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Description - Tree World

The Playforge, LLC , the publisher behind many iOS games (Chore Hero ,Zombie Farm 2 ,Zombie Farm ,Chore Hero Lite ,Zombie Life ,Tree World), brings Tree World with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Tree World games has been update to version 1.12 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This game is what I wake up for in the mornings..
  • Mindless fun for people with stressful jobs..
  • Amazing super fun and addicting I highly recommend it..
  • It is really fun and my family loves it..
  • I'd recommend this game anyone especially animal lovers..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Amazing game w/ adorable animals highly recommend you try it.
It's one of my favorite games and I just got it yesterday.
This is dumb and I can't play my favorite game anymore.
I would recommend this game to anyone and everyone who love fun games.
I cannot recommend this frustration to anyone.
This is one of the best games I've played all year.
My 7 year old loves this game - entertaining.
My 10 yr old son absolutely loves this game.
I am so addicted to it because it's the best game in the world.
A wonderful game that you have to check again and again.
Fun & Engagingc88
It's a really fun game to play when you are bored :p.
Awesome game i play it all the time.
It's an awesome game but it crashes ALL the time.
Fun and addicting game one Game thats not about zombies.
Amazing super fun and addicting I highly recommend it.
A great game to pass the time love getting different animals.
Tree world is awesome you can grow and summon creatures its cool.
This game is soooo addicting and i love playing it.
I really like this game it's really fun for all ages.
Tree world is an awesome game I play it every day.
I love love love this game i play it every day.
This game is awesome I play it everyday and night.
This is a great game to play I play it everyday.
Family Friendlyc84
This is a good game for kids and a lot of people.
I love tree world it's also really good for little kids.
This game is cute fun and addict ing for the whole family.
It is really fun and my family loves it.
Value for Moneyc66
Of course you can spend real money and get more.
Pretty fun as a time killer without spending a fortune.
Kinda hard to get far without spending money.
Replay Valuec71
Attention makers: please add more levels to tree world.
Cute but gets boring fast.
Social Aspectsc86
It is really fun especially when u play with friends.
awesome game that u can play with friends.
Production Valuesc86
Really cute graphics and this game is an awesome time killer.
This game has really cute graphics.
Ease of Usec80
I like the gameplay and its fun simple and cook c:.
Simple game errors like these are also present in other games.
It's cute simple and can be played for hours.
Game freezes a ton while interacting with other players.
Security & Privacyc63
I just started a trade on my old account as well.
Updates & Supportc10

It is my favoritesed game in the universe. found in 5 reviews
I really like tree friends. found in 17 reviews
Its loads of fun and is great to play when killing time. found in 25 reviews
but I do recommend it as a very entertaining game. found in 36 reviews
So addicting and so much fun for people of all ages. found in 6 reviews
Best game Eva soooooooo addicting. found in 12 reviews
So awesome I live all the little critters. found in 97 reviews
dis game go awesome. found in 13 reviews
This game is fun and addicting great for kids and adults. found in 14 reviews
It also has so much potential to get angry birds addictive. found in 7 reviews
It is really fun and it's a creative game. found in 8 reviews
Fun app kid friendly while learning about animals. found in 21 reviews
My 10 yr old son absolutely loves this game. found in 58 reviews
My 7 year old loves this game - entertaining. found in 68 reviews
Love playing this and 6 yr old loves it. found in 10 reviews
It's an adorable game that deserves a sequel. found in 32 reviews
OMG I love this game it is sooo cool I love it love it. found in 14 reviews
Awesome game i play it all the time. found in 907 reviews
Tree world is awesome you can grow and summon creatures its cool. found in 71 reviews
I was really bored and decided to check this game out. found in 12 reviews
Game freezes a ton while interacting with other players. found in 11 reviews
It's gets a little boring but the game is good. found in 26 reviews
Not a bad game but could use some more action. found in 29 reviews
I'd love it if it didn't keep scrolling up and down uncontrollably. found in 17 reviews
Great for passing time but gets a little boring after awhile. found in 6 reviews
But it is so glitchy and it's very frustrating. found in 7 reviews
-tree scrolling is terrible. found in 15 reviews
With the new update the game is having lots of issues. found in 12 reviews
Good game but it could use more interaction. found in 4 reviews
Wish you could sell animals in your den for tree food or gems. found in 8 reviews
but new animals too expensive so it gets boring fast. found in 7 reviews
Whenever I try to visit a neighbor it crashes too. found in 41 reviews
and it's to the point where I can't even play it anymore. found in 33 reviews
Fun but glitchy and quits a lot. found in 10 reviews
but it crashes every time I try to trade with Pappy. found in 22 reviews
won't let me create a username to visit neighbors though. found in 26 reviews
It feels like this game crashes every three seconds. found in 52 reviews
Cute game but I wish for a couple changes:
There are so many glitches and crashes please fix this. found in 8 reviews
Crashes when move up your tree. found in 13 reviews
I've been frozen while trying to scroll through the tree. found in 24 reviews
I deleted the game cause every time I played it. found in 25 reviews
The game gets super glitchy the more branches you gain. found in 58 reviews
Trying to summon an animal crashes the app. found in 63 reviews
I'm trying to plant a branch but it KEEPS CRASHING. found in 21 reviews
USED TO LOVE IT HATE IT NOW. found in 32 reviews
Everytime I go to the top of my tree to grow it. found in 34 reviews
Game crashes the more critters and limbs you get. found in 52 reviews
can't visit neighbors and won't save online for me. found in 26 reviews
Crashes when you try to place critters on branches. found in 69 reviews
Crashes when you try to visit neighbors. found in 41 reviews
skips the tree branches so I can't put the animal on. found in 30 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Tree World for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 33.2 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.12 has been released on 2014-11-29. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Tree World check developer The Playforge, LLC`s website :

Download the Store App and wish for more top rated apps like "Tree World" to become FAAD`s Discovery App of the Week Can you grow your tree to the sky and make it a home ...
Its very fun                 WOW
This game is fun but really boring I think that you should add mini games or something to entertain everyone while doing this game Im normal on this game literally one min everyday So I suggest you put in many games or something like it to entertain us              Good but really boring
There is something wrong with the neighbor thing every time I do a random neighbor I always get the same person and I cant find anybody              Some things wrong
So fun lots of animals to love it                 Cool game I guess
Treeworld is a great game              Love it
Fun              My Tree Game
This game is like awesome but I have some advice 1you should make more plants and stuff to go on the branches here are some ideas iceseaweedand coral 2you need more options here are some ideas you need a party house or something for the animals and maybe you can chat to your neighbors Also sometimes when I evictkickout some of my animals or move them then when I turn off my game or it crashes i end up with the animals I evictedkicked out and all my animals are back in the received place Heres another thing the tree food that you have to pay to level up your tree is off the hook it is too much I am at like 35 branches and its a lot to pay Heres another problem when I trade then I go to the persons tree and they still have the animals they traded me and when I go to their tree then there is only the amount of branches the person started with when they became my neighborbut it still tells me how much branches they have now example my friend has this game and when I go and I see his tree it says he has 15 branches but when I see the animals then I only see 7 branches              My favorite game ever
Pretty good I wish there was a way to get lots of free tree food faster though I have to wait forever to get some to grow my tree              Good
Love the game                 Wonderful
Meh     Meh
I love this game I play this game in all the free time I have well not all but still so much fun                 Best game ever
No h8                 8 out of 8 no h8 m8
The game is good                 Jfjdjdu
Tree world is so awesome I can play it all day long                 Tree world
Great game                 New player
I like this game its not glitchy at all but u needs to have the animals already on the app so ppl dont have to download them                 Love it
I was building my tree up to the 44th branch and I suddenly logged out because of a bug and then when I logged in I saw that there was a small sign that said NEW and so I went there I dont know how but I got 4 limited creatures SOOOOOO Awesome This glitch is really cool even though I had these I could just sell them for tree food and build more branches Coolest game ever Wadia                 Awesome stuff
This is an amazing game                 Awesome
Tree app is the best app ever I can get any animal I want all of the animals are so cool they are awsome it is amazing                 The best app ever
Okay        Hey
ᴛʜᴇ ᴄʀɪᴛᴛᴇʀ ᴄᴀᴘsᴜʟᴇ KILLED ME The concept is good but i spent so many gems on the critter capsules and got all uncommon              ɢᴏᴏᴅ ʙᴜᴛ
This game is strangely addicting                 Tree World
love the game a few glitches it wont let me evict animals in my den it says theyre up for trade when theyre not Other wise in love              addicted
Just downloaded the game and I think its really cute Simple concept Good for passing time                 Cute Game
So fun and I love it                 Awesome game
It is fun and gets addicting              Good game
So addicting                 Love this game
Really good game Love how u can trade with neighbors                 Tree world
Awesome                 Awesome
Download this game nowIf you like animals you will love this gameEnjoy                 I am in love
GoodI love it              Cute and definitive cycle
The game is fun cool and great No problems here                 Treeworld rocks
This game is so addicting                 Love it
Great game I love it u should totally download it                 Review
Sick game                 Sick game
Some glitches and bugs but nice concept we should have an avatar to choose also           Glitches
I love this game its so cute                 Awesome
I luv this app                 Tree World
Great game                 Awesome
I love it              Great game
This game is crap    
I love the game but the problem is that it glitches I hope they find a way to fix the that Other than that the game is awesome              Awesomeness
Great game                 Tree world
I love this game so much I love how many animals there are I wish I had more animals and that it was easier to level up but all in all it is amazing              Yahs
Its great                 Game
Awesome                 Hi
Greatest game since Mrs PacMan Cant get enough              Tree World
Cool I guess                 Brothers game
This is a good and fun game but its not letting me add friends so I dont know whats the problem with that                 Good game
Cute game                 Cute

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