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Sunny Studio , the publisher behind many iOS app (QuickEver ,Privook ,Sunny Board Free ,QuickEver Free ,Health Note - quickly sync weight with Health app ,Speak 4 You), brings Trending for UP by Jawbone with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Trending for UP by Jawbone app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • healthkit aka health app integration..
  • Also got my sleep data sync after update..


Great bridge from Fitbit to HealthKit with small hole. found in 1 reviews
Distance not carrying over. found in 1 reviews
Updates have some of the functionality i was looking for. found in 1 reviews
Hopefully a future update adds this functionality. found in 1 reviews
It's a utility app that does its intended purpose. found in 1 reviews
I am glad I updated to this new version. found in 1 reviews
one could track the progress throughout the day in the health app. found in 1 reviews
every hour or any other configurable time interval. found in 1 reviews
This new design looks way better and easier to use. found in 1 reviews
I've already checked the setting that allow both read and write. found in 1 reviews
Great customer service from the developer. found in 1 reviews
because it's registering with different time stamps. found in 1 reviews
Only issue is it doesn't sync Sleep data. found in 1 reviews
cannot download data. found in 1 reviews
It doesn't pull body fat percent from my fitbit. found in 2 reviews
Please make it more responsive. found in 1 reviews
The UI isn't clean. found in 1 reviews
nothing you can't get from the company app. found in 1 reviews
Please add sync for sleep data. found in 1 reviews
It shows Sync failed. found in 1 reviews
Hoping for an update that fixes these issues. found in 1 reviews
already deleted it from my phone. found in 1 reviews
Does not work do not buy. found in 1 reviews
Sleep graph no longer reliable. found in 1 reviews
DON'T waste your time or money with this app. found in 1 reviews
Does not sync Jawbone UP. found in 2 reviews
99 for an app that will not open. found in 1 reviews
Nice scam you've got going there. found in 1 reviews
It doesn't even deserve 1 star. found in 1 reviews
Tried restarting iPhone. found in 1 reviews
Please make compatible with ios6 while there is still time. found in 2 reviews

The Trending for UP by Jawbone is now available for $0.99 for iOS owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 1.9 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-11-05.
More Info: Find more info about Trending for UP by Jawbone in Sunny Studio`s Official Website :

Designed for Jawbone UP users. An easy way to track, visualize, analyze, and publish your UP data Track your health related data like sleep, weight, and steps Visualize data by week, month, or max time ...
I purchased this app and when I went to sync I got a message at the top of the screen informing me I should download a free and more powerful app to sync my Fitbit with Apple Health So I apparently paid for something I could have received for free Now the free app wants more money to upgrade I want my money back     Feels Like a Scam conolia
I bought this because it was listed in the Fitbit app as working with Fitbit Set it up and sync results were poor In the app it said to download a totally different app to sync I did only to learn it doesn t sync Sleep info So I removed it and now nothing syncs Wasted money Removing from iPhone     Won t Sync webquest
It don t work at all now     Version 2 9 Fruitness
But there s one more thing that you could add Active minuets Can you please add that                     Very good ifoudmyfitbit
Give me my money back     Does not sync jkennedude
This was a complete waste of money Doesn t work at all Do not recommend I try to login and it won t do anything Can t get past the opening screen     Total waste Alpacalord12345678910
Very good APP                     Getting back into it Mycar-9575xe
This app simply does not work at all Waste of money Waste of space in the App Store     Does not work Perfectsadie
I bought this in a bundle mainly for the other App that helps you locate your lost FB That works for me too Recently I stumbled across this App again Lo and behold it gives me a activity graphic display daily weekly monthly so I don t have to refer back to the emails the FB sends me weekly I just use this App It makes me wonder why this solution isn t part of the FB App To simple or it s an extra revenue stream We won t know w o being able to follow the money Lol                 Trash those Weekly emails Eze II
For whatever reason the app quit syncing my sleep data                 Doesn t support sleep troyboy420
It doesn t sync everything like my distance it bugs me I wish that it does that plus it doesn t sync my sleep when I look at my Fitbit I should tell me everything             Bummed Mommy 2003
Just purchased the basic Data Manager from the App Store it doesn t work Doesn t load at all just CRASHES Its a either a hoax or garbage                 Data Manager only Crashes bittpit
I downloaded this and paid for it so I could sync my fit bit with the health app so I didn t have to manually put everything in but it doesn t show up in health I am irritated because I did pay for this app for that specific reason and it doesn t do what it says         Doesn t sync with health app Health-e-bug
I wish this app could override the iPhone s internal step counter unfortunately you end up with phone steps Fitbit steps in your health app Waste of money     Can t ignore iPhone steps Pipkinse
This app does sync my Fitbit data to Apple health except the heart rate data so there is an improvement in future                 Not a bad app Junz415
I really like this app and am grateful to not have to enter Fitbit data manually the app works well in syncing new data I use it twice daily AM and PM to update my Health app with latest FitBit data I do have some suggestions 1 The app does not sync a static body weight e g no change from one day to the next Adding a time date stamp check of the FitBit data may help to resolve assuming user inputs same weight 2 Full Sleep Data is not synced properly When sleep is interrupted and recorded separately e g on a separate line only the last line recorded is synced which requires a manual entry of the missed data in the Health app A broader analysis of sleep data changes should be implemented Developer may contact me for examples if it would be helpful                 Nice app Mark L. Torrey
So far it looks like it works                     Good so far Gina.Bofina
Bought it and deleted right away it only syncs minimal food info calories so if u are looking to track more that that it doesn t help     Nope kassafrazzle
This app was working fine Now I cant get it to sync Money completely wasted     I really wanted the app to work
Very disappointed Love my Fit bit but this app never Syncs properly with my Iphone 6     Me
Sync to HealthKit is not working for me Cute graphics but the sync support needs to be more bulletproof     Not working
Paid 299 and downloaded app App wont open Deleted and repeated downloadstill no good Get the free Fitbit App     Wont open
Cant even open this app Every time i click on it just crashes Spend 199 the Fitpit free app is way better than this one     Horrible
Do not buy this app It doesnt work It doesnt sync with the Health app or if you repeatedly delete and reinstall the app it will sync ONCE Then you have to delete it and reinstall it all over again DONT waste your time or money with this app Regretting I even tried it     Does not work do not buy
199 for an app that will not open Search for Fitbit and download the free app that works with all the products it works great     JUNKget the Free Fitbit app
Want my money back Although it does syncronize to Health Kit partially it leaves more to desire Data points show but nothing appears on Dashboard Would be nice if the heart rate was transferred Whether it be the average resting rate or the entire heart rate No Dashboard for WalkingRunning distances Data transferred on walkingrunning does not make sense Cant figure out what it is showing Flights climbed shows on Data but not on Dashboard Data shows on Steps but it does not match the Fitbit data Again no steps shown on Dashboard With all that being said How do I get a refund although very small for a very POOR and SUBSTANDARD projuct Dont expect to see a refun but it sure would be nice if the developer can make necessary chances and updates as soon as possible     What a Rip Off
It says that it syncs Fitbit data to Apple health and it does just that                 It does what its supposed to do
Shuts down every time I open it Tried restarting iPhone hard reset and deleting and reinstalling Waste of time and money     Junk
Does not work My fitbit shows 10500 steps yet HealthKit only shows 513 The wristband app even says it synced just seconds ago AVOID AVOID AVOID     Do not buy this piece of crap
Works as advertised                 Perfect
Never got this app to work with my FitBit Found the right app and deleting this one Id say pass     Doesnt work well
Thank you for this Does exactly what my FitBit should already do and I am happy you were here to fill the void that FitBit has chosen to ignore App works great                 Syncs Fitbit Steps to HealthKit
It would be very nice if this would sync data along with the time instead of just in large chunks For example if I walk 10000 steps each day this tells HealthKit that I walked 10000 at midnight This makes it impossible for HealthKit to if it can distinguish between duplicate reports           Somewhat useful but could be better
Great way to get my Fitbit data to Apple Health                 Fitbit HealthKit
Nice to see that integration between Fitbit and Health is possible but Im disappointed that some metrics arent there yet and that I had to go to health app and flip everything on Turning anything off causes failure        Only works when all permissions are on
OK but definitely could be better           Could be better
I spent 199 and the app doesnt work It either crashes or I get just a black screen Well played Aholes Nice scam youve got going there     Refund please
Its syncing some of my Fitbit data to the Health Kit app but not all Steps get synced correctly distance calories sleep is not synced at all or just partially Hoping for an update that fixes these issues        Syncs some data but not all
This app is making me do upset I would rate it but every time I click I even click on it it shuts me out of everything I know three dollars isnt a lot but when I dont buy apps often and the first time I do it doesnt even worklet me use it Very upset with it     TERRIBLE
The app works great and fills an important gap Like the ease of setup the great support and I used it for a week now It would be great if the app would automatically sync eg every hour or any other configurable time interval This way one could track the progress throughout the day in the health app Thank you again for making this app available                 Works great just one improvement suggestion
Does a great job of getting my Fitbit data into HealthKit but I cant figure out how to automatically sync my data maybe once per day instead of having to manually run the app and sync the data              Great but no autosync
Didnt sync data consistently Omitted data and has way to many bugs for my taste Deleted it        Dont bother
Easy to use clean functionality Great customer service from the developer                 Connect FitBit to Health App
So far all this is offering me is a graph weekly monthly or yearly of the info I already have from my FitBit app Not thrilled with this purchase        Just a graph
Please make compatible with ios6 while there is still time Update Downgraded to one star Sleep graph no longer reliable Its not displaying correctly     Ios6
I also am having problems getting the distance values to sync into health Fix that and it goes to five stars Its fixed Thanks guys                 Distance not carrying over
The latest version fixes the problem with distance not properly syncing It was a fast fix New version was out very soon after they were notified pf the problem It now synchs steps distance floors and sleep from the Fitbit Great app for transferring the data to Apple Health                 Fixed
You cant simply add the Fitbit data to the iPhone data You get a huge duplication of steps and fights Subtract out the iPhone data This is pretty simple to do Id think its maybe one line of code     Simple Math
App shows really quick trends and data analysis However only support for FitBit is sent to Apples Health app wheres support for Jawbone           Good for quick view
I paid for this app and then it would not stay open on my iPhone When I called Fitbit I found out the correct app is free The free one works on my iPhone        Tracker
The first line of the description states clearly syncs Fitbit and Jawbone UP data to HealthKit The next bullet indicates that it syncs data from all Jawbone and Fitbit models Happy day Toward the end of the bulleted list an asterisk indicates that the first statement in the description is only true for Fitbit Hmm Logical contradiction I cant say that its false advertising because the asterisk statement is there I just didnt read closely enough I hope this app is updated to do everything the description claims in its first very clear sentence If not I hope that the developers update their description and refund my purchase     Does not sync Jawbone UP
Crashes constantly please fix     Crashes
Syncs to Health app perfectly Also got my sleep data sync after update                 Sync to Health app
Bought this app because I wanted to sync my FitBit steps to HealthKit Even though correct permissions are granted in the Health app Sync is failing every single time Device is iPhone 6 with iOS 81 Will update review if sync issue is resolved     Nice concept HealthKit Sync not working
Should have read the fine print DOESNT sync jawbone with Health even though the title implies otherwise Wish I could get my money back Wasted     No sync with jawbone
Does not sync to Healthkit at least not on my iPhone Developer has not responded to inquiry regarding this bug     meh
So happy I found this app after the major disappointment of syncsort This app syncs all the important things Fitbit tracks Requires a restart after initially downloading the app to make the first sync but it works just fine now                 Great
Updates have some of the functionality i was looking for sleep syncing which is great but it is NO LONGER SYNCING WALKING RUNNING DISTANCE ACCURATELY Fitbit says I have walked 136 miles but HealthKit only records 0013 It correctly syncs everything else steps sleep etc Definitely a great start to bridging the FitbitHealthKit syncing divide but Id love a few improvements to the functionality syncing sleep Others have mentioned this one definitely needed Id love if it accurately synced steps through the day and didnt just tag everything with 1200 midnight It allows HealthKit to see the overall daily steps but doesnt allow HealthKit to read how youre doing over the course of an individual day I think this may also be whats causing the double counting I get in HealthKit between the app data and the iPhone data because its registering with different time stamps and I then have to go in and delete the iPhone data to avoid double counting for the times when Im carrying my phone Otherwise really glad to have something anything that can port my Fitbit data to HealthKit at least while I investigate other options in the wake of Fitbits shortsighted refusal to integrate directly              Great start
Thanks for filling the void Obviously the integration with HealthKit is why 90 bought this app so thats where the money is with improvements fixes etc              So far so good
It works And I like the iPad app                 Sync Fitbit to Health
Does what fitbit refuses to do Sync data to health kit Just needs update to add heart rate support of new fitbits                 Great App
I really like this app but Im unable to get Flights Climbed to Sync It shows Sync failed cannot download data Ive already checked the setting that allow both read and write All else seems to work fine              Great App but cant sync Flights Climbed
On current IOS 81 it wont sync even with settings correct in Health after 2 downloads Bug     Doesnt Work
Unable to sync data The app crashes every time I attempt to do so Even after restarting my iPhone the app continues to crash At this time the app isnt useful Perhaps a later release will be better and not crash     Crashes Not Useful At This Time
Paid 199 and downloaded the app Wont open in fact as soon as I try to open it goes the the Fitbit or Jawbone page and then closes I have reinstalled 3 times to the same result I want my money back     Totally worthless
Syncs ok with Health most of the time Does not necessarily copy all of the data over skips some days even when synced that day        Better than nothing
I cant figure out how it does the sync so Im several days behind which makes the stats pretty useless I was also hoping I could sync both a fitbit for me and jawbone for husband But it seems like you have to do either or because it automatically goes to fitbit upon loading which was the first I set up     Not impressed

Trending for UP by Jawbone Health & FitnessTrending for UP by Jawbone Health & FitnessTrending for UP by Jawbone Health & FitnessTrending for UP by Jawbone Health & FitnessTrending for UP by Jawbone Health & FitnessTrending for UP by Jawbone Health & FitnessTrending for UP by Jawbone Health & FitnessTrending for UP by Jawbone Health & FitnessTrending for UP by Jawbone Health & FitnessTrending for UP by Jawbone Health & FitnessTrending for UP by Jawbone Health & FitnessTrending for UP by Jawbone Health & Fitness

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