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Toca Boca AB , the publisher behind many iOS app (Toca Tailor Fairy Tales ,Toca Life Paper Bag Cat ,Toca Lab: Plants ,Toca Life: Neighborhood ,Toca Life: After School ,Toca Dance), brings Toca Life: City with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Toca Life: City app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Toca Life: City is now available for $2.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 80.0 MB to download. The new Toca Life: City app version 1.0 has been updated on 2015-06-25. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.
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1 in 47 countries on the App store, including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France and Japan. More updates are coming to Toca Life: City later this year Welcome to Toca Life: City, a ...
You made a amazing game but try adding a park and make them travel mane a public pool just add more things                 Awesome
Best app ever please add more things like a hospital or a bigger mall or a school but I really love this app and the gauge update with the theater I totally love this app                 Please read
Okay so I dont care what age you are you need to get this game I think its probably my favorite app and I love the update One suggestion would be to like add a pool a whole store just for clothes or a school Also the apartment area is CRAZY glitchy My oven disappeared and so did my grill Also when I tried to make someone sleep on the bed they disappeared Please fix this bug because even when I refreshed my game these things still happened Thanks              Great but
this game is the best game ever but can you add a neighborhood and a school if you guys add those two things everybody will love toca city thanks for being awesome                 I this game
This game is so much fun to play It just needs a few adjustments First off it needs more apartment rooms we should be able to customize clothes and more hair choices Next there needs to be more people and places then you should be able to choose bedscouches and rugs etc and thats why I give it 4 stars              TOCA BOCA PLEASE READ
Its a great game But it could use some improvements like more characters more clothes more buildings a school an office building shopping carts in the mall a restaurant more hair choices a swimming pool swimsuits more pets and more shops and it wont let me watch videos on life weekly plz fix that and do all these and I will give u five stars keep up the good work Oh And one more thing a music store would be awesome Plz add one Thx again              Improve plz
I love this game so much it is my favoritebut you should to add some things Like you should be able to mix the hair dye to make certain colors and you should be able to make the clothes yourself You should also be able to throw away the items in the house and it goes to a dump were you can always get it back also please add more sets for the theater its my favorite thing to do In the game Please add more things like a parkmore houses to choose from and more categories of pets Some other crazy ideas are you could have the house get dirty and you could actually use the cleaning supplies I wish you had to really pay for the items you buy and get the money with the atm finding it on the floor or doing good deeds You should also be able to change the picture for employee of the month in the grocery store Most of all PLEASE EXPAND THE MAP I really think more people would buy it if there were more things to do even though there are sooooo many things to do already Please take these suggestions into consideration              Love it but just some suggestions
First cane you make makeup that would be super cool And also may you merge the toca lifes together so you could use a to get there INSPIRATION FOR NEXT TOCA LIFECOUNTRY Ok toca life is awesome in all but you have a small town you have a big city why not add a new country not like the USA or Canada country But like a country side with a garden a range a barn a cabin And a small town where you can have a saloon a trading post even horses and other animals              Awesome but could use some work
This game is amazing but there should be different levels for the apartment so everybody has a home Each one should have a different look and one for 1 person two people three people and four The theater is also cool but there should be a slide where it can give you all these options to make your own slide and save it for later use You should also add a section where you can make your own person to add on or delete from your game There should be at least a maximum of 50 people Also there should be a supplies store And a store just for clothing like shoes dresses pants skirts and tops The rest of the game is good so far Like I added these are some things to take into thought                 PLEASE READ EDITORS
Hey you should make a crush button and it means you like some on and if they get close to their crush they get nurvas and if they like each other or want to get married there should be a ring and a wedding place and dress and they can kiss also if they date they can ask to get married and more houses and cake food candy and a resteront a and if it there brith day they can age up and also they can get bright cake and make a store just for cloths and also make stores just for stuff like pets cloths baby stuff toys food and money like a bank and a please stash on and hospitals                 Good need more work
I know this has been said a lot but I know those people and I think that you should add more places My suggestion is that you should definitely add more apartments and maybe stuff like a hospital and theres a really annoying glitch on Life Weekly Every time I try to watch a video the app closes Fix it please Thanks                 Just a Suggestion
This game is really good but to me not worth 299 It needs a few improvements to make it an awesome game like adding cribs to apartments Adding more apartments Adding more shops Having a tailor to create your own clothes A high chair so the babies can sit at the dinner table Grocery store items would restock automatically but with a few tweaks this game would be amazing              Good game
I think toca city needs to change all of this When I record the noise disappears like that I know a eight year old shouldnt be bothered like that but I am so please fixAlso in the theater the Instruments should be able to move even the drums cello and harpI as well think you should have a schoola black babya hospitala parka gym more homes like put in a elevator or some thingThat is what I think toca city should change as soon as possibleI still like the app but I dont loooovvvveeee itbye bye              I dont love it but I like it
I was so excited to get the new update I love everything about it except it likes to crash on me When I start to have fun it crashes which is not cool please help              It crashes
Omg one of my favorite games But I wish there was more I mean more as in characters HOUSES and places I wish there could be a hospital maybe a office with different companies working there like Police president lol jk about the president thing and maybe even an appraisal office thanks for reading                 Love this game Plz read
I would like a hospital the hotel bigger A gym for gymnastics and a school please add before October 2                 Please add a gymnastics place
My suggestions are 1Food that comes back to the stores and restaurants after it is eaten 2Either a small town with more housing or Apartments that will sleep more than one 3A park or beach would be nice 4More clothes and characters 5Maybe an amusement park These are my ideasI love this game Please keep the updates comingEven if its not anything I listedKeep up the good work                 GreatLove It
I this game It is my life My only suggestion is add more rooms Add a elevator that goes up to different floors Also add a hospital with casts and Xrays and crutches and wheel chairs It would be so much more fun Thanks for listening Lleyton              Please read editors
I love this game but Life Weekly crashes so much Are you kidding me Toca Boca I want to watch it Please upgrade I love the actual game though              CRASHES WAY TOO MUCH Upgrade PLEASE
ok so frist add seasons and diffent things to do like swimming and play in the and chirmas where when u change it night santa come during chrismas and u should add staires for my apaments and add houses for bigger famliys and differnt aged people like babys and children and atuls and old people and teacher and a school and backpack and other school stuff and a park and a dog park and add collars and etc for animals and even more thing                 the game is really good but needs to add things
I think that people should be able to customize their homes and that there shouldnt be anything in the house when they move in Also I think there should be a zoo with a souvenir shop a schooland the apartment should have more than one house and I think that ketchup and soy sauce should only make your hair dirty Please consider these changes              Customize and places
I love da app but it needs some updates Can there be a lobby in the apartments and theres a elevator that goes up to the number 10 And there should be more apartments that look different Please add more boy clothes and make a whole section for boys and girls too And add some more food stands like a barbecue stand Add more places for the city like a working building and add resturants like fancy resturants and a fast food one And in the food court add more seats for people and add more NORMAL looking people Please read this I would like these very much and it could become a star so please add these i hope you read this Thank you i hope you              Great but needs updates
I think you should be able to pick a house and pick a car so you could drive places instead of having to go some where and get everyone you want Thank you and I hope you include this in the next update              Good but can you add a few things
On the first day I saw this I bought it I love it so much The update is so cool with the theatre and make videos Best game ever Here are some Good new updates Maybe you could have an airportor a schoolswimming pool Thanks for reading this Horses rock                 Plz read
This is a great and amazing game but i think to make it even better it should have more things to do like A playground More apartments A beach in where they can play with the sandext A hospital for emergency A school A small neighborhood Believe me that with all this things and even more this game would be the best game ever but other than that every thing is great           Great game
Love the new update but add a park add more accessories for humans and pets add more babies and their clothes add more clothes add a doctors office add more apartments of diffrent sizes plzzzz add a hospital Add a resturant Add a school plzzzz        Needs improvement
The game is really good but put more apartment rooms more beds and more places to go maybe a camping grower and a school and a working car and some place for the people to work like in office ore something like a school please I would be happy if you did those thing the game is still good just do those things              Really good game but
I wish there were more rooms with an elevator in the apartment building                 Awesome But it needs something
I think it is great but I would like a zoowedding store and another house           Great but
My son loves the game He likes the grocery store and that you can turn on the lights and fans He would love it if you could add even more things to turn on like a ceiling fan                 One request
Ok I need to tell you that there should be rooms in the apartment like 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 and Plz make a camp site in the city and also make a car realtorpetmoreand also last one make more things in the city plz                 Updates
I love this game is so fun I am10 a little old to play the but is too fun you should add more stuff like more places and apartments by the way love the theater people if you have money buy this please do                 Love it
love this game so fun but blacks out make another toca life app                 fun
This game rocks It is the best Now a message to toca boca dear toca boca this game is awesome I have a few suggestions that can make it more awesome 1 it would be cool if you put a little school in it would rock 2 it would be cool if you made it so you can make your own toca guys That would be awesome 3 it would be super duper cool if you made it so time changes from bright to dark So a day would last 5 minutes Thats all Remember YOU ROCKyou got a 4th grader playing this game I know you will make great thinks in the future                 Amazingly fun and awesome
Please help me toca I need you to help me watch the videos please help me every time I try to watch a video it exits out to the home screen please fix toca city                 Ok good but wont let me watch videos
Hi I love the game but here are some Ideas A school Car wash So toca town can visit toca city More girl babes More toys More food More rooms Do not eat money Candy store Hospital Please take some Ideas of my good luck with toca city                 This game is so cool
Great app but some suggestions It should have a school and a disco club to party and the ability to pour cereal into bowls and eat it with a spoon and the ability to crack eggs into pans Bikes and scooters would be cool too and a pet bunnya pet turtle and a pet fish and a laptop and earrings and seasons                 Great App but some suggestions
Hey Toca Boca I love your game its just that I would love it even more if you added a school hospital and some more apartments like a hotel or something Also It would be cool if there were more food stations like taco or maybe mix ur own ingredients to create a funky food              Awesome but could be better
We love this game but we think it would be nice to add somethings Like a school and more people to use for teachers Also more of the babies so they can go to school It would be more fun if you added more lofts like one or two When you click the loft there would be an elevator So you could pick what room you wanted In the mall a candy store would be great we know theres a stand in the food park but like this one is like a full store maybe you could buy jellybeans and gummy worms Also in the mall can you add more clothes please maybe a couple of dresses and boys clothes In the homeware section maybe trickortreat baskets Then another two places A community pool There would be floats and a life guard chair Could you maybe add kids that are like fiveten And bathing suits to change them in to and towels to dry them off The second place a park With a campfire and camping you can always add a ice cream cart Maybe it would be fun to make weather like snow and rain Thanks for reading and hope you take my ideas                 Please Read about new to come update ideas
You should have carsschoolkinder gardenmore houses restaurant more shops work yard for kids Love this app                 please read this
How about a gym where characters can go and work out and stuff And maybe even a coffee shop And u need to add more apartments with more beds              Please read
I love toca city But I thought that you could add the reasturant in toca town and another houseSome meor pets with collarsYou also should get a school with a teacher character and a principle with an office and a lunchroom more houses and more beds I love your game so much Also add more peopleThanks hope you read this                 Needs some things but love it
I absolutely love this app Im a tenyearold but I still love this game I like how you can give each person a personality by clothes and where they work Its my favorite game and I recommend it for anyone The new update is really cool and I love recording plays Some people think it should have more but I think its perfect the way it is                 Amazing YOu mUsT BUY thIS
Great game but here is a suggestion you should be able to make your own city with lots more buildings                 Great game
This probably gets asked a lot but please add another apartment and a parkthat would make this game even better than it already is Also if you could make a car wash or zoo that would be awesome I love this game Keep the updates coming              Please add more
Hi Toca Boca You guys are really cool and I like your apps though I am almost thirteen This game was really cool One of your best in my opinion However it does have one bug Whenever I try to watch a toca life weekly video the screen goes black and then automatically goes back to my home screen Also for a next update I have a few suggestions One A school where there would be chalkboards and a gym and a lunchroom The babies would have the little desks and maybe you could have some school uniforms we can put them in Speaking of which pleas add more babies baby clothes and clothes in general Two A bakery ice cream shop where you could make bread and make ice cream or serve up ice cream for customers But please please please dont Put a you have to wait an hour or something for this to be done thing on the ice cream maker or the oven those are so annoying Three Maybe a farm or something where you could work with little animals Four Maybe a place where you could buy wallpaper and paint and other house decor stuff Four More houses please if not more sleeping areas on the o one you already have Five Workplaces Places where you can have a job and make money also night and day Six Museums or a zoo Somewhere where you could look at paintings and animals and go on night tours Seven A fancy restaurant Please and fancy clothes Other than that yourapps rocks It is by far one of the best Toca Boca apps My ideas are mere suggestions Thank you for making such amazing apps              Amazing App
First of all when I came back from the toy store in Toca life all my furniture and stove sink pretty much everything was gone and I dont get it because it was there before I left so if I could please get more info on this id like to know if thats a glitch     Glitch
Toca city life 2 needs A hospital so badly it would be awesome and it needs more clothes choices but everything else is GREAT ps it needs a zoo and cars and a pool with bathing suits              Toca city life 2 needs
I love this app but I have some suggestions First make more apartments There is only one apartment that has only one bed which is really annoying And second a school and park would be amazing I pretend there is a babysitter everytime I go away but if u had a school no need for anything like that They could learn and do everything like that My main thing is more apartments that would be lovely thanks you                 Love this app

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