs zombies and this is the closest thing to that game with its own unique style Definately not a copy catbut if you like pvz you will like this I wish the music was betterits not bad its just that the game is so good I wish the music was a tad better All in all this is a great game and lots of fun                 So much fun
Great tower defense type game                 Great stuff
Like                 Amazing Game
This used to be a favorite game of mine I updated it and now it does not open correctly It will not orient to my iPad and it doesnt open properly Only half the screen is used Please fix this        What happened
Hoping for a sequel                 5 star game
Played many times awesome game A                 Great game
Love this game similar to pvz              Good game
With todays games and phones if you cant rotate the screen to my orientation I dont play the game Please figure out the easy API for rotating the screen to a users orientation automatically update the game and Ill give the game the stars it deserves     Cant rate due to sloppy programming
Good fun game              Good fun game
This is probably going to be one of the best games you will ever get GET IT                 Awesome Game
I love this game its so much fun                 Amazing
I enjoyed this game Took a week to play through it Best kind of game Fun like plants vs zombies too I appreciate the ability to pay up front for a game instead of getting a fremium game Thank you                 Really fun
This app is extremely fun Its fun to be able to come back any time yet not feel obligated to If you have trouble on a level stick with because you will always get it eventually And once you finish the first episode you not only get to play a second episode but you also get to play all of the awesome mission stages from that episode This app is something that is amazingly fun and really challenging at the same time Tell your friends to download this game because it is super fun with just a little hint of addicting                 Amazing app
Great game to waste a couple of minutes                 Awesome
Its always fun whenever you have a few minutes to kill                 Great little game
Well done app in this genre for any platform The game is thoughtfully put together and makes you work for success              Tiny defense
I had to redownload it It no longer works It opens with the picture distorted and only partially on the screen     Used to like it
Wonderful                 Great game
Great game                 The
this game is awesome                 Great Game
Good game                 Good game though
I play this game              This Is A Game
This is a good game with lots of things to achieve At first it seems so simple but as you get into it it gets better harder Got it for free even though it has IAPs which I hate you can play the game without buying anything Id reccomend giving it a try                 Good Game
Lately Ive been looking for a fun game I could play And this is perfect definitely worth 299 or whatever it costs                 It a very fun game
The game is pretty good It is kind of like PvZ but presents dimension through air units and water units but lacks the humor It has a long campaign and plenty of minigames so it is as titled above decent              Decent
Everyone will enjoy this one                 Fun fun fun
Good but just a bit away from being great Need a daily game              Good But no PVZ
Almost like Plants Vs Zombies except its robots Vs small robots and instead of a horizon it is height of placement Did you guys test the update though The update makes this game almost unplayable all you have to do is turn on the app and you can see what is wrong This needs to be an immediate fix     Awesome game
Simple gameplay Gets challenging as you progress                 Fun fun fun
Fun for all ages My kids love it                 Good stuff
This game although a lot like Plants vs Zombies is engaging and exciting You get new robots or enemies every level all while collecting metal parts for upgrades Metal parts are for sale but you can opt to earn them instead This is not terribly difficult YET but the level is just enough to enjoy without getting bored                 Fun fun fun
I agree inability to rotate the screen ruins it for me     Good but come on
Good way to waste time                 Great game
The best defense game ever                 Awesome
Swageeeeeee                 Cute
vooo                 lo
This is a good game              Good game
Essentially the greatest game I have played today              Many love for this game
Easy to learn and challenging from the start Addictive I cant stop playing Waiting to see what the sequel holds                 Fun Fun Fun
Cannot stop Play play and play              Very addictive
Spoiler content inside After the first few stages I felt like I wasted 3 that the game wasnt going to challenge me as a seasoned Tower Defense TD gamer that the gameplay was a PvZ knock off the graphics were reminiscent of Mario and the robot concepts were Mega Manish While all those similarities pretty much held true the game did pick up speed by the end of the first world By the last 2 worlds it was moderately difficult to beat each stage the first time through with a 3star win Each of the 40 robots that you can unlock are unique and useful in some way you can improve and upgrade LOTS of things from upping your starting energy to buying improvements on robots to simply buying new robots In addition similar to the Daisies in PvZ there are 2 money making robots in which you can farm currency to unlock everything quicker Also there are mini games throughout that are a lot of fun I do admit that there are some robots that are borderline broken like the Jason masked bot that explodes the entire screen and some that youll use a lot more than others but there is enough variety in the robots that you can develop multiple play styleswin scenarios Like going all missile launcher bots or doing the spider bot shock bot or the shotgun bot or a combination thereof After I beat the game once it unlocked EVEN MORE content which is what really hit it home for me Enemies are even harder and restrictions are placed on which robots you can use Plus you unlock your last 2 robots during the second play through which are both extremely worth it the 2 reminded me of the cob cannon and Gatling pea shooter in PvZ Not sure what to expect after I beat it the second time Im hoping there will be an endless mode like in other TD games I can always switch to the iPad and play it on there too from scratch Regardless this is a great addition to any TD addicts collection but is simple enough that even a casual gamer unfamiliar to TD games can pick up 5 stars                 Not what I thought at first
Wasnt sure if I was going to like this one but its a blast I like it because it DOES NOT require a super fast trigger finger                 FUN
Love love love it                 I love it
I love this game sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much                 Best game ever
Game                 Fun

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