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TranzMate , brings TranzMate with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. TranzMate app has been update to version 2.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great for tourists..
  • trip planner compare between alternate routes to your destination..
  • A life changing app..
  • when the next bus will take a while to show up..
  • Love the app and live updates are very helpful..
Overall Satisfactionclick me79
Otherwise this is the best transit app for trains by far.
I've tried using the Metro app and found too many problems.
but this app always gave me the best routes.
Doesn't give you the best route for transit.
Amazingly useful when it works.
Highly recommend using this app.
I'm in love with the new update.
Works way better than the original.
Fun & Engagingclick me47
Usefulnessclick me77
Helps me get to work on time.
Up to date info on any public transport changes.
It's very useful and accurate too.
Amazingly useful when it works.
helps me every day get around town.
Been in Madrid I use it almost every day.
Good app very helpful fast and resourceful.
Ease of Useclick me82
it's definitely very helpful to move around and figuring out bus routes.
Easy to use and most importantly.
Navigation was accurate and simple to use.
It save us and make our life easy to move around.
Nice and convenient.
Reliabilityclick me45
Nice app still has many bugs.
Updates & Supportclick me100
The new version is so much better.
I'm in love with the new update.
Kudos 2 the Customer Support Team.
Fantastic customer support.


המדריך האישי הצמוד לנסיעה בתחבורה ציבורית - TranzMate


.מספקת חוויה חדשה בנסיעה בתחבורה הציבורית, המועצמת מדי יום על ידי קהילת הנוסעים TranzMate



.משלבת מידע על מיקום תחנות, זמני הגעה וזמני נסיעה עם מידע בזמן אמיתי TranzMate


המידע מגיע מקהילת הנוסעים עצמם וכן משיתופי פעולה עם מספר מפעילי תחבורה ציבורית. המידע כולל מיקומי אוטובוסים, איחורים, שינויים , עיכובים בנסיעה ועוד


בגרסת ראשונה זו תמצאו


•זיהוי מיקום והצגת תחנות תחבורה ציבורית בסביבה
•מספרי קווים העוברים בתחנות כולל תדירות ולוחות זמני הגעה לתחנה
•תכנון מסלול בין נקודת מוצא לבין נקודת יעד (כולל מיקום נוכחי) בהתאם לפרמטרים שונים
•מסלולי הנסיעה משלבים רכבות ואוטובוסים מכל מפעילי התחבורה הציבורית
•ומצפן GPS ליווי הליכה לתחנה המבוקשת ונסיעה במסלול הנבחר באמצעות
•התראות מילוליות וקוליות - לקראת ירידה בתחנה, וכן הודעות מתפרצות בזמן אמיתי לגבי איחורים / עיכובים ועוד
•דיווחי נוסעים לגבי מיקום כרטיסן, משטרה צבאית בתחנות, דירוג נהגי אוטובוס, מקומות ישיבה פנויים ועוד
•שמירת מסלולי נסיעה אחרונים ויצירת רשימת יעדים מועדפים


:יגיע בקרוב
•הצגת זמן הגעה משוער ליעד המתעדכן בזמן אמיתי.
•חישובי מסלול מחדש באופן אוטומטי.
•הצגת זמן מדוייק להגעת האוטובוס לתחנה – אצל מפעילים נבחרים.
•הצגת האוטובוס המתקרב לתחנה על המפה.
•מצב מקומות הישיבה הפנויים באוטובוס המתקרב לתחנה.
•חיבור לרשת החברתית ומיקום החברים שלי.


שימו לב!!! –בשלב זה האפליקציה נמצאת בתהליך השקה מוקדמת
יתכנו תקלות הנובעות מאי דיוקים של המידע שהתקבל לידנו מגורמים שונים כגון מיקומי תחנות ו/או זמני נסיעה/הגעה לתחנות. תוך כדי השימוש שלכם באפליקציה אנו משפרים את איכות המידע באופן רציף. אנו מתנצלים מראש על כל אי דיוק ואי נעימות ושואפים לשפר את השירות באופן תמידי.
שימוש שלכם באפליקציית TranzMate תורם לקהילת הנוסעים מידע מדוייק ואיכותי יותר!!!


"Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."


The TranzMate is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 6.8 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.0.1 has been released on 2014-11-25. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about TranzMate check developer TranzMate`s website :


then I'll never get lost again. found in 3 reviews
Very reliable and accurate. found in 2 reviews
Otherwise this is the best transit app for trains by far. found in 34 reviews
Best app for GPS. found in 1 reviews
It's very useful and accurate too. found in 5 reviews
Saves my life on a daily basis. found in 2 reviews
It has helped me so many times finding bus and train transportation. found in 5 reviews
Took the family to New York City for a short visit. found in 3 reviews
Great for DC commuters. found in 2 reviews
This app can also working metro areas like San Francisco Bay Area. found in 4 reviews
I've tried using the Metro app and found too many problems. found in 5 reviews
Up to date info on any public transport changes. found in 8 reviews
Great app but widget isn't updating. found in 1 reviews
Also doesn't map out the fastest route at times. found in 2 reviews
Don't update the new version. found in 1 reviews
but routes from apple maps stopped to work. found in 3 reviews
Love the app except for the constant crashes. found in 1 reviews
But it doesn't have the area around Sacramento California yet. found in 1 reviews
except I can't figure how to change the time from military. found in 2 reviews
it thinks I don't have an internet connection. found in 6 reviews
Needs cell/wifi service to work. found in 1 reviews
but need improvements around user interface and participation/contribution. found in 2 reviews
Or it says the correct stop but the map doesn't match up. found in 2 reviews
I do not want share my location always with the app. found in 2 reviews
Bus times are constantly off extremely frustrating. found in 19 reviews
A lot of people don't kno how to tell army time. found in 2 reviews
Needs simpler UI. found in 1 reviews
Changing cities is the worst. found in 1 reviews
Needs Social Component. found in 1 reviews
Useful but bad user experience. found in 1 reviews
Allow user to fix map rotation. found in 1 reviews
Would love more user input. found in 2 reviews
It happened to me today - moovit gave me wrong information. found in 2 reviews
Will not start without internet connection. found in 2 reviews
No offline mode. found in 2 reviews
moovit has major problems with real time data. found in 3 reviews
Not timely and doesn't show train stop times. found in 3 reviews
It keeps saying it needs an internet connection. found in 6 reviews
iPhone 320x480 1
iPhone 320x480 2
iPhone 320x480 3
iPhone 320x480 4
iPad 360x480 1
Icon 175x175 1
Its very updated easy to use and very convenient to use glad to have it                Best app ever
Best app ever Im so glad I came across this awesome app most transportation apps dont end up working for me but moovit is absolutely great                AMAZING
My first time in NYC and i DLed this app Makes everything so much easier and clear Makes changing destinations easy rather than spending half my day figuring how to get where Cya j                Im lost without you
I used this app to get to my classes and the bus did arrive on time Going the other way I had to wait in the sun waiting for an extra 10 minutes and also came late to my class    Terrible app
Excelente                Muy buena
As new resident to New York I was really scared to navigate around the city but for the most part the times and bussubway are correct The only thing I dont like is that I always have to put my starting address when its saved there should be a way to pull that up from a list of favorites there should be a way to choose lets say from a list of favorites since I use them everyday Please please fix this And then the app will get 5 stars          Wow
Gives u various options fast easy to use Best app so far for moving around                Fast n easy to use
Tried a few other apps and Moovit has worked best for me                Great help
Every city you go it gives you the right directions                It works everywhere
I just got a job at West County Center and this app has helped me learn my new commute on public transit Lots of love for Moovit                A Miracle for Mall Workers
Super easy to use and accurate Live updates on arrival and departure times                Love it
I like eficiente             Cumple
I used to be a huge fan of this app As of recently I can not get this app to stay open without crashing for more than a couple seconds I now use maps because its the next best thing Moovit needs to take a look at CityMapper to fix their apple watch app I need quick notifications so I can make sure Im on track with the flick of a wrist I dont want a bunch of useless screens that frustrate me to the point I have to pull out my phone Please fix these and I will give a higher rating and use your app again    Upset and Disappointed
Im new to New York so this is the perfect app to not get lost                I love this app
These app is the best I love it I recommending to you everybody                I love it
Best app for moving around in Bogota Colombia                Great
I am a disabled senior and wanted to thank you very much for your well thought website or is it called app Smile Thus far your efforts have helped immensely and Im sure in the near future and more to come I find your search engines heuristic in every sense of its definition SincerelyRey Ignacio                Thank you
Found this app on my recent trip to San Francisco What a godsend In a busy bus city this app is a must have Not only does it list several different bus routes it actually gives you walking directions to the bus stops             Vacation must have
La usé en Londres París excelente                Excelente app
As the title implies they are constantly wrong on the time estimation You might as well walk out of you house to grab the bus completely randomly Your chances are better than using moovit    Constantly wron
Definitely the best MTA app right now Had like 6 different ones all dealing with the MTA bus and train system and Moovit is by far the best one and free                Best app dealing with the MTA
Gran actualización buenísimo                Recomendada
I like this app but it isnt always correct Im on the way to work it says bus is 5 mins away but then it doesnt come and says its 18 mins away          Not always Correct
Love this app It replaces our local MARTA application and does a wonderful job Great features I love the in transit feature to keep track of my ETA I wont leave home without it now                Awesome replacement for our local transit providers app
Me encanta porque me permite llegar a mis destinos de manera fácil rápida y práctica sin ningún problema                Excelente App
Mooveit will say the bus comes in 3 minutes and then I see it pulling up to the stop ten seconds later It will say the next bus is due in 18 minutes but I watch a bus come by two minutes later These things have happened on ten or more occasions Ive waited 30 minutes for a bus watching the count down on the app 34 min20102due then no bus came and the count went back to 51 minutes Uninstalling for OneBusAway    Wildly inaccurate
Using the app on my trip to Paris Fantastic for getting around by bus train and walking Finds the best routes takes you right to the bus stop Even how long till the next bus arrives No need to carry a map                Great on trip to Paris
its a really good app but recently the notifications that show when the bus comes dont work and glitch out          glitch
Ive had an easier time asking strangers in foreign countries who did not speak my language for directions than using this app Every search I did only resulted in enjoy the walk option Ive never enjoyed deleting an app more than this horrendous one Its unfortunate I cannot leave anything less than 1 star    Beyond Awful
Its been giving out the wrong times for the busses    Needs to be fixed
This app is the very best and it is so accurate Using Moovit is so easy I love this App                Awesome
After the most recent update literally every arrival estimate is WRONG I have literally RAN to a bus stop to catch a bus only to find that the estimated arrival has been updated to 30min later and the bus never arrived After 30min passes its updated again and the bus never arrives    All the data is wrong
This app literally takes you from your front door right to your destination Very user friendly Easy to use Easy to understand                Best Subway app ever
So accurate and easy to decipher I noticed inky used this in my hometown DC but in Baltimore as well You can use this where there is any transit system                Excellent app
I have used this app for like planning my trip to school the mall and such let me tell you It is super easy Punch in the line number or where youre going and it gives you directionsI have also noticed you could do this with the subway or the railroads too But I havent used it yet I bet its as great as with the busOne thing I dont see necessary is in the profile where it gives you like titles for how many times you plan a trip Unless they give me some real reward in the form of capital I dont see this necessary                Super easy and convenient
Ive never taken the bus before and I have to for school now and this made it so much easier for me So simple I love it                LOOVVEEE
I like how this app gives live timings especially for ones near you but you have to make sure its the bus going in the right direction you want You should have all the nearby bussestrains in categories For example tabs that say trains another tab that says busses so if I want a bus then I click on it Then it lists all the nearby busses so say I want q39 I click it and then I pick towards what direction either queens Boro plaza or ridgewood       Too sophisticated Not simple
Wish it could send notification on arriving busNever expected a small app can be so useful and considerate The marketing guy must be a genius                Deserves 5 stars
There are times when Im in a particular place and sometimes the bus line or the time wont show up on the app It frustrates me because of the delays this app makes             Could be better
Im glad with this app the best app ever                Best app ever
It works great for New York City I dont know how good it it in other places I recommend it to New Yorkers                Best app for NYC
I was hoping this would work better than NextBus since it combines types of transit and I like the user interface But too many times Ive had to switch over to the NextBus app to find out when the bus is coming because it doesnt even show up on this app If I were an outoftower and unfamiliar with what what Id be wasting a lot of time being confused    Doesnt show active buses
I like this app It helps to let me know how long I have to wait for my bus So far I havent had any problems             Like it
I love this app                Love it
As a new student in Portland I was very nervous navigating the transit system This app was the perfect aid Clear instructions throughout the route walking and transit I really like how it gives you multiple routes in case your favorite is not the quickest Two thumbs WAY up thanks MoovIt                VERY helpful and I dont understand busses
What happened This app use to be on time and easy Its never accurate    Loovveeeed
Good application             Current version
Esta aplicación es muy buena Me ayuda a saber que buses y rutas usar para moverme en la ciudad donde vivo Cali Colombia                Excelente
Muy fácil práctica                Genial


6.8 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.0.1
iPhone iPad

iOS TranzMate 2.0.1 Mobile

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