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Trimble Navigation Limited , the publisher behind many iOS app (Trimble GPS Maps Pro ,Trimble Inspector ,TerraFlex Mobile ,Connected Farm Mobile ,160Wave ,FieldMaster Technician), brings Trimble Outdoors Navigator – GPS, topo maps & compass for hiking, ATV & offroad trails with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Trimble Outdoors Navigator – GPS, topo maps & compass for hiking, ATV & offroad trails app has been update to version 5.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Awesome scouting tool for hunters..
  • can take photos and video..
  • Way better that google earth..
  • Awesome customer service..
  • The GPS map feature is so accurate it's scary..
Overall Satisfactionclick me81
Easily the best mapping gps I've seen.
This mapping app is very slow and buggy.
I recommend trying the Demo first.
Quality of maps is great.
Hands down better than the more popular apps.
Great best I ever used.
Fun & Engagingclick me79
Useful and fun.
-The topo maps are awesome.
Awesome customer service.
Usefulnessclick me83
it's everything I wanted.
helpful features.
Great app use it every day in my guide business.
Production Valuesclick me100
Not the most intuitive user interface.
Ease of Useclick me67
Not the most intuitive user interface.
Relatively easy to use and lots of layers to choose from.
Its an amazing app and easy to use.
Reliabilityclick me61
Updates & Supportclick me98
I upgraded to the paid version after the first hunt with it.
Awesome customer service.
Batteryclick me100


Change the way you explore. Trimble Outdoors Navigator is a GPS navigation and mapping app for all your outdoor and backcountry adventures. View more than 68,000 topo maps in US and Canada, as well as aerial, terrain, street and hybrid maps. Mark waypoints, capture photos and video and store all your trip info on the Trip Cloud, a
wirelessWireless is a term used to describe telecommunications in which electromagnetic waves
service that allows you to access your trips on any device.


This app is BEST FOR: GPS route finding; map and compass navigation; offline topo maps; recording trips like hiking, camping, paddling, ATV riding, offroading

Trimble Outdoors Navigator – GPS, topo maps & compass for hiking, ATV & offroad trailsTrimble Outdoors Navigator – GPS, topo maps & compass for hiking, ATV & offroad trails
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• View five different map types: streets, hybrid, aerial, topo and terrain.
• Take your maps anywhere. Save maps on your
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
for offline viewing in far-flung places without the need of a cellular or data signal. Just preview the maps you want before you leave for the trip.
• Get exclusive and enhanced topo maps from MyTopo. Access more than 68,000 topo maps in US and Canada that are seamlessly stitched together for fast and easy viewing. Topos scales are 1:24K in the Lower 48, 1:63K in Alaska and 1:50K in Canada.
• Save map packages onto your iPhone for viewing maps in remote areas.


Digital Compass: Navigate with digital compass. Choose between: Magnetic North and True North. Waypoints: Mark waypoints like trailheads, summits, important turns, and campsites on to the map. Add names and detailed descriptions. Go to previous marked waypoints too.
Tracks: Track your route on the map.
Goto: Use the Goto feature to navigate from your current location to a waypoint.
Coordinates: Match your latitude/longitude or UTM coordinates to your paper map or GPS device. Supported map datum: WGS84 and NAD27.
Guide Trips: Use trips previously recorded by you or others to help guide you on the trail, on remote backroads, and more.
Trimble Outdoors Navigator – GPS, topo maps & compass for hiking, ATV & offroad trails


Capture Media: Take geo-tagged photos, videos and audio clips of your trip
Stat Tracking: See 10+ adventure stats, such as distance, speed, elevation and more
Share with Friends: Share your adventure on Facebook, YouTube and
Trips: Access to thousands trips around the U.S. and Canada


Register a free account to save your outdoor trips to our Trip Cloud. Benefits include:


• Store and backup unlimited trips. Never lose files again.
• Auto-sync trips between your computer, iPhone and iPad.
• Enhance trips from Trimble Outdoors Navigator with FREE map tools at, including .gpx import, geo-tagged photos and videos, turn-by-turn routes and more.
• Open trips in our
iPadtablet made by Apple
trip-planning app, Trimble Outdoors MyTopo Maps.
• Share and exchange trips with the Trimble Outdoors community or privately between outdoor friends.


Visit our website and check out thousands of trips submitted by the Trimble Outdoors community. Click over to:


Feedback Wanted: Found a bug? Want a new feature? Drop us a line on our Facebook page,


Note: Trimble Outdoors Navigator is designed for your iPhone device. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Trimble Outdoors Navigator – GPS, topo maps & compass for hiking, ATV & offroad trails for $4.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 19.9 MB to download. The new Trimble Outdoors Navigator – GPS, topo maps & compass for hiking, ATV & offroad trails app version 5.3 has been updated on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad Wi-Fi + 3G and iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Trimble Outdoors Navigator – GPS, topo maps & compass for hiking, ATV & offroad trails in Trimble Navigation Limited`s Official Website :


trail running and mountain biking and it works great. found in 2 reviews
I upgraded to the paid version after the first hunt with it. found in 2 reviews
Wish it had a pedometer on it. found in 1 reviews
I use this app for scouting and putting game cameras out. found in 3 reviews
as accurate as my garmin of not more. found in 3 reviews
Pinpoint accuracy for all locations marked. found in 3 reviews
Great app still learning all the features. found in 2 reviews
save topo maps and aerial images on your iphone then go anywhere. found in 1 reviews
Topos are great nice for hunting. found in 6 reviews
Just what I need to find my way. found in 1 reviews
Great app for the outdoorsman. found in 1 reviews
Great way to track your trips a keep a travel log. found in 9 reviews
I find this app very use full for scouting new areas. found in 5 reviews
but in the backpacker gps trails ap. found in 1 reviews
If I cache more than that it crashes on load. found in 2 reviews
Haven't had crashes or anything negative to say. found in 2 reviews
I just wish it had as many trails as Everytrail. found in 2 reviews
Buggy & need improvements. found in 1 reviews
Great easy to use wish it would track mileage between marks. found in 2 reviews
Battery hog with crappy camera integration. found in 1 reviews
Don't use it as a social media tool. found in 2 reviews
Why don't you just add the track function to that app. found in 1 reviews
that failed to address this particularly critical issue. found in 1 reviews
and the latest version fails to initialize the camera properly. found in 1 reviews
keep it open like this please. found in 2 reviews
Getting old reloading offline tiles. found in 1 reviews
Don't really see what others are not happy about. found in 1 reviews
Needs to be simpler. found in 1 reviews
Decent software that needs a couple of improvements. found in 1 reviews
Very Useful But Not Perfect. found in 2 reviews
Cant navigate to a screen point. found in 1 reviews
New release is a total disaster. found in 1 reviews
This app locks up when trying to download large maps. found in 2 reviews
Don't waste your time or money on this one. found in 2 reviews
Offline maps show up sometimes and then fail to appear. found in 9 reviews
I got this app for hiking the presidential range in New Hampshire This drains your battery life within a matter of hours so if you need your phone to follow your trail back it wont work Also they charge way too much for the service I would rather go and spend 500 on a handheld GPS at ems    Awful
Great maps Could be simplified for easier usez c             Trimble
App is ok          Needs to be simpler
Was looking to update to a new gps for backpacking and found this app I have an elite account and think this app is the perfect replacement for the standalone gps I love the way the app works and use the app three or four times a week The ability to store tracked trips for reference is great and the off line maps function works great but the download speeds are slow and the actual map download takes at least an hour even on super fast connections I plan on paying for another year of the elite service well worth the cost                Dumped my standalone gps
Downloaded maps are unusable Last update crashes on iphone5 Support people just ask questions but give no solutions Bottomline dont waste your money on this crap    Crap app
Works pretty good up here in Alaska Helpful when exploring new areas to fish             Alaska
Ive tried using a number of apps for outdoor navigation wayfinding area research and this is by far the best It has all the features I need and none of the ones I dont I love having the ability to cache maps that can be a lifesaver                Great App
This app is great for the avid outdoorsman I use it when out on the unfamiliar rivers at night to know where I am going and keep track of locations in case of an emergency Great job Trimble                Very great app
I like to load other hikers track before hiking a new trail                Best for Hiking
I found this difficult to use And everytime you try they want to sell you something Too many better apps out there than this    Not worth it
While Im ambivalentto findingthisproductuseful Trimbles failure to mitigate a critical shortcoming in this GPS apps functionality has me downgrading what might have been a better rating The flaw I am referring to requires the necessitation of a wifi or a data connection to upload or download what should simply be part of a standard backup andor restore Saved and stored trip information like routes and waypoints and specifically uploaded saved maps should be available at any backup or restore especially for a GPS app that is used out in the field and potentially on multiple day hikes Batteries and a laptop you can bring into the field internet connections not so much The potential loss of saved waypoint and uploaded map data by a common system failure could potentially ruin an entire trip Or in the worst case scenario much much worse if youre relying on what should otherwise be a dependable toolIve made multiple attempts on their website email and Facebook to communicate this overlooked fault but have yet to see any progress on this very reasonable request short of good idea or something to be addressed in the future The lost opportunity in the title refers to the latest update 10MAY14 that failed to address this particularly critical issue Another request which I concede may be a bit farreaching is that of an inability to import and size thirdparty not otherwise available map or image files to their overlay option While not as critical as the above mentioned item in my experience this would add to the mapping capability and much needed functionality and set them apart from other similar GPS apps Seems like a real winwin for both user and Trimble considering the minimal amount of programming requiredTheres my two cents I hope to upgrade my rating in the near future          Lost opportunity
Its very easy to use and it automatically uploads hike information to your account on their website Then you can email your hike to friends or post it online at Facebook                Great App
Purchased the map pack inapp was told I would get a link to download it to my pc separately due to the large sizeHowever the link sent me requires me to repay for my map pack that I purchased from the Apple AppStore before it will let me download Dont buy this app unless you like getting ripped off    Dont Buy Map Packs you wont get them
Need to learn how to use it but has great features             Great app
This is a perfect tool for mapping out something as complex as the Louisiana marsh My trips are easily planned out from home and easily followed on the water                Amazing Fishing Tool
I like it overall Seems the speedometer is all over the place when checking speed but works for longer distances The map is okay would be better if it was GoogleMaps but it worksHavent had crashes or anything negative to say Dont use it as a social media tool primary used to track my runs in town and for that it worksOnly complaint I have is the units always reset to metric Easy to switch back but slightly aggravatingOverall I like this app and use it often             Use it running
I put in my work address and it tells me 0 results found Total waste ofMy hard earned money Dont be fooled by the company written reviews THIS APP IS A TOTAL WASTE OF CASH I will be reposting this review any and everywhere I can on the web    TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY
I upgraded to pro for 5 led to believe that I could download maps for offline use only to find that I would have to upgrade again toelite for a monthly fee    Feeling cheated
I always carry a paper backup but this provides a great cross check                Excellent mapping
Used in backcountry no cell signal worked great                Great App
New release is a total disaster Crashes no matter what part of the app one tries to use Try and open saved maps it asks if you want to delete them misreading your choice for the button below it Then it crashes Try to sync your Trip It crashes EtcThis app has always had great promise but it and the other Trimble Outdoors Apps are sadly always too buggy to trust for backcountry use Try something else instead    Total disaster of an update
The Trimble topo app worked great on my IPad and my new IPhone 6 until Trimble automatically installed the update without my knowledge or consent in the end of 2014 The update deleted all of the CA county maps I had spent hours downloading and then crashed leaving me with no navigation on a remote backcountry trip I have installed and reinstalled since and gotten help from tech support but there is still one problem after another Now it does not find my location even though I have enabled that function A large county map I tried to download twice will not install or open This version is useless and even dangerous in its lack of function    Nothing but problems since update
I like using the track function when 4 wheeling but I use you navigator pro for map functions Why dont you just add the track function to that app          Not bad
Offline mode is great the only its missing is the distancie between 2 waypoints i hope It will be Included in next upgrade             Great offline
PayPal has been a pain in my neck A couple years ago I had the same issue PayPal wants to verify and authenticate your account no biggie Problem is the one card I had on file from years ago I no longer have I cant verify and it gives no option to correct this just the option to log out What cant I just pay Trimble with my card    PayPal poor choice
The software does a great job of tracking your position on a topo map The maps are detailed and the GPS can be configured to your datum and coordinate system On the other side the user interface is strange to use To create a new track you click on active map and then turn on the tracking When done you turn off the tracking and go to the home screen to stop recording It makes you think carefully about what you want to do before you do it In the end if you want that detailed topo map in your hand with accurate GPS coordinates that can be correlated with a topo map this application is great             Great maps poor user interface
I found this to be one of the best apps I have found for my Iphone period                Great app
Works like a champ                Go Trimble
I have used Trimble for several years now and it has been a very useful tool I cant believe how functional it is for such a cheap app I have a multitude of waypoints saved up which comes in very handy when scouting for deer turkeys I also like that the trips can be imported into Google Earth as well It is a little tricky to get it to work from the website but once you figure out the quirks it is a handy tool I typically use the aerial satellite maps and not so much the topo maps as the scale on the free topo maps is not really precise enough for my purposes I also basically use this app as my my hunting and scouting journal that way I can have a record of not only the conditions sightings and sign but also reference exactly where I was at the same time This has been one of my favorite apps for iPhone                Great for Hunting and Scouting
While initially a bit confusing I found this app did everything I needed it to I like to mark photograph and record nature on short hikes around my property In Northern Idaho there is typically no signal so having the maps on my device is a pleasant bonus Ive documented most of the wildlifeplants around my lake house with this app Allinall Ive found this to be a great app                Great app
Wanted this app for the offline maps to backpack Bought it and then saw that offline maps cost 40 per state or 10 a month Not helpful since I thought after paying 5 for the app this would definitely be a feature    Misleading
cant download filestried to access Trimble on my desktop and was hit with a window telling me that there was a problem with their security certificate in that the name on the certificate was different from Trimblealso not much to look at trail wisegot to make this crap easier to use    trimbleoutdoors nav pro
The best ever                Trimble
This app seemed like the ideal app to have on my iPhone during my hiking trips I loved the ability to download maps to the phone for use offline when I was in an area without cell coverage Unfortunately the app is far too buggy to depend on Often I would attempt to open the app to view my downloaded maps and the app would repeatedly crash on startup Eventually I reached a summit where I got a weak cell signal and the app opened and allowed me to view my installed maps Odd that the app wouldnt even open until I had a signal again That combined with a number of other instances where the app crashed or froze and became unresponsive to button clicks means Ill be uninstalling this app post haste Its a shame because if it actually worked as intended it would be quite a useful tool for me on many backpacking trips    Too many bugs to depend on
Excellent service Thanks                Awesome customer service
Can anyone tell me who do you talk to for a refund I bought this app and then paid an additional 20 for topos of my state only to find out that the app is not sending the download and instructions to my email as it said it would 20 gone and no offline maps Smh I hope someone at the company reads this and contacts me    Refund
Read the instructions and it does what it says it will do                Great app
I purchased the pro app and a month of the elite service When I tried to use the service on my 4g it just kept loading for 30 minutes with no search results I then tried doing a search connected to wifi Ive now tried 7 times to download a map to use for an upcoming trip with no results I feel robbed and I have no idea how all these reviews led me and future users astray    Reviews misled app didnt work for me
Excellent topos for archaeology and working with usgs data                Topo
DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY The App is not user intuitive and did not locate any type of tutorial which explains how to use the app Very unsatisfied    Dont waste your money
First and foremost this app doesnt seem to provide any GPS functionality when hiking Cant find location even standing on top of a mountain above all the trees I bought this because I wanted some basic GPS functionality without internet service I thought 495 was worth paying to be able to download topo maps to use offline but the claim that thats a feature of the pro version is a flat out lie You have to pay an additional monthly fee or buy each map Not that it matters since it doesnt seem to work in the first place    Doesnt work and you pay for nothing
This piece of sh does not even work Did your satellite take a cruise missile to the dome I WANT MY MONEY BACK    Update
This is a great app if you download your maps first you wont have a problemas accurate as my garmin if not more My best app yet                Carpenter
I tried to get some in app purchase on Friday they billed me instantly and I have still yet to get the link for my download on Monday really The fact they dont have the iPad app and the iPhone app synced and want me to buy topo maps against that I have yet to receive makes this a 0 app    Can bill you and you still dont get it
Offline maps up to 200mb used to work like a charm Now offline maps are frustration and useless to try and get downloaded no matter the connection speed What A STEP BACKWARDS for what used to be a fine app    Now horrible
Im embarrassed to say I spent money on this app and the monthly subscription App is useless Crashes every time I try to open the map All around POS How do I get my money back    Flawed
I like being to view topo maps offline but this app is pretty quirky and is not very iOSlike Things that should be easy to do and find arent You have to learn Trimbles counterintuitive interface and controls For example a very common map task is finding a coordinate that you are given This simple job isnt possible so far from what Ive seen I also like viewing the land status layer and other elite features but why make it only possible with an annual 19 membership fee Id rather pay that much once and have these layers to keep I have used several Trimble products professionally and Trimble is infamous for charging as much as they can Its frustrating sometimes In short for what this app offers the interface is too difficult to deal with and other apps like Google Maps and Theodolite to name just two are much cheaper and useful than this one          Good offline topos but
I used this app in Colorado during a week of four wheeling well off of roads I bought the elite membership and downloaded and used offline maps I used the app to track our location take pictures and find my way back to the truck Well worth the money                Great four four wheeling
The recent app update causes the location to update much slower than the previous version and often requires and hard close of the app to return an accurate position If the phone goes into sleep mode it takes much longer to get back to where you were tracking or taking points Almost makes it unusable for taking a quick point in the field       New update reduces performance
This is app is a great tool for tracking and plotting paths you take when go on runs or hikes You can start pause and stop tracking easily Great feature of taking pictures of key points along your way whether it be a unique critter or damage along a fence and plotting exactly where it is This app is a great value             The Path You Take


Trimble Navigation Limited
19.9 MB
Compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad Wi-Fi + 3G and iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 5.3
iPhone iPad

iOS Trimble Outdoors Navigator – GPS, topo maps & compass for hiking, ATV & offroad trails 5.3 Mobile

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