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Com2uS Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS games (タワーディフェンス:Lost Earth ,Piggy Adventure ,イノティア戦記3~カーニアの子供たち~ ,Escape the Ape Lite ,Tower Defense Lite ,Inotia 3: Children of Carnia), brings Tiny Farm by Com2uS with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Tiny Farm by Com2uS games has been update to version 1.2.2 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • An awesome and addicting way to pass long hours of boredom..
  • This game is one of the best simulation games..
  • When this christmas theme will be over..
  • Names Munchexlax add me as a friend..
  • The graphics are adorable and so are the sound effects..

Overall Satisfactionc78
I love this game It's probably the best game I have ever gotten.
I really enjoy playing this game it's really amazing.
This is one of my favorite games in the app store.
Amazing game love to play it.
I wouldn't respirate slightly to recommend this game.
Certainly won't be recommending it to anyone.
Thank you for this lovely game Com2us.
This game needs a lot of work.
Fun & Engagingc85
Otherwise the game is cute and fun to play.
It's an awesome game I love it the animals are adorable.
Addicting game one of my new favorite apps.
I have really enjoyed playing this little game.
Too bad because it is a fun little game.
I hope com2us update more animal.
Soo fun fun.
My family play it all the time.
Really nice game love to play it everyday.
I love the tiny farm play it every day.
Value for Moneyc58
I agree that it relies heavily on real money too much.
And I don't have extra REAL money to buy anymore.
Replay Valuec78
higher levels stores more hearts to advance your pets levels.
The pace gets slower in the higher levels.
It's challenging enough to continue to play.
and it's challenging at the same time.
Production Valuesc83
cute graphics and unique breeding system.
The graphics are adorable and so are the sound effects.
really cute animation and i like the pace.
Amazingly adorable graphics.
Ease of Usec100
Updates & Supportc15

The most interesting game i have played^^. found in 4 reviews
It's fun and entertaining :. found in 4 reviews
Amazing game love to play it. found in 15 reviews
Best graphics and animations of any farming casual game yet. found in 5 reviews
It's an awesome game I love it the animals are adorable. found in 67 reviews
It definitely passes the time. found in 3 reviews
I think this is a perfect time killer. found in 6 reviews
Played this game on my ipod touch 4. found in 2 reviews
easy to learn how to play. found in 2 reviews
Feel free to add me as a neighbor. found in 2 reviews
You need to visit it a couple of times a day to make progress. found in 2 reviews
This game has some pretty cute animals and i love it. found in 75 reviews
this game keeps me coming back for more. found in 3 reviews
Really nice game love to play it everyday. found in 7 reviews
Has a lot of variety and appeal with cute animal characters. found in 8 reviews
This game is very fantastic and funny game. found in 12 reviews
This is the best game in the world u have to buy it. found in 5 reviews
I updated and now I can't get into the game again. found in 13 reviews
Really cute game but it crashes when I do the safari mini game. found in 9 reviews
The loading stops so i cant play x. found in 6 reviews
Good game except. found in 7 reviews
Please use the advice game makers :. found in 6 reviews
It won't get past the loading screen since the new update. found in 8 reviews
The games addictive but the network errors are frequent. found in 4 reviews
Wish I could play it more. found in 13 reviews
I can't get past the loading screen with out it crashing. found in 5 reviews
but I can't visit friends because it's always crashing. found in 10 reviews
Network error: cannot connect to network. found in 5 reviews
and it was loading loading loading loading for about 20 minutes. found in 3 reviews
But my game crashes on loading the collections. found in 30 reviews
Now it won't even load into my game anymore. found in 8 reviews
Love this game but crashes all the time. found in 4 reviews
The game crashes every other time I log in. found in 3 reviews
After the new update I can't open the game. found in 11 reviews
Like the game but it takes several tries to get it to load. found in 5 reviews
This game requires an Internet connection to play. found in 10 reviews
Love the game but it crashes every time I try to open it for months. found in 9 reviews
Takes to long to load and has many connection errors. found in 14 reviews
Why update the game if it makes it worse. found in 10 reviews
The latest update now makes the game crash all the time. found in 30 reviews
It doesn't show up in my Game Center as well. found in 6 reviews
Wish I could play but game is stuck trying to download. found in 13 reviews
This game needs a lot of work. found in 12 reviews
it shuts off and goes to my home screen. found in 6 reviews
Chinese messages appear while trying to open the game. found in 11 reviews
I can't even play this game anymore. found in 8 reviews
And I don't have extra REAL money to buy anymore. found in 57 reviews
I can't get past the loading screen and I haven't even started playing. found in 8 reviews
I used to love this game but now every time I try to use it. found in 14 reviews
Always cannot connect to the game. found in 13 reviews
The game keeps crashing for no reson plz fix it. found in 16 reviews
Please fix this I really want to play the game. found in 14 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Tiny Farm by Com2uS for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 61.4 MB to download. The new Tiny Farm by Com2uS app version 1.2.2 has been updated on 2014-11-03. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2.1 or later
More Info: Find more info about Tiny Farm by Com2uS in Com2uS Inc.`s Official Website : http://global.com2us.com/game/tiny/iphone

An entire world, right here, in your very own hands: it`s Tiny Farm This game supports English, fran ais, Deutsch, , and . In life, there`s nothing more important than L.O.V.E Give ...
I have been playing this game for nearly 4 years I took a break and re downloaded it last week Anyways every time I open up the app it prompts me to download all of the files again This would be the fifth time Anyway it takes about 20 minutes each time and you can t do anything else on your phone while it is downloading virtually unplayable and Seriously annoying Can somebody fix this     Game won t start downloading Ensepulcher
It is a very good game all the animals are very cute and such But there s too many bugs in the game All of a sudden my game would just freeze and I d get kicked out And this morning I tried logging into my game only to have it say Connection failed and my app close on me I ve tried refreshing the app but still no luck and I m connected to the WiFi and even shutting down my phone Please fix these bugs             To much bugs midoriness
I have been playing tiny farm for a long time and now it s asking me to download the additional data every time I open the game I have to redownload the additional data at least three times and it doesn t even last a day I can t do it anymore Please fix it and tell me a reason why it s happening If not I will have to Please fix                     Problem eugeneirene
This game looked so adorable kawaii and unique so I downloaded it and was very excited to play but after waiting like 5 minutes for the game to load I just got stuck on the loading screen and I have tried everything I even deleted and downloaded it again My dreams are crushed which is annoying because this game looked so cool and I would even be willing to pay money if the game would actually work Please fix this ASAP for all the gamers who really want to try out your game             PLEASE HELP Blue Pockie
It looks adorable and I would definitely want to play it however when it finished downloading it took me to the menu screen There was no press here to start button or anything So I don t know if I like the game because I can t play it Please fix Thanks             Doesn t Work emiinnc
Where did Derby Days go It was my favourite app and I miss it so much             Derby Days Cool to be
I love the design and I d probably love the game too But it s completely unplayable As soon as I was told to feed the animals I could not interact with any buttons or features Not to mention the unnecessary load time and the very hefty download pre game Sorry but I can t play this unplayable game         Cute but unplayable Gypsum Gum
Ok so I waited for the files but now the app won t load So I have been waiting for an half hour for nothing Plz fix this Edit now it is fixed but every time I try to play this game the next day it makes me reload the files Please fix this I wanna play a game that WORKS     Cute but 🐱Mew mew🐱
If you missed MagicTree the other Com2us farm game than you ll love this one But the loading time in the beginning takes me half an hour to complete and my dl speed is 200 mbps or something along those lines fast             Good stuff but Thelazyone
Positive I downloaded this game years ago and I have nothing but good things to say about it The gameplay is cute and addicting Currency is easy to receive in all forms especially just by completing easy tutorials and challenges I would recommend this someone who wants a game they can check and play daily Negative Once the game downloads from the store it needs to connect to wifi in order to download all of its content before you can begin to play It takes a good while for it to download everything and those who are impatient like myself do not particularly like the idea of leaving your phone plugged in and open just to download a game All in all take it with a grain of salt While the downloading and installing process may take longer than you want the game itself is worth it                 Fun game to play daily Fromu2Lindsey
I love this game although it seems to be buggy lately                 Love it LacieLeia
Been playing this game for years It is awesome Love all the cool animals                     Best game ever Eshuman12135
I found this game because I really love Magic Tree I wish that game was still around it had beautiful graphics and was super adorable I think its one of my favorite games in 4 decades lol Tiny Farm is good too but I miss Magic Tree              Cute game
Was the best but whenever I hit start it kicks me outwhat           Disappointed
I like this game as it is very cute and fun to play I do hope that the developers will continue to update and add more events animals but worth playing                 Cute
The game worked fine before the new update but now it keeps crashing after you play for a minute or so Please fix this     Keeps crashing
Much like everyone elses reviews I really want to play this cute game but Im either crashing or stuck on a loading page If it doesnt work it doesnt work no matter how cute it continues to look        Be frustrated because you want to play this game so bad but you cant
My friend has this game and it looks rly cute but when ever I tap on the app it crashes and I havent got to play it yet plz fix it        Good but
First off it takes WAY to long to first download i can take a shower and take a nap and it will still be loading And when it did finish loading it wouldnt let me play i advise you fix this if you want a better rating I would give 0 stars if i could     Please fix it
This game is excellent it crashes a lot though It needs to be updated           Love it
When I first got it it took an hour to load and if I left the app it wouldnt load it is fun but takes way to long to load           Takes to long to load
Theyre a lot of crashes when I open the app I really like this game because its adorable fun to play but please fix the crashes Thank you           Please fix the crashes
Why is my game constantly crashing     Crashing
I love this game one of my favorite apps but all of a sudden it started crashing and whenever a tap on the app it opens and then closes on its ownit is literally then impossible to play and I love the gamePLZ FIX THIS NOW              Keeps Crashing
I bend trying to play but I wont let me I tried 11 time and I wont work     It wont let me play
My favorite app game                 So cute
This game needs a trading system a way for users to give other users animals bells coins and decorations If this game added a trade system like that it would be so much better Also special creatures should be made easier to get for everyone Otherwise this game is very enjoyable and is pretty entertaining BUT WHY CANT YOU USE THE WORL HELP              How to make this best ever
This is the best game ever I was getting a cow and realized I could make 8 cows and the cows are brown and they had a black baby                 Awesome game
Plz fix                 Still crashes for iPhone 6
This game is cute and pretty okay but it is just so buggy and slow it makes it frustrating to play The game is addictive because it has high spend high reward system so you can just keep going However its so buggy that it has made me quit playing and making my friends uninstall this app twice I WANT MY BELLS BACK I am under level twenty and therefore should be able to grow my animals once for free however a glitch has cost me 16 bells and didnt even grow the animal it just leveled up the same breed It didnt even tell me I spent the bells until later Please fix this Also the game is so slow I accidentally bought an ugly pig that I didnt need or want for 50 bells This is was so frustrating that I convinced my friend to uninstall it because the same thing happened to him The extra farms are cute but I personally dont play on them much because the mini game to get the extra animals seems out of place on a farming game The beach and toy city just seen like expansions or extra storage for animals however for me its hardly worth it because the loading screen can sometimes take awhile All in all its a VERY nice game you just need a little patience and nimble fingers              I want my bells back
Can you fix the crashes                 pls fix
I really like the cute animals It is just fun and relaxing to play                 Cute and fun
I like the new treats that pop up Makes playing more fun More I play the more interesting the game is Have been playing for long time and love it more every more and more Enjoying pay tiny farm It just gets better everyday                 Still love playing
It is still crashing     Still not working
This game used to be a lot of fun But now I cant even open it The game crashes every time in the launch stage At this point unless they fix this glitch I would not recommend this game to anyone     What
Freezes     Tiny farm
Plz fix                 Keeps crashing
Its ok there in here but lagging a lot I freeze and stuff     Next update
The game looks fun and I just downloaded it but it keeps crashing     Crashing
All types of animals But still needs improvements                 Cute
Keeps crashing     Help
This used to be a really fun game Now Tiny Farm has become a disappointment It continually crashes saying that it Cannot connect to server so playing the game at all has become nearly impossible Ive been playing this game for more than 2 years Those who played Tiny Farm before Gamevil purchased Com2us know that the game used to be so much better It used to be fair and it used to have barely any bugs Now quests and events are much more difficult to complete bordering on impossible The game has become one that only caters to those willing to spend real money while legitimate problems that players are having with the game are ignored Countless longtime players and many players in general have quit the game out of frustration with not only the game itself but also with Gamevils horrible customer support I really loved this game It continues to have cute graphics and I do believe it was one of the best games of its type I only hope that all the problems with bugs and fairness and customer support will be fixed but sadly it seems like nothing is going to change It was fun while it lasted        Tiny Farm has gone downhill
This game is very cute and adorablebut does lag a lot I would love it more if it didnt do thatI would give it a five star still because how fun it is however if it didnt lag so much I would rate it 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 stars                 CUTEST thing ever
Im only doing this for points                 Just 4 points
This game is so much fun and all the animals are soooooooo cute and I think its cool that u can get dragons and unicorns and tiny widdle animals So Im just sayin u should get this game it soooooooo addicting though so yeah Bye                 I love this game
First off I love this game Its calm and peaceful and the animals are adorable However the game updates itself WAY too much Every time I tap on the game it updates Its very annoying especially seeing how much space it takes up when it does this Not only that but just today the game began to crash I cant play the game without the game closing itself Please fix these major problems theyre really annoying and have temporarily forced me to uninstall the app           Too many updates a lot of crashing
crashes on title screen after updating     wont load
It crashes every time I open it I thought the update wouldve fixed it but its the same     Crashes on Open
Overall fun game                 Fun
I love this game so much its so cute and fun                
I finished downloading the update but it pops when I get to title screen     Pop
This game is wonderfully cute and sweet Its great to play in your spare time or to use as a little pickmeup when youre feeling down                 Cute and Sweet
Game wont load not sure why I assume you must be working on the server because this is been going on all afternoon now When will I be able to go and tend to my farm When will the game work again Thanks in advance                 Game wont load
I love this game What I like most is the fact that the animals can walk around as they please In most games the dont do that so that is what makes this game awesome If you like cute animals and farm games download this its amazing                 Love it
And insanely addicting This is literally the only game on my device I havent deleted and play every day                 So so so cute
Yes the game is fun but I dont like that you have to wait to continue playing For exampleable to harvest able to feed animals and obtaining hearts After season 2 came out were are able to play the safari and that added a little more entertainment I suggest adding an arcade farm where we can play mini games and play withagainst friends and random people for unlimited time of the day                 Needs more entertainment
I love this so much I love this game                 THIS GAME IS AWESOME
Just started playing the animals are really cute but running out of things to do real fast Use my referral user0459c70a thanks              Cute
I love the game enough for 5 stars but since a recent update it crashes as soon as I load So I cant really play it anymore        Very cute game but crashes
This game is super cute and fun but it tends to kick me out randomly It gets pretty annoying Another thing that Id like to see gets fixed is the breeding barn Its meant to help you get another animal of yours so that you dont have just one of a kind This however is hard to achieve as you have to rely on your friends to put up the animal you want I would recommend adding a search option It would allow you to type in the name of the animal that you want Then you can friend a person to be able to breed for the animal that you want Otherwise its pretty useless              Okay but needs some improvements
Ok Im asking what happened to magic tree the little farm game I thought it was super cute oh and I wanted you to add a new animal a little fairy cat its white with three gray patches on the back and the patch on its neck goes over its head and it should be small with a grey tail and crystal wings the reason I ask is in memory of my cat stone and my account is whitewolfvel                 Nice game I love it
I love this cute little game All the animals are so cute I just cant get enough of it                 LOVE

Tiny Farm by Com2uS Games Tiny Farm Rare SpeciesTiny Farm by Com2uS Games Tiny Farm Rare SpeciesTiny Farm by Com2uS Games Tiny Farm Rare SpeciesTiny Farm by Com2uS Games Tiny Farm Rare SpeciesTiny Farm by Com2uS Games Tiny Farm Rare SpeciesTiny Farm by Com2uS Games Tiny Farm Rare SpeciesTiny Farm by Com2uS Games Tiny Farm Rare SpeciesTiny Farm by Com2uS Games Tiny Farm Rare SpeciesTiny Farm by Com2uS Games Tiny Farm Rare SpeciesTiny Farm by Com2uS Games Tiny Farm Rare SpeciesTiny Farm by Com2uS Games Tiny Farm Rare SpeciesTiny Farm by Com2uS Games Tiny Farm Rare Species

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