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Toca Boca , the publisher behind many iOS app (Toca Store ,Toca House ,Toca Robot Lab ,Toca Doctor HD Lite ,Toca Doctor ,Toca Tea Party), brings Toca Hair Salon with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Toca Hair Salon app has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Recommend you get it for your younger kids or siblings..
  • My preschool students love all of the possibilities with this app..
  • you guys should add stuff like more people..
  • Not Teens And Adults..
  • My friend always loves to play this game at my house..
Overall Satisfactionclick me80
I think Toca hair salon 2 should be FREE FREE.
But the toca hair salon 2 is way better.
Needs a curling iron and straightener to be a 5 star :.
Needs more characters or otherwise it is lame.
I'm 14 and I love play this app to past the time.
My two year old daughter absolutely LOVES this game.
and angry birds on my favorite games list.
My 4 year old son loves this app thanks Toca Boca.
My 3 year old loves giving everyone crew cuts and coloring their hair.
Fun & Engagingclick me77
Needs more characters or otherwise it is lame.
Needs more people to style hair for.
This game is really fun and addicting.
This game is fun but boring at the same time.
Sooo is it bad that I'm 14 and I think this game is AWESOME.
I think this game is the worst game EVER.
I absolutley love this game me & my friends play it all the time.
This is a great game for kids and adults too.
Isn't this a game for kids.
This game is soooo fun.
Family Friendlyclick me78
Although its for little kids I really enjoy the game :.
This is a great game for kids and adults too.
Isn't this a game for kids.
Everyone In My Family Loves This App.
Social Aspectsclick me66
Needs more people to style hair for.
You could add some hair ties and hairstyles to choose from.
This game crashes every time you try to choose a character.
Production Valuesclick me32
featuring good artwork and well-produced sound effects.
Awesome sound effects too.
Reliabilityclick me72
The comb doesn't work well so it made me annoyed.
Updates & Supportclick me61
really want to try the second version of this.
It ok but the second version is WAY better.
2nd version.


Let your kids run their own Toca Hair Salon! Cut, color, comb and blow-dry lifelike hair on four different cute characters. Using your fingers you can make any hair style you want! And of course - take a snapshot and save your creations!


- Cut and trim hair with the scissors and electric hair trimmer
- Use the hair dryer to style the final hair cut
- 12 hair colors to choose from!
- Use the magic potion G.R.O. to make the hair grow back again!
- Four cute characters that make fun faces and sounds while you cut their hair!
- No rules or stress - play any way your kids want to!
- Kid-friendly interface!

Toca Hair SalonToca Hair Salon
Tags :   salon ,   style ,   digital ,   characters


Let your kids be a hair stylist for a day! Choose between four cute characters and cut and style them in whatever way you want. They make funny faces and sounds while you style them, and feels like you`re cutting real hair! But without the cleaning up afterwards of course. And with the magic potion G.R.O. you can grow all the hair back again whenever you want.


Toca Hair Salon is made for kids age 3 and above, but many parents have been know to get addicted pretty quick too...
Toca Hair Salon


As with all Toca Boca toys, there are no high scores, time limits or stressful music. Your kids can play with it however they want!


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Toca Boca is a game studio that makes digital toys for kids. We think playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world. Therefore we make digital toys and games that help stimulate the imagination, and that you can play together with your kids. Best of all - we do it in a safe way without advertising or in-app purchases.


Toca Boca is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.
Recommended Ages: 1-3, 4-7
Categories: Creative Play, Special Needs


The Toca Hair Salon is now available for $0.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 13.5 MB to download. The new Toca Hair Salon app version has been updated on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Toca Hair Salon check developer Toca Boca`s website :


This app is great for kids to pass time and be creative. found in 7 reviews
reaaallly reeeaaalllly cute time waster. found in 5 reviews
Everyone In My Family Loves This App. found in 4 reviews
My 4 year old son loves this app thanks Toca Boca. found in 3 reviews
It keeps me entertained and I'm 12 years old. found in 15 reviews
14. found in 8 reviews
like hair head bands Bands and feathers
O and plzzzz add a curling iron or somrhin like that. found in 3 reviews
And accessories like rubber bands hats or bows. found in 8 reviews
The sounds and facial expressions the characters make are priceless. found in 4 reviews
& i know its meant for 5 year olds & im 13. found in 8 reviews
My little brother and I play it everyday. found in 3 reviews
Me and my friends love giving characthers mohawks and shaved heads. found in 5 reviews
Really fun and enjoyable. found in 1 reviews
I'm 14 and I love play this app to past the time. found in 23 reviews
My 3 yr old granddaughter played for hours. found in 3 reviews
I loooove this app and I'm a teenage girl hahaha. found in 2 reviews
This is a great game for kids and adults too. found in 3 reviews
Great app I'm 11 and I LOVE toca boca. found in 3 reviews
I LOVEE this game sooooo much. found in 2 reviews
I love it and I'm 16 years old for goodness sakes. found in 7 reviews
Yeah needs a curling iron and the ability to mix colors. found in 62 reviews
Okay this game is fun but it needs a straightener. found in 6 reviews
I love this game but it needs more characters to their hair. found in 52 reviews
I like this game however the game gets a little boring. found in 5 reviews
As many people have said this game needs more stuff. found in 22 reviews
It would be even better if there were more tools like a curling iron. found in 4 reviews
Combing is frustrating and and it needs more variety. found in 4 reviews
Please listen to us reviewers. found in 4 reviews
Please fix the comb. found in 10 reviews
I needs more tools like curling iron or a big thick brush. found in 23 reviews
More characters would be nice as well. found in 4 reviews
I wish the comb was easier to use. found in 5 reviews
It'd be cool if you added more people also. found in 3 reviews
I love it but it needs more accessories and supplies. found in 37 reviews
more hair tools would be nice for ex. found in 3 reviews
It needs more people and mane shampoo and better colors. found in 48 reviews
It's fun but the comb needs to be easier to use :. found in 12 reviews
5 stars if you add these things. found in 3 reviews
It is fun but don't get this one. found in 3 reviews
It ok but the second version is WAY better. found in 9 reviews
Because When You Brush The Hair It Doesn't Do Right. found in 17 reviews
I think this game is the worst game EVER. found in 8 reviews
U can't comb the hair right and it's just flat out straight. found in 24 reviews
This game is horrible. found in 2 reviews
Second is soo much better this one is crappy. found in 3 reviews
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Im not trying to ruin you guys but the game is STUPID at some points If you want a game that is good get another Toca Boca gameIts very hard to style their hair and brush it Many of their other games are very INTERESTING but this one Really ISNT          Great job but
Its laggy theres no flow there are so many limits to what u can do The scissors and razors are all short and stuttery movements Overall it just sucks    DONT GET
when ever i go into the appits just a blank white screen       Cheap
This needs major upgrades as it gets more boring I consider adding more people into it instead of animals You can add In female male Asian African American etc PLZ UPDATE THIS AND I WILL GIVE 5 STARS          NEEEEED UPDATEEEEEEE
My daughter loves this game it is so fun             Fun game
I accidentally bought this game because I thought it was the second version But because I spent money on it I decided to keep itI would not recommend this app to anyone the options for what you can do to the peoples hair is very limited blow dry shampoo die comb and decorate I was very disappointed that you are not able to style it Most of the options you do have dont even work When you try to comb the persons hair it goes in the opposite direction The graphics are bad and the app often crashes The Toca Boca company has great apps which is why I expected so much of this one If you are looking for a good hair salon app I definitely recommend their second one its soooo much better    Disappointing
I like the way how we cut the hair                Toca boca
My 3 year old boy absolutely loves this game He has even taken to telling me to change your hair Haha It is a nice imagination building game                Great
They play all the time 25 5 and they love it                My kids love this game
Over all this is great game But I wish there more characters and more features If it ha those things I requested then I would recommend it and give it 5 stars             Great game
I think this app is interesting for kids because you an make a bunch of weird hair styles for th characters I would prefer this as a winning app because the characters are sweet cute and make unusual sounds                toca boca
Overpriced not worth any penny what a waste of 2 dollars you can barely comb the hair its ridiculous    Horrible
I like the app a lot but it could use more style options curling iron flat iron or krimper to do the hair It can also have more characters but I really love it             Really cool
This game is soooo fun but there is one problem that when you do something to the hair it always takes a long time             SO FUN
Omg who doesnt have this game is missing out because this game is not just about cutting hair its also about how you are going to change there look am I right peeps                Awesome
i love all the toca boca apps I have them all and my little cousins love playing with them and when they saw this app they were just so engaged to it and this is an app thats non obnoxious and sooo fun Im 10 and I love them to toca boca apps look like people pute time and hard effort in to them and its not confusing to little kids its just soooo fun keep up the great work toca boca                BEST APP EVER
I luv this game Its super cute One suggestion though you should be able to make the hair curly wavy or straight You should be able to braid their hair too This game is so cool                Gr8 game
This app is great for kids to pass time and be creative             Kids
This game is overrated If you buy this your crazy its a total waste of time This game is not what it says       Not true
I bought this game a few days ago It is horrible I was combing a persons hair and the physics where messed up I was brushing down and the hair flew up I tried again and again to see if its a fluke but it wasnt It just didnt work and it was hard to have any fun because I couldnt style the hair I suggest if you like these games though you get Toca Hair Salon 2 it works much better       Do not buy
I just pretend that there going on a date or something like that                Pretend
When you try to brush the hair it glitches and doesnt let you And when you try to shave it and dye the hair it is really hard and it takes a very long time    Toca boca hair salon
Your going to love the game                I love the game
I love this game and it is very fun Lets say little sibling has something to do and u have to go to Download this app then get going If u like the designs u make u can save them to ur camera roll Get this game                Get this game
This game is REALLY FUN My friend and I played it and we loved it Now I cant stop playing it Thank you game creaters                Awesome
Im fallin in love These SYLES are GORGEOUS Think you arent talented Well lets see what YOU can do On Toca Boca Hair Salon you can EXPRESS your talent Design all types of hair styles Brush your characters hair and color it how ever you want Wash and dry your characters hair Take pictures and share them with friends Choose your character and style away Whats your style                Show Yo Sense Of STYLE
The game AT FIRST was fun happy and cool But the next time I go into the app the physics are messed up the screen blanks out and the hair is impossible to do I recommend not getting this app    Good At First But Then What Happened
I think it is awesome my little one said I wish I could be a hair style girl and I got her this she has not been off it for 2 hours she loves it thank you                Awesome game for kids
I like this game and all its pretty cool but I think that you would need more options for styling the hair and I do agree with other people so          Could be better
I like tis game but at sometimes it really annoys me Trying to comb their hair is really hard Its okay but Im pretty sure the 2nd Toca Hair Salon is better             Pretty good but
Luv                Luv
Well if you would add pics of yourself it would be awesome    Eh
I luv it                Cool
Can you give me my money back I didnt enjoy this game I would like to get toca band instead    Please
Toca Hair Salon Me is a better app in my opinion The hair flows bends and shapes like normal hair does On this app however its one straight line and its a pain to brush and style Please fix and this will be the best app EVER          One problem
Mine is miss game reviewer    Find mine
this app is really nice and cool but you need too add more options for hairstyling and stuff                cool but
Bad motion with characters and it is so glitchy Not good    Not as fun as new version
After purchasing Tokar salon number one We expected the same program with options galore What we got in stead were several goofy human animal people heads With extremely limited options for styling The 1st styling game was full of different washing curling cutting hair color options The 2nd salon program has so few options the kids lost interested the first day My suggestion do not spend the money for this program    Extremely limited options
To hard to manage The hair can only go in 3 directions Ulehhhhh    Terrible
Love it                Awesome
Really fun             awesome
Plz add more stuff I love this game so much but theres not much to do D                Plz
Toca boca game the hair salon is so fun You can do hair it helps me get better at hair cause thats what I wanna do when I get olderdownload this game you will enjoy it             Snippity do da
sing song voice ifffff you love stuff like hair fashion you will luvuh this                Heck yeah
I love this app there are a few quirks I have deleted and re got this app a fee time I hear the 2nd one is way better but all and all I recomend this and well I am pretty picky on apps but I give this one 5S I do believe it will not be a waste of space and u will enjoy it but it is not for every one the brush is not that great and the towel it not also but I just use the blow dryer for the brush and towel thats a little tip from me and Im not gonna use my real name but from kitty cat Cleo bye hope u enjoy this app as much as me                Home runs and the not home runs lol
This app is really good but the full version is way too pricey On the google store its only 99 cents             Great
This app along with all the other Toca Boca apps are amazing This app provides children a chance to be a hair stylist I highly recommend this game                Excellent app
Great game good way to pass the time             Fun
Dont get this app Youll be sorry          Not worth it


Toca Boca
13.5 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.
Last Updated:
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iOS /
iPhone iPad

iOS Toca Hair Salon Mobile

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