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Trackmydrive, LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (TrackMyDrive Light ,TrackMyDrive Connected ,TrackMyDrive - Mileage Tracker ,TrackMyDrive - iPad version), brings TrackMyDrive - Mileage Tracker with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. TrackMyDrive - Mileage Tracker app has been update to version 0.3.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great for realtor app..
  • Steve provides excellent customer service support service..

Overall Satisfactionc83
trackmydrive is the premier iphone ipad mileage tracker app.
So useful and wonderful customer support.
I love that I can make notes and move them around with in the program.
So useful and wonderful customer support.
Most useful business app on my iPhone.
He was more than helpful in getting the app fixed.
Ease of Usec93
This is a simple app that does one thing very well.
I love the online feature which makes life easy.
Reports are easy to read.
The description says the user interface is simple.
Easy and effective.
Updates & Supportc100
Steve provides excellent customer service support service.
I had a positive experience with customer support as well.

This app is excellent for tracking business milage for tax purposes. found in 6 reviews
Having a map of the route is another good feature. found in 2 reviews
LOVE IT TO PIECES. found in 1 reviews
I own a small business and am always looking for ways to save money. found in 1 reviews
Finally an app that makes my monthly expense report less painful. found in 9 reviews
trackmydrive is the premier iphone ipad mileage tracker app. found in 11 reviews
I'll pay for customer service any day for a good product. found in 1 reviews
Does everything as advertised The only mileage ap you will need. found in 2 reviews
Simplicity at the push of a button. found in 1 reviews
This app is worth every cent and I would have paid twice as much. found in 1 reviews
This app has made keeping track of my mileage/trips a breeze. found in 3 reviews
your data is backed up. found in 4 reviews
This app has really simplified my expense report each month. found in 3 reviews
the application won't recognize the address at all. found in 1 reviews
One aspect so bad it cancels much of the good. found in 1 reviews
Fix these issues and I'll be happy. found in 1 reviews
Was working fine until I updated to iOS 8 and iPhone 6. found in 2 reviews
but the auto tracking may have stopped working. found in 19 reviews
it won't recognize just a street number. found in 1 reviews
Buggy and bloated. found in 1 reviews
if the developer is listening. found in 2 reviews
5 stars if you make this change. found in 2 reviews
Does a great job tracking total mileage. found in 1 reviews
I must constantly retype my home address as a starting point. found in 1 reviews
Great concept but needs work. found in 1 reviews
Actually happened with one record twice. found in 1 reviews
Horribly Unreliable. found in 1 reviews
App really needs a PAUSE feature that shuts the GPS off. found in 1 reviews
your answer to FAQ #1 doesn't fly with me. found in 2 reviews
Black screen when trying to get to register or login screen. found in 1 reviews
Horrible really. found in 1 reviews
That makes it unreliable and. found in 1 reviews
Went downhill about 2 weeks ago. found in 1 reviews
A real waste if money. found in 1 reviews
This app crashed my iPhone contacts as soon as I downloaded it. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download TrackMyDrive - Mileage Tracker for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 1.1 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 0.3.0 has been released on 2014-11-05. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about TrackMyDrive - Mileage Tracker in Trackmydrive, LLC`s Official Website :

TrackMyDrive brings mileage tracking into the 21st century. Use your mobile device to track mileage through GPS. Unlike other apps that only track the "start" and "end" locations, TrackMyDrive tracks your entire trip. This app focuses ...
I tried several other apps to log my business miles and this is by far the most straight forward and easiest one I have been using it for three years and have been very happy                     Best App Ever jaywaone
No ads no dysfunctional junk to clutter your experience This is a wonderfully functioning app that makes recording your miles totally painless remarkably accurate and easily accessible for presentation to your accountant or absolute proof if needed for an audit Take the worry off your mind and drop it into this app                     SUPER EASY ApplicationAdvisor
Report feature not working Please update the app so I can continue to use it                 Great App Please Update CooCooKaChooo
I used the free version of this app for a while liked it However I recently started my own business had more than 10 trips to track each month so I purchased the year option When it works it s good I like that with the auto tracking I don t have to remember to start tracking However I ve had days where it doesn t record anything or it will add some random trip when I know I hadn t driven for hours         Easy to use but unreliable Chasin2
I have used it for several years Best money I have ever spent on an app Love that it is web based so at tax time I just print off the 20 or so pages for my accountant and he has the years totals as well as every indiviual trip Phone crashed during a trip and when I opened it back up it reconized that I had an ongoing trip and allowed me to resume the trip It does one thing it tracks my milage and does not try to tell me to change my oil or spam me with the newest coffee shop just ahead                     Great App jbd49230
Easy entry great reports for tax purposes Just add a one click button to enter trips that are made repeatedly and it will be perfect                 Almost perfect VtailFlyer
Used to be great now Auto on tracking don t work no more     Auto on not working anymore Munib Alishah
I love the intuitive UI                     I love the intuitive UI JD.25667890
I ve been using pen and paper to keep track of mileage for years for business I d always fall behind and miss trips though After trying another app I knew using an app would be so much better This app has the most bang for the buck It keeps track of miles You can add different categories for medical separate businesses and rates The cost for a year is just 2 more than the cost of a single month for a similar app I had a small problem and emailed customer service The founder himself got back to me quickly and solved my minor issue I foresee I will be using this for years to come                     Great app cost effective ArandomguyinKS
I loved this app until I got the reports for last year Although every day I saw that my drives were tracked and I could file them it stopped for no reason and I lost 4 months worth of tracking that I had to go back and do by hand It seems to be tracking January but the reports say I have nothing this month I can t figure out how to make sure the date is correct or how to contact support         Fine until something goes wrong PZBMmum
Title says it all                     Works and Price is Right Diznowny
Good App Have used it for years                     John J Rodriquez Jrodus
I haven t used this app too long yet but so far it does what I need it to do and much less expensive than others                     Good App Geogmth
I downloaded this app because another one wouldn t let me track two businesses and this one would I love the tracking feature I would never be able to keep track of my mileage otherwise                 I love this ap but it has limits Yana Yoga
Does not give accurate distances driven hope they can fix it         TJ TJ Khalsa
Great app that does what it promises makes things easier Ease of use and straightforward                     Ease of use Eirikur73
Easy to use and accurate Must have                     Makes accurate mileage tracking possible Seminaryhill
Fixed some problems with auto tracking enjoy the new update                     From the developer (Stevez)
Brilliant app The only App that covers all the bases without the headache Easy to use and it pays for itself on day one Other Apps are a pain and don t back up your data Track My Drive is a win                     The Best Mileage Tracker MortyMort11
This app will cost you 10 free trips per month then a monthly fee     Monthly charges Traveller4473
Very easy to use and helps me not to forget                     Awesome tracker Davefanjdg
I ve used this app for almost 3 years It s a very good app for tracking my business mileage as well as my volunteer mileage Does have some glitches that may allow the app to miss a few miles during your trip Other than that the paid version is good                 I recommend this app Nurturer22
Have used for over a year Works great When I had a question support was good I recommend                     Excellent app support KCMO Lady
I love this app It is very easy to use I need the info for tax purposes and tried a few apps and this one worked the best                     Love it Doinfantastic
It s easy to use                     Landlord LAJ$8$9$4$7$3$
This app works well My only complaint would be how the round trip feature works right now I have to save a trip then go to trip log and edit the trip to make it round trip It would save a lot of time if when you save trip and enter description there was the option to make it round trip right there in the same screen Overall an effective app                 Good app Trixsonic
Auto track does not work     Fail I got gas
I love this APP but with one caveat In the most recent update they removed the option for location services to work only when the App is in use This means you ll be tracked every three feet and for every trip you take even in bits and pieces if you have a multiple stop business trip unless youchoose to manually turn on and off location services when you use the APP I have asked the Developers to restore the third option so this can be an absolutely fantastic APP for all users                     Great App with One Caveat LRWH
This has made submitting my mileage SO easy My only suggestion is if the times would come in the log that is emailed out it would make using this app even MORE efficient for me So worth the money                 Great tool Yodatrucker
I wanted to try this but it bombs every time I try to load it My iPhone 6 is up to date with version 9 3 5     Will not load Island Preacher
I LOVE this app Every detail is well thought out and easy to use For example the app has you add a description of your trip after you get there How perfect is that Usually I am in a hurry to leave and entering that info later is helpful I can add in trips that I forget to log Reports can be customized for any time period I ve tried many mileage tracking apps and TrackMyDrive is everything I need and so easy to use Thank you                     No worries ososmom2
This app was perfectly suited to my need to track business miles driven I didnt need to track any other expenses so this was the right choice The simple interface makes it more likely that I remember to start it and stop it at the proper times                 This does exactly what I needed
This app is very easy to use and I can easily send my mileage to our business email However I dont have tons of data so I dont use the track my drive feature so Id love to be able to just simply add my mileage after tracking it on my car I know you can add addresses to get mileage but I drive to lots of places throughout the day and adding each address is just a bit much The feature could be something as simple as description and mileage That would make this app even better              Love it but missing a feature
This works very well and provides me with the information I need to track Mileage I look the auto mode but it gives too much information I dont need to know where I stopped to pee Wish it would ask if I wanted to include each stop in the detail                 Great app
If the app wont open after the update then reinstall the app Your data is backed up to the website so dont worry about losing data                 From the developer
Im a business owner and TrackMyDrive has proven to be a valuable tool for me It is super user friendly and it provides great reports on my mileage This tool is a great download and I even bought the yearly subscription for it                 Awesome App
I drive a lot Im in outside sales and cruise all over SoCal in my personal vehicle This means that I can write off mileage on my taxes except I stink at keeping good records That problem is resolved with this little app For nine bucks a year Ill save an additional hundreds of tax dollars Grateful                 Does exactly what I want
I love this app I use it for walking my dog and cycling as well as driving It shows my route and distance saves to a name that I give it                 Great for biking
Does what it says it does No issues                 Works
Best one I found by far to automatically track mileage and let you categorize with custom names Awesome                 Great app
This app does exactly what I need Traveling for my sales position I need to accurately track mileage This is great and easy to use                 Good app
This app is excellent for tracking business milage for tax purposes Customer service is exceptional Highly recommend                 Money Saver
Im a selfemployed rehab consultant servicing clientele throughout MD VA DC and Southern PA Covering that much territory requires constant mileage record keeping This app takes a hassle out of doing that constantly Also my CPA tax attorney think its good for me too makes their work easier Used it free for several months then just tonite had absolutely no hesitation paying the yearly subscription 899 Perhaps a future update will include the ability to record misc travel expensestolls parking transit fees etc                 WORKS GREAT FOR ME
If you were selfemployed and deduct miles this app is for you It is an awesome time saver ever selfemployed person must have Saves tons of time tracking you miles and completely does it for you                 Awesome time saver ever selfemployed person must have
So far I like it Im not sure if the app kills my battery faster I may have to turn off auto track my battery is already dismal What I DO have a problem with is what I assume is a glitch If I hit more when logging a drive I HAVE to select one of the two in the more screen Really I want the first one on the main screen but theres no back button I have to kill the app completely to get that option Hoping this will get fixed           Glitchy
This is a great app and a great concept however it needs a more userfriendly interface It is not as intuitive as it might be I do however use it and I like it              Great app
I have a small business and I travel hundreds of miles a week I tried other apps but this is the best user friendly straight forward mileage app I know of If you need to keep records for taxes then you really cant beat it                 Exactly what I needed
I have been using this app now for a year and Im extremely happy with it I had a few glitches at my end of the year report but the customer service was incredible and they helped me fix my issue I give this app and its devleopers A                 So useful and wonderful customer support
Typically this app works very well reports are easy to send Downside periodically this app suffers from glitches and for a period of a week it can be malfunctioningThe folks who run this app are very responsive always fix it           Solid performer satisfied
This app is perfect for what I need I highly recommend it Ryan S                 Great App
Id use this app if it showed starting and ending address location automatically              Good but could be better
This app rocks for keeping track of my work miles automatically Simple easy to use                 Perfect driving mileage tracker app
Ive given it a real good try and it does not work on my iPhone 6 Would not recommend getting this     Does not work
Definitely easy to work with great app                 Great App
I tried several other apps to track my travel All of them were complex and constantly were running in the background tracking my miles even when I didnt need it This app is great as it can be used all the time or only when you need it Plus I had a small issue and I was contacted the same day with a resolution Amazing service in a world where service is lost This app does the job PERFECTLY                 Exactly What I Needed
I track Myles for work and this app works accurately and is effective End of the month report is very helpful as well as the export feature                 Good app
This app has made it so much easier to track my work and volunteer mileage Thank you                 GREAT app
Big timesaver and no more remembering to log miles or turn on tracking since I use the autotrack feature Saps battery somewhat but what GPS doesnt Tons of valueadd Really like the reporting flexibility and ease of classifying Bus Personal Charitable Nice options to download in a variety of editable formats I track all trips and use Excel delete those not reimbursable Bestcost among competitors                 Best I tested
The old version of this was terrific but since I got the update it is quite buggy It only shows parts of trips sometimes now It used to work great though My Old review I really dont know how I went without this Lets just hope that I dont get audited until 7 years from downloading this app because my record keeping before it was not nearly as dead on as it is now My only critic would be if you could add a note to each trip after its saved like Id like to add a job number to each one        Buggy
Im so bad about keeping a mileage log for taxes and this has finally helped me commit to it effectively Very easy to use Only downside is I often work in multi story buildings which creates a lot of false trips that are 1miles Supposed to be fixed soon This app is nearly perfect              Really helpful
This is my go to app pun intneded As a minister we have to track our mileage very carefully and this is the best app for the job I tried the others but kept coming back to this one Dont waste your time looking at the others stay with this app and you will not regret it                 Best App
I love the simplicity of this app I easily log my miles for my business related trips Just hit Start Tracking and hit stop when done Then add a description and youre done At the end of the month I simply send a report to my office manager I recommend this app to many people                 Simplicity
Exactly what it says it does Exactly what I need it to do                 Fantastic
The newest version does not show the miles driven until after you close out trip Further there is no way to pause and resume a trip It used to be my goto app but no longer Does any who programs actually use the code they produce           Double Problem
This app is doing everything that I need I gave only 4 stars since I have only been using it for a few months I was thankful to have received an email from the Founder of TrackMyDrive offering any support and willing to answer any questions that I might have So far totally recommend this app              Great App So Far
Im using this app to track mileage on my real estate business I love it Easy to use                 Real Estate Agent
Had a previous app that erroneously logged trips that didnt exist but this app is precise Not only does it only log actual trips but gets the distance correctly                 Does exactly what I needed
Just click track drive click stop when you are done With a few clicks and you can easily send it to your email for monthly expense reports                 Driver
Great app for Tracking miles for work Its simple but works with no bugs                 Nice app for tracking miles
I love this app It works great I will have all my mileage recorded for next years taxes                 Loving it
I downloaded this app because another one wouldnt let me track two businesses and this one would However when I went back into my mileage log it never told me the date or time of the travel which made it difficult her remember where I was when and it was never accurate with mileage        A waste
I pay for the full subscription This has been a great app for keeping up with mileage for my expense reports Recently Im have difficulties using the web site to log miles It seems to get hung and the please wait circular spinning wheel of doom icon shows and the website just grinds to a stop I really wish I could figure out what the problem with the web site is because I really like the app           Good App
Very easy to use Love it                 Awesome
This app was great Then I spent the money to upgrade to unlimited tracking and now the tracking is inaccurate Now none of my drives claim more than 1 mile Also the routes are now showing in a straight line from A to B rather than following the streets from A to B Was a great app before this point What makes me most upset is I just paid 899 to upgrade to unlimited tracking And now Im losing all my tracking data     Was a great App
Updated 72 new update makes it so the app wont open at all Any help I purchased the upgrade after really loving the app and had a couple of technical issues The quick and extremely professional support team worked to get me moving again and the follow up was exceptional I have tried other mileage apps but this is the best by far           Excellent App and customer support
Ive been using TrackMyDrive since the beginning of 2012 I liked it then and I like it even more with the enhancements Its everything I need Excellent Its been very handy for me and I like being able to make corrections and additions on the web site as well Ive had a minor issue a couple of times when they added enhancements but they have been very responsive to my requests                 Gets My Vote
I have been using this app for almost 6 months I really like it or the concept I am no longer using it It is a huge power hog I knew going in any GPS feature will do that the drainage got to be too much I needed to charge my iPhone5 at least twice a day whilst using app The alternative was remaining tethered to power auto 12v most of the time That means it stays in the auto not with me My desire is to capture all mileage for 1 day in 1 entry App really needs a PAUSE feature that shuts the GPS off This app has already trashed my battery once No more I am now using a manual mileage logger my new battery will be saved the agony of a quick death It is more work but well worth it rather than suffer the issues of this app Looking for improvement in power management before I will try using it again        Great ideaBattery Killer
The yearly charge is worth it The interface takes a little getting used to but its better then paying monthly Very happy with the app                 Good deal to track business mileage
The best app i ever download because is gonna save a lot money in my taxes                 Great app ever
Very simple to use Excellent customer service Tap to start tracking your drive tap to stop tracking your drive Next screen allows you to type what the drive was for You type it in and its saved for that months drive Plus you can email each months drives in PDF CSV and I can not remember the other For tax filing purposes you can also print the whole years worth of drives Its a no brainer getting this app if you get reimbursements for your drives Also If you have trouble logging in or have any other issues they will respond back pretty quickly and resolve the matter in a timely fashion Just get it                 Great for realtor app
I just open the app before I leave for a job and it tracks my expenses Cant get much simpler than that Great app                 Great for tracking reimbursable car expenses

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