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Fat Fish Games Ltd , the publisher behind many iOS games (Word Links™ ,Tiny Striker ,Emoji Jump! ,Tiny Jumper ,Tiny Goalie: World Soccer ,Tiny Shots), brings Tiny Striker: World Football with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Tiny Striker: World Football games has been update to version 1.0.11 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Tiny Striker: World Football is now available for for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Tiny Striker: World Football app version 1.0.11 has been updated on 2017-01-16.
More Info: Find more info about Tiny Striker: World Football in Fat Fish Games Ltd`s Official Website : https://fatfishgames.helpshift.com/a/tiny-striker-2/

Become the world's ultimate Striker in Tiny Striker: World Football From the makers of the smash hit Tiny Sports series. Join your Tiny Striker as they go pro, rising from the lowest leagues. Can you make ...
Please link me to the music played in the menus                     Solid Game Music MLB_122-1
i really like this game however we should be able to start in a different league and should not pay for our transfers they should offer for us                 good game kingsdude123567899!?,?
Overall the game is really good like it a lot but the most annoying thing is the energy it takes so long to get it and it goes away so fast one the main reasons I don t play often is cuz of the energy Another thing that s cinda bad is you need to pay for a sponsor in real life sponsors pay you to play you don t pay them AND when your in season 2 it is so difficult to win I get almost no money from my losses I m at the first star and have one win Is it just me or does the win draw lose bar move way faster then at the first season                 Energy is annoying Evchevy
It is a good and fun game but I think something went wrong when the makers were naming this app The app is named football yet the game is obviously about soccer I do not know how such a big mistake could have been made                 Good but ONE BIG problem A Very Satisfied Downloader
I think it s a really great game to start off but it s gets a little to easy to score after a while of playing Please implement some way to make the game challenging because the best games are the games that challenges you                     It s a great game But Jordanxa11
First of all I love the game Playing is fun and training only costs time which is fantastic The support is also great my progress was lost and I was given a good amount of coins to make my new play through easier A few things are keeping me from five stars though Difficulty is too much of a problem I ve only been able to draw while using focus and my more powerful shoe cards My suggestion is to allow difficulty settings for example easy mode would have transfers sponsors cost less and have less defenders on the field If not then separate from the regular matches there should be an arcade mode that gives small rewards to help make the game easier One more thing transfers not only have random and high costs but don t affect the gameplay too much After choosing a four star team for Eng Champ at over 20k coins a three and a half star team still has 7 defenders along with the incredibly fast score bar Transfers should either cost less or be worth the high price Closing and reopening the game also messes with the prices and teams in the transfer menu Besides this I will continue to play as it is Thank you for paying attention to reviews and for constantly updating your amazing game                 Good game good support Jrive183
I stopped playing once they added the stands but now I am back and the app is wonderful P S Dear Developer Have you considered letting the player set the difficulty of the game in settings Easy being without stands and hard being with stands Thanks                     No Stands James 45'
This is such a blast to play I have mixed feelings about the stands but the game itself is a freakin ton of fun to play Great for wasting a little time when you re stuck someplace                     The bomb Review Nickname
The game is not working             Game Bugs Hasan FM
I started 2 2 6 I finished 28 2 0 Bring back the stands They can still block your shot then tip over but it shouldn t effect you score It s just too easy to win now Otherwise great game                 Bring the stands back Me333tree
The new update made winning or even drawing a game so much harder They shouldn t have released the update without testing the difficulty of it That aside I waited to post a negative review because I knew they would roll out an update to fix it soon but after all this time still nothing has come out and I am severely disappointed It shouldn t take this long to fix a problem they created in the first place     Way too difficult Bhuber203
Every time I try to play this game in my iPod 5 it keeps kicking me out and dosent even let me play the game I have never played the game because it keeps kicking me out the same with the rest of your games                     Sign in Problems Gamedude106
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