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Toca Boca AB , the publisher behind many iOS app (Toca Town ,Toca Cars ,Toca Dance Free ,Toca Hair Salon 3 ,Toca Dance ,Toca Blocks), brings Toca Lab with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Toca Lab app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iOS owner,you now can download Toca Lab for $2.99 from Apple Store. The application is available in multiple languages: English, Arabic, Bokmål, Norwegian, Chinese, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish. It weighs in at only 87.9 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-11-26.
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Calling all future scientists Welcome to Toca Lab Explore the colorful and electrifying world of science and meet all 118 of the elements from the periodic table. Discover elements by experimenting with the lab tools Take your ...
I think this app is great because it is funny and can make Funny creatures                 Cool
I lost my patience when will you release more elements I want i want 97 more i want some with wings 6 legs I want some I want some with claws I want some tails some with thrills on there back The other ones be creative about                 Elements are awesome
It is very fun but should tell the names of the elements Very cute fun for all ages but I think you should be able to make compounds I feel like toca boca used this theme more for the sounds The elements make wich are very fun but didnt realy use it for the educational content           Names of the elements
B4 this app I would like science I was interested about 40 now I like it 100 because this app is just fun worth the KA CHING                 Science now fun
Im a seventh grader who knows all the element names This app helped me memorize all the elements symbols and atomic numbers by using a silly sound to represent each symbol It doesnt use the principles of real chemistry but its a great way to help you memorize symbols and atomic numbers Thanks Toca Lab                 Silly fun that helped me in science class
This app is good for ages 1 too 4 my one year old sister enjoys the app its not scientific one bit but it keeps her busy                 Great
Junk     Tova Fan Worthless
It pulled through Teaches kids about science Will work for little ones if needed           A bit boring but
Quite smart actually              Good
Can someone tell me what the question marks mean              Please help
It was greati loved iti love to play science games but this wasnt that scientific but it was COOL              Cool
I am disappointed that I bought this game I wish I had my money back The game should have more stations to it The game does not direct you on what to do I am telling you DO NOT BUY THIS GAME It is not worth it        DO NOT BUY
This app is so cool Even though Im ten this is pretty amazing The blob thingies are cool and you can do experiments on them The periodic table of elements are created with this game All the people who are like so dumb not scientific deal with it This is a good game for all ages TRUST Me Get this app if you are looking for some thing good to get Or if your bored its good too                 Amazing
I LOVE THIS GAME it makes learning so FUN I know learning cannot possibly cant be fun THIS IS THE FUTURE ok parents just do it to help your kids learn Your welcome                 To parents out there
I thought is was fun for like 30 seconds But apparently this is for young children oops     Boring
This app is fun and creative definitely 5 star worthy                 Awesome
When I put it in beaker all I can do is make it smaller am I doing something wrong and can we have a restart button              Fun but
Its good but it needs a lot more elements please              Alright
I would like it if it gave more instructions because I had no clue what was going on At all        Kinda confusing
Honestly I hate writing bad reviews but this one kinda deserved it I have bought many of the other toca boca games and they have been worth the money however this one was very bland I do recommend it for very young kids about 3 or 4 But much older its not so entertaining The game was totally pointless all you did was try and make new elements by randomly freezing them or heating them up it wasnt scientific at all And if that wasnt boring enough they often told you how to make the elements which was pretty much telling you how to do the whole game     Not very good
Okay so I might be over aged for this but I have to say I am addicted LOVE IT                 Game
read the title           Not what i expected
I get the intent of the app to make science in this case chemistry interesting and applealing on a playful level Thankfully I got this one on sale 99c and frankly Im a little dissapointed I know Im probably confusing this app with more educational ones like Endless AlphabetReaderNumbers but the elements the periodic table I find to be very fascinating And creating blockblobsgases and making them into other blocksblobsgases is good too but is that really how most of them are made And what are these elements actually called other than the abbreivated names or letters theyre listed under What do the numbers on the upper hand corners stand for And if this is something that is fully disclosed at the end of the game once all 118 elements are made then I digress Though this is desgined for 6 to 8 year olds my 4 year old seems to like it because inane sounds and pretty colors are entertaining to him SO not a total loss If all the questions Ive asked above were an assumtion I would very much like some playful education happen in this app Maybe a short animation saying what it is and what they do and how theyre REALLY made Then Ill bump my rating a couple of stars more           Not What I Expected
This game has such a personality that I cant help but play it It is so addicting just because of the little experiments you get to play with the blobs to see what they turn into On the downside this has no connection with science because those little experiments could not and I repeat COULD NOT make little breathing organisms But I am confused at if the game is good or bad which is why I gave it three stars           Love it or hate it
Its just a waste of time your money and energy I was expecting something a little bit more educational but its completely pointless I feel so stupid for ever downloading this please dont make the same mistake as me     Its a waste
This game is a good game for 5 minutes and then it gets incredibly boring After you play it for five minutes you realize why did I get it Spend your money on something better     Dont get it
Pretty good but sorta boring           Could be better
Best app ever I love it Even though I have all of the charactersits still fun to just create them over again                 Awesome
Every few months I download new educational apps for my 2 year old My daughter saw this app and asked if she can play Its a rather cool app but lacking few factors For starters I have No Soundafter creating a new element what else is there to do I would like to see more scientific experiments additional elements to chose from perhaps plant seeds can form into a monster tree with eyes ears etc a Also have the background come alive when touch by our kids Just a suggestion           Interestingalmost cool
My young child loves to watch the elements change I wish that I could tell him the name of an element he helped change without having to refer to a table separately could you please add the full name with the abbreviation              Exciting Experiments
So in the menu screen at the a in lab it represents the illuminati              The menu screen
I loved the game while I was playing but when I finished the whole table of periodic elements the game was over there was no more to do You should make a second one Now I am upset because there is nothing else to do Please fix this              Fun but After
I would give it negative stars if possible There is nothing scientific game doesnt even have a vocabulary its just noises I want a refund this game should be in the 23 age category     Waste of money
Omg this app is so cool and fun but me and my dad both agree that after you unlock a new element thingy it should actually tell you what it is on the real Periodic Table of Elements That would be so cool But overall this game is awesome              Omg awesome but
Idk because its still downloading                 Well
This app is so much fun                 LOVE IT
Way less fun then I thought I played then repozed its bad yes I spelled wrong on purpose        Dont buy
This game isnt at all as I expected it to be I would have thought that the names of the periodic elements would have been available to learn but not even that Instead the game is just about entertainment rather than any learning Dont get this app if you expect to learn anything        Not even full names of elements
Awesome game to learn science                 Love this scientific game
When I first got this game I was really board but then I saw that I was rong about this game then I seemed to love it                 So awesome
Come on toca boca I wish I could give the game 0 starswhen I got this I was exited to get it because my friend had bin telling how great the game waswhen you get all the elements there isnt anything to do That is why I erased itdont wast your storage on thistoca boca let me down again     REALLY
Was not impressed at all     Waste of money
I just got this yesterday and I already think so worth 3 bucks                 I love it
Horrible     Very bad
This game is awesome it is fun but after ten minutes of mixing globs to make other globs the whole point of the game is kind of ruined I guess for younger kids this would be great but in the App Store it is in the 911 age group If you like Toca Boca games I would recommend Toca Hair Salon 2 and Toca Nature although both are more for younger kids I really think that this should be moved to a lower age category Otherwise good job Toca Boca              Fun For Now
Love this app Best app ever                 Love this app
I liked it but what do you do when you finished it all I finished it in 2 days So whats next              Like it but
Getting this app I thought it would be about chemical reactions It actually is about somehow creating new elements from another one by cooling boiling spinning and electrifying them This is far from accurate you cannot create new one element from another just by changing the temperature Although it was very inaccurate and NOT educational it was quite fun I do not recommend this game for educational purposes but I do recommend it if you wand a fun little game              Fun but inaccurate

Toca Lab Education Digital Toys Periodic TableToca Lab Education Digital Toys Periodic TableToca Lab Education Digital Toys Periodic TableToca Lab Education Digital Toys Periodic TableToca Lab Education Digital Toys Periodic TableToca Lab Education Digital Toys Periodic TableToca Lab Education Digital Toys Periodic TableToca Lab Education Digital Toys Periodic TableToca Lab Education Digital Toys Periodic TableToca Lab Education Digital Toys Periodic TableToca Lab Education Digital Toys Periodic TableToca Lab Education Digital Toys Periodic Table

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