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Crowdstar Inc , the publisher behind many iOS games (Top Girl ,Design Home ,Fish with Attitude ,Phuzzle Free ,Mermaid World ,Do You Know Me?), brings Top Girl with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Top Girl games has been update to version 5.18.00 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Most awesome game ever I play it everyday..

Overall Satisfactionc85
This has to be one of my favorite games of all time.
This used to be my favorite game and now it's crap.
Amazing game get it it's awesome U BETTER GET IT.
and finally add more levels im almost finished with the game.
but it's to expensive and NEEDS more levels.
There should be more quests and ways to get cash.
I hate that there is no more quests.
I recommend this game for fashion lovers and boyfriend changers.
Very disappointing I would not recommend this game it is very boring.
Dis game is cool just wish energy came a lil faster.
This is an awesome app and waaayyyy better than it girl.
This is the most awesomely ultimute game in the WORLD.
Fun & Engagingc80
Most awesome game ever I play it everyday.
Awesome game but fix the bugs.
Super fun i love it Great for a fashion sense.
So much fun and addicting like you wouldn't believe.
It's fun and addicting but with the update it ruined everything.
It also gets boring really quickly and pointless.
really fun game wish u could chang coins to dollars.
Its a really fun game but ALWAYS CRASHES IM ANNOYED.
It's so fun I play it all the time it's so addicting.
as a joke and now I play it all the time.
and finally add more levels im almost finished with the game.
but it's to expensive and NEEDS more levels.
I think this game is awesome and soooooooooo fun.
I think this game should let all ipods play this game.
I play this game everyday I'm in love with it.
I use to play this game regularly but now I'm frustrated.
I love this game it's so cool I play it every day.
It seems like pretty much everything cost cash.
Family Friendlyc85
We should be able to get married and have kids 2.
Can you get married and have kids.
U need to let us get married and have kids.
Value for Moneyc34
I love that you can get money without spending real money.
I am even willing to spend real money now and again.
I've bought everything I can without spending real money want more clothes.
Replay Valuec86
It also gets boring really quickly and pointless.
and finally add more levels im almost finished with the game.
but it's to expensive and NEEDS more levels.
Top girl gets really boring after awhile.
Social Aspectsc64
Top girl is better than social girl and modern girl.
I just started playing Modern Girl and Social Girl.
Ever since updating my social girl freezes and will stop working.
It is soooooo much fun Soooooooo much better than social girl.
Ease of Usec85
Its fun but asking for money to play a simple game.
Its a really easy simple game to play.
Really good game but please bring back boyfriends with closet bonuses.
Security & Privacyc10
Updates & Supportc27

Top girl is awesome I love playing it. found in 3864 reviews
Omg it's the best game Eva. found in 12 reviews
Makeovers should be free and when are the seasonal clothes coming out. found in 14 reviews
This game is the most awesomest game ever. found in 14 reviews
this app is very addictive until there's nothing left to do. found in 50 reviews
i wish you guys would add more clothes to buy with COINS and not cash. found in 206 reviews
but needs more quests and levels. found in 59 reviews
It just gets boring quickly and it's high maintenance. found in 147 reviews
Really good game but please bring back boyfriends with closet bonuses. found in 18 reviews
I will change my rating if u get us more quests. found in 59 reviews
but it force closes too much when I try to open the game. found in 30 reviews
I like the app just gets a little boring after awhile. found in 20 reviews
I can't spend $100 real money for a fake game. found in 511 reviews
It actually makes me wanna not play anymore. found in 32 reviews
Good games it needs more stuff to do with boyfriend & job. found in 26 reviews
I refuse to spend real cash on a silly game like this. found in 12 reviews
I have better things to spend my $ on than fake clothes. found in 25 reviews
In this game its fun to shop buts gets boring after awhile. found in 14 reviews
I don't want to spend real money on these fake clothes. found in 113 reviews
Until they want you to spend real dollars for fake ones. found in 71 reviews
So this needs an update with more quests. found in 65 reviews
And when it does open I can't judge the runway grrr. found in 19 reviews
The game crashes before it even finishes loading. found in 62 reviews
My only problem is that it is too hard to get money & energy. found in 102 reviews
But the updated needs 340 closet size for only level 3. found in 242 reviews
and there are no new clothes to buy without using cash. found in 206 reviews
There needs to be a way to trade coins for cash. found in 144 reviews
Fix this issue soon because I really enjoy playing this game. found in 163 reviews
I'm sorry but I'm not paying real money to buy clothes. found in 185 reviews
It needs many ways to earn money within the game and earn energy. found in 386 reviews
Cant buy any more clothes without paying money. found in 574 reviews
Needs to be able to change coins to bucks. found in 148 reviews
She begged me to re install it. found in 168 reviews
You still haven't opened las Vegas either or the seasonal clothes. found in 221 reviews
Would love this game if there were more ways to earn cash. found in 412 reviews
All my new clothes disappeared and the club bungalow isn't working. found in 127 reviews
It also gets boring really quickly and pointless. found in 147 reviews
IT continues to crash and get stuck everytime you earn money. found in 116 reviews
It makes you pay real money for fake money. found in 511 reviews
energy takes ridiculous amounts of time to refill. found in 168 reviews
I really have no desire to play this game anymore do to that. found in 193 reviews
Please add more clothes to buy wit coins an not cash. found in 574 reviews

The Top Girl is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 19.7 MB to download. The new Top Girl app version 5.18.00 has been updated on 2014-11-20. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Top Girl in Crowdstar Inc`s Official Website :

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I downloaded it and I wasnt even able to get into the app it just crashed So you need to fix this because I used to love this app when i was littler     It Crashes
I just started playing it and it says I have missing content and I dont know how to get the missing content           I like it But
Its a good app but When I click on the app it goes to it and exit back off              Good app But
This game has a virus Bugs And wont even let me in This stupid app wont even downloadtook almost 2hours to even download And when i tap it to start playing it wont even let me in maybe i reapetted this but thats how bad it is Ill try again maybe in a month but if its not fixid by then im writting another reaport Maybe its not your fault and i forgive you but this is soooooo stupid     Arrrggg Stupid
OK this app will do nothing but crash do NOT get it it is trash and I will delete it as soon as Im done typing this thanks for listening     Crashing
Dont get this app crashes before you can even play it worst app Ive ever gotten dont waste your time     Worst app ever
This game glitches too much I was so happy to start playing Top Girl but the screen keeps going all black and the game brings me back to my home screen I really wanna play this game but it GLITCHES Please fix this so I can play the game again           Glitching
It is a good game I was the top girl                 Top girl
I love this game and I loved that it did not make u but the hair do like always and I also like that it gave u 15 dollars                 Best game ever
We should be able to have kids              Babies
I had love this game so much continue in                 Loving it
This game is to flirty it doesnt give a girl indapendence they judge by looks rood              Flirty
I downloaded this and I tried opening it and it would just open go black and then bring me back to my home screen     Doesnt open
My sister gets really emotional when her boyfriend breaks up with her and so that could lead to an update If possible No rush Other than that awesome APP God Bless                 Cant they plz stop breaking up too soon
Desperately needs a update     Update
This game is so glitchy that I cant even get into it I have deleted and downloaded it 4 times and it doesnt even load without taking me back to my home screen     I cant even play it
Every time I put this lovely purse on my models bra shows Please fix this Overall very nice game                 Sweet Yellow Rose Purse
Every time I try to open the app it automatically shuts out of it     Doesnt work
theres a crash when you get on     i cant play the game
Are you ever going to update this game I Love the game but its become very boring Id like to be able to buy outfits again           Needs update
Okay so i used to have this game and LOVED IT And i deleted it not too long ago but now i want to download it again I downloaded it on my iphone 6so obviously my phone isnt glitchy or slow but everytime i open it it glitches back to home screen So can the creators help me cause i really want this game All the others are BORING and CLICHÉ Thnx                 PLZ HELPPPPP
I cant open it     uhhh
Every time I try to open the app it goes back to my home screen Help     I cant open it
Terrible     Horrible
When I first got it I worked fine and it would have been a 4 but then I got off and it wouldnt let me in the app           A lot of bugs
This game is not letting me go into it it keeps kicking me out Ive played it before on a different device and so I want to play it on my own iPod But it wont let me go into it You need to fix this Please       
I click on the app and it goes back to the home screen Ive deleted it and got it again several and it still wont work     Fix it please Wont even open
This app is stupid If I dont spend any real cash in this game I cannot play I just deleted this because I was stuck and couldnt work therefore couldnt get money to buy clothes to be able to work and the top girl dollars were not sufficient to buy what I need Do not play this garbage play stardom instead its way better and has 3 versions     This app is stupid
There is something wrong with my model Everytime I put her in a shirt or a dress basically not a jacket her white bra shows through the outfit Its really weird and hope it can be fixed soon           Great game few glitches
This game has been my favorite for years but I constantly have to start over because after a while the app starts to crash and the only way you can fix it is by deleting the app and starting over AND PLEASE UPDATE IT I have been waiting years for an update I know when you update it we wont be able to fast forward time and stuff like that But it would be nice if you kept it I think thats partial why everyone like this game so much You can make it so its not so time consuming              I love this game so much But please update it
So first of I love this game I played it every night butthe bad point is now u cant play it it crashes when u push top girl and I really miss the game I really want it back and i hope it does anyway dont download its not worth it           What the heck
I had this app b4 and its rlly great but I tried downloading it again and it totally crashed     Top girl
I downloaded it and every time i try to play it it wont let me which upsets me and makes me mad It is a waits of time tying to getting it to work and it takes up a lot of space and memory     Top Girl
When I try to get on it turns black and takes me back to my home screen What do I need that for I have a home screen buttonthis app is unfair and I do not recommend it to any oneI am so sry for the people that feel the same way     I hate this app
Every single time I try to open up the app it crashes     It keeps crashing
Every time I turn it on it show the title top girl then my screen turns black and goes back to the home screen       
It looks like its fun           Top girl
I love this app I played it years ago and recently redownloaded it for the fun again The only complaint I have are the ads The amount is excessive They always pop up whenever Im about to click anything and it brings me to the App Store which I then have to exit out of and get back into the Top Girl app Also every time Im done doing anything on the app another ad pops up The bottom line is its extremely annoying Almost enough to prevent me from playing at all Other than that its a great app              Top Girl review
I love this game so much                 Amazing
I try and open the app on wifi but it crashes so I cant play the runway part thought the app stays open when the wifi is off Please fix           Eh it needs an update
Fun game I love there wide variety of clothes but I cant use runway and its hard to get cash It wont let me download latest content After I unlocked Vegas it wouldnt let me get to it My iPod does though I think its a bug that needs an update              Mostly great
Worst customer service ever Takes them up to two weeks to respond to each email or complaint Will take your money then ignore your support requests     Horrible
The app wont load Ill tap to get into it but it will just crash Fix please    
Every time I click on this app it always crashesI really wanted to play this game but it doesnt workI have an IPod 4 generation     Crashing
This game is so awesome and cool                 Addictive
Hate it and all my friends like me so dont think Im just being mean     Hate
This app keeps going to the home screen every time I try and open it I wish I could give zero stars for this game I am very disappointed     Hate it
I have everything that costs coins not bucks and the only way to get to the next shopping place in NY is to have more clothing but I dont have enough bucks to buy other clothing to make my closet bigger So Im stuck and theres no way I can buy anything anymore My closet will be stuck at 190 forever cause I cant afford to buy anything else to unlock anything The only way to get bucks is real money This should be fixed cause its not fun anymore           Good But
Its not a star a all I hate it also every time I want to get a guy its so no and its rude because they say your not good enough I just hate     I dont like it

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