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Toca Boca AB , the publisher behind many iOS app (Toca Lab ,Toca Dance ,Toca Life: City ,Toca Kitchen 2 ,Toca Life: Pet Moods ,Toca Life: School), brings Toca Builders with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Toca Builders app has been update to version 1.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Can you have more shapes then just blocks..
  • this is a really fun sandbox game..
  • what are all the younger kids gonna do with infinite area..
  • This is app is super fun..
  • Great touch controls..

Overall Satisfactionc90
My four year old loves playing this and I play with him.
Already think it's better than Minecraft.
But other than that this is still an amazing game.
My 6 yr old loves the smashing blocks and the crane builder.
This is by far one of the best games on the App Store.
Thanks Toca Boca for another fun app.
Fun & Engagingc84
Otherwise this game is really fun and super addictive.
This game is really worthless.
Really fun and addicting.
It is fun I play it all the time.
It's fun and creative as well as entertaining.
This is app is super fun.
it's still fun.
Family Friendlyc84
They should add multiplayer even though it's for little kids.
what are all the younger kids gonna do with infinite area.
Social Aspectsc66
They should add multiplayer even though it's for little kids.
Ease of Usec57
If you want a building game that is easy to play.
It's so awesome to play and so cute to look at.
it needs to have a multiplayer option to play multiplayer.
Outstanding and Easy to play.

My 5 year old son loves this app. found in 5 reviews
I love this game so much I recommend it. found in 8 reviews
Amazing new world builder. found in 4 reviews
Or at least a boat to another island or something. found in 3 reviews
I've been counting down for when this comes out. found in 3 reviews
My seven year old can handle the complicated Minecraft controls. found in 2 reviews
Love it sooooooooooo much. found in 1 reviews
This game is pretty good for all ages. found in 3 reviews
Great way to kill time and build your frustrations away. found in 1 reviews
It is fun for all ages I'm 11 and I love it. found in 3 reviews
You guys should make a bunch more toca boca games. found in 3 reviews
It gives minecraft a run for its money. found in 1 reviews
My 6 yr old loves the smashing blocks and the crane builder. found in 5 reviews
Perfect for TODDLERS. found in 1 reviews
People are always complaining about how this is a Minecraft clone. found in 5 reviews
fun and absolutely adorable. found in 2 reviews
Already think it's better than Minecraft. found in 13 reviews
I'm quite aware minecraft is also a game for kids. found in 8 reviews
Hours of entertainment. found in 2 reviews
Heh wus up this game is off the chain. found in 1 reviews
PLEASE fix the save problem because I really like this app. found in 2 reviews
This game needs more freedom. found in 1 reviews
Awesome but one problem. found in 1 reviews
It just needs better controls blocks. found in 2 reviews
I don't recommend buying this. found in 1 reviews
but update did NOT fix saving problems. found in 1 reviews
need refund. found in 1 reviews
Needs some work but it's good. found in 1 reviews
Needs automatic savings. found in 1 reviews
It doesn't let you build buildings that talk either. found in 2 reviews
Cannot delete blocks when they get higher up. found in 4 reviews
Auto- save doesn't work. found in 1 reviews
it's just I don't like how you can't stack blocks irregularly. found in 2 reviews
but it doesn't save my progress. found in 2 reviews
Needs mission mode. found in 1 reviews
please make an update and do all this stuff for me please. found in 2 reviews
Needs multiplayer. found in 4 reviews
It got really boring. found in 1 reviews
limited and boring. found in 1 reviews
it's a piece of garbage. found in 2 reviews
This is the worst game I ever bought. found in 5 reviews
it needs update with more tools and shapes. found in 3 reviews
I Paid BUT all i see is a white screen and i hear music. found in 3 reviews
You cant save a city you make a new won. found in 2 reviews
Don't get it nothing like minecraft can't even build a house. found in 6 reviews
this game is horrible update it and make major changes. found in 2 reviews
DO NOT GET GOOD FOR 4-5-6 year olds. found in 4 reviews

The Toca Builders is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, Arabic, Bokmål, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish. It weighs in at only 39.9 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.1 has been released on 2014-11-31. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Toca Builders in Toca Boca AB`s Official Website :

If you can imagine it you can build it with the six Toca Builders Join your new builder friends on an island far away and create a whole new world with blocks. Jump, walk, roll and ...
You can t erase blocks             Ugh Creepazcrosby
Got this app for 6 yr old daughter who loves to build things First of all for how complicated the game is for the target audience young kids I m shocked that it doesn t have any introduction to the characters or game at all There isn t even an intro animation or video or sample pics of some ideas to get started They should really include a game mode which includes an intro to basic functions tasks achievements or levels with the option to break off into free mode Secondly as most reviewers mention some mechanics need upgrading The most pressing is to add ability to create something higher than 6 blocks which severely limits what you can build The other is the addition of at least some blocks with simple patterns brick wood metal flower window door handle water These would seem to be obvious and relatively easy fixes from a programming perspective so seeing comments a year old with these suggestions makes me wonder if the are even continuing to develop this In summary a good idea with some fatal flaws that made this app not worth the 2 99 price tag         Decent mechanics but needs work top40sux
Ok lys this app is fun and silly yeah yeah But it s kind hard to use The characters are funny and stuff but it s so hard to control and stuff So for those reasons it loses two stars sorry             PLEASE READ THIS ITS GOOD INFO 💎💎💎Lolly La La
Please let us be able to put a boat in the water and ride in the water                 I think this is a good idea LittlePrincessPegicorn
There needs to be an infinite amount of blocks you can place upwards make Jum Jum able to move and add more characters one that can make elements fire water acid etc one that can make different types of blocks round blocks slopes corners etc and one that can erase paint from the ground                     Great game but needs more stinkawink1234567890
I love it so much my kids fight about who plays it I think it is really I give it a FIVE5 star rate                     Toca AWSOME Toca boca is real
I want my money back     Boring as S Big Boy Pants8
It s so hard to build anything and the girl can t move around         Bad 4322880
Great game so fun I love it I m 15 y o and play this game vey entertaining                     15 and love it What do u mean by nick name
Not really good I m eight and don t like it             Eh CruTPieRSqrd
All there is blocks I think they should push a little more effort to it just like the game toca blocks update love this game but try adding a few more details             Great game but Blow Jane
I got this game because someone said it was like minecraft So untrue This game has a very limited selection of blocks compared to minecraft survivalcraft terraria etc and a height limit of less than ten blocks This game is by far the worst and most disappointing game I have ever played DO NOT GET THIS GAME     Worst Game Ever Armand m
I think it was awesome but I don t know how to make a roof The spider grabber is amazing I am 8                 Great NatashatheSexyRN
Ever since I got this I didn t stop playing 5 Stars Also Can you make Toca Life Vacation free for a limited time because 1 Its the 4th of July 2 It s Summer and 3 Everyone s counting on you to make it free                     Love This Game Vatbog
This is a fun game I love it so fun but I don t know how to control the buttons XD Lol                     The Tale of two kittens Furfuyuyfyufuyf
I love this app Just you should add a character that can change the design of blocks Some designs I d like are brick smooth water door bottom door top and so much more D Please update this further                     I LOVE THIS Goldail
I love toca boca but I hate how only about 3 games are free I understand that you need to make money and all but it would hurt if more games were free like maybe the school ect Please think about this                 Suggestions for future games just a helper
I showed it to my 4yo and he played with the different characters and started building towers Then he went to bed and I played for a few hours on my own building all kinds of stuff When I showed him what I had built he wanted to know which characters I had used and how I had constructed various pieces I think we ll spend a lot of time playing this game together Well done                     Creative and fun redadz
This app is SO cool In fact why not you update it Maybe the cool thing is that how about you add more characters to it So PLZ make an update I LOVE this game                     Totally AWESOME Yzabelle stamberger
One of the best Toca Games I have ever played from them It s weird that I got this game for free which makes it even more better I would rate it 7 5 If I could Best game ever But I d like for you to add different world themes And like a raffle where you get different types of colours paints and characters                     One of the bets Toca Games cCaraaaaa
Awesome and cute but could you maybe put more block types like doors and windows Also maybe water buckets please and thank you                     Awesome and cute Abby is beast
Cute creative and amazingly well made A must have                     Simply amazing SindraB
Ok I like it but I agree with the other people it needs more height space and being able to destroy blocks I midair and also everyone except the crane should be able to go up Blocks and if add height crane could just have a crank to extend and deextend also AGAIN you need more building space Im saying that you need more space on the island building up Is VERY slow speaking of slow the characters are SLOW SOOO annoying Goodbye           Ummm
Needs careers and cars     Building in the game is boring
Love it                 Yup
Best game ever                 Best of the best
There should be more options like villagers or doors so you can make it realistic and I have an idea for a builder You should add a builder who launches blocks kind of like the spit painter but with block add one of these and Ill rate 5 S              Great but
This I gotta say is a pretty good game At first I was like Naw this cant be a good game but guess whatI was WRONG This game is cool and I like the character schemes and how they paint plus you can get a Forest theme or a mushroom theme Well thanks for my review                 Wow
Most awesome I hope this gets a tone a awesome reviews Why didnt I think of this game earlier                 Its Awesome
Great game but it would be better if you could get on the roof of a house or a building                 GREAT GAME
Awesome just wish you had more space                 Awesome
Im 18 and I honestly love this game Its so much fun and so satisfying to create something with these little cubes It takes a very long time and it can get annoying but I think thats the best part Its great to have a result after how hard youve worked Ive made a house a forest and a maze                 Great
I bought iOS mine craft for my four year old and she never played it I bought this and shes like a fish in water after taking a quick moment to show her how the robots work shes free form building full worlds and loving every minute of it Toca is a great developer Toca Nature is similarly excellent for spawning creativity in young minds                 Excellent not a mine craft clone
When I opened this game I expected what Toca usually has in stock A creative building game was what I expected But once I got into it I loved it I built so many things I like how there is more than one character not just one One thing that could be great to add is a pack that costs money where you could get more colors or expand the world Really looking forward to seeing whats next                 Great game No flaws
This is a great app I simply love ityou can express yourself by customizing your dream world I highly recommend this appits beautiful and fun its also highly detailed                 Amazingly awesome
Im 11 and I feel this is a good app for all ages Heres thing I would change I wish there was building for you I wish you could invite friends I hate how long it takes you to build a house Thats it ps love the app xoxo                 Love it even though Im not 68
Its kinda stupid but a good time passer              Confused
This game is a must have One thing that I am just a little iffy about is I wish that you could turn off the smashy dudes smashing Other than thats its amazing Ive built a mini hotel a forest and a huge hotel If you want a building game that is easy to play here it is              Outstanding and Easy to play
This game could be very fun except for the fact that its hard for a child to control also if you mess up and want to remove a block I cannot figure out a way to do that also theres not much to build with I think that their should be furniture ect Otherwise very fun game        Hard to control
A lot of people are saying this is a copy of minecraft and also saying minecraft is better I disagree Thing is the two games are different I know why you people draw the comparision but you have to think a little deeper Be honest here does minecraft have six robots that you control to build stuff No On minecraft you and you only build things Im aware there are no enemies on this game Well this is a game for children Would you expect it to have enemies Im quite aware minecraft is also a game for kids but this is toca boca were talking about Toca boca is an app producer that focuses on kids and their creative skills and things like that Having enemies would take away from that This app is great It is well worth it Youve done it again toca boca                 Youve done it again
This game is for people who like to create things Even though building things is hard work its really fun I cant stop building things right now Im building a model of Yosemite and I love the characters So get this game if you are creative                 Get this game
I like the game but its for babies and stuff and it makes me feel sick              Addicting but babyish
The game is almost like Minecraft They should add multiplayer even though its for little kids Think how much fun it would be for peopleeven little kidsto interact and play with each other And you should make the world biggerit is tiny and the skyline kills it You cant do any thing that high like no sky scrapers significant buildings or actual cities The limits stink but other than that is is a great game for all ages                 The best game EVER
It is a great creative game plz get                 Love it
I think it should have furniture           Wow wow
I have a question about it Can you go to peoples worlds     Q
I like this game so much                 Nmbnbjjhbhjb
I thought this app wasnt fun for the following reasons you cant ersase you cant stack more than 6 blocks high there are other things built on the area I didnt like this app        Booo
All it needs is the pink character to move and to be able to name your worlds plz in the next update                 Love it
Its the best game so far But I wish that you upgrade the game to be an open world please                 Best game
This is just another Minecraft copy It might not look like it a first but it has the same concept of Minecraft DONT GET     Minecraft copy
Yaaaaassss Best game ever This is coming from a 10 year old                
Game is awesomeBut please make more Characters                 Awesome But
My nieces cousin and nephew are okay with this one but eventually got bored or played another app THAT THEY WERENT SUPPOSED TO Because this was the only childrens app I had on there           Its ok
I cant move the paint guy that sits on the groundannoying please fix           Three stars
This is the best toca boca game and i hope you agree too And it is super fun but I think the developers should add multiplayer like every one gets to change into all the super builders and build together Ok bye                 Toca Boca
Wow toca boca I hate yous first I wasted money on stupid toca cars where all you do is drive in circles and now I wasted money on this stupid game where all you do is god knows walk and be stupid eckkk I hate thissssss I just keep giving yous money for nothing I want my money give me my money back I hate this I want my money back now I said now nowwww I want it back wow I wish I could rate this 0 stars     Wow just wow
Fun and boring                 Good
This game was awesome I think there needs to be more space and a higher world I also think the pink guy should move This game is so totally awesome though It would also be cool if you could take a boat to another island                 Great game
Fun and educational                 Fantastic
A wooden block world with lots of potential Its basically an island of fun The flaw is some characters are a little creepy Buy if you want              Pretty cool
It takes a long time to build things and its hard to Move the character     worst game ever
This is a free fun games you should try it its great for all ages Okay so I just heard that a lot of people think its like Minecraft well well its not and by the way Im pretty sure that this was made before Minecraft                 Awesome game
I love toca boca apps but this one not my fave I wish the other robots could jump to and also needs more robots and it is very irritating that the paint spiter doesnt move I wish it could move around and needs more than just blocks I wish there was a drilling robot and needs water grass more please        Great but needs more
I love it so much my kids fight about who plays it I think it is really I give it a FIVE5 star rate                 Toca AWSOME
This is so fun I have no complaints My little sister plays it as her usual game It has no adds I have ever seen I have been playing for about a year too Love it Toca Boca                 This is so amazing and fun
I love it that all I can say the panda is there because I love pandas                 Hey Im 8 and love the every since I was 5
I love this game but I think that you that should add more characters to build stuff with Please have a update with more character s                 Great But
So Im 10 years old and I love toca Boca apps but this one is not my fav I mean it isnt horrible but it could use some updates More machines People to live in your buildings Just more realistically and by the way my birthday is on the Fourth of July and I really want to a life city but it costs to much well thanks and fix it soon then I will consider another or 2           Hmmm
The best game ever I ever hadIm in 10th grade and its the best                 Toca builders
I was impressed by tocas games but this one is not very fun in my opinion Its boringand it takes forever to build something My friend is obsessed with it tho she will never give me my iPad back This app is ok in my opinion           It was ok

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